i experienced since my last blog the truth of the song,,This is the air I BREATHE

I believe in the days we are living our prayer life must evolve and change.

On the gentle wind yesterday faces and people came to mind. They were not on any pre-planned list. God the Holy Spirit brought their faces to mind. He knew their needs I simply stood and knew He was breathing His Grace over ALL Circumstances.

This morning I awoke to the reminder that if we LOVE HIM we will not be afraid to let HIM also breathe on and through us the blazing Breath of His DIVINE LOVE.

This refining FIRE of blazing LOVE will burn away the dross and reform us into HIS Image. How long will this take?

I don’t know about you but I believe the rest of my human life. For now I will stand or sit and BREATHE in the fullness of the LIFE He has given me.

BREATHE! BREATHE! Let Divine Love wash us all so we may be the Blazing Lights for HIM in this broken world.

Blessings in abundance!

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There is a beautiful worship song of the 2000’s and this is so applicable to the new Covid life, I believe.

This is the air I breathe. YOUR Holy Presence living in me. And, I.,,,I’m Desperate for YOU. This song is called Desperate for YOU.

Could this be God’s Call on us for not just ordinary living but our prayer life as well?.

Just a thought

A new normal for many Believers in the Saviour.

I STAND. Looking UPWARDS. I breathe YOU in…. Breath of LIfe.

Now, I release onto the wind all the people……………, sorrows, circumstances etc occupying my prayers and my life.


Wind carry them across the four corners of this world. Bring Your Peace, Hope, Joy Comfort and SALVATION into every place of need.

On the WIND of God’s Holy BREATH……May all who seek you FIND.

In the Name of Christ the SAVIOUR.


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The cliche about a burst bubble was first coined by a rally car driver,

He was turned back at the starting line because of a safety numbers cut-off.

Sadly, he stated, ‘I arrived standing on a bubble of Hope that today I would be a winner. You have burst my bubble!

Have you ever felt like this?

I know I have. Those occasions when you are prepared and excited about sharing something? Forgotten or not asked? Maybe longing to be chosen for a position or part in a play? Many times when maybe feeling totally flat after soaring high with Hope. Thank GOD. This life we live is not All about us and our feelings.

Our HOPE is higher than any bubble can soar and if our feet are STANDING firmly on the ROCK of solid ground. JESUS CHRIST,,,,,, our spirits are free, with our Eternal HOPE, to soar into heavenly realms. (on the wings of an eagle).

A prayer of GRATITUDE today for our Saviour and who we are IN HIM.




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Do you have times or days when you feel trapped by your ‘covid’


Unlike a caterpillar nothing can ever contain our human soul/spirit.

When aligned with GOD and following Jesus as Saviour and Lord our

spirits can soar out the window and into heavenly places. Look upwards!

Focus always on what is beautiful, Holy and a good report! Switch off the constantly negative and unhelpful!

Then……think upon this……What is God teaching us in the coocoon? Perhaps new

skills, new abilities, learning more about HIM?

His Desire has always been that we would be,changed, into the Image of Jesus.

Is this perhaps His Season to speed up the process?

When the time is RIGHT. His Time! Will He then give us renewed Strength in HIM to move out into a new life?

Irrecoverably changed to be His in a new ‘butterfly’ dimension in an altered world?.

Maybe, Just Maybe, HIS Covid coocoon people will one day be called forth as Nehemiahs to help rebuild our broken cities. Just Maybe!

One certainty.

His Kingdom will come! His Will…….WILL BE DONE!


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The Sky Appeared To Split

It had been a gloomy overcast day.

Heavy clouds totally obscured the sun.

I realized as I walked down the forestry road ,that night was fast


I looked up,

The sun as it sank in the western sky, suddenly burst out

with a blazing slash of light.

It did not last long, but the dying day briefly flooded the paddock with light.

Rays touched the trees and it looked like an ocean, shrouded in mist. The picture above only captured a brief moment.

These are the thoughts which came to mind.

  1. Even at the close of life a light can blaze.


Jesus said. I am the Light of the world those who follow Me shall not walk in darkness but shall have the Light of Life. John 8; V12

Keep looking up dear Ones.

Each in your own way. KEEP THE CHRIST LIGHT SHINING……IN and THROUGH You.

His Life is abundant!



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Does a butterfly remember its caterpillar life?

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  1. My desire for HIM means I desire to STAND in this broken world with uplifted hands.

Today spiritually. I release millions of butterflies across the world asking the ONE higher than us all, that these symbols of His Divine Grace, FAITH, HOPE and resurrection LIFE Will be seen by spiritual eyes looking upwards and felt in places of need and despair. Beauty on the wind.

2. For Christian believers who may feel constrained by circumstances I pray….. .remember the lesson of the butterfly……….often a struggle to live then shut in darkness for a long time…….

God’s Plan was for a wonderful miracle of change yet still there was a struggle to get out of bondage into the freedom to soar as a butterfly,

Dear Ones this is our story………may we rejoice greatly in this confined period. Allow Him to change us to be more and more like our Saviour.


Then we too in the glory of a new life will soar upwards free higher, higher far than any butterfly. The struggle of the constraints of this earth are every bit as diffucult as the butterfly journey to ‘Get out’.

live abundantly in this day……………..LIFE NOW is ABUNDANT when He is in it.


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The old man knew he had a terminal illness. His days were numbered.

He reasoned in his mind that he had a few choices.

  1. He could sit in his chair, read, paint , do a puzzle – yes he could…..and yes he did.
  2. He could remain comfortable and ensure that his life was peaceful and not complicated by stress. Yes, he could and he did.

But then he had an idea. He was going to welcome each new morning as a NEW beginning. He would write a simple sentence or maybe even record just a few words of his feelings, the weather, or a one word honest comment. BUT, he would also find a small object, painting symbol each day, He kept it all on a box marked ‘Papa Pete’s final journey.’ He knew the idea was inspired by God.

The legacy in this box is full of treasures. It covers only eighteen months but what wonderful beauty, faith, hope and appreciation for life. His personal writing under the lid made sense of the whole.

He had written…..I know that my God Lives and I know He is with me ALL THE WAY.

There are small pictures. Notes of honesty expressing pain and suffering. There are vibrant images of Hope and surity of eternity.

The beautiful stones, pressed flowers, shells, tiny pictures of his wife children and grandchildren have minute sticker images in some corners. A smiley, A star, or a ball, or drawn image of what he felt or knew about the person.

Pete’s Box is a great collection but the basic truth of this story is……..

He learned to welcome each day as A NEW BEGINNING.

I believe it is a good lesson for us all. HAVE A GREAT NEW DAY!

Blessings and love.

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Good Morning!

In the midst of it all what should I be doing? I asked of the Lord. More prayer? Fasting? more Zoom attendance? At my age in my circumstances What? He said….


‘Create in me a clean pure heart.’

With faith I will slip on the whole Armour of God. Eps.6;4

IN his STRENGTH alone I will STAND. Not for myself but for WHOEVER as He leads and guides. vast world………Overwhelming needs.

Maybe you as well are being called to STAND. (even if you are seated) no need for lots of words. In HIS PRESENCE. Heavenwards focussed……..

Father, May YOUR will be done

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TRYING again.

Whisper on the wind.

You are LOVED1

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