GRAPES – A Powerful Dream

Good Morning!

          Something to think about.

 grapes....a dream

Last night I had a dream.    I saw bunches of grapes in a vineyard. (I have never been associated with grapes or wine-making) so I woke up wondering what it was all about.

Today in Australia our senses are once again assailed by images of war and conflict and the sacrifices of millions of lives.  In our nation we remember it as the 1914-1918  war that ‘birthed our nation’.   Anzac Day also remembers the lives of the fallen and the grief experienced by families, small towns and even long ago animals that waited in vain for the young to return home.   On this day I too remember with respect, all the suffering and dying and sacrifice of all the folk all round the world.   It is and has been the story of life from recorded beginnings. So, what are the grapes  about?

Scripturally, some things I knew came into clearer perspective but I will write of them more deeply on my website      http/        The two most powerful scriptural images I researched and prayed about are John 17:30 where Christ on the Cross said, “It is finished!‘ and his shed blood poured down on the cross and over the ground.    We are told to remember Him by sharing in Bread, ‘I am the Bread of Life; and wine symbolic of His Blood.    Grapes are squashed flattened pulped into ‘nothing’ to make wine.   Jesus was pulped, broken,  to fulfill a Promise from ages past as a sacrifice. (like the innocent sacrifices of millions of lambs etc). But….It is FINISHED!.   No more sacrifices to be close to God are necessary.) He came to live and die and rose again to be with us and IN us until the end of time.    (even on battle grounds and all the violence of human warfare…..for ALL those who believe). There are incredible stories of Christian tenacity and unbelievable courage because of their faith in all major wars and conflicts.

Revelation 14:18 ..…Indeed three chapters speak about grapes and wine like blood and then the Grapes of Wrath……..God’s Judgment on the world at the end of time.  Once poured out “It is finished”. 

Shed blood over everything at Armageddon but all the redeemed in Christ are ‘covered over by His Blood’.

This was not the gentle blog I was intending BUT ………It is powerful in my mind today.   There is ONE SAVIOUR, ONE LORD.   HIS Kingdom will come.

A pop artist,  Hanna McClure has written a song ‘YOU ARE MY ONE THING’.  It is a passionate reminder of her life and how she returned from ‘other’ focusses and every time she sings the song, I read, she finds she looks UPWARD…..Beyond the suffering and all the strife and sees, GLORY.

Today, dear ones,   Let’s all LOOK UPWARDS…..With gratitude for past sorrows remembered, but ever looking towards the HOPE in Eternity.

‘Come unto ME all you who labour and are heavy laden and I, I will give you rest’Matt11:28 ‘

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Changed Sharing – A Sunday reflection instead.

Pentecost Orchid 1 - Copy (2)

This orchid is called – The Pentecost Orchid

Good Morning,

Does anyone reading this know the origins of this orchid?    I found the picture today in my Flowers File.   What I was believing I was to share vanished as I looked at it.   The following words came to mind.  These are written on a desk calendar somewhere  in my records.

On this Sunday let’s all stop for a moment and simply marvel at the beauty and wonder of the world around us. No matter what the weather or our circumstances let’s stop, look and listen.   Be inspired!   Be Blessed.

The more I actually look and study nature the more I am amazed at the Creator.                                                           Louis Pasteur  


Peace! Blessings! and Hope!  across the airwaves to ALL.


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Good Morning!

14 Koala near our house climbing tree , 31 July 2017 - Copy

          Tenacious tree climber.   An early morning visitor.

     Technical glitches – the computer failed.   Several days passed before restoration and then, the power was ‘switched off’ for maintenance. Days of ‘cut off’  quietness.

One link can never be destroyed by outside circumstances.    I prayed.   An answer came to me in the night and I made a decision.   I wrote it down as it flowed and sent it as a ‘letter’ to the folk who look after my health care.  The decision is  No to all protection tablets not necessary for maintaining life but ‘protection’ for the……… what if’s. I believe I heard… quality of life with and in HIM means absolutely the future is in His Hands.        John 10:10 ‘I have come that they may have life and have it more abundantly’, resonates strongly in my heart.    PEACE flows like a mighty river.  I thank God for all medical people and all their help.   I thank God for my healing after this particular journey.     Forward – length of days – future ALL ahead. (as He determines).

Thank you to all who prayed and ‘connected’ with me these past few weeks and Judy I thank you for your comment.    Yes! indeed I heard His Answer.

