The Visitor brought Hope

Eastern Grey with white

After this climatically difficult start to our summer here in Oz, the stories of bushfires, loss of vegetation and native animal lives abound.

On Monday morning, after weeks of drought, and then two days of refreshing rain a visitor came to our property.

He was the largest kangaroo I have ever seen. I was born in this state, yet,  It was the first time  I have seen a massive gray animal like this one.     He stood looking at the house from 1/2 way up the hill behind it..   Occasionally, he would graze on the shoots of new green grass.

I was not quick enough to get a photo so had to do some on line research.    This animal I saw was not only massive but had one completely pure white shoulder and paw and his stomach area was also pure white.

What I discovered was encouraging and brought Hope to my heart for the survival of this unique animal.   He was beautiful!

It is an EASTERN GRAY KANGAROO.    (its coat can vary from a rich deep gray to lighter tones and even patches of pure white.)   Apparently through the years some folk have reported viewing pure white marsupials.

Although the photo above is not mine, it may give some small idea of what I actually saw.      His white patches shone in the sunlight and I gave thanks to God for renewed Hope that perhaps our small property here can still be a refuge for many animal species.

Have a great day in all you are planning.


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Life from a different perspective

windswept deserted

The craft group gathered round the community hall table.   It was a wild, wintery morning.

Winds howled and shook the windows.   Frozen fingers were massaged inside woollen gloves.

When eighty-year-old Ann arrived, she opened the door and smiled at the gathered people.

‘What an absolutely glorious day’ she said.    ‘I have been walking along the seashore with my little dog and talking with the Lord. ‘    

                                              ‘Thank You.   Thank You, Lord for this glorious day.’



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18 January, 2020 02:59

via 18 January, 2020 02:59

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LIFE – height, length, depth

Good Morning!

                                      A mid-week thought.

Tree-tops, 11 April 2017

Life is what we are ALIVE to.    It is not about length BUT about breadth.   Be alive today to……goodness, kindness, purity, love, history, poetry, music, flowers, trees, stars,  GOD and your eternal HOPE found in Christ. 

Not my inspired words but from a collection of writings I found in a book.   I added my heart’s yearning to the statement.

Blessings and Love in this day.      May you find your height, breadth and depth.

Live well with HIM!

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Crack-A-Mac and 2020 Adaptations

Good Morning!

                 A thought and meditating on life’s changes.

Mac Nuts

Queensland Nuts or Macadamia Nuts are encased in balls of granite-hard shell.   They are extremely difficult to open.    They are not only tasty but have recognised health benefits.

As a child I loved the nuts and enjoyed hitting them on a rock with a hammer.   This worked well unless you missed and they rolled away.   Or, if you hit one so hard shell and nuts disintegrated. Then, lots of time would be spent in separating the white nut from the brown slivers of hard shell.

Then into our adult life came ‘Crack-A-Mac’.   This was to be THE SOLUTION to all macadamia problems.     I stored him proudly in his box knowing if needed ‘He would be there.’ 

Our macadamia needs have mainly been  covered by commercially packaged products .

This week,  local availability enabled me to buy a bag of the fresh unshelled product, from a local front of gate, street stall.

I sat down with my Crack-A-Mac, a small plate for shells, and a container for the whole white nuts.

Problem.         Although I could still screw the clamp and held tightly to the nut, I simply did not have the strength to keep turning the  handle.    My right arm was weaker than in previous years and the final turn beyond my ability.   It was a shock but a reality check as well. Thank God that David was able to complete and crack enough  for our immediate requirements.

Two thoughts came to me as I prayed about this later.      ‘Come as a little child.’….even in ordinary life this approach can still have benefits….I can still hit a nut with a hammer.

The spiritual lessons impacted more powerfully.      Accept what we cannot ‘change’ in 2020 but passionately ‘change’ what we can.   Have Godly Wisdom to know the difference.      BUT………..

When we follow the Shepherd and live in His Spirit the Truth of the Word

Paul wrote ‘When I am weak then HE is strong.    In our weakness is His Perfect Strength.’

This is the TRUTH to guide us in all spiritual matters,   Thank God!

Knowing and accepting the life changes in our natural world is as much an act of surrender as it  is in our spiritual life.

SURRENDER spiritually to the ONE  ‘Higher’ than we are is vitally important..

  ‘Come as a little Child into His Presence’.  He is Abba Your Father in Heaven. 

Listen!  Be not anxious! He will be with us until the end of the age. 

Enjoy His Presence in THIS DAY.    a-men.






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Bouquets of Love

Good Morning!

bouquets of love.

Today I opened the heavy door of this 2020 New Year but yesterday I read something so the sliver of this new day brings beauty in tragedy.     Although this is not about our fire tragedy it does speak of a personal one.

A young woman left behind a diary after her death which inspired her dear friend who found it.

Karen had written ‘When I was first diagnosed with a terminal illness, I was shattered. but then  surrendered my life to the Lord and asked to be allowed to live as long as possible in my small apartment.    I agreed to accept help and would not cause any problems when time came to move to palliative care.  It was expected to be only about three months before my death.     

