Finding your own perspective …….

Good Morning! –

A simple meditative thought to all dear ones out there.

Ten years ago my husband took me on a once-in-a -life-time  holiday to England. We went to Hampton Court.  This is a famous place with an incredible palace. It has a rich history and stone edifices and wondrous sites with stories of kings and princes and intrigue.   Cameras were flashing and people were everywhere.  It was a beautiful, memorable day with rush and excitement and rich memories to be storied.    My perspective was suddenly shifted.  I took a picture.

196 swan at Hampton Court - Copy

                     BE STILL  AND KNOW THAT I AM GOD!

    This unexpected moment changed my day.      This image this year is now the cover for the PEACE MEDITATION  Book recently published.

To everyone reading this today my challenge to you is………….No matter what is pushing you along or directing your life circumstances……..look for your own perspective……. Perhaps in chaos or ordered confusion you too may find a sudden unexpected moment of lasting beauty.

Live the rest of this week with a heart for all who may be suffering and a determination to direct others to what is meaningful or beautiful.















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SEEKING JOY – A Challenge

Good Morning! or Good Evening!  All.

This is the first week of Spring in 2017 or Fall ( Autumn) depending where you live. I woke today with the strong impression this week would be brimmed full of incredible possibilities.   Seeking ‘Joy’ is my personal challenge and I share the challenge with you.   Don’t look for it in ‘Happiness’.   Being content or happy is not the sort of of ‘Joy’ I will seek.

puppy smiles.

Often this joy will come unexpectedly like an….. impossible to believe….. moment in the middle of circumstances far from happy.   The smile on the face of an ill or dying person as a fleeting ‘good bye’   Under a rock the first glimpse of a tiny flower.   A true bubble of ‘joy’ cannot be compared to any other moment or moments in human experience.  It can come from nature, animals, friends, in the middle of a traffic jam.   This week let our hearts be attuned to ‘seeking’ for a moment of joy perhaps by actively making something beautiful out of something ugly or rejected, or simply living life and letting JOY surprise us by its unexpected beauty.    I know the truth of the statement in  Neh:8 v10 The JOY OF THE LORD is my STRENGTH.    I also know that in His Presence is FULLNESS of JOY.

As we journey this week let’s have open eyes to seek joy in the unexpected, and open hearts  to embrace it and know when it is present in whatever way it surprises.

LIVE LOVE! Journey well!


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Feeling unimportant?

Good Morning!

                                                           A gentle mid-week thought.

bLACK SWANS ON on Darling River N.S.W.

We all have the ability to mould one another’s dreams.   We all hold each other’s fragile hopes in our hands.      We all have the ability to touch others’ hearts.

Journey on with LOVE.

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A Sunday Sharing – and a question

Good Morning!

          The main purpose of this blogging site was, is and I hope into the future an opportunity to say ‘Good Morning’ and to share hopefully the beauty, Grace, Hope and Peace (in the midst of REAL LIFE struggles) of our journey on the Highway of Life.

UPWARD STAIRCASE              It’s often not easy but sometimes we have to take the first step because of circumstances and then keep working, often ploughing on Trusting and Hoping but sometimes unsure of the outcome.

The other day I turned over a calendar page and read the following.  I have no idea who DANIEL H. BURNHAM  was or is but he wrote:=

In your life make no LITTLE plans; they have no magic to stir people’s blood and probably themselves will not be realized.   Make BIG plans; aim high in Hope and work. 

I believe I had a God-Given Vision of what I was to leave behind as a ‘faith’ legacy.   I am not a salesperson but one who desires to ‘give, bless and nurture’.   This is very hard as a writer as everyone’s perspective is that you should be MAKING MONEY and successful.  (neither of those goals was ever in my agenda……That’s how it still is.)

What happens next?        Through many ups and down in life I have written. Stories of fiction people in REAL LIFE SITUATIONS became normal to me.   I wrote and prayed.

Please check out the following :

I would value comments on the site or communication on the blog.   Please know this is written not about promoting but rather a query.    How can I be a nurturer, a comforter, and be focussed always on ‘others’?     I have no resources to promote. I have no heart desire.    I would like to have books in hand to ‘give to folk who need a touch of Love.    What I have been given is what I have.     The inspiration has been life-affirming.    Please pray and please advise.

My prayer for each one on this Sunday is that as the world becomes increasingly violent and stressful.    May we  ALL bless and encourage as we are able.


byond own limits. - Copy                                             Beyond our own abilities only SURRENDER.



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Good Morning!

Someone made the following statement.   I have not been able to find who….but in the journey of my own life it is a TRUTH.

40 Looking down from Icart Pt

Faith (following the Great Shepherd) sees the invisible, FEELS the intangible, and achieves the impossible. 

Ponder this as your week rolls on. May Beauty and Love rise above life’s circumstances.

                                                                      BE A LIGHT TO OTHERS!

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Good Morning!

            ‘There is no secret what God can do.   What He’s done for others He’ll do for you.   With arms wide open and heart for Him, He’ll work His Purposes from within.’


no secret No 2

A Sunday Morning Meditation.   Have you felt discouraged this past week?   I know I had many problem periods of struggle……then,  then the refrain of an old hymn came to me from a TV program …….What He has done for others He’ll do for you….  This was indeed the key to open up all the comfort and need I felt.  On my date pad today and yesterday were the following quotes.    I share them with you.   My purpose for blogging here is that we ALL  encourage. each other …….if you are not a Believer please also know the ENCOURAGEMENT to you always is……..LOOK HIGHER!

When God finds a soul that rests in Him and is not easily moved, He operates within it in His own manner.   That soul allows God to do great things within it.   To it He gives the key to the treasures He Has prepared so that  it might enjoy them.     To this soul He gives the JOY of His Presence.

