The bougainvillea stands tall again and is happily resting

on support.  

              It is obvious that the remaining flowers are paler but still beautiful   Maybe it will produce vibrant red ones again later.

             Spring winds and rain buffet it but it is full of vibrant life because the foundation and root system are firmly anchored.     

               Isn’t this a valuable lesson for us ALL.

If we KNOW we are Children of an awesome God life will still buffet us and His pruning of what may be too heavy for us to carry (Health issues and aging often determine this).   We too have to LEARN TO LEAN.

             Let support keep us from falling over. Swallow pride listen to His Voice.   Release what has gone.     Live triumphantly in the now with HIM, In HIM and for Him. 

              We may externally be paler or less vibrant than before but let His LIGHT shine more vibrantly so unlike the bush our transformation will make what was before appear insignificant in the beauty ahead. .  

                 Our Hope is ever skywards.

                   Rooted in the Word this ancient psalm inspired me as I look forward to our Sunday Worship Time on this chilly cloudy late spring morning.

                   Psm 84 The joy of dwelling with God.

       For a day in Your courts is better than a thousand.

      I would rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my God!

      Than dwell in the tents of wickedness.

      For the Lord God is a sun and shield,

      The Lord will give Grace and Glory,

      No good thing will He withhold,

      For those who walk uprightly.   

Thank God we have our SAVIOUR who shows us and leads us ever in His Way.  A-men

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             Defeated at Calvary, Light overcame darkness and evil. That’s why the Son came as the sacrificial LAMB. 

         All my life, there were many questions that were given to the child by incomplete answers.  I believed in Angels …… Because I had seen them. But I also believed in demons for the same reason.

      “Look always to the LIGHT’ was the ONE very helpful guidepost for a child with vivid imagination searching for TRUTH in a world of so much fiction and rising materialism and marketing of significant remembrances of faith.

The fun of Santa at remembrance of Christ’s Birth and hidden Easter eggs at Easter -the tragic and sad  

reminder of His sacrificial death, began to erode what the coming of the LIGHT into this broken world as one of us was all about.

Fun for children, fun for families and money for shopkeepers and business interests. 

 ‘Don’t destroy the joy of these commercial money-making endeavours by ever asking serious religious questions. ‘

Discussions about the difference between a personal

 relationship with a Holy God and OTHER religions was never discussed. 

   The wonderful world of childhood imagination should be nurtured and encouraged.    Magic, witches, vampires, fairies all the wonderful fantasy stories of childhood even Santa and the Easter Bunny……..BUT and this  a big BUT…….childhood fantasy and fun must be overlaid by responsible educators and parents telling all children about the difference between imagination and what is TRUTH. 

        Do you believe in Angels and demons?.    Have you

Ever seen them?         THE WORD written is a Handbook of disclosure on these matters.

  Sadly, a lot of cultures have incorporated into their lives Halloween which if kept as non intrusive fun is not harmful.

        But if young ones are encouraged to believe that not just dressing up but trying to engage with this form of darkness is OK. we should not be surprised if darkness begins to filter into their young creative minds.

        Adults, we all should be aware of angels and demons and make sure we have happy HOLY Seasons but STAND absolutely for the TRUTH we KNOW in the midst of it ALL.

A tremendous battle was won on a blood-soaked cross so long ago.   This story needs to be fully known personally and then shared with the whole world.   Begin in your own home.  Really KNOW unequivocally that JESUS CHRIST IS LORD GOD ALMIGHTY OVER EVERYTHING.    

         Knowing this truth is worth more than all the money and success this world offers.

          Live gloriously today!

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Every day we face CHANGES – Be it weather, personal physical abilities, loss of family or friends. Much out of our control causes us to grieve

However, as we look upwards for answers this is certainly my personal heartfelt prayer :


Thank you for coming to be the SAVIOUR of our souls. THANK YOU for being our personal LORD.

Your LOVE is ETERNAL because You are LOVE and You are Eternal.

Knowing You is KNOWING all else may change but You are THE UNCHANGEABLE ONE.



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                      Under the pressure of Spring beauty, heavy rain. Storms and high winds, the bougainvillea collapsed.   

          The heart of this beautiful bush can be rescued.  However, it  cannot happen unless it is carefully and lovingly pruned. Then it will need to be held up and supported.  

