Crack-A-Mac and 2020 Adaptations

Good Morning!

                 A thought and meditating on life’s changes.

Mac Nuts

Queensland Nuts or Macadamia Nuts are encased in balls of granite-hard shell.   They are extremely difficult to open.    They are not only tasty but have recognised health benefits.

As a child I loved the nuts and enjoyed hitting them on a rock with a hammer.   This worked well unless you missed and they rolled away.   Or, if you hit one so hard shell and nuts disintegrated. Then, lots of time would be spent in separating the white nut from the brown slivers of hard shell.

Then into our adult life came ‘Crack-A-Mac’.   This was to be THE SOLUTION to all macadamia problems.     I stored him proudly in his box knowing if needed ‘He would be there.’ 

Our macadamia needs have mainly been  covered by commercially packaged products .

This week,  local availability enabled me to buy a bag of the fresh unshelled product, from a local front of gate, street stall.

I sat down with my Crack-A-Mac, a small plate for shells, and a container for the whole white nuts.

Problem.         Although I could still screw the clamp and held tightly to the nut, I simply did not have the strength to keep turning the  handle.    My right arm was weaker than in previous years and the final turn beyond my ability.   It was a shock but a reality check as well. Thank God that David was able to complete and crack enough  for our immediate requirements.

Two thoughts came to me as I prayed about this later.      ‘Come as a little child.’….even in ordinary life this approach can still have benefits….I can still hit a nut with a hammer.

The spiritual lessons impacted more powerfully.      Accept what we cannot ‘change’ in 2020 but passionately ‘change’ what we can.   Have Godly Wisdom to know the difference.      BUT………..

When we follow the Shepherd and live in His Spirit the Truth of the Word

Paul wrote ‘When I am weak then HE is strong.    In our weakness is His Perfect Strength.’

This is the TRUTH to guide us in all spiritual matters,   Thank God!

Knowing and accepting the life changes in our natural world is as much an act of surrender as it  is in our spiritual life.

SURRENDER spiritually to the ONE  ‘Higher’ than we are is vitally important..

  ‘Come as a little Child into His Presence’.  He is Abba Your Father in Heaven. 

Listen!  Be not anxious! He will be with us until the end of the age. 

Enjoy His Presence in THIS DAY.    a-men.






About Faye

I m a wife, mother and grandmother. I have always enjoyed writing even from an early age. My book Beyond the Ashes has been written as a labour of love. All the characters are real to me and their story needed to be told. As a Christian my desire is to write General Fiction stories about real people but Hope and a desire for 'better' will always be part of the journey. I have had several short stories published over the years and moderate success in writing competitions. I realized as I was thinking today (30/01/15) that perhaps I should add here that I have had life experiences of many valley times but also many mountain top experiences. I can understand and be beside anyone who finds their life in tatters because I have 'been' there. Of course as I have got older as well there have been the added sorrows of losing not only older family members but also one by one finding the dearest of friends and the ones of greatest support and care also dying. On the site of rich mountains has been my certainty of the value of marriage and how grateful I am that after loss and sadness I made a happy and long-lasting marriage commitment. The one who was my best friend back then is still my best friend 45 years later. Beyond the Ashes touches upon the POWER of LOVE when folk can forget about their own personal 'feelings' and reach out in LOVE to a desperate and broken person.
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