No hiding in this relationship

Good Morning!



In our personal relationship with our Saviour Christ, there is nothing we can hide from HIM.   He knows our hearts. He knows our intentions.

God the Holy Spirit is ever working to make us more and more like HIM, the One who left Heaven to live among us to fulfill God’s Divine Plan. That’s why repentance, forgiveness and no harboring of past hurts or injustices is so vital.   Under the redemptive blood it all must be surrendered.

The joy of this personal relationship with a living Saviour  is the TRUTH of the evidence. Although He may not  be seen with the eyes of mortal beings, He IS, the living Lord and once Jesus and His sacrifice has been accepted,  A Promise has rung and will continue to ring triumphantly through the years until the KINGDOM of GOD has been established.



He is not hiding from us. Let Him work on our hearts so  nothing in our hearts remains unforgiven before Him.




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                    FIRE for PCC Four family members sit beside a campfire. My personal reflections.

Out of control fires in our country are often the source of great sorrow and loss.   However, sitting beside a contained camp-fire , still evokes in my heart and spirit many memories and deeper thoughts.

A campfire speaks to me of warmth and comfort and also of life and HOPE

In the heart of  dancing flames there are flickers  like sparks of GLORY.

My reflections spiral upwards and in this new week for us all may we think and focus HIGHER on the ONE who came who is THE KING of GLORY now enthroned on HIGH who will one day return as KING OF KINGS. AND LORD OF LORDS.

Imagine for a moment you too are with us beside our simple campfire.  We could toast marshmallows.     We could just sit.

In an insane world of turmoil and strife i invite you to come and sit awhile.

What do you see?

Peace!      Blessings!    and Love!

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blue office eraser orange

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Good Morning!

         I am continuing to learn about new programs on my new computer which are including updated abilities to write and edit.      Should a mistake be made in the inner composition of a document it can be erased but kept in an unseen file so that it is not obliterated.

This made me think of FORGIVENESS.     We are called to forgive others ie erase from our thinking. their sin against us.

We are told to keep going to our Heavenly Father to ask for His Forgiveness.

Think about this for a moment.    Forgiveness offered and accepted erases the sin or the problem.      But………..   Where do the memories go?   Do we obliterate them from our immediate view but keep them stored somewhere ……out there to recall when circumstance arise?     or do we also press our empty the deleted file and remove them forever?

We have the assurance that’s God’s FORGIVENESS in not stored in His Memory Bank somewhere.    We KNOW once we are His Child. our past our sins our constant falling and failing, can be not only forgiven but ETERNALLY FORGOTTEN  as long as we allow God the Holy Spirit to lead, guide and steer us onwards in life’s progressive journey of sanctification.

Psalm 103v10

As  far as the east is from the west so far has He removed our transgressions.

We  are forgiven we are HIS.       Halleluah!

Do we have we still have an erased but not obliterated memory of someone else’s actions towards us?

Perhaps it’s time to empty the Delete Box.


We are dearly loved as Christ’s REDEEMED.


Blessings and love in this day.


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A communication link check


     Since I began writing my blog page from the new lap top with the different email address, I am becoming a bit concerned that no blog responses have come through.  Trying on the usual source to check if this comes back to our computer to confirm it has gone out to all the fellow bloggers out there. RIGHTEOUS AND PEACE KISS.

Hope we are connecting.

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Good Morning! 

I have always loved butterflies.   They are for me, a symbol of the  Christ-life and point to both beauty and the Divine Promise and Hope for ‘better’.

20200627_162109 - Copy (2)    My 77th birthday was on June 25th and I will remember it always as my butterfly birthday.   I give thanks for everyone who contributed  to making this day special. Most of all I give thanks for the reminders in this day which both surprised and brought spiritual LIFE.

After getting dressed I looked in the mirror and thought ‘This outfit looks drab perhaps I can find something to brighten it up.’

I saw the red rosette with  the attached sign BIRTHDAY GIRL – given to me a couple of  years ago by a grand-daughter, and tugged it from it’s place in the small drawer.    It was attached to a pretty butterfly scarf I did not remember.     I put it on. The plain white jumper looked so much more ‘alive’       Thus began my Butterfly Birthday.

I am grateful for the phone calls and messages that flowed during the day but when the mail came – there was another butterfly surprise.  Beside a gift from a family member there was another large packet.

Inside were four large white cushions with beautiful butterfly motifs embroidered on them.  Weeks ago,  I had tried to get a couple of these cushions but was told ‘unavailable’     On my birthday the package arrived.    Above is a picture.   Four cushions on four dark blue armchairs and the lounge room was transformed.

