THREE LIGHTS – Still not strong

Good Morning!

tHE tHIRD - PRAYER AND CANDLE                               Today with faith and a prayer I light the JOY candle.

Now, we have Hope, Peace and Joy. These alone are very frail and even if they were to live in perfect unison their lights could easily be blown out.

Soon, very soon on this Advent Journey 2018 THE LIGHT will be remembered.  Then and only then can these be kept alive forever.   Another week on this journey before the fourth candle joins them and then IN anticipation we all wait for the remembrance of the coming of


Only those who walk with Him understand  JOY.      It is the inner unexpected jolt that can transform and change external circumstances.   For all who believe the JOY OF THE LORD is our Strength.

Blessings and Peace to you and yours.

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WAITING – An Advent mid-week Comment.

Good Morning!

bloom blossom flora flower

We wait again for Christmas 

Different parts of the world……Different expectations of what the Christmas Season is all about.   For all of us we journey with the hope of ? family, ? fun ? A miracle ? drastic change in our circumstances.    Some expect Snow, want snow, Others are praying for rain and praying a cyclone will not cross the coastline – particularly at Christmas Time to spoil plans etc.      What is it all about?   If there is no deeper significance like the heart stopping hush of Remembrance of the Birth of a child,(a very special child)  so long ago, then what is the rest of it all about?

Something to think about.

I found a comment on a date pad last week and it is a true statement.   Think about this as you WAIT……..WAIT…..   Taking the time to gently SIT.

  This world, after all our sciences and clever minds and lots of reasoning is still a miracle wonderful, inscrutable and magical place and…….and……so much more.

Blessing and Peace to you and yours.

Maybe, just maybe something beautiful, magical and lovely will happen.     Such is the waiting for Christmas when the Hope in in the Lord.

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Good Morning!

TWO LIT CANDLES               Today Sunday, I will light the second candle in this journey of remembrance leading to Christmas.

Today, I light the  PEACE candle  which for a brief period will stand beside HOPE.

I know this is a tradition BUT powerful  in our hearts.    I pray it will sow a seed in yours as well.   These are part of the reminder to heart and spirit during Advent that in the middle  of  all the ‘preparations for Christmas’, we need to STOP and really think whose BIRTHDAY we are remembering.

There is no peace in this broken world.  Jesus is THE PRINCE OF PEACE and in Him Alone is the Peace which passes all understanding and which will last into eternity for those who follow HIM.   He said

  ‘My peace I give unto you. My peace I leave with you.’ John 14:27

HOPE and PEACE the twins the SAVIOUR came to earth to bring.

Today,  I give thanks and my prayer is that His Presence will be with all of you who also STOP and REMEMBER.




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Mid-week Pre-Christmas

Good Morning!

Ssanta Sahara

This is Santa Bear.   He learns a valuable lesson about the meaning of Christmas from the Christmas Tree Angel.

I invite you on a journey of the heart.   The story can be copied and given to friends, children, grandchildren or whoever may need ‘as a little child’ to come to the realization that Christmas at its very centre is all about DIVINE LOVE!

You will find the full story on

Simply scroll to ‘Bear Collection’ and Santa is the last one.   Please enjoy and bless others if you so desire.


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Good Morning!

The Journey..nativity                             All human-beings begin their journey towards life carried in the safety of our mother’s womb. (Think about this……..almost identical to the shape of the Arc of Covenant box ) ……..containing the Presence of God in the Biblical Old Testament).

Today on this first Sunday in December,  I begin a personal journey of birthday remembrance as we look forward to Christmas.

Today, I light the HOPE CANDLE.     This is as a prayer.   I remember all who in this season are feeling suffering more poignantly. Some folks are  desperately seeking to be ‘Happy’, while others suffer the pain of loss.  We here in my state are surrounded by bushfires.   Thousands of acres of bushland has been destroyed. It has been our worst  and most tragic beginning to Summer.

This day I still light the HOPE CANDLE.     May this light spiritually be as a prayer in the lives of all who are needing COMFORT today and pierce the darkness of hopelessness with the piercing promise of ‘better’ to come.

Light a candle Advent Sunday 1                                                           THE HOPE CANDLE.






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Good Morning!

25 Another selfie, 25 Aug 2018

After four weeks where exuberance, dancing and barking dominated most of the learning time and sometimes it felt like we were trying to harness a whirlwind. On Monday night Charlee graduated from her management class.   She did it so well the room erupted into applause.   Everything she had been taught (when we did not even think she was listening),  she accomplished with such skill and grace, I was personally overwhelmed.    We just want to love and care for her but if we can also adequately control her, its a real bonus.  We will keep working with her.

