Storms of life…Hope Light

      If we hope for what we do not yet have, we wait for it patiently    Psm 42: 1-11

This psalm of honesty before God expresses human need and longing in a night of real need.   Healing, burdens, heart pain, sorrows.

Like a lament or song in the night,,,,,,,,,,, it touches the core of human conditions.

Across the surging sea a Lighthouse welcomes.

HOPE in darkness and despair…………. pieces the gloom.


                 I AM HERE.  

                                   I AM WITH YOU.    

                                                                                        The Light of Christ.   


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Magic, Made-up human concepts, MIRACLES

angel light 2                                                                                             Good Morning!

Something to ponder mid-week.

Do you believe in MIRACLES?         Have you ever known something ‘impossible’ that has become ‘Possible’ and an actuality?

have you ever witnessed magic, or seen from the pens of mere humans extraordinary characters and even animals come to ‘life’.     I have indeed witnessed and known all of these things.  I’ve even seen a lot of deception masked as Miraculous but the bottom line is that all these other things glorified a human being and not a Divine God.

I’m praying and thinking today about how easy it would be to take a BOOK like the Christian Bible and try to assess it like a grand novel.  Ie….A Christmas Carol or all the works of Shakespeare ( characters from a flowing pen).  Human imagination sometimes based on historical events or people. Life from a human pen.

Look at the Bible as a MIRACLE……..a SCARLET THREAD of Redemption for all human beings. The Author or authors should not be assessed like you would Walt Disney. From Higher came the inspiration.

If this red thread runs from Genesis to- Revelation, how great it is if we could accept the WHOLE BOOK as a miracle.   Live by it.  As new Covenant people in Jesus Christ.

      Something to think about. 

  Miracles are not contrary to nature at all.  They are only contrary to what we know about nature.        Augustine.



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Destruction – Restoration- Possibilities

new beginnings

 Good Morning!

     The severe spring storm ripped through the gully and hail sliced through the tops of many of our banana trees.    Some were already flowering with the promise of fruit to follow.

For a few days it looked a mess!

David cleanly pruned by a clean cut what he could reach of the destroyed canopy.  He was astonished to find, in  a matter of hours, this new shoot appeared. It may not produce bananas but in its restoration brings hope. It is firmly positioned in a flow of ‘life-giving’ water.   Possibilities are inexhaustible.

This is a beautiful reflection of the Christ-life.   Being pruned by God the Master Gardener  often means we can then produce new life, if lived for Him, and ever watered by the life-giving water from the RIVER of GOD in His Holy Spirit.

Thank God we have a SAVIOUR.   We are a child of a living God. Journeying with Him we know the TRUTH that if we did not sometimes taste adversity, the full JOY of life would not be so welcomed.

Blessings!  Love!  Peace! to you.






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Only a small handful -can make a big difference

reflections of a castle in russia.                                      Reflections of a castle in Russia.

                                                                       Good Morning!

Last week I saw the image above.      I did not take the photograph but acknowledge with gratitude both the unknown photographer and the one who posted it ‘on line’.   It touched my heart very deeply and this is the reason for the blog today.

It takes very little to share beauty in our world……only a handful of water and the right light. Imagine how much beauty we can  REFLECT from a relationship with a beautiful and creative Holy God.

All it really takes is LOVE.     A handful of LOVE, A handful of Kindness, A smile.

Just a thought.

If this one image so transformed my day when I viewed it……..How much difference can we too make if we use our pens, our pictures, our lives, simply to sow handfuls of beauty and hope into a needing world. 

Blessings and Peace to all on this mid-week January 2019 journey.

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cropped written ppand future


           Thank You for all my PAST.       The good things, the difficulties, the sorrows, the joys. Help me to hold fast in MEMORIES all that is valuable. Consecrate and bless in the storehouse of Your Keeping what has GONE.   What was not good I SURRENDER now to YOU.           Remind me of what is Holy and valuable to keep me learning. 

Thank you for 2019 and Help me in Your Strength and Grace to EMBRACE fully Life with and in YOU in all its FULLNESS.  IN this PRESENT.

I hold to You as the source of my BELIEF in the Hope for FUTURE.   Help me to face forward ever in amazement for life’s possibilities.

Today, this is a personal prayer but I pray now for ALL who may be reading this……..May the unchanging God who is and forever will be the Great I AM of History………..REVEAL Himself afresh in your lives.

Grace, Peace, Joy, Hope. in abundance.

KNOW you are LOVED!.    

                                      In Christ ALONE is this greatest LOVE the world will ever know or SEE.       For you ALL.   May like an ocean wave this certainty swamp your life.                                                 A-MEN.


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Animal Love

IS THIS FOR ME? temptations often are very close and real.

Awesome Fur Babies

Animal Love

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WELCOME – 2019

Tuesday 1st January, 2019.

Good Morning!

The old year with its ups, downs, victories, losses, JOY AND HOPE has now departed.


Like a tribute from the past as recorded in the Book of Samuel, I decided in my heart to clearly remember with an Ebenezer  Stone the Presence of God with us on our past journeys and to reach out with gratitude and faith that He will be with us in our future.  Thank God for what Christ has done so we now have His Presence within.


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Last Sunday for 2018

Good Morning!

blur bokeh bright burnt

Sparkles of special memories.on Pexels.com

Gratitude for remembrance of Christmas 2018 is in my heart.   Gratitude for life, love and family.   Little footsteps have echoed in the corridor of our home and I’m exhausted by reality of not ‘being’ as active as I once was.  Thank God He is ever constant.

A thought for today:

What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.

Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Blessings and a prayer for PEACE, STRENGTH, and awareness of Divine Grace as we journey now towards a NEW YEAR.  New Possibilities – New Opportunities.    Maybe even taking more time like Mary to sit at the feet of Jesus and pray.

You are Loved!

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                       To all who read my prayer is that you will find the SOURCE of this LIGHT and live in 2019 in the light of this source.


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Faith – this candle joins Hope, Peace and Joy


Yesterday a severe tropical storm ripped through many areas around where I live.  There were gale force winds and lots of fury and unrest. Many families have had holiday plans and ordinary life ‘disrupted’.

We did not go to visit our daughter and grandchildren as planned.  We may be able to make a short visit today.

After six hours of  no power when the sun came up this morning it had such a promise of a NEW DAY that I rejoiced when I remembered many churches and private acts of worship would today light the FAITH CANDLE.

I thought I would simply blog that I would do likewise and unite Hope, Peace, Joy and Faith as we wait for THE LIGHT…….. remembrance of Christmas Day.

However, the image I found seemed to express better in this day the heart affinity I would like to share with everyone that indeed the ‘crying in the wilderness;’ is in many believers, as we long for His Presence in our lives this day, and the reminder of His first Advent and the Promise of His second.

Let FAITH ARISE.  Blessings and Love!

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