Assignment Day 4

Money has never been my life’s goal.  Writing has always been a passion.  Coupled now with faith and my getting older it has become a ‘life-force’.  I have vast volumes of work from years ago.  Most was shared or given away hopefully to encourage, bless or inspire.

In the now my desire is to get it ‘out’ there.   Wherever the need may be.   Is it to be a voice in the Christian marketplaces?  Koorong, Upper Room or others.   How?

My desire is not for fame and fortune.  Income at this time of life would be a blessing. ‘As it comes so it could be sown’.

On this site I would like to be a voice to bring a blessing ie nursing homes, hospitals etc. – Even through blogging a possibility.

*   Meditation Books – inexpensive but beautiful and inspirational.

*   Beyond the Ashes – published but need for it to be ‘enjoyed’ for its general interest and encouragement with it highlights on the power of FORGIVENESS

*    Teddy Bears – I have a collection of small ‘collectable bears’.   Each one of these with a personal story attached………….love, hope, FUN and Beauty.   A writing link perhaps to children’s site.   (Many of these BEAR stories still to be written.) Can be a comfort even to adults and folks in crisis.  Through the Reader I may find a link. Webpage replacment 3

The above image reflects my desire not simply for myself but to encourage others to climb higher on their life journey

* Historical Novel Marrangalimga  – nearly complete. (about an 1850’s gold rush town – real people. Blogging contact with someone ‘out there’ for interest and encouragement.

Who?  What? Where?  General Fiction, Christian Fiction, desire to encourage others in all areas of writing.

Any suggestion?

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  1. Jahnavi Chintakunta says:

    I love your passion for writing. It’s inspiring

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