35 Charlee's Management Graduation, 26 Nov 18

Well done Charlee! Even the other dogs were AMAZED.   (particularly the big ones who were either frightened by her or desired to ‘take her out!’.

A mid-week greeting of love.

Blessings and Grace to all.


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Good Morning!

Good morning 2                               In this last week before we once again enter the remembering phase of the coming of the Saviour, may golden rays of Hope and Peace brings blessings into your life.  A-men.

A thought to contemplate.   The word forerunner  in the 2nd century AD was used for the small boats sent into harbour by larger ships unable to enter due to the buffeting of the weather.   These boats carried the anchor through the breakers inside the harbour and dropped it there securing the larger ship.   Forerunner also pre-supposes others will follow.      Jesus Christ is like the runner boat that has taken our soul and anchored it in the harbour.    This is confirmed in  Hebrews 6 v19:20.

   The Hope we have as an anchor of the soul, both sure and steadfast, and which enters the Presence behind the veil where the forerunner has entered for us.  Jesus now has become High Priest forever according to the order of Melchizedek. (eternal).

What a glorious thought to ponder as this week unfolds.   Accepting Jesus as Saviour loving Him, and following Him has gained for us a relationship with Abba God the Father that is anchored by Christ in eternity.



Carry this thought with you as you travel into a new week of Hope and possibilities.

You are LOVED.


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angel statue in the grass

Photo by suzukii xingfu on

When I was child the beautiful hymn ‘Whispering Hope’ was sung to me.  Written by Septimus Winner under the pseudonym of Alice Hawthorne it reflects the Hebs 6v19 Scripture.


                                          This is the place where CHRIST is now seated beside God the Father.

Today, I share again with you the beautiful refrain of this hymn.  

‘Soft as the voice of an angel breathing a  message of HOPE is the gentle wind in my heart now,

‘Whispering Hope oh, whispering Hope.   How welcome Thy Voice, Oh how welcome Thy Voice.  making my heart, making my heart making my heart in its sorrow rejoice.’ 

Do you believe in angels?

I saw angels when I was eight years old.     (at a funeral)  They were somehow ‘compacted’ in the corner behind the coffin. I made the mistake of telling adults who were kind but (thought I was a dear, little child).   I know what I SAW.

From then on, I kept most of my longing for ‘higher’ very private. (Also what I SAW).

Yes, I believe in angels.   I also believe in demons of evil.

I thank God that God the Holy Spirit is on the earth to live in me and through me.

Yes, I believe in one Lord God. ALMIGHTY.      and yes I believe that his enemy is defeated but is stirring up this world in an attempt to gain earthly authority.  BUT BUT BUT….BUT…..

I also believe for all who will lift their hearts and lives beyond the hype there are

Angels – MESSENGERS always to tell us and point us ever to the HOPE only found in our risen SAVIOUR. 

May your day be  blessed by His Presence. a-men.


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Good Morning!



                                          JOLTED REMINDER OF EVERLASTING HOPE

I wonder if you, like me, are sometimes acutely aware of the trials and suffering in the tragedies of this world around us so that ‘faith’ and ‘hope’  can become blurred by the almost cloying fog of needs. (bushfires and accidents and heartache).

Prayers and sharing in the grief is a privilege, but even the Cross can be obscured  and what it really means can be dimmed by simply LIVING our lives and daily needs.

We drove up our hill yesterday and WOW!

S   H   O   C   K

             Suddenly, in the sunshine, like a springtime JOLT of remembrance the blood-red reminder of ULTIMATE REDEMPTION  was in my line of vision.

Jesus cry from the Cross resounded afresh in my thinking. ‘ It is finished!




Blessings! Peace! and Love to you.



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The Surrender of REST

depth of REST

Rest, the deep, deep,  God Place. Surrender to HIM before even SITTING up to begin a new day.

Rest in the Lord, wait patiently for HIM. Psm 37:7

Take my yoke upon you and learn from Me.   You will find rest for your souls. Matt.11:29

Last week I heard a wonderful sermon.   It was on what Calvary has made possible for those who believe.   REST, SIT, STAND, WALK then LIVE.    The progression has truly inspired me.   Today, I know I did not sit up in bed until I had affirmed by faith, I was surrendered into the  deepest depths of God and thanked HIM for His Rest.

Blessings and Peace to you!     Learning and growing.  This is our God Life! a-men.



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