31st July, 2015  Something began but was not finished. now is the time!!

Today is 20th June 2019.

I have not worked on this site as I originally planned so I must work on rectifying this.

Although BEYOND THE ASHES was my first story.  It continues in my heart and for me it will always be relevant.

The purpose of this Beyond the Ashes Page is to write this About me purely from the perspective of the writing of this novel.

I will put pages of snippets concerning the story when I have worked out the process.
There is no need here to have a Bio but I will endeavour to keep it all about the book or . I still have a heart’s desire  to complete Meditation Booklets which will be useful and hopefully encouraging for patients, elderly, or others – simple easy to manage -inspirational snippets…..in the hand.

My DREAM  – in my lifetime is to be a blessing wherever.



BLUE LAKE Jenolan Caves Blue Mountains. not my photo but Mine was exactly the same on slides.

Blue Lake Jenolan Caves Australia.   A Memory. I had an exact slide of this image from many years ago and was reminded today by a blogging friend.

Unchangeable is beauty of God’s creation yet how fast the years of our lives roll.


1 Response to About

  1. Bro George says:

    Hello mummy, I just nominated you for the Leibster award. I am impressed with your blog and style of writing. It’s always encouraging to find people in the same family of faith.

    Keep on sharing, you never know who it is blessing. You can check out the nomination and other details here, https://sureword.home.blog/2020/08/30/liebster-award-nomination/
    Do well to contact me in case of anything else. In the mean time accept my congratulations✨🙂


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