This is the 2019 Photo so I feel more true to age and endeavours.


I’m still  trying to update or correct mistakes I may have made here.

When I was learning to blog I inadvertently posted some writing here which should have simply been an introduction page.

The photo is later than the one I used as an Avatar so this is  CURRENT ME.


My name is Faye Roots,

I am wife to David – 48 years married (49 in 2019).  We have three children and five grandchildren.  I will be 76 years old in June 2019.

Through the valleys and the hills of life my desire is to live and write only what is pleasing and honours my Saviour and Lord.

The blogging site is called Passionate Creative Christian and that is my prayer to be the background story of life.

I hope visitors will always find something to encourage and maybe even inspire.

When I start again to learn more, I am hoping this will one day be a full WordPress Website.   I do have a private website http://www.golden-rains.com     and one that expresses more fully the faith side of my life http://www.sacredmusings.com     Please feel free to visit if you ever desire.





Publication Collage

This was never meant to be a part of the ABOUT page but somehow it is now the story of my life and expresses what God has inspired in it.


7 Responses to About…

  1. Hi Faye,

    I enjoyed reading about you and will have to check out “Beyond the Ashes.”
    Congrats on 45 years of marriage – that is a huge accomplishment. If you are like me who has been married 31 years, I give God all the credit for our longevity.

    Just a small suggestion…I think your “About” page would be easier to read if reader could see more white space and you used a paragraph format.

    Keep on writing, friend!


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    • Faye says:

      Thank you Melanie. I have only just realized I could reply to you here. I have checked out your site but I’m still trying to work my way through the sites I want to keep in a record and ones I intend to follow. I thank God indeed for my years of marriage. The sanctity of marriage when God is the third person in the partnership is truly blessed.

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  2. DeniseBalog says:

    Hello Faye, it is Tuesday night here in the States, 12/6/16. I have ‘tagged’ your site and link in my post, “In the Place Where the Two Way Met”. This is a poem to illuminate how your comment to my post, “The Roar of the Blue” back on July 1, 2016 opened my eyes to see what God was trying to show me in His Scripture from 1 Kings 13:24-25. I didn’t know how to let you know other than coming back to your page and leaving a comment. I hope you are able to see the post. Thank you Faye, and good night from my house to yours. blessings, denise


  3. The Dreamer says:

    Hello Faye, thanks for dropping me a message through my contact form. It is great meeting you here! Thank you!


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