           This is the theme of Biblical teaching in the Bible.  John Chapter 15 portrays Jesus as the gardener and as the Vine to whom we are grafted. The vine dresser cares for the vineyard.

       Pruning is a necessary part of Christian Life.   

        Let us ALL stand lovingly trusting our Saviour in these troubled

days.    He has promised to NEVER leave us. 

       When He lovingly allows pruning to occur let us keep looking heavenwards and KNOW what is cut away even the beautiful as well as the heavy load of life – HE ALONE is in our HEART and must remain as our greatest love now and for eternity.  

         Have a blessed day with HIM today.    

             A – men!

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Do you feel you are a backstage person. Rarely seen…….. quietly going about your journey of life. Loving God, reading His Word and passionately praying?  

            REJOICE.      In theatre and on this STAGE of LIFE it is these backstage tenacious believers who if listening to the Voice of their Saviour will have their moments when HE alone asks them to step forward.   Perhaps it will be with a kind word, a hug, a gentle caring word.

              Others may be called of God to live their lives in the SPOTLIGHT.    Some passionately desire to live there.   If called as Pastors, Leaders, Teachers God Himself will Sustain and undergird their time prominent on Life’s Stage,

               John the Baptist came out of obscurity to burst upon the stage of human life.   He lived and died but his prominent message was God Ordained and planned.  REPENT!    “Behold the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world.”

                   Then as quickly as he came, he was gone.

                     Christ the Saviour Himself had a few short years Centre Stage but because He was and IS ETERNAL the message was graphic and changed the world.  Miracles that illustrated LOVE, Mercy, Peace and Grace, proved Divinity by a supreme act of sacrificial LOVE as the Lamb and rising from death as proof of Divinity but proclaiming the promised coming of God the Holy Spirit  so all who accepted and believed could have this internal Guide to obey Christ’s final message …….Pick up your cross and “Follow Me”. 

                  Backstage is where God continues to refine, sanctify and encourage His Children.

           Unless He directs a life to take up a centre stage position for a time or a season, all the richness of this Christ- life is lived backstage.


Love and Blessings in this day.      

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The God who holds the whole world in His Hands wraps Himself in the splendour of the sun’s light and walks among the clouds. 

Through the heartfelt mercies of our God, God’s sunrise will break upon us…..showing us the way one foot at a time down the path of peace.     LUKE 1:78- 79. MSG.

Our souls should always stand ajar ready to welcome the ecstatic experience.  Emily Dickinson

Have a blessed Day!

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FOR THE CONVENIENCE of those whose asked

YouTube: hYttps://

I tried and pray it works for you. Blessings and love on your journey onward.

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Gratitude for peace in our own place. Thank God for Chynoweth.

 The finishing of the memoir book SHAFTS OF GOLD about my personal life and holding it in book  form has been both a revelation when I read again of God’s Grace on the whole journey but also a point of confession as well.     The song He’s the Saviour of my soul now resonates with holy Truth.

  A saved soul   has all of God’s richest blessings as long as we live according to His HOLY RULES.

       LOVE unconditional in All areas of life, should be our GREATEST JOY


      Jesus to His Disciples.   ‘If anyone desires to come after Me, let him deny himself, take up his cross and follow Me.     Whoever desires to save his life for My sake will find it.

        What does it profit anyone if they gain the whole world but lose their soul?

         What would a person give in exchange for his soul?

  As Saviour of my soul this world of glorious beauty and love is now my playground with the responsibility always to LOVE in everything.

                        HE IS INDEED my SAVIOUR and LORD!!

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         Sometimes in life, things  don’t work out exactly as you hoped and planned,

     Our daughter loved her pottery classes at High school.      She always worked very hard to produce perfect results. 

     Imagine her disappointment and shock when the pot she had lovingly moulded for her year 12 final exam, collapsed during firing and came out distorted. A very wonky Pot indeed.

      I remember her tears and later, her absolute shock when she received an award for pottery creative design.

        The pot would never be perfect according to perfect pot guidelines.    But there was evidence of loving nurture in its creation.       

         In my knowledge of God through my lifetime,  He does make beauty out of the distortion and ashes of our mistakes and our brokenness, if we surrender it all in to His loving Hands of healing and nurture.   

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