Thomas Chambers – A painting.

        What if our God was not a creative God and not a God of the impossible.?

         What if humans did not write and paint and compose music about the beauty of each new day? 

What if God was not in control of the cycle of night and daylight?  

   What if there was no written WORD to be a Handbook of life to lead us through the questions that may arise from the biblical past.?

     What if Jesus did not come.?   What if God  was NOT HOLY and there was no God to guide us through this life and its mazes.?  What if God was not Spirit to point us ever to Jesus as Saviour of our souls to lead us into Eternity?

              Those who are.’ Born-Again ‘  can respond with a resounding Certainty that all the what ifs have an answer.

   We can find them in the WORD and in having a  

           Personal relationship. with a   

                             LIVING GOD. 

   A night of sorrow or difficulties will be followed by a new day.   JOY comes in the morning.

        This is a Godly Promise and TRUTH.

       Even in death is this Promise of a NEW DAY.  

           Journey on Beloved. Good morning!

            This is the day the Lord has made.

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                     Thank You Lord

  Today is just a normal day. Help me be to be aware of the treasure you are.

     Let me learn from you, love you, bless you, before you depart.

  Let me not pass you by in quest of some rare and perfect tomorrow.

(a quote on my desk calendar)

           GOOD MORNING!

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Have you ever felt like this in your personal life?      

  Those times when a dream is destroyed , a health issue arises or someone significant in your life dies, leaves or betrays you?

It can seem like everything has just ‘blown up’ in your face.

          I have certainly known times like this.      

          ONE TRUTH that ever sustained and sustains me today me is the reminder of our Saviour’s Promise….. I will NEVER leave you or forsake you.  Hebs 13:5. Matt. 28:20 Surely, I am with you until the end of the age.  

         I have discovered too that even if the strips of your burst balloon are scattered far and wide, if you surrender the bits to HIM, ….. fragments of your life,  as Divine creator HE can make something beautiful out of these pieces.  

Bringing BEAUTY from Ashes is His specialty. Give all your sorrows, pain, and disappointments into His nail-scarred Hands and  WORSHIP.  


The Great.     I AM

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a legacy of Hope for Others.

A MEMORY rekindled. Perhaps shared before. A reminder for us all in this day. Blessings!

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Viewing our world and our Heavenly Father, as we age, with spiritually enlightened eyes.

The small boy was born with limited sight. There was mainly darkness and very little light in his world.

One day a doctor operated and more light came to him. It was however not until his first pair of glasses were placed on his face that he cried out excitedly.

“Oh Wow now I see my Father’s face. He has a smile and looks better than I even imagined’.

As a child I learnt about Jesus but with an ever-growing desire to learn more.

Let us all with ever learning, ever-growing spiritual enlightened eyes return to the WORD and look again at the 7 I AMS of Jesus Christ and continue to look at our Heavenly Father revealed after Calvary now in 2023.as our truly wonderful ever MORE GLORIOUS, Saviour.

I am THE LIGHT (not a pin prick of light. but THE LIGHT)

I am THE WAY – not one of many paths but ONE illuminated PATH TO eternity.

Let us be diligent in our life and as little children ever learn and grow.

With WORD, WORSHIP. and His Strength let us be HIS Light And His Love as trials and deceptions swamp our societies,

Keep ever looking U P W A R D S!

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SERENITY – A mid-week slightly expanded thought

Holy Father,

     Grant me the SERENITY to accept the things I cannot change.  TO change with Your Help and guidance the things I can.

     And the Wisdom……..Your Wisdom……..  to know the difference.  

              In Jesus’ name   a-men

                      Much in this modern life is unhelpful with a lot of ungodly and non gratifying information. Help us with Your Spirit always to wisely discern what will help us to live, seeing always the BEAUTY and LIFE in Your WAY……Ever One day at a time FORWARD but with our eyes focused on Your Kingdom and its Promises. A-men!

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          The Psalms are full of passionate cries for deliverance from God’s people who learnt valuable lessons about Waiting. God’ s Timing  and TRUST.


                  Susan planted bulbs in her small backyard garden with a prayer.

             ‘Dear Lord, I pray that one day, in Your Timing these bulbs will flower. In Jesus’s Name. A-men.’ 

             Time progressed and her family growing up often heard her refrain. ‘Not yet! Not yet!

            It was several summers after the bulbs had been planted when their daughters’s kitten Maisie died unexpectedly from a tick bite.

                     Her heartache and warning signs of approaching bad weather prompted the decision to bury the little body in the garden bed.

                      Father carefully sifted through the soil and dug a tiny grave deeply in a private corner.

                      The heat of Summer battered the land and then storms brought pouring heavy rain. 

                      When the sun finally came out again, all the paddocks and trees were vibrantly refreshed and green.

                       The greatest shock was the sight of the backyard garden.

                       It was A B L A Z E wiith colour,

                       All six bulbs had broken through as stunning daffodils

.                      Wild flower seeds had also germinated in the turned soil, heat and rain had nurtured and life was brought forth anew.

                                                         It WAS BEAUTIFUL! 

                              The family stood in thankful prayer.     ‘Thank You Lord! For your PERFECT TIMING.    

                               Missie’s short life would always be remembered as well.  

               When we as His blood-bought children ask Him for help in our barren and needy situations often the WAITING seems long and hard but His Promises  stand strong, and in the morning after the night of storm in HIS TIMING deliverance will come.   

                                                    Help us glorious Saviour to put our TRUST always in YOU.


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A mid week,  new month thought. 

 How well are we reflecting in living daily our lives, ?\the wonder and beauty of this life lived with and in Christ?.  

Is our touch healing?.   Is our mouth gracious in expressions?.

  Is Love  profound?.   Are we A LIGHT to bring Hope to a dark World?

By just BEING can we really be this?



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      It was the largest and most ‘perfect-looking’ mango I had ever seen. (mangos are grown in sub-tropic and tropical areas in my home state.)    As a child I often climbed up and ate one from our natural home-grown backyard tree. 

     This enormous and beautiful fruit I now held in my hand, sliced into perfect layers for several luscious desserts. 

      However, as I came to the large inner seed, it’s core was anything but perfect.   Strangely dark and distorted possibly even diseased, I knew this seed could never reproduce.

        It’s core had been stimulated to produce all OUTER BEAUTY and SIZE.

        Science and societal pressures are endeavouring to improve all God’s creative life.

  Even in human beings.      Outer appearance is celebrated with little or no concern about the inner.

         That’s why scriptural references to our hearts are important for us as pilgrims on the Way to


PSM 119: 57,58       YOU are my portion in this life I have said I will keep your WORD…… I entreated  Your favour with my whole heart.

PSM: 52:10 King David’s Prayer for forgiveness…’.Create in me a clean, pure heart. O My God.

Mark 10:33 The Scribe knew the scriptures.    He said to Jesus. ‘Love the Lord your God with understanding with your heart. Mind and strength and your neighbour as yourself.  

34.    Jesus responded : You have said right.   You are not far from the Kingdom of God.

Matt 5 8  H

      BLESSED ARE THE PURE IN HEART FOR THEY SHALL S E E GOD;                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          ‘


Guard our hearts from pollutions and distractions in this world and may we with pure hearts LOVE You and love others. READ the Word and follow You until the day we see You face to face and meet together in His Kingdom.


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Some changes bring JOY


Char-Lee comes with us to McDonalds

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