Good Morning!

Journey week 4 (2)

On the radium journey it is now week 4.     6 days to go.

I am  thankful indeed for prayers, and more grateful than I can say that the undergirding Grace of God and His Presence with me has made this  a journey of both faith and LIFE.  Personally, a ‘zonked out’ lack of motivation is my biggest hurdle, and this can be very debilitating.

Once again in week 4 I asked the Lord to inspire my imagination and during treatment, journey with me.  (I told technicians what I was going to do and where I was going to go).    In so many ways it has been inspirational and even ‘fun’.     On a table there was a book with lots of recipes in it.  I flipped through. Then, in a Homes Section, I saw the  picture of a man’s study with an open door leading to a little pathway disappearing into the distance.   It had a caption ‘I can smell the surf while sitting at my computer’.

I looked at the image closely and told the girls as I lay on the table ready for treatment,  about the picture. They were intrigued,  and I shared later.     I began in imagination to walk down the pathway.    What will I see?   There were several small pebbled steps.   I began to count them…there were ten. A little sandy path meandered towards the sea….. I could hear it pounding in the distance.   (For two days that’s as far as I could journey).     Treatment was over and I had go.

By the end of the week I managed to get further.   I did not delay or count the steps.   On Friday I burst through the trees and saw an expanse of sand in both directions.     Most of all and this I know was pure imagination ………the sand was covered with shells.       It was a moment of absolute beauty and Grace.  Then, I had to get up, dress and start the journey home.   The image above is a very poor reflection of the scene in imagination but it gives a glimpse. One, more beautiful,  I did find on the internet may have been copyrighted I could not verify.

Divine LOVE is like that unmarked shelly beach.

I ask for all of you in this day and for this week ahead that you may know it in your lives like flooding rain.

We journey onwards.    Shalom!

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The DOXOLOGY – A powerful addition THINE IS THE KINGDOM…………..

Good Morning!

Let us pray.          The powerful later addition to the Lord’s Prayer.   This is so that we can affirm and confirm our relationship  with our Saviour.    The whole prayer then becomes totally rounded.   It begins with focus on Him.   It ends with a declaration about Him .

Abba, my Father.





A-MEN and A-MEN!

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BLUE ICE – A Godly Revelation

Good Morning!

On this five week (25 days) radiation journey, I have passed the 1/2 way mark.   14 days gone and twelve to still come.  Its a good place to rejoice but like a lot of life we can still project to…….12 days still to go.   (Oh Dear!).

Blue Ice 3          Each day, I have been asking the Lord to journey with me and during treatment to inspire me to a place  I can visit, in my mind.   This has been truly wonderful and I have canoed down a river, picked flowers and walked beaches etc etc.    The most amazing thing happened this week.   Two of the young technicians asked me with a smile……’where are you going today Faye?’  I replied ‘oh Antarctica or to the Arctic.  Never been there!  ….Lots of ice…not sure what or how. ‘

Like a dream I began with a landscape of miles and miles of ice.   It stretched to the horizon (very cold and desolate)…..In my spirit/heart I heard a voice…….’.Find blue ice.    Travel carefully but see the Light beyond’.     I had no idea what it meant…..The treatment finished. .The girls were fascinated but had no knowledge of blue ice etc.   I described a little of what knew I was looking for.  (Imagine their faces when I came in and showed them the picture).

I had done a little research and  a google search and there was a lot on black ice, dangers of ice, Blue Ice is a drug of considerable danger because of its hidden qualities (ie ICE).        Then I found this picture….exactly what I was looking for, in my mind,  on the journey.  It had an impact of familiarity the moment I saw it.   (Such, is the glory and wonder of God’s creativity).

I post it today as an encouragement to all.   Wherever you may be in life……….. know that the desolate places all can have pockets, places, of astonishing beauty.

Shalom Peace!     May you journey with faith and Hope.


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Lead us not into Temptation but Deliver us from Evil.

Lord’s Prayer Week 6.

