Yesterday – I saw an eagle.

Good Morning!

     This Year we have in Oz been experiencing lots of difficult weather but also news of personal heartaches continues to rise.        Walking yesterday, I saw an eagle…………..but….

soaring Bird Australia

Australian eagles are different to eagle species in other parts of the globe but the same principles of soaring, catching, wind currents and gliding high in the sky are identical.   I love watching eagles soar.   Their sense of freedom and abundant life have always inspired me.

Yesterday, my encounter came a bit too close for comfort.    I saw the eagle soaring  and then was surprised when it began to swoop lower across the paddocks.   I began to wonder if it was seeking for food and had babies in a nest, high on the nearby mountain.

It swooped lower and little Char-lee walking ahead of me  did not know it was overhead until she saw its shadow on the roadway.

She looked up and barked once as if to say.  “Go and find your dinner somewhere else.’

This wild bird circled us once more and then flew back and forth as if assessing who or what we were.   Obviously the little dog passed muster and was not regarded as a fluffy rat or something edible and able to be picked up and transported to the eagle’s family.

I watched as she continued to swoop over the barren paddocks until finally she made a swoop.   I do not know what it was but I felt confident her family would not be hungry that night.

We finished our walk but for a beautiful moment the refrain of a song I always loved flowed through my heart.

He has carried me on Eagle’s Wings.    He will carry me through all my years.    


Blessings to you this day.

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In the midst of it ALL- I choose PEACE

Good Morning!

Hope now joined by PRINCE OF PEACE.

The wonder of the forward focus to remembering the Birth of Jesus Christ means once again we must truly seek and find our own answers. I say a prayer today for all who are suffering in various trials and needs.

As I do, I will place a  PEACE candle beside the HOPE candle.  Then, I look to Heaven and give thanks to God for this miraculous Birth of our Saviour.

I thank God,  Christ IS THE PRINCE OF PEACE.

Hope and Peace the coming remembrance of a long-ago Birth.  View them side by side.


.Choose to follow Jesus ………….accept the Salvation Gift He  brought and allow His Presence to dwell within…..then,  Hope and Peace will be your INTERNAL companions all the twists and turns of your mortal life.

The Hope and Peace HE  brought to the world is not about absence of human conflicts it is indeed all about a journey towards an eternal destination. 

I accept again this day the Prince of Peace into my heart and life. 

You  are dearly LOVED!




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I lit a CANDLE said a PRAYER

Good Morning!

     On the 1st December, I chose to light a candle and say a prayer.


The focus at the end of this month is towards a date on a calendar.   Families will celebrate in many different, and various ways.   I chose along my journey to stop and light a HOPE candle.

This long ago BIRTH  – (When indeed  the CHRISTMAS STORY began).     Maybe, in 2019 a few more folk  may …….STOP and think.

         What is it really ALL ABOUT?.


This reminder of Hope is that it can be an INTERNAL Beacon so that in and through all the circumstances of our lives. we can have  LIGHT that brightens the gloom and points always to what is better.   (and HIGHER).

My prayer is that this Christmas   HOPE ……will be found  amongst the tinsel and more lights carrying it internally will go out and brighten our world.        The journey towards the remembrance of Christ’s first Coming can be used for folks who believe in the SAVIOUR, for deep reflective times of prayer.


Blessings and Love.



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Good Morning!

          A sharing of deep-felt thankfulness for reaching a medical milestone.


On Friday the specialist oncologist said to me.   “Congratulations! you have reached a milestone and you will not need to see me again’.

In 2014 I was cautioned that the cancer discovered in my womb was probably a secondary to low grade  breast cancers dealt with and still being  monitored. (Probably for the rest of my life.)   Secondary cancers had the potential to appear anywhere in the body at any time.

This milestone was significant in the  eyes of this Specialist. Women’s Clinical and surgical Professor.

5 years onwards and  clinically the appearance of everything in the pelvis and bones etc etc appear stronger and even ‘better’ than before.     ‘This is outstanding!” he added. ‘May you go on to live a long and peaceful life!’.

My heart overflows with thankfulness but my prayer is that as I thank God for personal Grace that I may continue to follow the Shepherd  – take His Hand – journey onwards and may BEAUTY and LOVE be my forward goals.

Bless each one of you in this day.    My heart continues to grieve for those who are in ‘suffering’ situations but for this day please excuse my passionate proclamation…………….

Thank You! Thank You Lord for undeserved Grace.

I am incredible appreciative I have reached this MILESTONE.




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Good Morning!



Matt: 11.28 Come to ME  all who labour and are heavy laden and I will give you REST.

Thank God that since the sacrificial death of the Saviour,  like the offer of salvation to ALL, we can freely come to Him to find REST.

This offer is anywhere, anytime, under any circumstances.   We do not have to go to a special place or on a special day. Luke 6 5. ‘The Son of Man is the Lord of the Sabbath’

As long as you ‘connect’ to the Saviour your Sabbath will be the place wherever you may be alone or with many.

In Him is all the fullness of God’

REST in Him and with Him in this day and be THANKFUL!



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HOLY – the indescribable adjective.

