JOY – GOD’S Gift – changes lives

Good Morning.

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New Beginnings   An old soldier, many years ago told a story of how God gave him Divine Strength to carry on, all because of a moment of unexpected and heart searing JOY.

On a battle-field amid incredible death and sorrow he crawled into his meagre tent in the barracks in the desert.    His water bottle fell over in the night and when he crawled out of the tent, he saw…….a wet patch and a tiny green shoot poking through the sand.  Using a little more of his precious water he watered this shoot.   When he returned that night the tiniest little desert flower had bloomed in the middle of what all around was carnage.     (It would not have been like the picture above) BUT in that soldier’s heart he suddenly KNEW…..whether He lived or died His Lord was the Lord who lived and all Life was in His Hands.       ‘Joy flowed’ he testified ‘like a river of life through me and courage rose to ‘do my best’, whatever’.     God’s Joy is not happiness.  It is DEEPER and is not conditional upon our external circumstances.  

Happy could be this kitten.

happy kitten

To be a joy-bearer and a joy-giver says everything, for in our life, if one is joyful, it means that one is faithfully living for God, and that nothing else counts; and if one gives joy to others one is doing God’s work; with joy without and joy within, all is well.  (with our souls)                                                        Janet Erskine Stuart

Blessings! Peace! Love and His JOY to you.!