Let us pray.                                           Abba Father,

CLIP aRT sWORD OF sPIRIT      Does God lead us into temptation and direct us………….Do this?….   Absolutely NOT.    Can we be temped as we follow the Shepherd?.   Again absolutely.    But we have been given the ability to overcome temptations.     Our LOVE for HIM and His LOVE for us by dying at Calvary means we are now OVERCOMERS………Swamped by circumstances, temped to deny Him, Even saying He is not alive.  Temptations will come in various small and large proportions BUT………we can overcome them In His Holy Name and surrendered lives, asking for and receiving……….FORGIVENESS is our Life style answer.

Thank you Father  that you have DELIVERED us from all the evils of this world.   Even DEATH will not destroy us because YOU have rescued us and our spirit/souls have an eternity destination.

This day, Help us to be overcomers of all temptations and with out Shield of Faith we dress to face any evil.

We love you Lord.

In Jesus’ Name we pray…..a-men.



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THE JOURNEY CONTINUES – Three weeks to go.

Good Morning!

Thank you to all who are praying…….Thank God for His Presence on the Way.    Thank God also for creativity which brings forth some rich moments undergirded by His Grace along the road of this radium. unexpected in my life.

The journey continues. Memories and moments of astonishing beauty along the way.  What a journey! (spiritually)….

The smallest diamond is worth more than the largest pebble; the lowest degree of Grace excels the loftiest attainment of nature.

Charles H. Spurgeon


I have been incredibly surprised by THE GRACE OF GOD ON THIS JOURNEY.

Blessings! Love and Peace to you as you too journey your Highway of Life in 2018.

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The Lord’s prayer Week 5 Meditation.

forgiveness (2)

As Children of God we have been saved by a loving SAVIOUR.   All our trespassers/sins were forgiven and cast into the sea of ‘forgetfulness’ – all the past, all the old life mistakes and errors….these have all been dealt with at the CROSS.

But, while we live and breathe our very humanity means we, like ‘all little children’ , will continue to fall short of the standards and behaviour of our Father.

That’s why the Lord’s Prayer is so profound.    This appeal is that our hearts and our lives be ever cleansed -‘ Create in me a clean pure heart – Psm 51.   Even more, far more than this is the reminder………As I forgive you, so must you forgive ‘others’.   Which others? All others – even our enemies.     Hate forever wrong actions, but come to a place where we can forgive the people caught up in the actions.

Is this easy?    No way!   But this is why we pray:

Abba, my Father, Forgive me today my trespassers/faults/and sins the same way as I ask You to help me forgive ALL who sin or trespass against me.

In Your Name, and for the sake of Your Kingdom.

In Jesus’ Name.


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tCLIMBING THE STAIRS.                                                                            Good Morning!

A Meditation for a new week’s journey.

In life, both spiritual and actual, it is often deemed better to take the elevator.   It is quicker, we get to our destination faster.   How much better we all think our circumstances would be if we could ask of the Lord for instant …….healing, abilities to forgive and follow Him into pastures green and fertile. We, of course can always ask this of Him. He knows and we know an  elevator would zipp us into the future, and all our problems could be left behind.  However, when the answer is not INSTANT this then may entail a struggle.    Following Him means that though we may struggle one day, one step at a time, His Purposes still are being fulfilled.   Its the ones on the way, contacts, connections etc. etc .we meet, that cement purpose.    An elevator would carry us instantly to fulfill His Plans. (Often this is the case)…….but……when we are forced to take the stairs, this too, in His Will, is when we need His Strength, His Grace and His Directing, and have an opportunity to learn from Him whatever He desires to teach along the way.  The destination ultimately is the same but the lessons can be life-affirming and changing.

If you are forced by life to ‘take the stairs’ and not the elevator.  Breathe deeply of His Love….then take one step, one day one lesson at a time. 

Shalom! PEACE and Grace to you each one.

Thank you for your PRAYERS and love.  These are tangible and much appreciated.

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Good Morning.

                                                      Lord’s Prayer…Meditation Part 4.

