A Birthday and the Theology of Play… Thoughts

HAPPY 75th Birthday, 26th March,, 2018 to my dear David.       Mate and Best Friend!

                                                  2013 (7) a ginger ice-cream at the Ginger Factory, 17 July. - Copy

I wonder if you know someone called Mark Galli.   Yesterday, I read a short article he wrote.   In it he said.

I have written a Theology of Play.   I  believe that Resting, Celebrating and Playing should be central to the Life in Christ lived in the Kingdom of God. 

Indeed, we  have our commitment times of prayer,  our sacred times of remembrances and thanksgiving ………..while  ‘doing’ and Living for Him.

But again, when we rest (and this is vital to well-being), celebrate and play let it be joyfully and FREELY.

We can live the fullness of life with abundant JOY in Christ as Saviour Lord.

Many, Happy Returns, David.