Good Morning!

Another true story.   You decide what you think happened.



          We lived on a remote property.  My husband had recently lost his job.    

         The telephone rang. It was the secretary of the school our three children attended.   ‘Please could you make your special slice today or we will be short for tuckshop.  A couple of mums are sick.’

‘No problem’ says I.

Then I realized.   I needed an egg. The cupboards were bare. We were running short of supplies.

I prayed as I walked to the hen-house.   We had three very old bantam hens who were pets and although they had not laid an egg for many weeks were simply loved by the children.     ‘Father you have told us to ask and you will supply our needs.  I really need one egg.’   For some reason I felt a real bubble of joy in my heart so my prayer went on.   ‘Lord in the vastness of your kingdom I know you have millions, and millions of eggs.   I simply ask this day for ONE.’ In Jesus’ Name.  a-men.

In the nest there was one egg.   Praise God!

If that had been the end of the story my heart would have been full of gratitude BUT……  It was only the beginning!

The next day the children found ten eggs in the nest.  Only three of them were bantam eggs the others were much larger.   No one had visited.  No one knew of my prayer!                                     ? I have no answer.

That night a property owner living nearby phoned.  ‘Please could you help us?  We have had a death in the family.   If your sons will ride over and feed and water our hens each day until we return, you could keep any eggs they collect.’

Day by day the boys began to come home with containers of eggs.  One day my kitchen bench was totally covered with eggs. I was overwhelmed with such a sense of JOY.  I began to pack them in cartons and gave many away to charities and soup kitchens and to the Salvation Army.   I sold some at markets.  The supply seemed to be never ending.

When the neighbours came home they were grateful and astonished that we had collected so many..   They were certain we would get some but nothing like the dozens and dozens that came into my kitchen.   It was like a miracle of supernatural abundance and Grace.

The next day another phone call from a friend from out of town.  ‘Do you have a hen-house?’ Phillip asked.  ‘Today, I bought five hens and I believe God spoke to me to buy five more and give them to you guys.’

The bantams never laid another egg.  We had a constant supply of eggs for years from the new hens.

The children grew up.   The years passed.

I have never in my life again had to pray for an egg.

The journey with the Lord has been long now.  I have much still to learn about Grace and miracles.   Like a little child I know I must simply continue to follow Him and trust Him.  There have been many valleys and many hills with richness of life and uncertainty.       But this memory remains as clear and full of joy as when it happened.

Abundance of eggs.  …eggs….eggs. EVERYWHERE.   A miracle?  Grace? Faith?

You decide.

 Have a brilliant day!



About Faye

I m a wife, mother and grandmother. I have always enjoyed writing even from an early age. My book Beyond the Ashes has been written as a labour of love. All the characters are real to me and their story needed to be told. As a Christian my desire is to write General Fiction stories about real people but Hope and a desire for 'better' will always be part of the journey. I have had several short stories published over the years and moderate success in writing competitions. I realized as I was thinking today (30/01/15) that perhaps I should add here that I have had life experiences of many valley times but also many mountain top experiences. I can understand and be beside anyone who finds their life in tatters because I have 'been' there. Of course as I have got older as well there have been the added sorrows of losing not only older family members but also one by one finding the dearest of friends and the ones of greatest support and care also dying. On the site of rich mountains has been my certainty of the value of marriage and how grateful I am that after loss and sadness I made a happy and long-lasting marriage commitment. The one who was my best friend back then is still my best friend 45 years later. Beyond the Ashes touches upon the POWER of LOVE when folk can forget about their own personal 'feelings' and reach out in LOVE to a desperate and broken person.
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2 Responses to ABUNDANCE OF EGGS – A Grace Miracle

  1. Wow Faye … great, true, miraculous story!!! 🙂 ♥ ❤


  2. Elizabeth Groth says:

    Great story of faith.


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