Tribute – Gratitude – Joy

Gratitude for 49years.

Together we give THANKS for our life journey.

49 years Married.      God was in 1970 and is with us on THE WAY.          Today 17th October, 2019 I pay tribute to my mate, David and express gratitude to the Lord who died to set our spirits FREE and gives us the Strength to still journey onwards.

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HELP – A different comment.

Good Morning!

     In gentle and various ways help aids have been incorporated into our lifestyle.   The latest was a surround aid on the toilet.   It is an aid to help with standing rather than  reliance on the wall or the seat to help me (particularly) unravel my rather long legs.

Evacare Toilet Safety Rail, model EVA0056

It looks and feels a bit like being in a throne chair.   There are even facilities for storing of magazines.        Thankfully I do not spend much time here.   I have not stopped yet long enough to read anything.

When our youngest grandchildren came for a visit it was the remark from the four year old which made me think..   He said, ‘Gran I love this toilet. Now, I can hang on and I’m not afraid of falling in’.    This highlighted to me the value of help and aids that are cross generational.     From my lofty older position it is hard to remember when toilets indeed were scary places when maybe they were waiting to draw you in and down.

It’s often the little insignificant moments in life which bring to us  memory.

Today is a new day  and I’ll leave this thought from Oswald Chambers.

  You do not know what you are going to do: the only thing you know is that God knows what He is doing……It is this attitude that keeps you in perpetual wonder ……you do not know what God is going to do next.  

Blessings and Love!




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Good Morning!

waterfall-thac-dray-nur-buon-me-thuot-daklak-68147 - Copy (2)

As I have given unto you so must you give to others’.   This  refrain seemed to reverberate during a dream I had last night.

I have often struggled with the certainty of knowing that what I have belongs to God and yet sowing and reaping are such an intrinsic part of the Kingdom.   For me I believe this has been clarified in my life as I see the years ticking past.   Out of the abundance of what God has given me, I will as I am able ‘freely’ GIVE.   The greatest ABUNDANCE in my life is surely not monetary but is overflowing in spirituality and creativity.   Therefore I will simply give via websites and safe places of sharing through the writing Gift which is from HIM as He inspires and opens the way.

The sowing aspect of life is all about Listening to the Lord and sowing out of my lack (usually financially) with joy and as an act of WORSHIP.

His answer to me seems to be in this way.  Give as I have given unto you, and I will bless.   Give out of your ABUNDANCE.

Sow abundantly as I lead and guide you out of your lack and I will  increase.

My thought for today then is What do you, we, all of us have in ABUNDANCE.     Is it LOVE, JOY. PEACE?.   Family, laughter?.  Stories of hills and valleys.?

What smile could we share with another because we have smiles to share this day?

The possibilities of what we have in abundance are many times endless.   KNOWING CHRIST  and having God as our Abba Father we do have so much to give freely to others.

Please come to safe website if you desire to learn more of the richness of what He has given me in creativity and faith.


All websites are secure and protected.   Each one now expresses a small part of my wonder and joy in the Christ-Life.

Blessings and Peace to you each one.



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Good Morning!

34 After my clip, 6 Oct 2019 - Copy

I am always amazed that when Char-lee is clipped to prepare for Summer heat the outer appearance of the little dog is changed from what looks like a lap-dog to what appears to be an eager and adventurous white terrier.   In actual fact the inner dog is always the same.   When her outer coat is so thick, she picks up every prickle and burr, She can return to the house looking like a small gyrating bush with leaves and twigs collected in her tail and all over her feet and coat.

The clipped dog is NOW ready to face the environment of her ‘outer circumstances.’

This thought made me think that for human beings who acknowledge  they have been ‘born again’ into a heavenly Kingdom the process is different.    Our outer shell,  although it should be  cared for and protected, is not the main transformation in our lives.

We are being changed on the INSIDE.   Grace outpoured because of the CROSS means we are being constantly changed, (as long as we repent of our wrongs) into the IMAGE of Christ.

Why?   to prepare us for our Heavenly Environment.

Just like Char-lee is now totally  FREE to roam in her environment what Jesus did for us at Calvary ensures our spirit/souls will be FREE to face a Holy God in a Holy Environment.

A thought to ponder.

Peace and Love to you all!


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The Tapestry of Our Lives


Good Morning!

                 Every day and every week and season of our lives as individuals will contribute to the tapestry of our LIFE.

118a - Copy

The tapestry on the wall of a small church on the island of Sark in the English Channel is an eternal reminder of the lives of generations of people.   They survived plagues, invasion by foreign countries, pirates came and plundered and took away wives and children.   There was much sorrow through the generations (including two world wars from which most  of their young men never returned),  yet there is a note across the entrance of the church which stands on a clifftop today.   The sign simply says.


         Today my thoughts returned to this place and in my own life I was challenged again to make this day a meaningful contribution in my own life’s tapestry.    Maybe it will be a prayer, maybe it will be picture or a time of reflective silence but my encouragement to all of us is that it will  only be a fragment of the whole tapestry of the full potential of what our lives can yet be.

And, yes!   For those of us who KNOW the Saviour.   Jesus Christ is STILL Lord!


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SOMEDAYS – life get weary

Good Morning!

big yawn

A thought for today.

There is a silence into which the world cannot intrude.   There is a peace you carry in your heart and cannot lose.

I do not know who sent me the above picture or who wrote the  quote but my prayer for all who are reading this today is………..find today this place of PEACE!


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Words can be – and often are changed and shaped to fit societal norms…but..