Good Morning!

        Trying to find a suitable (explanation) for holy and an appropriate picture has been a journey of discovery for me this past week.    I pray it will give you too, something to think about. 

holy 2

A search for images was a  mishmash of unusual ideas from rocks, and symbols to animals and ‘things that hands could hold and touch’.

When I first heard the term that our God is a Thrice Holy God I knew that no image could ever express it.  It really is far beyond human endeavours.   Our Thrice Holy God – Holy Father, Holy Son and Holy Spirit in the composition of heaven, earth and the spirit. ONE GOD……. means our God is really BEYOND illustration or description.

The illustration above in some way gently expressed the somehow  ‘beyond description’ ethereal idea of Our Divine God.

He is beyond sacred, beyond, EVERY HUMAN comprehension.

Yet, we can have personal RELATIONSHIP. How?  Only through the CROSS.    Christ has made THE WAY.

Now although ourselves we remain (far from Holy)  we are being changed, sanctified through all of life.       At the Cross His Sacrificial death and blood covering. Our acceptance of Christ means we are ‘covered over’ by the blood.   The coming of His Holy Spirit,  if given Lordship over our lives will continue this work in us forever and ever.

Now, not because of our worth………. but His Divine Love and Sacrifice, we can climb onto the lap of a Thrice Holy God and REST there.

                                                     Abba my Father! 

This side of eternity let us enjoy today this RELATIONSHIP.   a-men.








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Good morning!

                  going home 2

          This was not the blog post that I  imagined earlier in the week I would write.

Events and heartache around the world both climatic and man=made still impact my prayer concerns but……… today I read a quote in a devotional book and felt that with love this is the way I would write this morning. .   The quote said in essence:

  Looking back with appreciation and love for past events is good for the soul but THANKING GOD for the past does not mean staying there.   Ever we must look  forward like in the window of our cars.  Look to the VIEW AHEAD.    May we all be FORWARD FOCUSSING PEOPLE.

We must ask FORGIVENESS for all our past mistakes and forgive all the folk who may have contributed to our sorrows in the past.  Now is the time to produce this day’s FRUIT.

As part this morning of my tribute to God’s Presence in the PAST and the TRUTH of His Presence in all our futures, I share the simple audio meditation remembering a dear, dear friend.   My Hope is that the NOW friends have a heart for the Lord the same as she did.




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Good Morning!                                  STARS IN HEAVEN

                                                                A thought.

This nursery rhyme has been beloved for generations.   It evoked in me, memories of gazing up at a star-studded night sky as  a little girl.       I waited for one to fall so I could make a WISH.    The story is that if you wish upon a falling star the wish will come true.

I still love to look  at the star-studded heavens.

NOW,  my thoughts and my prayers rise with HOPE higher than the heavens themselves.

HOPE anchored to the Divine Saviour  can take our souls beyond the wishes and desires of our childhood into that place of endless possibility which is a glimpse of eternity and the wonder of ‘expectancy’ of what our Christ-life can still bring us.

Rev. 22:16.I Jesus have sent my angel to testify to these things in the churches.   I am the root and the offspring of David.  I am the Bright Morning Star.      

Look up and see the stars  this week and remember you are LOVED.

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Prayers – Our soul connection with God.

   Good Morning!

bLUE PLUMAGE. Caught by kitten.

                                     As we all face another day where our thoughts and prayers continue for  those who are distressed or suffering,

We are also aware of threatening but not necessarily potential dangers in the lives of ‘others’,  Thousands need today renewed STRENGTH AND HOPE.

I queried the Lord about why I blog. The other aspects of social media are so much quicker and ‘done’.

His answer has reassured my heart and soul.

Therefore with a commitment of love and care  my pen will continue to flow.

Maybe indeed someone will be encouraged by the audio prayer/Meditation enclosed.

God so loved this world that indeed His Son came to give every human soul a future and a Divine Hope.    All we have to do is choose to FOLLOW.


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A memory shared like a prayer.

Good Morning!

F185 Reflections in the Gordon river. - Copy

Memories saved in an image of peace

On the East Coast of Australia there have been a few days of fear and struggle.   Many folks will have changed lives and many will need recovery from distressing memories.

Extreme heat, Hot savage winds which did not have constant direction and bush fires which  broke out in little pockets and spread rapidly.    Here at our home in the hinterland where we are surrounded by bush we received a text message which told us to Evacuate and go to a safe shelter immediately.  It was a genuine safety warning but after careful checking we were able to KNOW although we were in the area which had to be ‘informed’ the danger was in fact many, many, kilometers away. It, the fire danger, eventually travelled southwards at great speed and well-known coastal areas were forced to leave and thousands were rehoused.

I woke up this morning with a heart’s desire to pray or indeed somehow comfort others.

Where I seemed to be led of the Spirit was to return in to my own life to where I KNEW God’s Presence during a difficult time.     The gentle nudge was share  on the blog!

Well, I have tried with this AUDIO.     I was working on it for a blind friend who told me  audios would be a rich blessing.

This if it works is my acknowledgement of God’s Grace and Peace beyond description in a personal crisis.




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