Later in the morning an e-mail arrived on my lap-top through the new email address        – gift of computer was from my dear husband David –  It simply said ‘Pleased to let you know your small book with the butterfly cover is being printed today.  We hope it will be in the possession of folks who may need its encouragement as soon as possible’.

This little book was a simple project in 2020 and because of the corona virus a Christian team republished but added a bit ‘extra’ I had written to hopefully tell the true life stories of life with a LIVING GOD.     I knew it would possible happen but on my birthday was a particular joy.   My prayer is that this little book given, or sold wherever it may journey will be like the butterflies a symbol of the eternal we all have when we believe John14:6


a-men.      (In all circumstances).

77 years cropped Tried to make this smaller but cant seem to reduce it on here.

Book cover -A Living God - Copy EVERYWHERE

May you know His Love and Grace in this day and may the world spiritually come to KNOW that the SALVATION MESSAGE OF THE CROSS for all  people is like butterflies, butterflies EVERYWHERE.     HOPE and HEALING for all.

a-men and a-men.



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Good Morning!.

I read the expression and knew it did not mean the vision or the ability of our eyes.  It certainly is spiritual in nature.




beach bench boardwalk bridge


Jesus said ;

I speak to them in parables because they see not and hear not and neither do they understand’ Matt ;13.13. 

Having eternal eyes gives us the Holy Spirit illuminated vision to view the inspiration of His Word through a lens of understanding and to live life in the fullness Jesus spoke of in John 10.10;


         In this day soar beyond the issues swamping the airwaves and the virus concerns etc.    Follow HIM.

Let Him guide you so your eternal eyes clearly  see what lies above in the earthly sky and find beauty around us and also remove any restrictions so we have an ETERNITY VISION in everything that may arise to disturb us.

Live!        Love!          Rejoice in this God-given new Day!

HE IS………….          LORD  OF  ALL. 


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TWO WORDS – Something to think about.

J.S. Two words that resonate           Our lives are being bombarded by two word statements resonating through the media and feasted on by multitudes.  All triggered by the Covid 19 virus.

This is a sample I believe you can relate to.










All societal swirling is only about THIS PRESENT LIFE and all its needs.

Think for a moment on these two word statements…..

Born once.    Die twice.

Born twice.      – 1 birth natural    1 ‘again’ into the  HEAVENLY KINGDOM

Die ONCE.       Not at all if Christ returns before we die.

What a wonderful thought on this Sunday.   Let’s block out the voices everywhere but the voice of the ONE ON THE WIND who will ever proclaim the truth of the CROSS.


J.S. Two words that resonate

A-Men and A-Men

Have a wonderful day!


A joyous meditative thought for this Sunday. Let the chaos continue to swirl as we hold the Hand of our glorious SAVIOUR. 












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gray scale photography of lighthouse


Please bear with me if you receive this in the usual way. on my new computer with its new email address.

Your receipt of this means I have  to work with blogs in a different way to other with WordPress to other things.


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Enter, Copy, SAVE.

A thought while learning and working with a new lap-top computer.

Right Bouquet

A beautiful bouquet which keeps opening more and more flowers each day. A precious Gift from family.

I have been given a new lap-top for my birthday next week.  Dave gave it early so I could learn to use and become comfortable with it. Unlike the laptop I must be very careful with the ENTER, COPY, SAVE precept or I lose some data I am working with for websites etc.

It struck me very clearly this morning as a prayer that our Christ-life is a bit reversed in this concept.

1.    SAVED ……..accept Jesus and KNOW our sins are forgiven…..the SAVIOUR

2.     Be surrendered to enable His Spirit to change us into a Christ image…..COPY

It is in this glorious order that we are then fit to ENTER 


Blessings, Love and Prayers to you each one.

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The Blazing fire of LOVE DIVINE

Are you smoldering in isolation because of coronavirus or ‘other’ limitations etc?.   Rejoice!   re-connect with the Lord.   BE STILL AND K N O W.      Then be prepared for when we can once more move freely around our streets and communities.

Let the smouldering embers be reignited by the ‘breath of God’ so we can Light a FIRE  when a unified Christian Voice once more meets or speaks or witnesses.   Let us be prepared to be the CHRIST witness together.  

For God so LOVED THE WORLD that He gave ………………………

A sacrificial death for all the world…not one race or colour or creed or persuasion so ALL SOULS will have an eternity. 

Be Prepared to LIGHT A FIRE.        Divine Love blazing EVERYWHERE.    In every tiny pocket across the globe.    LIGHT A FIRE of FAITH AND UNITY.


Breathe on us again.    In Jesus’ Name.


fire wallpaper

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