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Mould us, Make us all we need to be –

Focus us on JESUS so we may clearly SEE,

HIS LORDSHIP………….LOVE……….LIFE …….and pathway to His Eternity.


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Coyote Buttes, Arizona


Just Wunderlust

Coyote Buttes, Arizona

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From the deepest depth of our world’s Oceans comes a life lesson for us in today’s world.

I first heard about this strange creature on a Christian devotional and set out to learn more.

I hope you too may get a gentle inspiration.

This deep sea squid has two vastly different eyes.

The larger eye has wider vision. It’s other eye is smaller and only process information from its limited perception. This smaller and dimmer eye processes only necessary information;

The larger eye with the far greater Vision is always focussed on the LIGHT above. From that light it processes everything necessary for survival.

We are not equipped with awkward unbalanced vision.

We are given the opportunity to discipline ourselves to read the Handbook for life the WORD and be encouraged to live meaningfully;

We have eyes to look at swirling society around us and process the necessary,

But, we have also have God the Holy Spirit Who will ever focuses our eyes heavenwards on THE HOLY LIGHT of CHRIST.

Something to think about. Unlike our sea creature the squid we have great freedom of choice on where we focus both our eyes, Light or Darkness


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Heavenly Father

Surrendered, I look to YOU

Help me to be in this dark world

A reflection of Your Light IN me.


As you live in me

May I without a word



Last week I saw a group of elderly men coming out of the supermarket. When David walked out the difference in his demeaner was obvious.

He was wearing a cheerful shirt but it was on his face and the way he held himself that the difference could be seen.

Thank You Father.

May the Truth of your Presence in and with us light up the world,


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What is overwhelming you in THIS DAY?

Circumstances of life can be many and varied. People often proclaim their truth . ‘I feel OVERWHELMED.’

We need need to STOP! We need to be STILL! We need to LISTEN!

We need to get back to listening less to the voice of society’s swirling voices.

We must get back to reading the Handbook of Life – The Bible. Then, we need to be reminded unquestioningly of WHO Christ is. His Presence with us and in us IS our Greatest LIFE gift.

Then we must look upwards and SURRENDER!


Allow HIM to OVERWHELM your life.

Allow HIM TO overwhelm your deepest fears through the power of His AMAZING GRACE.

Christ’s Sacrifice has set us F R E E.


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Another Wake-up Call

The Eastern Coast Whip bird

After years of living where we live, it is surprising and startling that birdlife once hidden, now comes near our house. I did not see the bird but its call is loud like a trumpet blast.

I am familiar with the sound of the Whip-Bird and its duet with its mate. I heard it many times while walking forest trails as a young person. I have never heard it before outside my window.

I lay back and listened. It was a great opportunity to pray and welcome a new day.

The sound of the whip crack in this wild-bird call is passionate and urgent in its refrain. Wake UP!

May be ‘cracking a whip’ is not our way to keep proclaiming the times in which we live but…………..

If a tiny bird has such a strident call that shakes the senses with its passion. Perhaps we too must be passionate about what we share about LOVE and HOPE and belief in the Coming Kingdom won for us at Calvary.

Let’s begin this new day by ‘cracking a whip’ of praise. Thank You Father in Heaven for my life!

Let’s continue with thanks for HIS Strength to Stand, then thank Him for HIS Presence with us as we get up and live today.

Thank you little visitor of vibrant life and passion. Small powerful WHIPBIRD!

Can you hear my whip crack? And, it’s not just my creaking knees.!

Blessings to you ALL!

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Insignificant are the affairs of nations and little beings from this prospective

What is man that GOD is mindful of him?

Psm 8: 4-6 What is man that You are mindful of him, and the son of man that You visit him.?

You have made him a little lower than the angels.

We were created to be more than other animals, Divine Potential.

He’s got the whole world in HIS HANDS.

This song from the past expressed a true but unexplained TRUTH. Imagine for a moment if you or I created something truly BEAUTIFUL. We create little beings giving them ‘free’ will. We give them authority to care for each other and the beauty around them. We ensure they have a Handbook and we hold this whole creation securely in our hands. But…………

What if this beautiful creation continues to destroy itself from within by wars/territorial disputes. quarrels about the rightness of the HANDBOOK and spend their years in pursuit of their own importance or that of their particular living space and care nothing for why they are there or whether there is a higher purpose.

