Christian, Historical, Fiction, Love and Hope story set in Gympie Queensland Australia 1880-1890

Christian, Historical, Fiction, Love and Hope story set in Gympie Queensland Australia

Not sure what I have actually done here.  I was hoping to have a new project section but maybe this is in the about Page on the Home Page.  not sure.  Anyway it is simply a chance to thank the Lord for His enabling and Inspiration.   A health issue in late 2014 brought about such a passion for any incomplete or scattered writing drafts etc to be either finished or compiled.   Our God Lives! is a collection of Meditations previously published in Upper Room.  My prayer is that wherever either as an e-book or hardcopy this book with help of its beauty in the pictures will touch and bring love, hope and peace to folks who may be in nursing homes, awaiting an operation, in Doctor’s surgeries or wherever in fact beauty and gentle words of encouragement will help.

Marranga-Limga……..1880-1890 Christian, Historical, Fiction, Love story.  Hope for a better future…… promise.   set in Gympie, Qld. Australia in early gold rush days.  Thought it would be a more grand story in two parts but somehow when I assembled it …..it seemed to flow in simplicity with its own beauty.    Hope that somewhere hearts will be touched and lives enriched by the story.

I intended to have this link About:   Simply About me…introducing myself etc.   Somehow I have lost that and find this is in its place.   Guess I have to keep on learning.

4 Responses to About…

  1. Hi Faye,

    I enjoyed reading about you and will have to check out “Beyond the Ashes.”
    Congrats on 45 years of marriage – that is a huge accomplishment. If you are like me who has been married 31 years, I give God all the credit for our longevity.

    Just a small suggestion…I think your “About” page would be easier to read if reader could see more white space and you used a paragraph format.

    Keep on writing, friend!


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    • Faye says:

      Thank you Melanie. I have only just realized I could reply to you here. I have checked out your site but I’m still trying to work my way through the sites I want to keep in a record and ones I intend to follow. I thank God indeed for my years of marriage. The sanctity of marriage when God is the third person in the partnership is truly blessed.

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  2. DeniseBalog says:

    Hello Faye, it is Tuesday night here in the States, 12/6/16. I have ‘tagged’ your site and link in my post, “In the Place Where the Two Way Met”. This is a poem to illuminate how your comment to my post, “The Roar of the Blue” back on July 1, 2016 opened my eyes to see what God was trying to show me in His Scripture from 1 Kings 13:24-25. I didn’t know how to let you know other than coming back to your page and leaving a comment. I hope you are able to see the post. Thank you Faye, and good night from my house to yours. blessings, denise


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