Blessings! Peace! and abundant Grace! be with all who read these pages.   May we too find like the koala in the tree illustrated, that although life is precarious  and technologies are scrambled and uncertain we can EVER climb and keep on aiming upwards.

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Mid-week thoughts

                                                                       Good Morning!

DAYLIGHT STREAKS                                                           First streaks of daylight

Life is often full of uncertainties.    This was proven to me in my blog post today. I thought I had finished and safely published.   I’m not sure what happened but it disappeared and I found it had not been published at all.  I return now……. what I said before is unimportant my prayer that what I will now write may encourage or bless someone.      Hope is like a torch we must cling to even in the midst of uncertainty.

Yesterday I met with the doctor following my five weeks of radiation and five weeks of ‘recovery’.      I am grateful and should feel exultant about the result. Unlike many whose lives will be limited by their experiences, I have been told the future for me promises to be longer life and promising.   Gratitude for this Grace knows no bounds.

However,  even in this there is uncertainty.   I know God has given great medical advances in our lifetimes.   He is behind many significant break-throughs etc.  For the rest of my life I may have to take a small  insignificant tablet – one per day.   This tablet is like a ‘safeguard’.   However, there can be side effects.  In some cases many.  Few are life-threatening but life-limiting.   In other cases none at all.   Therein lies the uncertainty………I therefore cling to the hope that in ALL Things Jesus’ statement ‘I have come that they may have life and  live life abundantly.    John 10:10 can be fulfilled.    May we all be grateful and thankful for every day we live!  (No one has any certainty about how long).

Day follows night……flood comes after ebb….spring and summer will succeed winter.    Hope then!     Hope ever!   God fails not.

Charles H. Spurgeon

Blessings and prayerful thoughts to others journeying through life with uncertainties. May HOPE blaze brilliantly.

p.s.  I found the missing blog.   It has been published in a separate link on the Home Page. What I wrote earlier was actually more concise than the above.  The sentiment is the same.  Have a great day and Week!


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THE TWINS – Life affirming.


Powerful twins.

This is an Australian picture.    I did not take it but found it in a folder of ‘stored’ Animals’. Thank you to the photographer and whoever sent it to me.

After a hard day at work these dogs indicate to me the absolute gratitude for what they have and the contentment of being together in the experience.

‘Give thanks with a grateful heart’ is the psalmist’s regular theme but Contentment goes  deeper.       Finding, as travellers on this highway of life that we can be thankful for what is about us ….indeed for many and various necessary and vital.   We can indeed be thankful for even the seemingly ‘little’ things like ‘getting up’ ‘Breathing in a new day.’

However, true CONTENTMENT only comes when we sit , settle and KNOW physically, emotionally and spiritually that no matter what situation we find ourselves in we are content.    This place does not necessarily lead to JOY.     This place may never make us HAPPY in the hyped ordinary way of things.

CONTENTMENT is a whole of life consuming place where peace reigns.

The Apostle Paul wrote.       ‘I have learned to be content in ALL  circumstances, in my lack and in my plenty.’        Phil: 4:11

    This day,  this coming week lets ensure that we take the twins with us on our journey.

       May Thankfulness and Contentment  wash over all our lives in waves of reality. 

Live!   Love!    Make a difference to someone else’s day and week.


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Easter remembrances – now what?

Good Morning all!

  ‘There is a river that flows from the Throne of God’..…Rev:22:1

335 Russell Falls, 12 April 2013


On the last day of the feast Jesus stood and cried out saying ‘ If anyone thirsts let him come to Me and drink.   He who believes in Me, out of his heart will flow rivers of living water.  John:37,38,39 John 10:10b. I have come that you may have life and have it more abundantly.

Christ crucified. Christ Risen!

John 11:25.   I am the resurrection and the life.  He who believes in me though He may die, He shall live,   whoever lives and believes in ME shall never die!

RESURRECTION LIFE is life in fullness.   Come! drink! Live in Him.

Dear ones,  Rejoice in this day.    REJOICE.          As the year progresses we will remember in gratitude as we live our life with Him   many things………Ascension……Wow!  His Kingship. and then remembrance of the day God the Holy Spirit, came to dwell forever WITH and IN us…Pentecost!

What a glorious and wonderful RELATIONAL GOD is our God.




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A child’s simple expression of the Resurrection.

