Combatting F.O.M.A.

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I do not want to miss out on anything. on 

There is a psychological condition called. FOMA which afflicts  many in our world today.   It is the fear of making any sort of commitment  of time, effort or endeavour in case we MISS OUT on something else that may come along.   Even the media is today driven by this disease……One story is alright but I must run so that I do not miss something ‘better’.

         Something to think about

           As Christian Believers LIVING in this world of frantically seeking for more and ‘better’ We must ……..

                                                 S T O P!

         We are cautioned many times in the Word………Be content with what you have and not anxious about what you do not have.( Philippians).    ‘TRUST in ME! Jesus said.

The words of an old hymn came to me this morning.

Upon the solid Rock I stand,

All else is shifting sand

Standing on the Rock of Christ.    Knowing His Salvation Plan for ALL is a great place to STAND.

But the Truth is that Because He Lives…though we may be ‘anchored’ in Him….our lives are not static.    Our focus is ‘upwards’ ever for things ‘above’ the ordinary, but looking to the ‘extraordinary’, we should be reaching out, loving and caring and simply BEING ANCHORED (often invisibly) always in Him.  We defeat FOMA by knowing absolutely  that the Impossible is always Possible when our anchor HOLDS. Jesus Christ IS LORD!

Blessings and Love to all.



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Good Morning!

Something to think about.

  The Biblical story of Hannah in the book of Samuel is the story of a woman with tenacious faith.   She poured out her life and her heart to God in her desire for a child. She promised this child would belong to the Lord and indeed after weaning (he may have been 4-6 years of age) he was consecrated to the Lord in the Temple as a servant of the Lord.   This child – Prophet Samuel was anointed by HIM and became one of the Greatest in Israel.  He in his turn anointed David who is the ancestor of Christ the Messiah Lord and Saviour.     What about Hannah?

Her first born son was Samuel but she had six more children.  God’s complete answer to her prayer was SEVEN.

A gentle question for all of us to ponder.     Does you life still have a purpose and a goal you may not yet even realize?

Has the complete ’roundness’ of your life yet been achieved?

It’s all about RELATIONSHIP.   Never losing our passion and hunger and passion for more of Him and asking……….’What do you require of me….this day?   In my life, my family and my wider community.

There is a Russian Proverb” The riches that are still in the heart cannot be stolen’.

Have you still got a God Dream?    Is there still a goal to be achieved?

It must be all about HIM not yourself.     Loving Him with your whole life, heart and mind first, and THEN….asking the question…. has my life in You yet been completely rounded like the Number 7 of Your perfection……. and the seven spots on the ladybird?

Something to think about.      

                                                          LIVE!  LOVE!  SHINE YOUR CHRIST LIGHT!



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How much do you love ME?

Good Morning!

Will you stand for only ME  against political correctness, secular humanism and anything that strips the WORD of authority?

How much do I LOVE you?

Is MY sacrifice at Calvary enough for you?

With My Spirit indwelling and my LIFE now lived in and through you. Is this enough for you?

A Mid-week thought.

How much do you love HIM?    Is HE really LORD OF YOUR LIFE?


Bless and strengthen those who love you and carry them safely through this day.   For all the ones still searching for meaning in life may they find nurturing and encouragement.      A-men. 

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When a guest becomes a resident

Good Morning!

Unexpected Life Changes – yet all about LOVE

659 Chalee going for a drive, 3 Aug 2018

While our family were away we looked after their little dog Char-lee.   She is a dynamic fur ball and quite unlike any previous animal we have had in our lives.

Previous animals have always been the larger more robust country ‘working’ type animal.

It did not seem like a good match because we live in a remote rural area and this little one has always been, in her short life, a cute little house dog.

660 Running free in the forestry, 3 Aug 2018        She began to develop a liking for the open road and isolated ‘freedom’.

She adapted to us and we adapted to her.  She bonded with David and started to follow him wherever he wandered on maintenance of our own property.

Safety imperative but ‘freedom’ also became our goal for her.     Then, came the heart-breaking decision when the family came together.    What would be the best for this little dog. A couple of older folk who had more time to exercise and train her or the love of young ones and a life of pampering with no time to spend with just her.    Love surrounded her when we came together but she came ‘home’ with us.

Our little guest has now become our permanent resident and she must be a priority in our lives.    After prayer, this decision was made and in truth I KNOW, she must be a daily priority and prayerfully we begin a new phase of life and responsibility.

Life  brings amazing CHANGES.

Thank God for all the fullness and possibilities.

Blessings and Grace to you and yours.

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Believing in Miracles

Good Morning!

           Something to think about.


person love people summer

Come as a little child. Photo by Bess Hamiti on

Where there is GREAT LOVE…..there you will also find that miracles do happen. (This quote was on my morning ‘things to do’ pad.    It struck me quite forcible then that if we continue to face life ‘as a little child’ then we too, with wide-eyed wonder and FAITH in our God who is Higher than our comprehension, can also face each new day with the expectancy and Hope that in this day even the Impossible can be Possible.

