STORM – Violence: Settling and Peace

What an amazing couple of days. Something to ponder.

Sometimes in early Summer the onset of rapid change is a part of life in OZ.

I hope I share this as an encouragement to us all. Let’s give THANKS to the LORD for this new day!

Emotions I have experienced.

Shaken! Inspired! Overwhelmed! Anxious!


I have felt INCREDIBLY aged and also Childlike

This is the mix I would like you to imagine……..

Visitors ..Our youngest son his wife and two young children……… (young pleased we were still alive. Lots of old grandparents….die) they shared. with us.

They came with their tent……. camping and self-sufficiency……… their aim.

They set up their camp when they arrived, It was very sunny and a hot day.

Next day a car journey for them to pick up a trailer, became an eight hour ordeal…..road closures and accident but also weather deterioration. Lots of water and even hail in some areas delayed traffic.

For us during their absence a violent storm settled right above. The thunder shook the house, terrified the little dog, and the wind tore at the tent awaiting family’s return. David managed to anchor ropes etc. It was violent and stunningly beautiful at the same time. Lightening flashes seared the sky.

Then, the power went OFF. Not unusual in storm season but petrol for back up generator was not available.

Family came back to total darkness except for candles and one solar lamp, We had no running tap water…..Pump has an electric connection.

We did have lots of stored water in containers and we have a gas stove with fully functioning oven etc.

The night was stormy, wet, but dinner was prepared by my daughter-in-law and son – a curried chicken and rice. Chinese and beautiful.

I lay on the bed with the terrified dog and three year old granddaughter . We told stories and this child’s gentle touch calmed the dog’s panic. We had times of concern as wind howled but also I realized the little girl had a rich imagination. Once again we went on journeys to fairyland in our sharing. I felt fragile and aged but a child almost in the same moment.

Davie was with his granddad but not sure where the were sheltered. David also was sorting out pans etc in the kitchen by candle light..

That incredible meal on our veranda while the rain and wind circulated was a striking contrast to when they arrived the day before,

We had then sat in the small pool and played active games. We also had a time of talking around a campfire.

This storm night was very different. However, the consensus was that the family would still sleep in the tent.

With umbrellas, up the hill to their camp site they trundled. I was amazed at the children’s eagerness.

David and I went off to our beds also. The rain fell but it was cooler – very very dark but strangely still about 1am,

It was as if the bush suddenly profoundly settled pleased with the rain that had refreshed.

Then the power came back! Suddenly sounds that were part of normal life returned. WOW!

Often our modern life has deafening sounds we are not aware of. (even the whirr of the water pump seemed LOUD) No wonder we must listen intengtly to hear God’s gentle whisper.

No wonder today I can look heavenwards and be grate for the Advent reading From Isaiah 32:2 Behold the Coming King

A King will reign in Righteousness, He will be as a HIDING PLACE in the Tempest. As the shadow of a great rock in a weary land.

Help us Lord today to cling securely to YOU. For You Lord Christ are our anchor and our Rock in All of life’s changes and strife. A-men!

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With Worship and Thankfulness


Unless HOPE is embedded deep in a Christian soul ( not as a wishy-washy maybe) but as God’s Promise of ETERNITY the lighting of a Peace candle becomes no more than a symbol.

When HOPE is ANCHORED, the remembered Gift of PEACE achieves its heavenly goal. Christ’s PEACE passes all human understanding.

It is Holy and PURE.

Today, wth deep appreciation for His long ago Coming to Earth…….I LIght beside the HOPE candle the Peace candle.

I bow my head in worship as the TWIN God Gifts are joined.


REKINDLE IN THE HEARTS and lives of all who love You ……

This HOPE and PEACE so they can tell others the REASON for the 2020 Christmas SEASON



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Joy to you this day.

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No matter what your personal circumstances BLOOM for HIM.

He came and the message of the Christmas Season in 2020 is STRONG.

in Him is LOVE, JOY, PEACE, HOPE and the SALVATION Promise of ETERNITY.

B L O O M!

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Today as part of WORSHIP I will light a candle symbolizing


This Hope will be remembered, as we celebrate in 2020 the birth of our SAVIOUR..

Again, Christmas gives us the opportunity to ‘give thanks’ for His Birth.

Unless we have already unwrapped this Hope Gift of Christmas and KNOW His work was finished at the Cross of Calvary we can not light a candle for the world.

Now is the Time to light the HOPE candle about our FORWARD Journey. This HOPE is the ETERNITY PROMISE.

One day the KINGDOM of the CHRIST will come and then Rev.7.17 God will wipe away every tear from their eyes.’ will be fulfilled.

Today I remember with gratitude all that has gone before and focus on the blazing LIGHT of CHRIST’s HOPE CANDLE for the future.

ACCEPT ME FOLLOW ME………Fully open my Gift of ETERNITY ,,,He said.

Today I light the HOPE CANDLE!

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God Answered A Question

Often I have worried about my writing Gift.

I have acknowledged it is from God . It has often led me to a passion in my fiction life as well.

Always stories of Light and Love but FICTION. Lord please never allow my fiction passion defuse or damage my passionate TRUTH about You.

Yesterday this quote caught my attention. Thank you Father.

Now I can keep writing the solution to what inspired me in the night. The words

A bear has fallen off the top of the cupboard,

Another Teddy Bear story yet I know it is not taking away from Who my Lord and Saviour is, but is written because HE is a Creative God.

Unto Him and because of Him , I will write.

I will share later the link to Walter.


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Being Prepared

A blessing shared. from Alan in Scotland.

Devotional Treasures

Keiss Castle, Wick, Scotland.

Therefore, prepare your minds for action, keep sober in spirit, fix your hope completely on the grace to be brought to you at the revelation of Jesus Christ. 1 Peter 1:13 (NASB)

Preparation is necessary in all aspects of our life, work or household, pleasure or in health. Thus it is no surprise that in spiritual matters preparation is also required. Prayer and Bible study are essential to our daily survival in the world we live in. Our walk with God is not only a short term strategy, but also a long term preparation for our future with God either through the Rapture or in death (Colossians 3:4).

In our verse today the preparation is metaphorical of action; girding up relating to securing any loose clothing in such a way to make movement unhindered (Ephesians 6:14). But how do you gird up your…

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Good Morning!

Psm 23. The LORD is my Shepherd . My cup overflows.

THANKSGIVING for God’s GRACE, MERCY and PEACE in the midst of this troubled



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Waiting with TRUST

Loving and knowing we are Loved!

Char-Lee goes with David for a morning walk usually within our own property.

There is a path that goes a bit further, and David realized when he took her there one day, a small section was perhaps difficult and dangerous for the small terrier.

There was barbed wire entangled in the low grass. He told her to ‘sit’ while he checked it out. He came back to her and then, with a cuddle, carefully carried her as he stepped over the dangerous section.

She became familiar with this route although they did not go there often.

Last week the path was safe again.. The barbed wire had been lifted clear of the path. David walked happily onward.

The little dog was not following. She sat waiting with absolute trust that Love would return for her and carry her safely forward.

Something to think about

PSM 33:20 Our soul waits for the Lord

He is our help and our shield

For our heart shall rejoice in Him

Because we have trusted in His Holy Name.


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