Good Morning!


This is a 2017 picture of ‘chips’ the goldfish.    By Christmas 2018 he was even bigger.  He amazed our grandchildren as he was only about 3cm when he first came to our place. A tiny little scrap with a beautiful black fan tail.  Even though he only had 1 eye in the last two years still he seemed to thrive.     Chips died yesterday.

Thank you ‘Chips’ for your contribution to our lives.

‘Only a goldfish’ many would say.   Yes indeed.   In the scheme of things very insignificant when you have known the deaths and loss of close family and friends. Many are facing the illness and possible deaths of others.

Yet!  For each one of us we need to face up to the fact that there will be CHANGE.    In life circumstances and life must continue to change.   The only UNCHANGING certainty in the life of a Christian, is the FACT that our God does not CHANGE.   If Jesus Christ is your Saviour Lord life now, and for eternity has endless possibilities.

Will we get another goldfish?   It is a possibility.   There will never be a replacement for ‘Chips’ but……….like life itself what possibilities still lay ahead.

Winter may be on my head, but eternal Spring is in my heart.  Victor Hugo

   Thanks be to God!

Blessings and Grace to you and those you love.

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GRACE – like gentle rain.

                                                 Good Morning! a mid-week thought to ponder.

gentle rainLife’s circumstances can sometimes be like buffeting violent weather changes.

My thought today is about how often moments of blessing and peace  come to us.   It’s like gentle rain, as if God is ministering His Grace………. in a soft and caressing way.

The following quotation I found seems to express it well.

The smallest diamond is worth more than the largest pebble.

The lowest degree of Grace excels the loftiest attainments of  nature  or man’s endeavours.

Charles H. Spurgeon


Open your heart and your life today to receive.   Let awareness of the gentle rain of God’s Grace minister to you on life’s daily journey.

Prayers and Love.




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Good Morning!


I was asked a question about HOPE. Is hope all about that which is ‘unseen’ or is Christian HOPE based upon an expectation of fulfilment of a prophesy or promise?   Did I have a scripture?

Paul’s letter in 1 Thessalonians 4: V.13,14.15,16 expresses it better than I ever could.

 13.   I do not want you to be ignorant brethren, concerning those who have fallen asleep, lest you sorrow as others who have no hope.

14 For those who believe that Jesus Christ died (for their sins) and rose again so God will also bring with him those who sleep in Jesus.

15.  For this we say to you by the Word of the Lord ,that we who are alive and remain until the coming of the Lord, will by no means precede those who are ‘asleep’.

16.   The Lord Himself will descend from heaven, with a shout, with the voice of an archangel and with the trumpet of God.   And, the dead in Christ will rise first.

17 Then we who are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord – in the air.  Thus we shall always be with the Lord.   Comfort one another with these words. 

With a SHOUT …….not a whisper, not a murmur. A mighty shout and with a TRUMPET BLAST.

It does not say what He will shout.     I believe it will be LOVING, FORCEFUL AND EMPHATIC.   Everyone who loves HIM will hear it.    With arms outstretched I believe it may be ………


Who knows when this will  be?    Already much of scripture is fulfilled. When will this event happen?   It surely will be before the judging of the Nations and the Battle of Armageddon.

How should we live NOW.   In 2019?      We should live in LOVE, Grace and Peace.   We should be loving Him with our whole hearts, Keeping our lives, while living in ABUNDANT LIFE,   (pure,…… mindful always of repentance and forgiveness for ourselves and for others.)

Beloved, let us live this day with JOY, appreciating all that is around us in beauty. art, music etc etc.    Absorbing, and sharing everything that is worthy and holy and knowing thankfulness. .

YOU ARE DEARLY LOVED!        Keep Him. Your HOPE and your living on a HIGHER level than society’s goals.



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peace (2)

Be still!.  Jesus calmed the waters.   Let His Peace today permeate your circumstances and your life.

I T   I S   I N       SILENCE       T H A T   THE   S O U L  I S  M O S T  

                                               A C C E P T I N G of  



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freedom. (2)If the Son makes you free – you shall be free indeed.

                                                                      John 8:36

Humans know how to protect and love our children and animals in our care.  We surround them with ‘safety rules’. We would not let an animal like a beautiful horse, free near the highway, for example. We would ensure there was a barrier or a fence. Things like pool fences and warm clothing . and warnings about drugs, etc etc.   all part of human care (ie responsibility for those in our care).     What about the freedom we as believers have.   Do we have FREEDOM?      Yes indeed we do.     Are we in bondage to rules and regulations. NO. 

Jesus Christ’s death at Calvary has set us FREE. His resurrection sealed the deal.

But, what about responsibility………Oh yes and a-men.    Under the new covenant we must be RESPONSIBLE…… in a different way.

Gals 5:1  Stand fast therefore in the liberty/freedom by which Christ has made us free and do not be entangled again with a yoke of bondage. (what bondage.?..……..all the do’s and dont’s  we can’t keep and cause us to stumble. Un-necessary THINGS we may be told we have to do.