 Catherine of Genoa


My Presence will go with you, and I will give you rest.  Exodus 33:14 NIV. 

            Jesus said:    John 14:37 My Peace I leave with you (forever) My Peace I give to you.

This PEACE is neither comprehended by those who see peace as an absence of war, or experienced.  Inner PEACE cannot be destroyed by outer circumstances.  It is a HOLY GIFT.

What is at the top

Where do the steps lead?     Journey well this coming week!  Blessings and Grace!

Share by your life the Journey……….

LOVE! LIVE!        Shine!

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Your Life – Limitless Possibilities

Good Morning!

       Today I would like to challenge each person reading this blog.   Are you in any way or by any circumstance limiting what you could sow into the world today – just because you are alive?    There is a truth One friendly look, One kindly smile, One good act, and someone’s life is made worthwhile.    I do not know who wrote that but I know it is true.  I suffer a lot from PLOM – ‘poor little old me’  syndrome as I flow with the bowling balls of life BUT……………… I invite you on a little journey. Bear Pictures

In 2001 when the tragic event of 9/11 were beamed across the world something deep within me was ‘ignited’.   Through the grief and the prayer and ‘anger’ I became aware of what was happening in the lives of innocent children.    I met little ones some only 2 or 3 years of age who could not express in words but years later when they did vocalise horrified adults who should have seen the signs earlier.    Little ones exposed to technology… too young to know what is going on.   These young and forming minds saw endless media reruns of a graphic and frightening event.   They grew up with a mindset that planes hundreds of planes regularly and day after day crashed into buildings.   Like a nightmare rerun little minds absorbed as constant this scenario. Can you see how many after 2001 began to see life as HOPELESS if they had no strong school or parental guidance. (media can give terrorism a major boost)

At this time I had no grandchildren and my own children were older.

I began a journey which I only realized this week is continuing today.    What can I do to sow beauty and Hope into young lives.     I began buying little bears from a Collector Bear promotion.   I found it financially very hard and felt a bit ‘odd’  I was not a collector normally of anything.   BUT…….  I wrote my first BEAR STORY.    Peter the Pilot was the first and many others have followed. (I have 40 bears in total).    In the season this began I simply told the stories to a few littlies….stories about ‘magic’ bears in a family with a dog and cat etc etc.       One day ….and this is a goal still to be fulfilled…..I will have a full collection of these stories I pray to leave behind….perhaps one day when I-pads and all the hype and violence subsides these stories will find their place.

Then my own life journey began to have its own valleys, as well as hilltops but this urge to write……….sow something beautiful in the face of sadness and sorrow was strong.

Thus began the journey……for your interest the collage of what in 2017 is a glimpse of life……….still struggling in some ways but inspirational in others is inserted below.    My life goal is not about me but what all of you can do…… this 2017 world… friendly smile one LOVING  action at a time.Make a difference.   If you follow the Shepherd,   His Life, His Purpose, His Example is your inspiration.

Publication Collage

Perhaps unknown in the world of celebrity or achievers but MAKE BEAUTY and LOVE your highest GOAL.

Blessings, Grace, and Love to you each one.   I believe for all of you, Life possibilities are absolutely ENDLESS.

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Do you have a BEST FRIEND?

Good morning!

A meditative thought for us to ponder as another week unfolds.


Sometimes the way ahead looks green and promising.  Sometimes it appears shadowed and gloomy.    Do you have a FRIEND who walks beside and with you?

Oswald Chambers wrote, probably not long before his early death in 1917,

If I am a friend of Jesus, I have deliberately and carefully to lay down my life for Him.  It is difficult, and thank God it is difficult.   Salvation is easy because it cost God so much, the manifestation of it in my life is difficult.  God saves people and fills them with His Holy Spirit and then says in effect…..Now work it out….be loyal to ME.  The nature of things and attitudes around you would make you disloyal.

“I have called you friends”

Stand loyal to your friend.    Remember His honour is at stake in your bodily, earthly life.  

Seek beauty!  Love Life!





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A Mid-week moment of reflection

Good Morning!

55 The Tasman Arch on the Tasman Peninsula.                                           A holiday memory touches a chord. Just beyond vision are possibilities!

Every day in our own place there are opportunities to find beauty.

                                            There is beauty in a forest

                                When the trees are green and fair,

                                       There is beauty in a meadow/paddock

                                           When wildflowers scent the air.

                                    There is beauty in a shaft of sunlight,

                                            or the soft blue sky above.

                                      Oh, the world is full of beauty.

                                              When a heart is full of LOVE. 

rain-on-flowersRain washed faces of simple daisies.    Own unique moment of time and beauty.

Live happily and journey well…..this day and towards another weekend.

                               Blessings and Grace!


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Do you have a ‘FIRE IN YOUR BELLY’?

Good Morning!

         Something to think about.

anti-virus protector

The Dictionary definition for ‘A fire in the Belly’ denotes a passion, a life defining passion for ‘something’ ie money, fame, sport, etc etc, or for a person – a mate, family, child.

A ‘fire in the belly’ can carry a life beyond the external circumstances onwards without any loss of impetus.

All ‘fire’ for evil – ‘temporary’ deceptive or man-fuelled ideologies will never last. All ambitions for fame, fortune, self-fulfillment last but a season.


Divine pure LOVE poured out from the HIGHEST SOURCE brings with it an inextinguishable ‘FIRE’ for God and for ALL PEOPLE.(not just the ones who think or act like us)

This is an eternal and truly life-changing FIRE IN THE BELLY.

Do you have a fire in your belly?

I found this quote from Leanardo DaVinci.

  They turn not back whose lives are bound to the Star. (2 Peter 1:19)(Rev.22:16)

Walk into this week with Hope, and Confidence, You, your life and how you live it…….does matter.

Blessings and Grace


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