THE POWER OF A HUG – It’s Official!



Good morning!     A mid week message of encouragement and love.  Something to think about.

You may feel you have very little to give to someone today.   I heard a scientific-based radio talk show yesterday which gave the scientific data about the confirmed therapeutic benefits of a HUG.     It was astonishing!

Healing, restoring, comforting, loving certainly not sexual in power a hug releases something that can change the whole ‘outlook’ and hopelessness of someone’s day.   It is vital for babies and little children but equally beneficial in every stage of HUMAN LIFE.

Many of us have known this without truly KNOWING. When God’s Love flows through us when we HUG it can be more electric than a  jolt from the power box.

Go out this week and BE Love in the midst of it all but, also with sensitivity …………..Listen to the prompting inside…….. WHO in this day will you encounter who  NEEDs your hug.


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Happy Mother’s DAY

Good Morning!

white rose for Mother's Day

Today if you are a mother, grandmother, sister, Aunt or even friend. If you are parent or a care giver or a nurturer in any way. Stop, Breath!

A Prayer.     This day which is just a date on a calendar and often over commercialised.  Take the time to reflect for just a moment.   What a privilege to be able to CARE and LOVE.

If you have not been fully functioning in your nurturing role it is neve too late.   This day determine that .:

Today I will make a CHOICE.

I will from this day forward fulfill whatever role I have on this earth been asked to live.

May you be flooded with LOVE, JOY, PEACE and HOPE in doing so.


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TWO GIFTS – Who do you love?

Good Morning!

Something to think about today and in this new week.
TWO GIFTSWhat are the two most priceless gifts you can give to someone you love?    Think here about family, friends, animals, etc.    Ponder on the bigger question…..Do you Love God?


The two most priceless gifts you can give to a loved ones is that you give to them all the focus of your living for their time with you. .    Not a dog just running beside a car…but a loved dog who knows when he is out walking the person is focussed on him not on something else even I-pads, radios, taking photographs or  ‘other’ distractions.



When you truly give of yourself – ie to children, animals, family, prayer life etc etc.    The time is not shared time it is total TIME. ……When we give of ourselves it is often at the expense of ‘what we would prefer to be doing’.   I do think it is vital in our world of hassle that we manage our time with discipline.   Know WHOM we love and determine that their time will be both TIME spent in their company,  and we will be totally surrendered to that time with them.

Time and the gift of YOURSELF.

Travel well this week and be a blessing to someone else!

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Informed BUT Choosing FOCUS

Good Morning!

These are mid-week thoughts to ponder.

We need to be Informed.    We cannot live a life where we can hide our heads and not acknowledge the constant barrage of disquieting things happening in ALL  areas of  life but we do have the clear choice to be (INFORMED BUT NOT OVERLOADED).

We need to be able to sift what is media ‘over-kill’ of any event. CHOOSE what is necessary information and then take to others the gift of something ‘BETTER’.


Bring to others from the rich container of your own personal stored chosen Focus………..   Gifts of BEAUTY, JOY and HOPE.

Make a difference!  Do not add to the sorrows.

Keep in your container all the beauty you have seen, experienced, and all the joy.  All The HOPE.    Keep drawing from it……. keep distributing it.

For yourself – make sure you keep a daily focus (in spite of surrounding sorrows etc) an item, a memory to enrich your life but to put in the storage to later spread to others.

What can you put in your container today?

To be a joy-bearer and a joy-giver says everything about your own life.   If one shares this from our life resources it means that the person is not simply living for themselves but has chosen to keep focussing higher.  Joy without and Joy within.   All is well .

Exert from Janet Erskine Stuart.

  Today, I am looking for one simple and beautiful image I can store in my container.

Have a great day!   Travel well in the rest of this week.   Keep looking up towards a patch of blue even in cloudy skies and LIVE HAPPILY AND WELL.



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Often God possibilities are unclear. Faith holds firm to HIM.

Beautiful but unclear sometimes is the journey of life.

Good Morning and welcome to a new week.

      I am a firm believer in having goals…..something to aspire to in all areas of life BUT…..

sometimes I think we all need to determine why we have set the GOAL.   Is it for fame, fortune, personal gratification., to make our own lives or those around us BETTER??.

Do your best!    Never sacrifice character or personal faith or ‘ethics’ in what you are aiming to achieve.

What if you do not achieve a particular goal?   Are you swamped by a sense of failure?    Take the time to determine why?……..Is it your fault?……..Did you truly do you best KNOWING IT WAS THE RIGHT THING TO DO and………..failed?

Sometimes these goals can be very personal.   ie being the best wife, mother, friend, etc etc…….and you fail.    Stuff happens.   It all goes ‘belly up’?    Was your goal wrong?

Was your intention selfish or an endeavour to win ‘love’ or favour?    Be honest.   Did you do your best?

OK – Then we need to dust ourselves off………keep going.  Do we keep GOALING…..??


There is a past which is gone forever, but there is still a future which is still our own.


Starting with tomorrow my personal goal will be I will get up with the attitude… is not yesterday.   Today I will do my best to make a positive indent on something or someone.




