Do you feel insignificant?

Rejoice! There have been and are many of us.

The Bible gives names and they are recorded of all the significant people who walked this Earth.

Thank God we have this living WORD and a ‘living’ Saviour WHO walks with us and leads us ever onwards.

I would like to pay tribute to all the insignificant and unnamed Saints of God who lived for HIM and died in the background as fathers, mothers, home church shelterers, and the prayerful often unacknowledged, faithful followers we may never hear about.

I read a story this week but could not confirm whether in was in Australia or overseas. The image I discovered is for illustration only.

A young woman and her husband believed they were to build their house beside the railway tracks of the line which traversed desert areas and led to remote properties and newly developing mining communities.

The Depression of the late 1920’s and 30’s devastated the world. Desperate men were travelling or walking to find a job to feed their their families.

Many started to travel by primitive railcar to seek work in these lonely desert areas.

This little house became a ‘stopping place’ for desperate men. The rail car would stop and the young folk gave them a cup of tea, a drink of water, and always something to eat.

I look heavenwards and marvel at how they always had something to give these folk. How?

I acknowledge that because of the Message of the Cross, there are millions of stories of insignificant people who gave others Hope in dark places.

Foxe’s’ Book of Martyrs indeed only scratches the surface of all who have died as they followed HIM.

Insignificance should never be in our thinking. Loving the Saviour, Living for HIM and BEING His Light in our World should be our only GOAL.

Shine brightly beloved …….You may be the only Christ-Light in your house or street but Let HIM blaze through you. today!



About Faye

I m a wife, mother and grandmother. I have always enjoyed writing even from an early age. My book Beyond the Ashes has been written as a labour of love. All the characters are real to me and their story needed to be told. As a Christian my desire is to write General Fiction stories about real people but Hope and a desire for 'better' will always be part of the journey. I have had several short stories published over the years and moderate success in writing competitions. I realized as I was thinking today (30/01/15) that perhaps I should add here that I have had life experiences of many valley times but also many mountain top experiences. I can understand and be beside anyone who finds their life in tatters because I have 'been' there. Of course as I have got older as well there have been the added sorrows of losing not only older family members but also one by one finding the dearest of friends and the ones of greatest support and care also dying. On the site of rich mountains has been my certainty of the value of marriage and how grateful I am that after loss and sadness I made a happy and long-lasting marriage commitment. The one who was my best friend back then is still my best friend 45 years later. Beyond the Ashes touches upon the POWER of LOVE when folk can forget about their own personal 'feelings' and reach out in LOVE to a desperate and broken person.
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  1. Amen, indeed, Faye! Insignificance should never enter our minds. Every Christian matters in God’s kingdom.

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  2. vincenza63 says:

    God bless you! We all are precious.
    Warm hugs fron I


  3. Amen! Well said, Faye. ❤


  4. Alan Kearns says:

    This reminds me of a brother in Christ whose name is imprinted on my memory, Barny Pityana. He was an African pastor who was persecuted for his faith. No one nowadays remember him, but because he was my first encounter of modern day persecution he has stayed in my mind.


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