What do you expect to see when clouds clear?

A surprising mid-week prayer-time.  Thick storm clouds covered the sky.  I searched for a patch of blue.  I found it.  I focussed on connection with the LORD,  and began to pray.   The question surprised me.


 Isaiah 21:11      Watchman,:, What of the night?     

                             Watchman.:    What of the night?

           The reply,   The morning comes but again will come the night.


  This refrain from the prophetic Book of Isaiah came to mind.  My studies of the prophetic book  had led me to a limited understanding of Old Testament interactions with God and territorial Promises if God’s People lived by His Rules. 

      We, of the New Covenant now living in His Kingdom following our Saviour, what indeed will I see when the clouds disperse?   What will I hear?

       I continued to pray for people, places as God the Holy Spirit led,  

       Then, when the clouds parted and a sliver of sunlight emerged again, I looked up.   

        High above the canopy of treetops a lone bird perched on a tree branch.

        Like a Sentinel he waited for weather changes 

                                                                               Psm 92: verses 13,14,15  

  I returned to the house as gentle rain began to fall.

  I checked the Psalm.     May it be a blessing to us ALL in this day.

              Those who are planted in the Lord shall still bear fruit in old age.

               They shall be fresh and flourishing

                To declare that the Lord is upright ,



                                        a-men and thank YOU.

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Balancing KNOWLEDGE of the written Word and RELATIONSHIP with the Living WORD

               A visit to the Northern Territory when I was a young woman, gave me a rich appreciation for my country and its struggles and life lessons.     These rocks were then called Devil’s Marbles. TODAY they are proudly acknowledged as Karlu Karlu ,       

                  Their natural balancing phenomena has existed for thousands of years. I Passionately believe in the Hand of an Almighty God to cause these incredible stones and even the monolith of ULURU [ Ayres ROCK)to be positioned for eternity  in the middle of a vast desert.  

                                         It brought, (long years ago when I visited,)   contemplative thoughts.  I wrote in my journal. 

     How important it is in life to keep all Its aspects. ….. BALANCED.    

                As Christians in 2021 it is more important than ever before that we be STUDENTS of the written WORD of God.    That like beavers we ferret out the TRUTHS always led by God the Holy Spirit.          

                   Love the Word written but never place the written out of balance with relationship to the ONE who Is THE LIVING WORD.   

               JOHN 5: 39-47: Jesus said to the learned Scholars of His day who denied HIM.    ‘These are the very scriptures which tell about ME’    

             May we never out of pride, or joy in learning, get it out of balance and make the same mistake.         

The ferreting out of Biblical information to enhance relationship is very different to absorbing KNOWLEDGE for self-advancement or fulfilment.      MAY LOVE FOR OUR SAVIOUR, EACH OTHER, AND HIS LOVE FOR ALL OF US BE THE PLUMB LINE FOR ABUNDANT AND BALANCED LIVING.    A-men

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Focus on a patch of blue. ………..connect. PRAY

Beyond our visible world no matter how beautiful our natural surroundings, prayer focus should be ABOVE.   

                Our eyes too should find focus above so the natural does not blur the vital contact to be made in the spiritual.  

               In 2019 I learned a vital prayer lesson.    (We know we can pray everywhere and anywhere.  ‘ He walks with me and talks with me’ but a commitment to prayer in a daily discipline requires a focus even if praying as we work or move around.    

                 After major surgery in 2015 and several bowling balls of life limiting health events and getting ‘older’ I became a more seated person.   

                   Praying however did not become static.  It became vitally ALIVE.   Prayer took me where my legs never could!

                 Despite where, God encouraged me to focus beyond and connect with HIM.

                   The image above is from one memorable prayer time that began the new journey. 

        Let God show you the FOCUS, even if your limitations are confining you inside.    Relax.       Focus above ……. On your Saviour.


        Beyond the limiting visible canopy of these trees, Lord I focus on a patch of blue. I come to YOU as Your Child.  

          I surrender my heart in Love to You and ask You please to Purify it and forgive its sinful ways.    

           I bring my ‘needs’ for self and ask the deepest questions and share all wants and longings but then I ask my Lord to let His Spirit then lead and guide for the needs of ‘others’ ANYWHERE and EVERYWHERE.  Show me Lord, lead and guide me how I should pray, according to YOUR Will and Purpose.   

                         BELOVED SAVIOUR Who rides the Heavens…..

                                  Hear my prayers

                                                             in Jesus` Name a-men.   

        I am surprised and shocked for Whom and for what situation, even from far across the seas. the Spirit has led me to pray.  Particularly in more recent days.

         It is not my concern, ‘Although, I share often in the pain).      

               He however leads me…….I am but a broken vessel in HIS Hands.

                 He leads…….I KNOW I have C o n n e c t e d,  

                I know I have prayed.    


……Find HIS patch of blue in all life’s dark and stormy clouds.

Focus beyond….

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Romans Chapter Eight.

What JOY to read, meditate upon, and to absorb.

Freedom and life–affirming, in every way.

I have been familiar with Romans Eight for most of my Christian journey. I have always loved the ebb and flow of its poetic writing.

Six weeks ago I accepted a challenge. A teaching Pastor said.

‘Buy a new notebook and using a good pen, write down only ONE sentence per day.