Just for a moment imagine if you held a beautiful creation you LOVE Passionately and it continues to destroy itself from within. Would you not put in place a plan to ‘wake the creatures up?’ And then, A plan to SAVE their spirits/souls? Their skin colour sex or particular place of residence would not matter.

Almighty God did just that.

He connected personally with HIS CREATION even while still holding it in His Hand.

He joined Heaven to His creation by His Visit through the Person of His Son who fulfilled through His sacrificial death a Covenant, or PROMISE of ownership, and eternity. The Message was never meant to be complicated.

Accept my Son.….I will even send My Spirit to lead and help you.. But, you must follow My Son’s Life example.

Follow Him through life, through the suffering experiences of Gesthemene. Sometimes through the Cross but always a new day RESURRECTION the Promise to all who have followed Him.

No longer hard rules

1 LOVE GOD YOUR CREATOR with your whole body soul and life.


From the higher perspective what must still occur? What does God have to do to wake the creatures up both to their Present but Future HOPE.

The Handbook needs to be read to it’s conclusion;

Thank God we know Him as a PERSONAL GOD. He holds our Hand.


Praise our Maker and Our Saviour!


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Were you carefully mentored? Will you carefully mentor others?

Ezra the Prophetic Priest must have been a careful mentor to the people he chose to go with him to ‘beautify’ the House of God in Jerusalem. We are told if we study the scripture further they were not Levites (trained in the priestly order)……Levi would have to carefully mentor them so everything was done according to the Will of God.

Ezra 7:27 Blessed be the Lord God of our fathers who has put such a thing into this King’s heart. (Babylonian King Artaxerxes) to beautify the house of God in Jerusalem. God has extended mercy to me before this King and his councilors and strengthened me,

I gathered up the men to go with me

They completed their Calling.

I pay tribute to the memory of my mother who carefully mentored me as a little child, She said, ‘value the fact you were born a little girl’. You have a responsibility to value who you are. Respect your body emotionally, physically and inwardly.

Her example of this appreciation of personal identity had a ripple effect through all my life.

If children are not carefully mentored from their homes or in their schools they certainly must have examples of careful mentoring from others,

Sadly, even the Christian Church throughout history has not always mentored their followers carefully. Sets of ridged Rules does not work. The Ten Commandments was the O.T. example. Who could 100% always follow them? Or perhaps only mentor others according to personal agendas or goals.,

PERSONAL practical EXAMPLES. History records the people who gave their lives to carefully mentor others

Jesus coming was meant to significantly change e v e r y t h i n g.

He mentored His Disciples. Careful mentoring lived out.

He sent GOD THE HOLY SPIRIT to carefully mentor the soul/spirit of all left until He comes again.

We have a responsibility to carefully mentor others,

By example yes. By our lives yes.

But, certainly careful mentoring of other to clearly show them what was accomplished at the Cross and how vital God the Holy Spirit is to lead us safely onwards with His Wisdom and TRUTH.

Please Holy Father, help us to be CAREFUL our whole life and all we do or say..


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A Glorious Call heralded the dawn

The beautiful carrolling of the bird woke me.

Only the briefest flicker of dawn lightened the Eastern sky.

Behind our house from a high treetop another bird joined in the glorious song.

Beneath the canopy of red flowers on the bougainvillea near our bedroom window, I could make out, in the dim light , a small brown bird.

It’s tiny body shook the leaves. The sound vibrated through his minute frame.

The illustration image above is a look-alike only. I have sought advice from experts who know all the species found in S.E. Queensland . It could be one of a possible three.

I only know in the thirty-seven years we have lived here, I have heard the dawn chorus from the throats of many birds.

This week the solo song from this tiny throat remains clear in my heart and mind.

A tiny brown body – a glorious sound.

Do you ever feel unnoticed or not very ‘interesting?


God delights in using the ‘least likely’ to fulfill HIS highest HOLY PURPOSES.

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