A Dream – Reflection

Good Morning! – A mid-week moment of contemplation

233 Reflections in the Gordon river. - Copy

Last night in a dream, I returned to the Gordon River, TASMANIA,  where a few years ago I took this picture.     Today, when I woke up I knew it was to be part of my ongoing reflective, more contemplative journey, to Easter remembrances.    I found three reflection scriptures:

PAST:     Mark 14:72…… Peter reflects on what Jesus had said about the crowing of the rooster and his denial.        Peter wept.       Knowing forgiveness yet ..not wallowing..but remembering.

PRESENT:    Luke  14:31-33 .   A reminder that being a disciple will be at a cost …..entailing surrender.

FUTURE;      Acts 21:12-14        Paul is determined to look ahead in his Calling to follow His Saviour and walks onward despite warnings of dangers in Jerusalem.

In simplicity, two words have come clearly to mind.      Humility and commitment.       Maybe, this is my mid-week challenge  to live in my ordinary life.

Perhaps, indeed for ALL of us  to live  in everything we undertake,  be it the mundane, the necessary………the caring for others, the pesky phone calls,……..the daily may be irritations,  or the more ‘enjoyable’ when we flow in something we love……… that humility and commitment be the yardsticks by which we judge successful completion.

Gentle Thoughts for us all to ponder.

                           LIVE!  Shine His Light in your daily  World


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Good Morning!

A Sunday Reflection – Lent 5 in Christian Calendar  33 Martello Tower, Saints Bay - Copy (2)

                      Martello Tower, Saints Bay, Island of Guernsey.      English Channel.

I have always loved pictures of hills, or looking across toward them.

Ordinary life is often like valleys and hills and I have found by focussing on the possibilities of climbing higher and looking beyond has  given me hope. It’s a reminder of  Psalm. 121 ...I will lift my eyes – unto the hills. From whence comes my help?…..My help comes from the Lord. who made heaven and earth. v1

As Christians, the remembrance of ‘a green hill, far, far way without a City Wall.’ A hill called Golgotha, should be coming to our minds more clearly  as we approach Easter. This remembrance should be deeper, profound, life changing and eternally  challenging.

Let the Easter Bunnies hop and a world with constant push for materialism and excitement continue to roll onwards,  BUT……….let us truly stop and think.

The Easter story is about suffering and dying. Sacrifice.    The Easter story is about a SAVIOUR.   The Easter story is about RESURRECTION...but the Easter story would not have by itself lived on ……Today millions are willing to die for its TRUTH.   If the story had ended there, as an event in the ancient past. .

We must also remember that the story did not end with RESURRECTION. Thank God!

The sinless Saviour’s SPIRIT……..Eternal Spirit..….even from the Beginning of life itself GOD ..(perhaps even before recorded creation history)………   was sent by the Saviour Himself to this Earth to live on  in all who will believe in Him and accept the Gift.    Now this is:

H O P E 

(At the highest hilltop level)

Thoughts, prayers and Love!



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About me

Hi!  My name is Faye Roots I am wife – married to David for 48 years in October 2018.  Mother of three children and now five grandchildren.    I am a Christian writer and hope all the things I both blog and share are honouring to the Lord I love and desire to follow as My Shepherd. I have begun a Word-press Course from the beginning in the hope it will help me with some of the basics I still have trouble with on my site. I am a passionate writer and life for me continues to be a balance between the spiritual and the natural and being the best I can be but truthfully acknowledging that the Valleys and the Hills of life must be treated as lessons on the way.

2017 (4)                                2017 -before the pre-Christmas valley and early 2018 valley journey.

Oops.   To my dear blogging friends.   Can you tell me what I have done here?    I did not know this would come here but thought it would be ‘somehow private’ and a working site.    Anyway I have left it for now until I find out what I’ve done incorrectly.

Cheers and Grace folks!













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2018 – Opening Door

Good Morning! – A mid-week thought.

opening Door                                                              Last night I had a dream.

In this  dream thousands, and thousands of people were standing still and very quiet as a kaleidoscope of events unfolded before them.     They listened, watched, and silently prayed.    Media picked it up……. lines of ‘unknown’ people visibly simply stood very, very still.   There was no sound of retaliation or violence just the absolutely  hushed, SILENCE of ‘connected’ prayer. The schools, the talk the discussions became all about the united, powerful, silent block of people- no longer about the awful unhelpful ‘stuff’.      The images I dreamt impacted me very much.  It became a world-wide phenomena.  It was not simply  the  numbers of people gathered who were disciplined in this manner,  but the silence that caused eyes around to focus and question ‘who are these people?’.