One morning I opened my door and was amazed to see a bouquet of flowers in the corridor.    I brought it inside and the card said. ‘Love, Jesus’.

              Every month for the next three years a fresh bouquet would arrive  and I never discovered the source of this blessing which nurtured my spirit/soul in a way that no money, clothes or ‘other aid’ possible could.   I lived longer than anyone expected and on my final day in that apartment the last bouquet arrived.  It’s card said simply LOVE.

Blessings and Peace to you.

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Ocean View, Santorini, Greece

This photograph was so refreshing as we are in prayer for our parched and grieviing land.

Just Wunderlust

Ocean View, Santorini, Greece

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                              Good Morning!

          This was not the post I intended to share here.    I have tried several ways to post this on my private prose site with links to whoever may want to read but for some reason it did not connect.   Therefore, Prayerfully I will post it here and allow the Facebook Link to stream.

I entered this year with the certainty that in this new year the Door would be heavy.   I therefore carefully spiritually opened.

However on 3rd January as bushfires again raged across our nation my prayers were for relief and a message of encouragement etc.

In His Presence this is the answer which came.   

I know people do not want to know that a thrice Holy God may not be pleased with national behaviour or decisions.         This is not my purpose this is the ANSWER I received from Heaven. 

3rd January, 2020.

Glassy, blindingly blue, blue sky –
No clouds – no moisture.
Is HOPE to be sucked out by rising heat?
Bushfires ravage great swathes of land,
Sorrow and death have muted bird calls.
I’m waiting – just as Mary waited for God’s Promise – the child
Within her womb stirred.
I too am waiting for God’s Promise.
He promised to heal and restore our land.
Also, His Promise is to heal and restore this land and our lives.
We must TRUST and wait on Him.
I’m waiting, Praying, Yearning and Longing.
Grieving with all those who grieve
Inside myself is the quickening of the God Promise from the past.
His Promise of His Spirit’s water, fire and abundant life for All in these lands who feel lost in the cauldron of circumstances.
SPIRIT OF GOD May Christ arise over all your people and Your Water, Your Bread and Your Life be reached out and taken BY ALL WHO NEED.
I’m waiting for Your Holy Spirit with a swamping Healing Holy Wave of Grace and Peace to flow over all the LANDS OF THE HOLY SPIRIT.
It was a Promise, yet on the gentle sighing between the trees seems to come a sad refrain.

O Lord we need YOU.
We’re sorry we have not obeyed Your Word or lived our lives according to Your Precepts.

I left my time of prayer and know this certainty.

With Love, compassion and Kindness.


Now is the time for Repentence and a return to HOLINESS.  This great south land Yes.   But, EVERY NATION on Earth.


Keep Looking Up!           Let God MOVE on youR heart and life.     REPENT on behalf of ALL OTHERS.

XX f.


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2020 – WELCOME! – gently opening the HEAVY DOOR.

 Good Morning!

heavy door (2)

I woke in the night with words on the wind. ‘2020 is a HEAVY Door – it needs to be opened to the future.   But……..’open gently and slowly – a little bit at a time.’

I was at first concerned.   The year 2019 has ended with increased news of suffering and FIRES as the Australian bushfires continue rampaging over the land causing heartache, loss and sorrows.

Last Sunday the gentle beauty of spiritually chasing butterflies (symbols of the Hope, Love, Joy, Peace and New Life of the Christmas Season.)was deeply encouraging in my heart.

Then spiritually before me  was this extremely heavy door to a New Year.

The prayerful Revelation is unfolding…This door is pregnant with Possibilities and HOPE. It is VERY HEAVY. 

                     ‘Open it  slowly – do not fling it wide or your view may be impacted by the BIG PICTURE. 

Through the first chink allow the spiritual ‘butterflies’ to trickle.

2chasing butterflies

Prayerfully now with HOPE this 1st Day will be lived.   Keeping always the needs of ‘others’ before His Throne of Grace, we can then affirm the ABUNDANT Christ-life that is ours, while needing ‘others’ are also with us.


JESUS SAID.     ‘Follow Me, I will give you life in all its FULLNES. ‘ 

Matt. 28:20B.     Lo, I am with you always even to the end of the age.    


You are Loved!     Deeply, Dearly and ETERNALLY.




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Chasing Butterflies

Good Morning!

      On this final Sunday of 2019, I remember with gratitude the celebration of Christmas just past.  The Birthday remembered.

2chasing butterflies

Butterflies are recognised symbols of Love, Joy, Peace, Hope and New Life.

Spiritually and prayerfully, I am today gently nurturing and chasing them before me along the pathway which leads to the still closed door of 2020.

Emmanuel is with us.   In Him Alone we have these fruits of the Christ-life on our journey.   May they be our internal yet visible reality.

I encourage you this morning to allow the beauty of the butterfly to  give a lift to life and inspire you along as we begin a new week.

Blessings!   and Love!

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