. Write, read, Meditate upon it and let God’s Spirit reveal to you day by day its intrinsic TRUTH.

Thank God for the spiritual journey. Lessons about all the benefits of this new Covenant carved at Calvary through the shed blood of the Lamb of God. I learnt.

Freedom from man-made LAW and Freedom in Christ was affirmed and the JOY of being His Child. One sentence a time I ate the Word as Spiritual food.

Today, I remind us all on this SUNDAY about the ending of this grand Biblical Chapter.

    Who shall separate us from the Love of Christ?         Shall tribulations, or distress, or persecutions or famine or nakedness, or peril or sword?

 37,    Nay, in all these things we are more than conquerors through Him Who loved us. 

  For I am persuaded tat neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor powers, nor things present, nor things to come.

38.    Not height, nor depth, nor any other creature, shall be able to separate us from the Love of God, which is in Christ Jesus Our Lord.  

LIVE! LOVE! Enjoy your Day!. Worship!

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Trusting The Maker

Devotional Treasures

Glencoe, Scotland.
Photo by unknown artist on Pinterest

Trust in the Lord with all your heart
And do not lean on your own understanding.
In all your ways acknowledge Him,
And He will make your paths straight.

Proverbs 3:5-6 (NASB)

I have always had a passion for music. My tastes vary widely, my favourite genres being classical music, and Christian music. Some years ago I bought a Bose Wave Radio which fills the house with a beautiful surround sound. But sadly last year something went wrong with the CD unit. I contacted Bose and they made quick arrangements for my unit to travel to Belgium for repairs. To my joy and amazement I had it back very quickly once more filling the house with sweet tunes. Sending the Bose to the maker was definitely the right choice; but do we trust our Maker, Almighty God, with our welfare?

Bose Wave…

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Jesus CHRIST HAS invited us to drink from HIS source of life, TO FOLLOW HIM learn from HIM live in and through HIM.

Cause me to come to YOUR river O lord. Cause me TO DRINK FROM YOUR river O lord.

Cause me to COME………………..DRINK and



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Char-Lee is motivated by her love of FREEDOM. In her life she still has the physical ability to run..

She in her way motivates her human owners to take her where she can be FREE.

Human abilities are often limited by accident or tragedy OR. (old age)….. Physical ABILITY.

The Message of the Cross is one of such love that our Saviour came to set our spirits and our whole person FREE.

For humanity, all who accept Jesus Christ and SURRENDER their lives to HIS will and Purpose will find they have a life of ABUNDANT FREEDOM.

In Him we find MOTIVATION and in His Strength and ability

Our responsibility …..we are to tell the world of this love. HOW? LOVE OTHERS AS I HAVE LOVED YOU1

Then allow HIM to be your Motivation and let His Strength be your Strength.

In close relationship with HIM …listen to his small voice and DO what He tells you to do.

Phil 4’13 reminds us all at any age ,,,,that we can fulfill HIS Call to LOVE. I can do all these things through HIM who gives me STRENGTH.

Have a Great Day!

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I’m happy. Where did they Go?

Happiness is Contentment even when its not a beautiful surf beach but a simple deserted bay not far from home. Praise God!

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For Charlee a puddle on a deserted beach, Just sitting.

The elderly man walked confidently across the sand flats enjoying the sunshine and the peace. The elderly woman walked along the flatter areas breathing in the salty air and rejoicing when a tree stump provided a strong seat and a view of sea and sky.

Gratitude, Thanksgiving for what you have and CONTENTMENT.


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PORTION – Biblical not simply a piece. Eternal Inheritance.

A Bookmark

       Psm 119:57    You are my portion O Lord,

                                 I have said that I would keep      

                                 Your Words.

            A biblical perspective means God is the source of all happiness and blessing.  He is content with all that the Lord is and provides.   He has the best inheritance imaginable and does not seek any possession or comfort outside of God. Riches, honor, friends, fame-nothing- is as valuable as the Promises of God.    

   This week I have read two morning devotionals from two different places in the world – one a man and the other a woman – expressing the practical life affirming truth in this passage.

          The man sat on his verandah completely ALONE, gazing across the deserted plain land where only distant cattle grazed.   He grieved over the loss of his wife and missed his two children who left today for college.   He opened his Bible …a bookmark fell out.   It simply said:

                            THE Lord My PORTION.   

                 ‘I fell to my knees and prayed.  Worship replaced grief and my day again had purpose.’      

 The other story was a very different scenario.     Sarah was surrounded by people.   It was a big family gathering, children scampered everywhere.  There was mind-numbing noise and joyful appreciation each family group one for the other.  As the only single woman recently widowed, with no children she felt like an outcast, almost an alien among her own loved ones.  

         Her heart was breaking with loneliness and deep sorrow.  She felt a hand on her shoulder.   Her brother Tim’s voice whispered quietly.  Let God be God to You.   He will Comfort and lead you onwards.   Let Him be your Portion’.    

         Sarah wrote ‘I checked out the wisdom in my brother’s words from my bible and later as I  played with young nieces and nephews was able to sincerely thank HIM for His Hand of Comfort and His Presence with me on THE WAY. ‘

                        He is Our Portion for every heart that truly surrenders to Him ALONE. 

     Have a beautiful Sunday of WORSHIP and THANKSGIVING.  

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