Such can be the power of the Presence of Christ within us. Maybe, just maybe, as we are led of God to pray for each other and the world around.   Maybe, this should be part of our public gatherings as well.

Just a thought!

To everything there is a season.   A time for every purpose under heaven.

Ecclesiastes 3:1.

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Good Morning

wisdom (not from experience or learned knowledge).   I acknowledge this is lent 4 on the Christian Calendar – a gentle break in fasting.

The journey in the valley of the past few weeks for me has shifted something and I have asked that I may retain total surrender to God but still live and learn in the years ahead, more and more about Him.    His Wisdom.   His Spirit.   His sacrifice and most of all about His Love and Grace. What if? questions have surfaced and been of great surprise.   What if? Science cannot prove God but What if? the eternal Wisdom of the Spirit can bring even science to a full understanding that  DIVINITY cannot be proven. Yet still IS.   What if? What if???

I am supposed to be in a time of recovery, so really it was of no surprise that God in His Grace, reminded me very clearly of the following passage of scripture.

Isaiah: 30 v 15     In quietness and confidence shall be your strength.   

I was reminded too of the verses surrounding and after this scripture.   The children of Israel said, “No! we will flee from the enemies on our swiftest horses.   God’s reply….“The enemy will therefore then pursue on swifter horses:        

Confidence must therefore be firmly anchored in God....not in our own abilities.

May quietness and confidence be your strength during this coming week in and through all of life’s challenges.


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Mid-week – a thought

Good Morning!

Wind of God

A feather held up and blowing in the wind would be gone if the hand that holds were to loosen its grip.     Life is sometimes like that feather – there are seasons of fragility and vulnerability.   How important it is that we are the human hands that ‘hold up’ a person struggling.   For the people of faith we trust implicitly in the Hand of the One who undergirds all our life.

The Holy Spirit (Ruach) is like the wind.     His wind will blow away the unnecessary but hold fast to what is important.

My prayer today is not just for myself but to all reading this page.

Wind of God, My Lord, My Saviour.

                                           Blessed Trinity of Love Divine,

                                           Blow this day, I pray, your healing Grace and Peace upon us so we may  live not just for ‘self’ but seek for beauty, sow a seed – Make of this day and this week ahead ….something fine. 

(A bit like a tapestry or finishing a jigsaw…..every little piece completes a ‘whole’.

Love and Peace!

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Good Morning!

       Something to think about on a reflective Season approaching Easter.



I do not suggest you look up these words from any perspective than from a Godly one.   I was appalled to see that both shaping and transforming in our modern world are both used to  mean………redefining…….altering…..changing that which was originally intended into something entirely different.

From the perspective therefore of a life surrendered to the Shepherd…….This is my challenge .       What can you do in a positive and beautiful way to shape your own life or the lives of someone else into something ‘better’?   Like making biscuits….(you can choose the outcome) …. with love and kindness perhaps this day and this week you could shape your  attitude so that you actively  CHOOSE to be kind to someone unkind to you or be generous to a mean-spirited person.     What about shaping your life into a new discipline?  Perhaps with exercise and prayer or more quiet and reflective still times.


From the perspective of the Divine………..Transformation can only come from  WITHIN.   This is an incredible work of God alone.    A broken Person, A wretched life, a soul adrift in a sea of hopelessness.    This is what Godly transformation is all about.  Surrender…..Forgiveness………letting the circumstance of living in past and the now not define you.   Letting the most important changes be internally and not externally.      This is the great miracle of DIVINE GRACE.                                                        TRANSFORMATION WITHIN.

All God’s glory and beauty come from within with a surrendered life, there He delights to dwell.   His visits there are frequent.  His conversation sweet.   His comforts refreshing.    His Peace passes all understanding. 

Thomas A. Kempis.

Let’s keep our focus on the valuable things in life and never settle for the less worthy.

Blessings!   Grace! and Peace! to each one for the week ahead.



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Good Morning!

    An unexpected mid-week blog. The final day on the 5 week Radium Journey brought its own surprises.    DAY 25

DIVIDED HEDGE (2)                                                                 two ducks

One of the young technicians asked me as I entered the room.  ‘ Are you going on a journey today Faye?’      I told her I had seen a picture of two ducks and a divided hedge.  I prayed and the question arose in my mind ‘What would happen if each duck chose to walk in a different direction?   I told J that would be my journey on this the FINAL day.

She responded.    ‘Please, please tell us if you find the answer.”

