Presenting…The Missions School!

This life Jennifer shared here prayerfully impacted my day.

Feeding On Jesus

Amazonian Wednesdays 🌴

Some of our first Missions School students

Top of the morning to you! (Or afternoon, or evening… ). For your enjoyment today, a newsletter that I wrote in May 2002, containing some of the original history of our pastors’ training institute. We have now been graduating and sending out students into the jungle for nearly two decades! Our School has come a long, long way from those early days…


Well, you have heard me mention the Missions School in almost every issue, and it has come to my attention that I need to give more of an explanation on just what this missions school is.

To our excitement, on May 15th of this year, we will be starting classes with the first set of students who have come in from different parts of the jungle to be trained and raised up as church planters.

To give…

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Yesterday, I once again fell into the hole of allowing stress and worry about things and circumstances over which I have little or no swamp me.

I felt AWFUL.

.  The day had. lost its purpose and JOY.       

 I went outside and lifting my hands and focusing upwards, I began to breathe out my tensions and breathe in deeply of the clean fresh air. Slowly in and out I let the breath flow..   

 Then from the WORD I clearly sensed His Voice.

  I began to WORSHIP. From deep within and with my whole focus and heart.  

Do not be anxious about anything but in every situation by prayer and petition with thanksgiving present your requests to GOD. Phil:4 v 6

       I surrendered to Him and let it ALL go.

  He answered and now I breathe in and out in the rhythm of life and breathe in HIS supernatural and HOLY PEACE.  

         Thank You my abba Father in Heaven.


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A Thanksgiving for LIFE to our God and gratitude for the eightieth birthday milestone  of my dear mate and best friend.

                              To DAVID HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

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BAAA! BAA! Good Morning All!

I  follow not a ‘Religion’ for my Shepherd did not come another religious Leader to be.

     He came as Saviour for ALL human souls that’s why He said,   “Whosoever may come.    I AM THE WAY. FOLLOW only ME!

       He gave His Life so sheep like us while here on this earth can frolic and be ‘FREE’

       I have surrendered my life to Him now I affirm the TRUTH in the 23rd PSALM.

       THE LORD is MY SHEPHERD. He leads me beside still waters.    I will not want.

       He will guide me through the dark days and nights in troubled valleys.

       He is my LIGHT – My HOPE my ETERNITY.

         BAA!     BAA!      BAA!

                 Thank You my Shepherd, Saviour LORD.  


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       When I  was young to live life like this would have seemed impossible.

 I Desired to skip, dance, and generally move at a speed a little slower than a rocket ship. Life was for living to the maximum.

                             I am thankful for the loving disciplines my parents instilled that we have a need in life to be BALANCED in all things, Our external physical and our internal regarding food  rest, time for homework and a space for reading, prayer or  quietness of mind and spirit,  was vital. 

         Now I am older this truth resonates with a new importance.

Following my Saviour one step and one day at a time is my lifestyle because of physical limitations.

         BUT, I would say even to younger folk one step, one day at a time following HIM  Is a vital discipline.   THIS PRECIOUS DAY is ours for the living.   Let’s value it in EVERY . WAY Surrender tomorrow into His Keeping.

         Look for BEAUTY and fulfillment in this day.  

I could not work out how to save a UTUBE video but I Invite anyone interested in joining me as I sit and listen to Cause Me to Come to Your River O GOD.      Let the HOLY spirit refresh and minister to your soul.  

           One day at a time on u-tube can be easily found. A Beautiful version by the Tally Family and 92 year old GOSPEL singing mother.


MAY THIS BE A RICH DAY WITH FAMILY as you travel onward

Cause me to come to your River O GOD. Cause me to drink from your River O GOD. Cause me to come, Cause me to COME, CAUSE ME to DRINK….Cause me TO LIVE.

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What shall I write about and share on Wednesday Blog, Lord? I looked through my pictures. This one made me laugh. Thank you to whoever posted it on Pinterest.

copy the ONE you LOVE

Much in life is not worth copying but the ONE who came still shows us the WAY to be an imperfect reflection of HIS divine Love.

Strive to achieve but never lack compassion for the innocent caught up in our curiousity.

Have a happy mid week day!


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Rivers of Living Water flowing from the THRONE of GOD

May our mouths, and our pens this day only speak and write encouraging words of LIFE and Beauty to others.