NOW:         1. Love the Lord your God with your whole heart, mind, spirit and body.

2. Love your neighbour as you love yourself. …………….  Ie love ALL PEOPLE as humanity…… vunerable and needing LOVE. Have opinions about what they are doing. Passionately HATE EVIL or …..??????????   But love the people.

Jesus as He was preparing to leave John 13 34.     NEW COMMANDMENT……BASED ON ONLY LOVE.


     The answer is only found in DIVINE LOVE.   The Gift of Christ to a needing world. In HIM………DIVINE LOVE.              Relationship with HIM.     Responsibility to live out of Love for Him by his TWO Instructions. 

These are:

DIVINE LOVE…………DIVINE LOVE………..DIVINE. because only from Heaven comes the ability to love this way.


accomplishment action adult adventure

Freedom to LIVE but with Divine Responsibility

Blessings and Love to you and those you care about.       Matua O- Terangi.


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Sveti Jovan Kaneo monastery in Ohrid, Macedonia

Often my thoughts and feeling long for such a place of retreat.

Just Wunderlust

Sveti Jovan Kaneo monastery in Ohrid, Macedonia

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What about your heart?

110 sea view from sark - copy (2)Jesus said : The one who believes in me as the scripture has said out of his heart will flow rivers of living water.   John 7:38.


                                                                   Absolutely FURIOUS!

The political statement was not only ill informed but motivated by self-interest and the pursuit of power, money and ambitions.  It lacked the experience of years of life and the realities of sorrows, loss and the human need to find ‘contentment’ and not WEALTH.

I will phone someone!      I will write an article.     I will voice protest.   I will DO SOMETHING!

The voice in my mind gently said….GUARD YOUR HEART!

All of life we must be informed.   We must care but we also must pray and KNOW the battles are HIS.    If He says WRITE….then WRITE. or ring or join a protest.

1 Sam. 16: 7  The Lord does not see as man sees for man looks at the ‘outward’ appearance but the Lord Looks at the heart. 

Dear Ones, let’s guard our hearts.   From this wellspring of LIFE even in times of sorrow, needs, deception and wickedness we must still give to others the ‘living water’ of eternity and HOPE.




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Storms of life…Hope Light

      If we hope for what we do not yet have, we wait for it patiently    Psm 42: 1-11

This psalm of honesty before God expresses human need and longing in a night of real need.   Healing, burdens, heart pain, sorrows.

Like a lament or song in the night,,,,,,,,,,, it touches the core of human conditions.

Across the surging sea a Lighthouse welcomes.

HOPE in darkness and despair…………. pieces the gloom.


                 I AM HERE.  

                                   I AM WITH YOU.    

                                                                                        The Light of Christ.   


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Magic, Made-up human concepts, MIRACLES

angel light 2                                                                                             Good Morning!

Something to ponder mid-week.

Do you believe in MIRACLES?         Have you ever known something ‘impossible’ that has become ‘Possible’ and an actuality?

have you ever witnessed magic, or seen from the pens of mere humans extraordinary characters and even animals come to ‘life’.     I have indeed witnessed and known all of these things.  I’ve even seen a lot of deception masked as Miraculous but the bottom line is that all these other things glorified a human being and not a Divine God.

I’m praying and thinking today about how easy it would be to take a BOOK like the Christian Bible and try to assess it like a grand novel.  Ie….A Christmas Carol or all the works of Shakespeare ( characters from a flowing pen).  Human imagination sometimes based on historical events or people. Life from a human pen.

Look at the Bible as a MIRACLE……..a SCARLET THREAD of Redemption for all human beings. The Author or authors should not be assessed like you would Walt Disney. From Higher came the inspiration.

If this red thread runs from Genesis to- Revelation, how great it is if we could accept the WHOLE BOOK as a miracle.   Live by it.  As new Covenant people in Jesus Christ.

      Something to think about. 

  Miracles are not contrary to nature at all.  They are only contrary to what we know about nature.        Augustine.



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Destruction – Restoration- Possibilities

new beginnings

 Good Morning!

     The severe spring storm ripped through the gully and hail sliced through the tops of many of our banana trees.    Some were already flowering with the promise of fruit to follow.

For a few days it looked a mess!

David cleanly pruned by a clean cut what he could reach of the destroyed canopy.  He was astonished to find, in  a matter of hours, this new shoot appeared. It may not produce bananas but in its restoration brings hope. It is firmly positioned in a flow of ‘life-giving’ water.   Possibilities are inexhaustible.

This is a beautiful reflection of the Christ-life.   Being pruned by God the Master Gardener  often means we can then produce new life, if lived for Him, and ever watered by the life-giving water from the RIVER of GOD in His Holy Spirit.

Thank God we have a SAVIOUR.   We are a child of a living God. Journeying with Him we know the TRUTH that if we did not sometimes taste adversity, the full JOY of life would not be so welcomed.

Blessings!  Love!  Peace! to you.






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