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Moving forward – an unexpected comment.

Faith is taking the first step

Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase

Dr. Martin Luther King Junior

This comment is posted here because of a question asked by a friend who is unsure and uncertain about what lies ahead.

Often even when we have goals, dreams and ambitions the first step is the hardest.  With Faith even in the first step the Promise has been made that we will not stumble into disaster when we KNOW the Presence of God with us.   His Spirit will lead and guide us if the pathway is wrong, re-direct our footsteps.



The stairway that leads HOME is the essence of TRUE FAITH.

The first step is called Salvation –   won at a terrible cost yet the first step to a LIFE where acceptance of Jesus Christ and all He lived and died to accomplish assures us that this stairway lead to ETERNITY.



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Are you feeling unproductive?


A gentle thought for you to ponder as you journey through this week.  I do not know who said it but it resonated with me.




Simply be ALL it is possible to be with Love and Kindness being the hallmark of your life.


Character is being formed all life-long.       LIVE WELL!          LIVE JOYFULLY!    LOVE EXPANSIVELY!



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New Beginnings – radiant beauty after trials

New Beginnings

Journeying through this past week I have encountered people whose lives have recently been in places of trauma, loss, or lack.

The vibrant TRUTH of what it means to have a new beginning has really impacted me.   The past is past…yes, it will be remembered.   The desert time can never be forgotten BUT what happens when a new beginning truly inspires a person to start again ie to be BORN AGAIN into the Promise this new life, and the new experiences this life can bring is truly incredible.

My hope and indeed prayer for anyone reading this today is that if you are beginning again, contemplating a change or still working through a life that has changed dramatically because of circumstances, I would like to simply say that the image above symbolises for me the absolute beauty that can and does come from circumstances that once  appeared to be bleak and hopeless.

The same can be for each one of us.    Circumstances will change.   May we ever look for the promises of new Life, and Hope and Beauty .

Look up!    Look around!    Focus on beauty and share this reality with others.   It is the great gift you can give to another.     Beauty and Love – balm to human aches and loss.

Live your life aiming for purpose and always delighting in the hope of unexpected possibilities!


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Good Morning!

A new week is beginning.  My Hope expressed here is that your Easter Time of holiday was and is a time of refreshment and PEACE.


Looking to this sky I see both New Day, RESURRECTION of Easter reminder but also something to think about.

A thought for you to ponder.   Do you live your normal life in a constant child-like anticipation that each day can bring a new beginning?   Or, are you often like me? I need to shake myself out of issues that take away my PEACE and bring in worry.

  Corry Ten Boon wrote….. (Her life story was surely not one of visible HOPE)

Worry does not empty tomorrow of its sorrow; but it will empty today of all its strength.


PEACE is my Hope and Prayer for each one of us in this new week.

Not peace from outside turmoils BUT


(The heart legacy of each new day’s PROMISE)

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Dramatic evaporating PEACE

Good Morning!

Yesterday and last night I learnt a valuable lesson.   Some times it is not the BIG dramas but maybe the smaller which come into your life, completely take away your ‘well being’, – set your heart racing and evaporate your peace.

Yesterday I thought we had lost our daughter’s family’s beautiful cat ‘Bella’.

2017 (10) Bella playing with Charley, 1 March 2017

Always elusive I could not even find a photo of her looking at the camera.

We are staying here at the house to house-sit but also to look after their pets.   A little feisty puppy, a beautiful Corella parrot who sings all day, and Bella the gentle beautiful cat.

She did not want to socialize when we arrived.  On the day we arrived (morning) I knew she was sitting on a top bunk bed and gazed distain-fully at us when we passed.

When I checked in the afternoon she was gone.   All rooms and cupboards were closed.  Both my husband and I looked (we believed) absolutely everywhere.   She was GONE.  At no time did she come for food, to use the litter tray or even to play with the puppy.  Although there was no reasonable explanation (even the puppy looked anxious) I found peace had evaporated within me.  We had LOST the cat.   Had she somehow opened a door?   We prayed but by pre-bed time I personally felt ‘sick’ .  Where was she?

Peace was somehow replaced by PANIC.    (how could this happen not a life-threatening situation? but totally overwhelming just the same?’)

A cat face appeared furtively and a streak for food ensued in the later evening. Today we stroked her and spoke soothingly in the same calm voice as yesterday but once again she has VANISHED.    The space she can hide in is limited yet once again we have a cat-free house and a puppy looking very puzzled.

Today we were at a Church Service and the importance of PEACE was a theme.   The comment was made……..because this Holy Peace is a God Gift…..where the Joy of God becomes Your Strength…….attacks on this profound inner PEACE are subtle and often sneaky.

Something to think about.

I absolutely believe that PROFOUND PEACE in times of trouble and strive is the stand that destabilizes violence in our world.

BUT: I believe we must affirm and guard this Peace…It can so subtly and unexpectedly become eroded.

May you enter a new week of both possibilities and blessings.

2017 (3) Introducing Charley, 26 Feb 2017

This is the puppy.   She certainly does not disappear but is in a play-mode most of the day.

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