Imagine you are one of these tiny pinpricks of light in this night sky.

You can make a difference!

Phil:2,,14, 15

Do all things without murmuring or grumbling so you may be blameless, harmless, Children of GOD in the midst of a perverse and crooked generation, You will shine as lights in the world.

Is your Christ-Light SHINING BRIGHTLY? Wherever you are? In whatever circumstances or situation? Not hidden by walls or blocked by illness or upset etc.

Shine like a pinprick of HIS HOLY LIGHT

Together all pinpricks will pierce the dark encroaching our world.

You are LOVED! Your Life – Your Light Is IMPORTANT!


SPIRIT of God lead us ever onwards in YOUR WAY!


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Have you known both the experience of Visions that ‘shocked’ you and the Grace Miracles which astonished?

I have and now through the understanding forged by my years of searching have begun to write it all down in my Memoirs.

Dear Ones when you KNOW Jesus Christ as Saviour and Lord. Stay in HIS LIGHT. Never wander off the path into the dark. Only our God is CREATOR. Satan is a clever deceptive COUNTERFEITER.

That’s why PENTECOST had to happen so the promises written in Joel : Chapter2:28-33 could be fulfilled in the days we live in…………………. ie I believe since September 2001 the beginning of the Last Days.

We are not alone His Spirit will lead us into ALL TRUTH.

Our responsibility (no matter what Gifts we may have which beguile (including the supernatural) our feet must walk always in THE WAY. and our hearts always with LOVE for our Saviour.


Remember NOTHING ABSOLUTELY NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE when we walk with HIM. Visions and Miracles belong to him!

Have a great day. You are loved. !

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I read an article about someone who felt like their whole life had been spent scattering crumbs on the wind.

This statement could be viewed as positive or negative depending on what perspective you see it.

Even real crumbs of bread when windborne, can provide a food source for birds, ants or fish, tadpoles and future frogs.

If you feel you have little to sow – out of your little let it be sown with the right heart attitude. and generously.

Whether it be a written word, financial, smiles, genuine care for others. beauty or simply living with Christ amid a Godless society.

2 Cors 9;7 God loves a cheerful giver.

With JOY and thankfulness continuing sowing unto HIM according to what you have.

Let’s sow crumbs into the WIND. let the Wind of God the Holy Spirit blow your little far and wide. A-men.

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King Nebuchadnezzar the King of Babylon threw three young Hebrew slaves into a fiery furnace. When he returned in the morning he saw a fourth figure in the flames. He asked ‘Who is this.? He looks like the Son of God,’ Daniel Chapter 3

John 6 17,18,19. Who is this?

The disciples got into the boat and went over the sea towards Capernaum. It was dark and a great wind was blowing.

They had rowed about three or four miles when the saw a figure. Jesus came walking on the sea near their boat. They were afraid.

He said, It is I! Do not be afraid!

SON of God!

From the Hymn I went to the garden alone.

Living under the blood of His New Covenant….

Let the rich Promises of God resound in your life this mid week morning.

For those who have accepted His Gift of Salvation

He is with them in and through all the circumstances of their lives.

Look up. Let’s give THANKS to our LORD THE GREAT I AM.


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PRESENCED – not swallowed.

1 Corinthians 3: 16,17

Do you not know that you are the Temple of God and that the Spirit of God dwells in you?

If anyone defiles the Temple of God, .God will destroy him. For the Temple of God is Holy which Temple is you.


‘Mum, I must have swallowed Jesus,’ the little child said to her parent. The teacher had told her that Jesus now lives in her.

From my own early problem of how a body Jesus could actually live in my heart. I was told many years ago to accept it by faith.

I have spent my life searching for personal confirmation of this TRUTH.

We all need teaching and constant reminding on WHO our trinitarian GOD really is.

It took the sacrifice of the SON at Calvary before God could come to live FOREVER with His redeemed.

No matter where we go. No matter what circumstances arise nothing absolutely nothing can separate us. Even a major surgery cannot remove God’s Spirit – Christ in us!

Accept Salvation, accept His free Gift of HIMSELF . Don’t be beguiled by counterfeit spirituality.

In Jesus CHRIST! our Saviour King and Lord. We have it all.

Spirit of the Living God, Holy Sanctifier ever bring us to repentance, forgiveness and Holiness.


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Many caterpillars are not safe to touch or disturb. Their skin can cause irritation or illness. Yet, in the process which determines their future all are changed.

BUTTERFLYS, the RESURRECTION determination of metamorphous, sends them ALL into the sky to beautify and bring Hope and Promise to all who look for them.

Many human beings are not pleasant and cause irritation or unrest to others, They too can choose to be changed.

We all who walk with Jesus in THE WAY need to remind ourselves we too have been ‘Reborn‘ into a different Kingdom.

We, like those around are life long being changed by the liberating power of the regenerating HOLY SPIRIT.

Our past life , our unpleasantness or irritations to others is changed by DIVINE LOVE .We need to confess and accept forgiveness.

Let us soar like butterflies into today’s world.

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Time with grandchildren. w-fi connection just connected so here I A-am saying hi!

GLUE stick on craft project exploded not with violence not dangerous but mess and stickiness everywhere, Guess it is not a blogging morning but having a wonderful day. Peace and Love to ALL.

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Where are U-Turns allowed?

On the highway of your life on earth anywhere, anytime.

Jesus said I AM THE WAY.

He will lead you on THE WAY if you live with confession, repentance and accept His Forgiveness as your choices.

He says NOW as He has said for generations.

Words remembered from a hymn.   

 ‘Take my Hand,

I will lead you safely on,

 through the night and through the storm –


No more need to roam.


                                            Take my Hand,

                                            I’ll help you STAND

                                      Then, I will safely lead you HOME.


Precious SAVIOUR,.

 Guide us, Lead us –  all our journey through,

HOLD my Hand I have no other Help or Hope but You!  


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Sometimes in life our burdens are HEAVY

Images offer answers


WIth Love

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What is a Grace Umbrella?
Have you you ever experienced a moment or an event in time when you were aware that God;s Grace somehow overshadowed or enveloped a situation?

I know on prayerful reflection, I have. I give grateful thanks to the Lord for the memory.

       2 Samuel 9 reminds us of an O.T. story. 


              David made a promise to his dear friend Jonathan (King Saul’s) son that he would care for his future generation if any calamity befell them.   He little knew then the fierce battles he would be forced to fight against Saul who hated him and wanted him destroyed.  

             Mephibosheth was only five years old when both his father Jonathan and his grand-father Saul died in a battle with the Philistines at Mt Gibbod.    His desperate nurse fled the scene of carnage and grabbed the child as she ran.      The account does not give details, but the child somehow fell and both his legs or feet were broken.     Without adequate attention he was crippled.   

                Out of the sorrow and the smoke-filled carnage King David remembers his covenantal Promise to his friend.  

            Promise, Love and Divine intervention achieved like a (grace umbrella) a miraculous improvement to this little boy’s desperate circumstances.

             King David ordered a country-wide search to find any survivors of   Jonathan’s family and this child was found and his restoration to a quality of life is a miracle. He even lives to see restoration of some of his lands.  

Since Calvary our umbrella of Grace is provided for all who believe because of Christ’s Covenental Promise to us.


Thank You Lord for Your umbrella of Grace. Help us to live always under the shadow of the remembered Cross, A-men.

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