I felt tired,and my body a bit like lead, but, I lay on the table, the team clarified numbers for targeted area,  and  machines whirred. I was once again left alone.

I closed my eyes and the two ducks were very clear in my imagination.   One deliberately chose the right hand path and the other walked almost defiantly left.   I followed to the left.    Everywhere was verdant green, the hedges and the pathway.The way was clear, I saw two butterflies and tiny specks of white flowers on top of one of hedges.    It was very peaceful!     I looked for the duck who had walked the  right-hand path. To my surprise around the next bend,  the path had been gouged out and there was a scattering of rocks and shale.  It was very hard for this duck to maintain her balance.  She had to alter her waddling walk to traverse the uneven path underfoot.

Then, suddenly a snake slithered across in front of her.    Instinct drove her to want to ‘attack’ but some caution voice within said……’wait’…….’Be still!.

Hiss!    The snake reared up.


Frightened, she moved back and it slithered away.

I saw the two ducks meet up again, when the paths joined.   Somehow, though they looked the same…..different paths had changed one of them forever.

A clear voice spoke in my ear. ‘Faye, its finished.  Congratulations your five weeks are over!’

Four technicians were now in the room and the question they asked was.  ‘Did you go on a journey?  What happened?’      I told them the little story and each one present seemed to get a different interpretation. One girl cried.   They asked  for hugs and like a grandmother, I embraced. There was prayer in my heart for each person there.

I will hold that Radium Clinic and all the folks both patients and professional carers forever in my heart.       I know all of them will have divergent lives but for each one I could only ask that they ever choose to look for beauty and Hope in all their dealings with the ones who come.

I thank God for His Presence with me and now I will endeavour to appropriate rest and peace in the six weeks until I return for assessment and ‘rest of life’ advice and medication etc.

Thank you to all who have prayed, sent messages of encouragement and for the ones who are deeply respected by me in the blogging field,  even when I know they do not comprehend or reject  my God part of this journey.

Blessings! and Grace!     May you all journey well in the rest of your week.


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Good Morning!

           Radium Journey Week 5…………1 day to go!  (Only Monday now left).     Valleys and Hills, small hiccups, recoveries but most of all……….God Time.   A week for gratitude and gentle slotting now into the past.

wseek 5              On Monday I found the picture in a gardening book.    I kept it gently in my mind and during treatment imagined myself on the seat and I questioned ‘where will I go?’.   What can I see?

One of the young technicians asked me at the end of the week. ‘Where did you go this week?’        They had become accustomed to my imaginative walking on beaches etc etc. I even had the dramatic river journey and the overturned canoe.

Week 5 was totally different.  Each day I sat down and every day this week was the same.  I simply sat and used the eyes of my imagination to look around.   Most times I could ‘see’ only drifting clouds or leaves rustling in the breeze ….  but I was at PEACE. It was like a cocoon of well-being.     A few unexpected clitches, like a patch of burnt skin occurred this week  – fixed by love and care, (and gentle new cream)  and days when the humidity at home was a bit overwhelming – enter the grumpy, old lady – me…..who was always fixed by sinking into the cool waters of our water storage tank (Pool).)   Then it rained and for two days we journeyed through rain in torrents where the driver couldn’t see the road.      Wolvi (my home area) had the highest rainfall in the south-east part of our state…….Everything overflowed…..water, water, everywhere. I did not think I’d get to have the Friday treatment).     We made it!
In it all and through it all I personally got back to what is the most profound truth of all.     If you have chosen to follow the Shepherd.   If He is the companion on the Way………Wherever!

BE STILL AND KNOW THAT I AM GOD!   is the greatest lesson we can ever learn.


May each of you, no matter what your unique journey go forth into this new week and find a place to sit and take the time to simply BE.   I hope  circumstances wont direct you to this place.   Choose for yourself this place, and a space and time to sit and look.


Blessings and Grace!








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THE LORD’S PRAYER – As part of a daily discipline

Abba – my Heavenly Father,



                                       MAY YOUR KINGDOM BE ESTABLISHED IN MY LIFE AND IN THE LIVES OF THOSE I LOVE,  and those YOU LOVE …(quietly let the Holy Spirit lead and guide to remember ‘others’…. even across the world who may need prayer)


                                                  PROVIDE FOR ME THIS DAY’s NEEDS AND MAY YOUR PRESENCE BE THE LIVING ‘Bread of Life’ in me as I journey today.


Enable me to OVERCOME  (because of your sacrifice at Calvary) all temptations that may cross my human pathway.




A L L  


Glory 3



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