Good Morning!

A mid-week thought.


The whole of life is filled with the uncertainties over which we have no control.   We also live with a HOPE that if we hold on to it with both hands, will carry us through the questions and maybe doubts. EVER TRIUMPHANTLY.  Yesterday, I had my follow-up appointment with the  doctor after five weeks of radiation and follow-up quiet period.

Of course, I am exultant at the outcome. (yet I have uncertainty).

I sadly  see the shortened lives of others and have the promise medically of so much more for me.   However, I now have to take on a daily basis a tablet.   It’s only small and white but can have many and varied side-effects – most non life-threatening.     It is possible to have no side effects.   It is also possible to have many.         This is where I place my HOPE.   God’s purpose is that we should have ‘Life, and  have it more abundantly’  John 10:10.

Knowledge and care provided by the medical profession shows the ‘ongoing’ Hand of God in many areas.   As believers we need this abundant life but always it should be quality with HOPE.     I will journey on thankfully, and hopefully. (and Prayerfully).

Day follows night…….flood will always come after ebb……spring and summer succeed winter……..Hope then!     Hope ever!     God will fail thee not.

Charles H. Spurgeon.

Love and blessings abundantly on all!