A Mid-week journey

Free to fly.

Today, I asked the Lord to help me focus my thinking “above’ my life’s circumstances.

He led me to this picture and my heart and prayer focus for this day will be soaring across gently flanked sandy beaches and blue wave-capped sea.

Whatever you choose as your thinking focus have a lovely day.

May you truly KNOW the Peace and LOVE of Christ in it.


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Sunrise poppy field

A tribute to the lives of fallen soldiers and civilians throughout our world where the battle was fought for FREEDOM for others. On the shores of Gallipoli, in Europe, Middle East and Pacific seas the battles have been many and extensive. LIves have been and still are torn apart. The sorrows incalculable. I PRAY PEACE Over them ALL. a-men

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PRAYER….Request and Commitment

 NEWS ITEM.      China and the Solomon Islands have made a pact.   (? Trade)

 Australia is now at risk of a Chinese attack on her vulnerable coastline.    In the night I was vividly reminded of past events.  I have today renewed my commitment to both China and the Solomons

Prayer for ALL WHO KNOW JESUS CHIST AS SAVIOUR of their eternal souls.

      In 2014 I was called by God to attend a Kingdom Calling Conference to be held at ……

Vanuatu.   This Conference was a coming together of the Christian Believers from all these great south PACIFIC ISLANDS.    

      It was miraculous how I was approached and asked to attend, and my joy was that I was to be accommodated in a Christian Island home and I spent the conference in the hut with the wonderful Vanuatuan women on individual grass mats on the floor.   It was a great learning curve and a time of precious connection.    (Staying in hotels was a joy for other Azzies who came) but my experience changed my life.   

      I know Aglow INTERNATIONAL has vital connections God ordained in these Islands now, but Praise God the heart-to-heart ones I made are deeply spiritually personal.  I met some men from the Solomon Islands and one with prophetic calling on his life called me Mother Sarah and said he had expected me.     He gave me a necklace of shells and said, ‘every time you put it on pray for me and all the believers in the Solomons, God will honour your prayer.’      

     The news item vibrated down our TV like a drum-beat of impending doom. 

         I found the necklace that I had not worn for many months.

      I put it on and began to pray for all as faces returned to recall from that Conference so long age.   Then, like a great jigsaw, pieces of my life and Callings to prayer completed a 2022 picture of what is happening in our world.   

           Russia and Ukraine.      Christians on both sides.    The Russian Christians particularly in far East Russia had dramatic returns to faith after the 2nd world war, wonderful Christians I knew and prayed for fellowshipped with them in far east Russia.  There must be pockets of believers in desperate needs now, still there.   LET US PRAY. 

           CHINA  1999 a God Calling – I went with a small group on a Mercy Team.   It was about caring and helping – not about evangelism BUT……….God .       Miraculous events and I found myself in the street with a glove puppet and a funny hat telling the folks that God loved them.  It is a fascinating story but I thank God for the experience and the invitation to do the same gentle reaching out the following day,   

           I loved and love today the gentle beautiful fullness of Chinese culture and the smiling happy oriental faces enjoying the puppet and my interactions with them. 

    I know there is a vast Christian faith and many, many believers inside the political entrapment.   On my last night there the team leader came to my room. ‘I will be back please wait up.  God the HOLY SPIRIT has told me to give you and your husband a little gift, I pray He will lead me to find it.’

            On her return, she gave me a green box and said ‘sometime in the future you and your husband will worship with broken bread and wine His death for all souls at Calvary . When you do, please remember China.’   

          The communion cups are Chinese jade and now when we have our HOME service, (after many years of being stored in a cupboard}, we use them today to remember Christ’s sacrifice for all human souls, and we do remember CHINA and His beloved there.

           Father, I lift my eyes, my heart my prayers for all in this broken world swamped by political correctness, personal agendas. and trapped in ideologies and territorial conflicts.

          I ask that all WHO love you will know the Time is coming when their time to soar is close, and this whole world will KNOW……. JESUS CHRIST IS LORD OF IT ALL.   


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OOPs Correction

Not a God

Char-Lee only thinks she is THE BIG BOSS!

