Great Victories come with SURRENDER


In our natural world ‘surrender’ is often seen as a ‘defeat’.

In the Kingdom of God our greatest victories will come when we learn to surrender EVERY circumstance to the ONE who is higher and greater than ourselves.

It really doesn’t matter what circumstances we face – health, finances, age-related, family, our own personal issues of anger, grief, loss, uncertainty and fear.

Surrender to Christ and see His atoning blood at the CROSS as being able to cover, redeem and make better ALL THINGS.

Let it ALL go…..on the Wind.    Then, listen to the Voice of the Spirit if there is further you should DO.

His Wisdom will guide how we should DO anything.  Our smaller minds will only devise programs of ‘help’ or maybe ‘comfort’.


       Let His ongoing Life in you continue to be a Light of Hope in this darkening world.


AT the Cross, AT the Cross is where I first saw the LIGHT.

1 John 5, 4,5,6,7  are helpful scriptures.


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opening flower of faith

Life can open up RIVERS of possibilities with the same beauty as the opening flower illustrated.

We all have to take the first step of choice.    You cannot inherit or even learn what you should do from others.  Guidance is always available but our 2019 world throws at us all curve balls of dissent and argument.   Personally I made a choice to follow Jesus Christ and make him the Lord of my life.   You may ask why?

I was pointed in that direction by loving parents.      Someone asked me the other day why I made the choice, and if I KNOW its the RIGHT WAY.

Life has shown me completely that He……Jesus Christ is the SAVIOUR of my soul.  He is my dearest and most constant Friend.  He has been with me through the valleys and the hills of life and as I age HE is becoming more and more REAL. I KNOW He is not a Religion, He is not a church or a doctrine or an idea.    He is not just my SAVIOUR He is my Anchor and with Him I have a RELATIONSHIP.   That’s why I rejoice, that’s why I LIVE.

What you believe about yourself matters.   You deserve to be LOVED. HE is LOVE DIVINE.   You are loved!   You are dearly loved!

When you believe you are a valuable human being then you too must realise your reason for life is to make your life a reflection of this value to others around you.

Does the eternity destiny of your soul matter?

I know He (Jesus) is the SAVIOUR of my soul.

I believe the opening flower of FAITH will continue to open all the days of my life.   I must continue to learn and grow with my Friend beside me and His Holy Spirit constantly imparting Wisdom and teaching  until it will fully open only  in ETERNITY.

What you choose.   and What you believe does matter.

With Love to all I write.

if interested           has a link What you believe Matters.  may be helpful to some who are seeking.

Blessings and Peace!

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Good Morning! 

loaoves and fish

What simple sacrifice can you make today or even during this week?

A small boy offered what he had and a miracle occurred.    Have you ever contemplated what God could do with even your smallest sacrifice if it was offered to Him with LOVE?

Reach out and touch the Lord today with love and a gift of your time.

Then reach out with your hand and touch someone else.     Perhaps with a simple touch of kindness and care He will  then miraculously transform their day.

It’s a thought!            Touch is an important and simple Gift each one of us can give to this hurting world.

Blessings and Love!. 

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Good Morning!

24 Koala at Chynoweth, 3 Aug 2019

        Visit from a native KOALA brings ‘JOY’


Tree clearing, human progress, forests only for TIMBER, stretch for kilometres. .    Native animals are rarely seen.

       Yet, yesterday, I met this one.  It  turned and watched as we passed by on our property, on our hill.

    This moment brought for me a burst of joy and from my heart came a prayer of thankfulness and gratitude.

Thank you Lord for this LIFE we have,   Keep our hearts full of awareness of your Amazing Grace and Peace. 


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RUACH – Breath of God – SPIRIT



       Wind of God, My Lord, My Saviour, Blessed Trinity of

Grace Divine.

Blow this day your Healing Life upon me, Forgive, Restore Cleanse again your blood-bought Child.

                         I am yours.

                                                          You are mine! 

Oh.  The Glorious wonder of our Trinitarian God.      Thank You for all You are.

                                         Father, Saviour Son, and Holy Spirit. 


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 A child-like Perspective.


With health issues and general malaise this past week has been a bit of a struggle.

The image of the field of flowers is beautiful. When I discovered a quote my child-like approach to simplicity of life was touched,  and I therefore,  share it with you.