 Good Morning! A Wednesday Thought.

out in spaced

Perspective from hubble telescope enlarges thought

Words can be changed and attitudes may morph and try to ‘fit’ to be acceptable with other humans.(social earthly realm) ..Even clever human intellectualism can distract and add ‘extra’ concepts to life and who we are meant to be as spirit-beings with eternal destinies.


It is Redemptive and ABSOLUTE HOLINESS 

God who is DIVINE LOVE draws to HIMSELF all blood bought at the C R O S S  spirit/souls,

He draws them even while they still live in the earthly capacity.

He draws them ever UPWARDS

                                in Asperations, thinking and LIFE.  

Journey onwards.  Keep repenting, KEEP LIVING LIFE TO ITS ABSOLUTE FULLNESS.

In Him, you are BELOVED.

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MUSIC – Upward Arrow or Slashing Sword

Good Morning!

      During the week such a mis-mash medley of sounds.    Something to think about.

divine music

Music.   This image came up as From Divine Source.

My observations this past week have taught me that MUSIC like all forms of art can be incredibly beautiful and nurturing to soul and body. (or destructive to well-being).

There is a lot of music which is ………earth bound.  This music bring heart and mind and spirit and keeps it anchored on, culture – how dangerous this can be in a polluted teenage culture,  ethnic culture, or even personal PREFERENCE.   I only ‘like’ this kind of music.

The music that is not age, time, or in any way anchored to the earth I have personally put in a category ……….(bland….part of normal life and living)

Or….. the type of music which like an arrow points the human heart to BETTER.

This can be poignant, heart-breaking but is always BEAUTIFUL and in incomprehensible ways ministers to the spirit and lifts the soul.

Some music in this arrow points always to ETERNITY.     Like Antonia Stadivaria  (1644-1732) who crafted violins and influenced the tonal quality of these instruments forever.   One he crafted he named Messiah-Salabue Stradivaris which is probably PRICELESS today.  He discovered it had a tonal quality which transcended time and space and took him to Heaven.    Only in the hands of the most gifted and sensitive musician could this quality be achieved.

Oh how careful we need to be in our day that the BEAUTY and higher quality of music’s potential is never allowed to be decimated by the sword of driven public opinion or even MONEY.   Driven sometimes down to places they did not want to go.   DRIVEN!

May music always in the perspective of life’s best, continue to bless our human existence and sometimes grab our attention and shoot our spirit/souls ever higher and higher.   Words and music together achieve this.

The danger always is the  RIGHT WORDS will never sanatise  music which by its very inbuilt nature drives downwards.

Music can inspire upwards.       Keep us locked in beautiful here places.  or

drive us downwards towards the thoughts and places that do not make life beneficial or beautiful.

Whatever you are doing look always to higher and BEAUTIFUL and let Divine Love be your Guide.

Blessings and Love.

STRADAVARIS MESSIAH VIOLIN.    An image of the Messiah Stradavaris Violin.

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PERSONAL ‘TRUTH’ – An impacting revelation

a blazing Light when TRUTH IMPACTS.

Marie Von Erner Eschrenbach  (do you know who she was?) wrote ………

The simplest and commonest most profound truth seems new and wonderful when we experience it for the first time in our own life. 

This statement reminded me of the day my moment came.

I walked out on a deserted beach as the sun rose above the horizon.

God the Holy Spirit shone on my mind a light of REVELATION and in that instant I suddenly KNEW that God is bigger than human intellect, education, or even comprehension will ever be able to PIN DOWN.

My faith until this time was with the childlike belief that Jesus was important, the Bible was a type of Handbook  a Guide Book of life direction.

The incident occurred when I was in my mid-30’s.   It brought with it an understanding that remains ever illusive to express in an ‘intellectual’ capacity.  I studied ‘theology’, at a college  and graduated from a Bible College. (on line).

BUT…..That one morning of personal God-given revelation means the Big Big Questions like TRINITY, SACRIFICE, THE CROSS, The Coming of God the Holy Spirit and the destiny of ALL human souls with the need for ‘Holiness’ to face eternity, have now no struggle about them. They are KNOWN.

God for me now is SO BIG.  He is in and through the whole universe.   In Him alone is LIGHT,,,,,the Breath of all Life, Divine Creator, and our minds need life-long to be energised by His.

Personal Relationship, and a love for the written WORD revealed now in Jesus Christ who is THE WORD. (we should be passionate about learning more and more about HIM). It became the normal way.

Surrender, and humility are the most important Callings for each one of us.

In the LIGHT OF HIS BIGNESS may we learn to live, learn, grow. and develop and be  grateful that the Bridge was built by Jesus Christ at the Cross,  between us and His Divine Glory.

n.b.   His Glory so INTENSE (without Christ we would be extinguished).

                  Blessings! Peace! and Love!

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I am Not Ashamed. I confess Him as my friend

Good Morning!

           A thought to ponder.

Before I knew Him as a best friend.

I journeyed spiritually often feeling alone.

It was the realization that God really loved me and that Jesus came to bridge the gap between a God up ‘there’ and humanity HERE a new day dawned (spiritually).

He is my Saviour (His shed blood makes me worthy) now His Holy Spirit living within, points me always to the CROSS for ongoing forgiveness and Jesus is not only simply the ONE I follow but the DEAR FRIEND Who walks with me, talks with me and is beside me in every dark and lonely experience in this earthly life.

Though the fallen world may laugh and scoff yet still………I will not be ASHAMED.

This Jesus! This Divine Holy One! by Grace alone is also

MY BEST FRIEND     (spiritually and in ALL THINGS)


                                               live!    Love Abundantly! Rejoice!



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