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A midweek moment

Peace breathe in His Holy Peace

Many images I have of Peace but the little God surely found hers.

JOHN 10:27 Jesus said Peace, I leave with you, My Peace I give to you not as the world gives do I give to you.

Let not your heart be troubled nor let it be afraid.

SHALOM! Breathing Space. Take time to breathe in His PEACE.


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Cosmic Ripples – RESURRECTION

What happens Next?

Resurrection splinters real life and eternity

An Easter Monday Thought

Historically the RESURRECTION of Christ changed everything.   For believers and Followers of Him a new Church Age was born, and Jesus became the Head of a new RELIGION.  

           BELIEVERS lived transformed lives and their dawning certainty that Jesus Christ was not another religion but A PERSONAL SAVIOUR AND EVERLASTING Companion , Changed Modern Life in the 21st Century. ………….

                500 people saw the resurrected Jesus as recorded in the WORD but what happened in a cosmic sense may never be fully known.  In the 40days before His ASCENSION where did He Journey?     He appeared to HIS disciples – the Bible has many examples ……   but I wonder……….

            From the islands of the sea, across Europe, Africa, The Americas… pagan tribes of people began looking up for meaning to their lives. The American Indians had Manitoba THE GREAT SPIRIT in the sky as their GOD.   The Australian Aborigines the rainbow serpent.   Grand parents on Pacific Islands began to leave a legacy of expectancy about the coming of the LIGHT.     

      In Papua New Guinea when missionaries came and said JESUS IS THE LIGHT OF THE WHOLE WORLD, the message of the Saviour of souls and His Sacrifice on the CROSS made more sense.    A personal Saviour.       Devoid of all churchianity.     it made sense.  

       Many missionaries in Africa, Ireland, England were amazed and recorded surprise at how many were already believers in the Saviour Christ before they arrived.   HOW?  There was astonishment expressed at the knowledge of Christ among … pockets of Druid Pagans.    

        Even Patrick in Ireland who faced hostility,  …. found pockets of remote tribal people who knew and understood his Message of Salvation as if they were expecting him. .   

      Sadly. the simplicity of the message was blinded by Empire building and Church Culture.   Even Political Ideology blurred The Message

       Our Saviour rose from death to seal His Salvation and Promise of eternal life.       

       Let’s live triumphantly with and FOR HIM.     


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He is risen!

It is finished!

The whole reason for His Coming was fulfilled on this glorious morning.

Now, All who follow Jesus…….. , Repent,…….are Forgiven and live with HIM. continue to be covered by His Redemptive BLOOD……into


The coming of His Spirit ensures Emmanuel God with us, Emmanuel IN us Emmanuel GOD through us into a needing world.



All because. HE IS RISEN!

Our mistakes our sins are gone! Covered by the blood.



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With respect I acknowledge there is, after loss, need for a grieving time.  Between the Cross and Resurrection.   

This today will be my Easter Tribute to all who grieve after loss and remember the pain and imagine how it would have been for the friends and family (Mother) of the now dead Jesus who had been the lynch pin of all their lives.   

         He had said ‘Follow Me. and only later would the full revelation of what He meant be revealed to later followers.    

            How many in this grieving period remember He had also said in three days I will rise again.  

               I   choose to remember prayerfully the sorrowing  of all those  mourning loss  who do not yet see the New Day of HOPE rising on the horizon.   

        Psalm 30:5 Is the echo reminder of what is yet to be.   

        Weeping may endure for a night but JOY comes is the morning.

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In remembering the suffering of spirit/soul at Gethsemane and Christ’s Sacrificial death for human souls.   I post a simple tribute .  

Hibiscus of Golden HOPE


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WHO am I? WHO are You? in 2022

Moses said to the Lord   Who am I that I should go to Pharoah and to bring the Israelites out of Egypt?     Exod 3 :1-14 

A seemingly impossible task.

God replied.     I will BE WITH YOU.

   Our question may be the same and the circumstances very different but the answer remains constant and Jesus Our Saviour Confirms.     I will never Leave you.

Let us continue today to follow HIM along HIS chosen life path for us as individuals and represent HIM as an Ambassador of Love, Peace, Grace and Hope.


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