I often think flowers are the angels’ alphabet whereby they write on the hills and in the fields mysterious and beautiful lessons for us to feel and learn.

Louisa May alcott

I thank my God for His Grace which carries us through when days are difficult but the image and the quote make me smile.

    Blessings and Love to you!

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        Thoughts, a Memory and a Prayer.


               Forty years ago I sat beside a dark-haired woman at a Conference.

She was in a wheel-chair in the aisle beside my seat.  She gave me a radiant smile and in that moment of  ‘connection’ we both understood something spiritual which blesses me on reflection.

The theme of this Conference was teaching on the centrality of the Word of God to life and where we would all journey if we follow the Shepherd.

The music throbbed. We were invited to worship.  To stand and dance if the Spirit inspired.

The song was ‘Streets of Gold’

‘We will dance on the streets that are golden, the glorious Bride and the great Son of Man..’

I stood beside Meg in the aisle and took her hand.    We both worshipped. I danced and spiritually she danced beside me.

‘Do you believe one day I will really dance?’ she asked.

‘Absolutely!’ I responded.

I never saw Meg again.    I knew she was a musician, a teacher and a Christian Ambassador for the disabled .      Paralysed below the waist from the age of four after an accident,  I know she went on to live a quality life and to help many others.

Last night I dreamt of Meg.    I was taken back to that moment in time.

I asked the Lord, in the dream Is she dancing now?          I heard on the wind.

She is with ME and ALL things have been restored to her.

Today I offer up a prayer of thankfulness for past memories which speak of KINGDOM.

With arms uplifted I remember our faith and the Hope, which inspires through all the valleys and Hills of life.

P E A C E!



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Good Morning!

              A thought to meditate upon on this Sunday.


                   Living water flowed from the rock that was smitten with Moses’ rod.

When John the Baptist was baptising in the River Jordan and saw Jesus he cried  ‘Behold the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world.

Thank God that we can be refreshed always by the living water flowing freely from relationship with Jesus and from the life we have in and with Him.

WATER will  always refresh and symbolise ‘new life’ and the ‘risen’ life


Only the ‘smitten’ ROCK of Christ………only His Blood can SAVE the human souls.

Nothing, but the BLOOD.  Nothing but the BLOOD.


                                                  JESUS CHRIST, SAVIOUR LORD, COMING KING


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city weather thunderstorm electricity

SURPRISED by revisiting this book. on

Saturday 20th July, 2019.   Today I came across the free e-book card and I went to my Calibre e-book selections and for a few minutes read through the Ashes Book.   I found it still sparked interest in my own life and spirit and I believe God quickened in my heart the desire to not let this story (sink into forgetfulness while I am still alive).  I googled Beyond the Ashes and was both surprised and pleased to know that next to my name was a website link.  Click on that and it came to this place.

This then is my joy.   I will return here and keep it ALIVE.    Hopefully I can generate some interest so others may want to view as well.

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Venus Fly Trap                                                                 Image of a Venus Fly-trap

Beautiful, beguiling, enticing, to insects, with a gentle honey smell.

Once touched the trap closes.  This is permanent! 

Fly traps in our personal lives can be the drawing enticements of wealth, personal fame, appearance or body beautiful image and sexual allure.

    However, we can choose a better way.

       A personal relationship with Jesus Christ as Saviour, Lord, King and a ‘friend’  changes every focus.

He is the ROCK – foundation of faith and Hope.  Matt.7:24,25 assures of the foundation of this faith.

WISDOM.   Proverbs 24, 13,14  Psm 19: v.11 proclaims that fear (respect)  of God is sweeter than honey in the honeycomb.   WORD.

There is honey in the ROCK.  He, Christ draws us always to this ROCK. there we have FULLNESS OF LIFE ………..PERSONAL  RELATIONSHIP 

Walking with Him, Talking to Him we have honey in abundance and life in all its richness and also:-

We have FREEDOM…….ABSOLUTE FREEDOM……No longer bound we can  soar with Him in heavenly places.

There is no TRAP to kill us because we have a destination and a purpose to keep walking in THE WAY.

Blessings to you as you ponder the truth for you of this FREEDOM in CHRIST.

God’s richest blessings and peace in this day.
















































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