DAILY bREAD                                       Daily Bread – regarded as a necessary need for daily life.

Kingdom Provisions for our daily ‘needs’ not our ‘wants’ or our personal ‘preferences’ or ‘desires’    but NEEDS to live for Him each day.  This prayer is part of the whole Lord’s Prayer as an affirmation that  our needs each day include, necessary food, rest.  for His Presence –  He is the bread of LIFE.  His Strength, His Love His Enabling to live – not comfortably – for ourselves, but to LIVE  with Him, and for Him with what we NEED for this day.   From the perspective of Heaven. (He knows what we really NEED more than perhaps we do ourselves).

Father, thank you for the Provisions of what you will give me. in your Grace,  for this day’s specific ‘needs’       A-men.

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Good Morning!

2018 - The road ahead.......

2018 began for me personally with the certainty that for a period, life would be different.

Tomorrow I begin five weeks of radiation.   Five days per week. Five weeks in all.  That is 25 treatments. That’s the truth ‘stuff’ of the next section of my private highway.   For seven years I have travelled free of all worries re breast cancer – every test and scan  has been negative. Then, a bit like a bolt from the blue a few days before Christmas, an unexpected discovery – a malignant tumour hidden under previous scar tissue.   Ok.   Results in the circumstances very good.   Low grade…non invasive…..lymph nodes negative – all clear.   Operation has fixed the problem and radiation now necessary to mop up any stray cells.   Gratitude for life and Grace is powerfully real in my heart and mind.    I consider myself fortunate I am NOT in a battle for my life.  Others are, and it is for them I want to focus my mind. The future now is a bit more uncertain, for me. Others want me to focus a bit more on what might/might not happen further down the road.

Who among us has any CERTAINTY of future?    Every day should be seen as a unique and valuable Gift.      I’m more grateful than I can say that I KNOW, I absolutely KNOW that I do not travel alone.   My LORD is with me.   He is my ROCK,  my  ANCHOR, My HOPE.  He is my CONSTANT friend and companion.   Tomorrow begins a new and different journey.    I value prayers,   I value the ones who wanted to know what had ‘happened’.    Thank you to all my dear blogging friends.   On Wednesday, hopefully, the Lord’s Prayer meditation.    The Ephesians Armour is a great prayer but I close now with what I’m praying will be in my heart and spirit as I journey 2 hours each way for the treatments.

This, was found engraved on the breastplate armour of St. Patrick centuries ago.

tBreastplate of St. Patrick 2 .jpg                                               Christ above me, Christ beside me,

Christ within me – ever guiding,

Christ behind me, Christ before,

  Christ my LOVE, – my LIFE –  my LORD.

Grace and Peace on your journeys   TRAVEL WELL!


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roaring lion                                                            Lion of Judah -A Christ Name

  Thy Kingdom come , Thy will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven

The Lord’s Prayer – Mid week reflections No.3.

                                                      Let us pray:

My Father in Heaven, May Your Kingdom come.    If I take up my cross to follow you then may your Kingdom be built in me…lesson by lesson …..stone by stone?  All the hills and all the valleys.   Through joy and suffering, strife peace.   Kingdom Authority is from you alone.  You are my Saviour, My Lord and My King. Reign in all aspects of my life, I pray.

May your Kingdom be built in the lives of  those I love, in my Church, in my community, and in my country.  In all the countries

(note: at this point in praying the Lord’s Prayer as a disciplined daily relationship prayer let the Spirit lead and guide……..This prayer for God’s Will in the lives of ALL People – all tribes, all colours and all nations is a KINGDOM PRAYER).  I have found in the silence of the prayer journey I have even found myself praying for folk not known personally but as a part of where I spiritually travel.

May your Kingdom and your will be done on Earth as it is in heaven.         On this Earth many don’t even know the POWER of GOD’s Grace and DIVINE LOVE.            This is why He wants His Kingdom to be built in our lives as an example of His Divine KINGDOM still to come.   We must be the Divine Light of HOPE TO OTHERS.


kingdom come

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