Assuredly, I say to you, whoever does not receive the Kingdom  of God as a little child will by no means enter it.’  Mark 10:15, 

What wonders are in life for us to see if this is how we live.

Blessings!  Love and Peace!   to you and yours.

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Good Morning!

Exuberant joy is a Gift flowing from the certainty of faith in a Saviour. Often external but most times internal. Joy of Salvation

Book of Life
If ‘faith’ in a Saviour reveals the certainty that a name is written in the Lamb’s Book of Life……….not in pencil……. that it can be easily rubbed out but in Blood, then that thought surely makes the heart rejoice and overflow with JOY. .

Acknowledgement to Dr.Michael Youssef for encouragement and thoughts in his devotional Joy Abiding and Abounding. 

To you this day……May a bubble of  JOY burst through your circumstances and bring you PEACE.


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Sincere thoughts and prayer for all who suffer, or are suffering grief, pain and loss during this tragic Summer scourge.  For all caregivers and folks who may be sharing their sorrow through other personal griefs. A simple tribute in prayer. 

black and white butterfly on red flower

Butterfly eternal symbol of Hope and New Life………Photo by Pixabay on 

A-men.     Restoration. and Hope.    a-men.

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King of Glory Conference – Sydney

Good Morning!

Messiah                 Who is the King of Glory?    Christ as Lamb of God – sacrificial for humankind. Lion of Judah – coming King….. and Messiah.   Reference Psalm 24.

In May 1606 Portuguese navigator Pedro Fernandez de Quiros sponsored and supported by the  King of Spain, set out on a journey of discovery.   He discovered the New Hebrides (now Vanuatu).   Prayerfully he proclaimed that ‘terra Australis Incognita’ (This mysterious place ‘down under’ ) was under God  Australis del Espiritu Santo – 

The Great South Lands of the Holy Spirit.

        He thought of Australia and all the surrounding islands as ONE.

This then is the history (spiritually of us as Pacific Islands).   All first nation people and all white colonials should be one in God the Holy Spirit.     It is our heritage.

I stood in 2018 at the back of the Conference Centre and all I contributed was to stand with faith and prayer.

In Christ alone this nation and all the great nations of the world must return to their ‘spiritual’ roots.

All nations, all tribes, – all tongues, Jesus Christ is Saviour Lord.

                                             THE KING OF GLORY!

  Sydney as the Eastern Gateway to our  Australian Nation needs to be reclaimed as a Christian entrance.    Representatives from all the Islands in the Pacific surrounding us were there. (even American Samoa).

Pushing back darkness in His Name a-men.

This is why I was there……….   I prayed.

Thank you for prayers, thank you for assistance in any way.

A dear friend blogger asked me why I would go. My reply simply is that I went to sit in His Presence – It was PROFOUND and…….. to pray.

For all Christian Believers in this year and this Age there is a God Cry that we must return to UNITY…..One Christian Voice...for all the Nations of this world.   In God the Holy Spirit….STAND.  Our societies must not rule the lives and hearts of our children and our grandchildren.

Blessings and love to you each one.

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LINGERING STORM 2                       The image is of a threatening storm but with the Hope of it passing.

Tomorrow, I am leaving for a Conference in Sydney.   The KING OF GLORY CONFERENCE  for me seemed totally impossible two months ago.   From the perspective of finances, health, desire, motivation and enthusiasm it was out of the question.

I was grateful for recovery of almost return to full health  for both David and myself but all the other issues were swamping.   I prayed ‘Lord, do You want me to attend?’.

There was no obvious answer but peace and contentment flowed.

The next morning I found the image illustrated above and was amazed by the thought that I suddenly would like to go to this event.   By day’s end a strong feeling of Calling!  Impossible!

Two days later in the mail I received a beautiful card with a seeded monetary gift.   The card simply said ‘I hope to see you at Conference.’    This unknown  person’s  gift sparked a train of events.     Within the week I had airline (I had hundreds of saved QANTAS points)  tickets and accommodation arranged.   (5 minute walk – prayerfully believing this too will be possible four times a day for three days.  Tomorrow I leave for the airport.   David is and has been fully supportive in every way.)        I do not understand but have this unexpected certainty in my spirit.   I will go. If HE is with me.

Even if in that place, I am to do nothing more than stand or (sit as will probably be the case) for my Lord and Saviour there then,  I will do it.     This is an Aglow International Event  and all Christian Denominations who proclaim the Lordship of Jesus Christ will have representatives. Folks are coming from all the Islands of the South Pacific and from all Australian States and a few from overseas countries.

As long as I am in His Will and Purpose how can I not comprehend that the Impossible has become possible.

Thoughts and Blessings to all.

king of kings and lord of lords!

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The Golf Tournament is now underway.

1 Taken 14-07-18                                                      14th July.
Granddaughter Amara celebrates beginning  her adventure. 26 nations are represented in this Junior Golf competition.   The 13 year expresses Joy.   Golf Tournament first series is in Las Vegas . 15-19 July, 2018.

We continue to pray for formed friendships, that there will be joy in competition with safety and shared kindness, generosity, and love. May these Junior Ambassadors enjoy competition but display grace and care one for the other.

Blessings to  all.

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