The WORD – In and through all things

God wrote His Gospel not just in the Bible alone but on trees, flowers, clouds and stars.

 Martin Luther

 He is the LIVING WORD and encourages us all in these days of ‘us focuis’  in life, news, personal achievement glorification etc.

        He wants His Children to experience Beauty in this life that keeps our eyes above.

Pinterest sent me the image above I share it because it is beautiful!

Journey well. Dear ones!

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An unexpected Friday Blogging Post

What should we be aiming for in this broken world in our own area of residence.

FRAGRANCE OF CHRIST! Let’s draw on Him. Let’s BE


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I love this image. Today a gentle roar but ONE DA Y A MIGHTY KINGLY R O A R

This a portrayal of Christian Hope in gentle animal illustration


         Form the Hymn

               TURN YOUR EYES – The Glorious Christ.  

             3.     In this verse

                                   Turn your eyes to the morning,

                                  What a glorious dawn, fear of death is gone,

                                   See Christ the Lion awake!

                                   For we carry His Life in our veins.

                                     Turn your eyes to the heavens, 

                                     Our King will return for His own,

                                     Every knee will bow, every tongue will shout,

Jesus Christ is Lord!




Live in Him and for Him in this day.  

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More than prayed for.

You are His Child – Be specific in Prayer

            I remembered the teaching after driving many kilometre’s into the forest, I stopped to let our border collie dog run down the long lonely road,    

             As I hurried to join her for our walk, I accidently shut the car door behind me without removing the keys. 

               I began my walk.     I prayed. ‘Father, I need your help.  Please will you help me to find a strong piece of wire.’   I remember I also added ‘it would be helpful if someone could show me how to unlock the car door with it.’      A-Men.    Thank You.    

              We walked for a long time, but I did not find anything to help me unlock the car.

               Approaching the car, a roaring sound behind me caused me to turn around.     

              A helicopter skimmed above the road behind me. A megaphoned voice shouted. “Move your car!      Move your car!  We are burning the forest undergrowth!  Please move your car NOW’. 

              I waved back and after ensuring the terrified dog was safely on her lead, yelled. ‘ I can’t! My keys are locked inside!’ 

           He said something, then turned his machine up and disappeared into the distance.    

           A few minutes later a huge red fire truck pulled up beside me.   Six burly firemen  tumbled out ready to offer support.

            However, it was a teenaged trainee who quietly said, ‘I can fix this.’   Out of his knapsack he produced  

                                                  A piece of fence wire.     

         To the surprise of us all he then with precision and expertise broke into my vehicle.  

          I drove away to well-remembered shouts and cheers.

What an answer to prayer on that day.  I asked for a piece of wire.  I received a helicopter, a fire truck, six firemen, a young man and a piece of wire.  

           Thank you, Lord, for all your answers that surprise us.   Abundant Grace.

            Have a wonderful day as you FOCUS ABOVE!


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Staccato Bursts of Motivation

      STABLE                     BIRTH

      SACRIFICIAL             DEATH

      HUMBLE                   SERVANT

      LEAST                        KING

      ALL                             WELCOME

      LOVE                          GOD!

       LOVE                          OTHERS! 

       SOUL                           SAVIOUR

          R E S U R R E C T I O N!

       CONFESSION              REPENTENCE

       FOLLOW                      ME

        ON                                ACCEPTANCE 

        ABUNDANT                 LIFE

                       L I V E!

       GRACE                           OUTPOURED

            E T E R N A L L Y        

  What Amazing Love.        THANK YOU LORD

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FOUND in the absolute silence of HIS presence. (the result of yesterday’s audio experience)

Blessings! Love!

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God Promptings

Why post this today? Unimportant perhaps another day. Why today? the gentle certainty it may help someone.

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Philippians 4;8   

Whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, lovely, of good report; if there be any virtue, if there be any praise.  Think on these things.

  Focus on beauty and KNOW REAL PEACE.    

I was asked the question why I blog..

I blog to connect. To share with you and to read blogs from others. I write on other websites where I share spiritual insights, and my personal poems and even fiction stories but even here I live by Phils.4:8

Here on this BLOGSITE I made a commitment to post twice a week a comment focussing only on beauty and life, You are DIVINELY LOVED! I pray I’ll keep a focus on that Love.


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An Unexpected Blog

Not a usual blogging day. Maybe someone will be encouraged or energized if the listen. Why I woke with this on my mind this Saturday is unclear. Blessings.
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In All Circumstances

This too is part of my story. Hope it ministers to you.

Devotional Treasures

St.Monan’s Kirk, East Neuk of Fife.

Now I want you to know, brethren, that my circumstances have turned out for the greater progress of the gospel,
Philippians 1:12 (NASB)

Have you ever known someone who just refuses to be knocked down by life, who just keeps going no matter what life throws at them? I am blessed to have met such people, who are believers dependent upon God in all circumstances. One sister in Christ comes to mind who has a constant battle with serious health issues, but she keeps going serving God and the Gospel regardless of her trials – she inspires me.

Serving the Gospel is a continuous theme in Paul’s letter to the Philippians; it flows like a river through good and bad times, all of which points to Christ. In Luke 21:10-13 Christ tells us of coming trials for believers, but He highlights how…

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