      All the theology! All the clever mind analysis and thinking of the Easter Story is superfluous .  All the cover over with Bunnies and eggs and commercialism are but a smokescreen.

May be, it  should come back to the simplicity of child-like questions and answering this 2018 Easter.



If the answer is Yes to any question and the query is still WHY?

Then, the challenge to myself and to everyone else is …..Let’s open up our arms, look above our circumstances and really get the personal answers.  Let’s get the answers from ABOVE.

Because it may be hyped up, covered up, analysed until  its no more than a  myth or a ‘past legend’.     Yet, Millions, countless millions have died and are still dying for what is their TRUTH.

What is it all about?????       How should it impact my daily life? Can I be changed?   Can I be an instrument of change around me???



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A BIRTHDAY – A theology of play – THOUGHTS

Happy 75th Birthday,26th March, 2018  David, mate and best friend.

2013 (7) a ginger ice-cream at the Ginger Factory, 17 July. - Copy                                                                                  *****


Have you ever heard of a man call Mark Galli? Yesterday, I read a piece he wrote.  He said,

I am writing a Theology of Play.    I believe that Resting, celebrating and Playing are central to life in the Kingdom of God.

We must be disciplined about the importance of our Prayer Life, Our Sacred Times of Remembrance and what we ‘Do’  in our Love and Service to the Lord


When we Rest, Celebrate and Play – and this is vital for human-well-being, we can do this with FREEDOM  in the FULLNESS OF JOY as we live our whole of life with  Christ as  Saviour and Lord.

                     Many Happy Returns of the Day, David. 

Blessings and Love to all.!



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   GREETINGS!                                                                                                      Thought to ponder

fronds all broken

I don’t think I ever understood why there was so much death and sacrifice involved in covenantal worship.  Animal sacrifices etc.     I had this thought as I remembered that today marks the beginning of a journey.    We remember the last few days in the earthly life of Jesus Christ.   The story of the entrance into Jerusalem  – hailed as A KING, this man on a donkey rode over Palm Fronds….( maybe coats etc as well.) Palm fronds were waved.       Exalted, esteemed He came.        Brokenness even here in this silent symbol of  palm leaves, speaks to me of a powerful thought for us all.    There has to be death to bring new life…………Christ’s Death opened the doorway and shifted the cosmos between life and death………IN Resurrection!

Today it struck me that it is in ‘broken-ness’ and self-denial human beings can still respond in our worship of the Divine.  Job and David both learned that in sack-clock and ashes….their recorded histories highlight………….Unworthiness, humility and brokenness.      Worship and Forgiveness!     ‘I KNOW my Redeemer liveth ‘…Job.

No more need for animal sacrifice. (or even sackcloth for us)    It is FINISHED.   The New Covenant brings life, liberty and freedom.       The difference is that now when, in the broken-ness of our earthly conditions,  we worship, we  KNOW the flooding back of  New Life found only in HIM.

Just a thought!   Broken palm leaves some-how seem both   kinda sad but beautiful as well.       What are your thoughts?

Broken for worship and celebration


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A Dream – Reflection

Good Morning! – A mid-week moment of contemplation

233 Reflections in the Gordon river. - Copy

Last night in a dream, I returned to the Gordon River, TASMANIA,  where a few years ago I took this picture.     Today, when I woke up I knew it was to be part of my ongoing reflective, more contemplative journey, to Easter remembrances.    I found three reflection scriptures:

PAST:     Mark 14:72…… Peter reflects on what Jesus had said about the crowing of the rooster and his denial.        Peter wept.       Knowing forgiveness yet ..not wallowing..but remembering.

PRESENT:    Luke  14:31-33 .   A reminder that being a disciple will be at a cost …..entailing surrender.

FUTURE;      Acts 21:12-14        Paul is determined to look ahead in his Calling to follow His Saviour and walks onward despite warnings of dangers in Jerusalem.

In simplicity, two words have come clearly to mind.      Humility and commitment.       Maybe, this is my mid-week challenge  to live in my ordinary life.

Perhaps, indeed for ALL of us  to live  in everything we undertake,  be it the mundane, the necessary………the caring for others, the pesky phone calls,……..the daily may be irritations,  or the more ‘enjoyable’ when we flow in something we love……… that humility and commitment be the yardsticks by which we judge successful completion.

Gentle Thoughts for us all to ponder.

                           LIVE!  Shine His Light in your daily  World


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