‘That is lovely’ ‘Well Done’ ‘You are loved……You can be forgiven! Simple words that encourage and not condemn.

Let us this day and this week never stop speaking writing and sharing Living Water of LIFE with all around.

Why? Because if we have an abundant life committed .to JESUS CHRIST we can never stop longing that ALL may accept HIM and follow in THE WAY.

The most encouraging and overflowing water I can share today is my certainty and thankfulness that HE (alone) IS THE WAY THE TRUTH and THE LIFE.

May you live a Blessed and beautiful day lived in HIM


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A response inspired by a desk top calendar comment

Let;s go sailing!

The comment is.

    I find the great thing in this world Is not so much where we stand, as to the direction we are moving.. To reach the Port of Heaven, we must sail sometimes with the wind and sometimes against it but we must sail, and not drift, nor  lie at anchor.   


   I researched and found a lot of information about this author/statesman, judge, politician. poet and Harvard Don but I did not find a legacy of Christian writing.     I pray he indeed sailed at his life’s end into Heaven’s Port but he never wrote about  it with any certainty. 

      I today look at the image of the small rowboat and this is my personal statement. 

       As the airwaves are swamped today with the problems and discord in this broken 2023 world I walk towards the little boat. 

I find  the greatest  thing is not where we stand but on Whom we are standing THE WORD and the direction we are going is to FOLLOW THE SAVIOUR.      

         If He is in the boat with me I KNOW Heaven is my destination.

       I am trusting that the Wind of the HOLY  Spirit will blow me ever forwards and onwards but even when the storms and rolling sea are battering my craft I know I have an ANCHOR that will HOLD, 

        Precious Saviour every day we need You.



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SOUNDS IMPOSSIBLE? Ongoing change of self is part of our Journey with HIM.

And you shall make a plate of pure gold and grave upon it like the engravings of a signet, HOLINESS TO THE LORD (Exod:28: 36

Aaron the brother of Moses was the first Great High Priest of Israel is symbol of our Lord Jesus Christ, Who is forever our High Priest Heb  7:26-27.

In the coming age when Christ is KING of Kings and LORD of Lords this holiness engraving will appear on the bells of the horses (Zech Chapter 14}  

Imperfect as Israel was and is today the way has been made for Jew and Gentile to KNOW perfect Holiness to face this mighty and intrinsically Holy God . This has been made for us ALL 

             THE LAMB OF GOD (Christ our Saviour} sacrificed His life and the SHED BLOOD  is still the only way in 2023 to be holy.   It can’t be achieved or bought but was freely given and those who live today can have this certainty.

           REPENTANCE – acknowledging  and SEEING that absolute HOLINESS is HIS Desire.   Knowing how far short we all are and how much compromise has occurred within church structures it is obvious that without universal, national and personal repentance no amount of prayer now can bring or stir hearts to revival.

          CONFESSION, REPENTANCE and  assurance of His Great LOVE and FORGIVENESS must flood our souls and lives.  

             He is waiting for a Pure, Holy, BRIDE.  She will be  clothed in no other wedding garment than the blood of Her Bridegroom’s  redemption.


                     Blessings and value each precious day of this life He alone has given.

                   Gals 2: 20-21

        We cannot perfect what our Saviour has given.

     Let us never stop praying and believing that His Heart of Love yearns that ALL souls be saved and be with HIM.         

Where beauty is HE is, and His heart is yearning in LOVE for a bride of beauty and purity.

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Saying Thank you changes focus from ‘Self’

In the Gospel story of Jesus and the ten Lepers Luke 17-11-14 it is an interesting thought to contemplate.

All were told to ‘show themselves to the Priests’ for clarification of their healing so they could once more become absorbed into their ordinary life and group.

One came back and faced the One Who healed him and gave thanks and worshipped HIM. This one person was a gentile and his thank you gave him the certain focus and heart attitude to acknowledge the Giver of the Gift and not just the joy of being healed and returning to normality. He was a Samaritan.

This gentile maybe (there is no record of him in the future) may have discovered by showing gratitude that healing of his body was a wonderful thing, but healing of his soul by encountering or looking into the face of the Messiah had eternal benefits.

Are we showing gratitude for ALL that Christ has done for us?


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