Appreciation for prayers, thoughts and care

Good Morning!

                     Mid week – an unexpected encouragement.

    David has experienced a setback in his healing because of an infection BUT…….one day at a time he will once again climb out of this hole.  Grace continues to enfold.      I read on the calendar the quote below and this then is my tribute and greeting to all on this day.


To know someone here or there with whom you feel there is an understanding in spite of distances or thoughts expressed – these connections make of this earth a garden.        Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

      To all blogging friends and folks whose lives touch with ours,  appreciation for love and ongoing prayers.  I say thank you.

                                         May your LIGHT continue to shine on others as you live your lives.

                                                                               God Bless!


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Sunday – New Week Thanksgiving

Good Morning!

50-david-climbing-copy        David is once again climbing out of his particular valley time.  Thank God for His Presence with him.  Thank you to those who prayed. Your prayers and love have meant so much to us both in this time.   David  told me this morning about a wonderful midnight nurse called Gabrielle (just like an angel in her care).  Two David’s in intensive care and a nurse called Gabrielle.  I am looking forward to hearing the whole story.   Together the three of them sang.??

Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good.  His love endures forever,  Give thanks to the God of all gods.  His love endures forever.  Give thanks to the Lord of Lords.  His love endures forever.  To Him alone who does great wonders, His love endures forever.

Psalm 136:1-4

All of us will have our valleys and the twists and turns in our lives.   How much Love and Prayer and simply caring makes along the journey.

May you ALL on your different path-ways,  find something in the week ahead of beauty and value.

Peace! and walk in His Grace!   Share a word of KINDNESS with some-one on your way.


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HOLDING ON – Mid-week sharing

Good Morning!

Holding on

This Wednesday morning here in my part of the world my husband David is to under-go a serious operation to remove a malignant tumour in his bowel.  It is a time for prayer and Hope.   Most of all I believe I am to HOLD ON to faith in the ONE Who is Higher and ask for His Will in the outcome and our future lives together as a couple on our Highway of Life.

To each person reading this blog today….May you each one in your own circumstances, Hold on to what is beautiful and uplifting in this day and the week ahead.

Peace, Blessings and Grace!

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Through Adversity – GOLDEN WATTLE

Good Morning!

       A new week thoughts to ponder.

20171112_150535 - CopyThis weekend the nations of the world stop to remember the fallen soldiers in many past and present conflicts.   We marvel at the stories of courage and often too, learn of incredible courage.  We have remembered here with gratitude.

This spring in Australia has been particularly harsh – extreme heat , blazing sunshine then in quick change of mood, storms and downpours of torrential rain.   Many places have had bushfires and floods almost one behind the other.   Summer does not officially start until December but today is again quite chilly.

    The flowering of the golden wattle in some isolated patches of our land and even in some surprising places along some roads has made me gasp.    This golden native wattle only thrives in and after adversity.    It propagates best after bushfire.  But this year the extreme heat, sudden cold and then lots and lots of rain and now……..See the Glory.  On our property the wattle has appeared sharing the harshest of ground and surrounded by large trees which drain  water supply. I remember some bushes in past years but this year patches have appeared  unexpectedly in several places  and are thriving.

This makes me strongly mindful of the truth of passionate Christian experiences…………Sometimes through the fires of personal adversity comes the most beautiful birth of what before was just a glimmer of the Glory of God in a believers life.

May you all find this week ahead moments to take your breath away…..and a thought to think as you go……… A yellow wattle is a beautiful thing but the golden wattle is a treasured blessing when the surroundings are harsh.   May the LIGHT you shine in the world be more than just a little light of love but a blazing LIGHT of HOPE in a world that needs to see a better future.

Blessings and Grace!

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Mid-week – A Prayerful Tribute

Flower of the Holy Spirit - an orchid. Panama's national flower. a very rare orchid

A heart tribute of caring and prayer for all who are grieving, suffering, or struggling as a result of the shooting event in Texas on Sunday.   From across the seas united.

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Good Morning!

    A few points to ponder.     The words that come out of our mouths can bring LIFE, and LOVE and HEALING……but what about the destructive ones?    Out in the atmosphere – difficult to take back……. ‘I will NEVER FORGIVE YOU’.     Spoken words do not directly kill like a sword – but can they destroy?

F311 Russell Falls.

I believe they can….words of hatred, unkindness and vitriolic outpourings though they may give relief to the one writing them, can be legacies that live long after they have gone.   Our written words are vitally important.  A turn of phrase in a letter or somethings ‘out there’ in cyber space could destroy someone’s day in the distant future.

One person whose writings not only left a legacy in his own day but changes lives today as encouragement and comfort.    (Like THE WORD written…..and THE WORD Christ) in his short life his LOVE for His Lord has lingered through the years and among the millions of words he penned gems of beauty and Hope continue to be discovered and inspire new generations.

You can never measure what God will do through you…….if…you keep your relationship right with Him.   Whatever circumstances you are in, and whatever you may meet day by day, He is pouring rivers of living water through you….

Oswald Chambers


With our mouths and with our PENS may we also CHOOSE ‘wisely’ and honour HIM in this week.

A challenge but what JOY we know if we truly are in relationship with HIM.

live!                                                   LOVE!                          EXTRAVAGANTLY KNOW JOY!!


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Good Morning!

   A couple of mid-week thoughts to ponder.


Clinging tenacious snake cacti……Surviving yet constantly being ravaged by Fire, Violent winds and cutback….they can be a pest! but…nature has equipped them to CLING.

‘dabaq’     to be glued……stuck fast….occurs only a few times in the WORD.

Deut 13:4…. Serve,Love, Listen, ‘dabaq’  cling to God.

Gens. 2;24…….a man and a woman called to Covenant in ‘dabaq’ (glued, cemented) RELATIONSHIP.

Eph 5;   31,32      Jesus Christ ….’dabaq’ …glued to His Church.

That’s the purpose of Christ’s coming to earth……..suffering….dying…and His Resurrection

Its all about RELATIONSHIP……..humankind and  God.        DABAQ…..glued.

We have the ‘free will’ to choose to follow and CLING to Him… eternity.

Live vibrantly!……..Live…….Well!    You are Loved!

You have  free CHOICE!

Mid week thoughts!



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Good Morning!

Those who Hope

in the Lord

will renew their STRENGTH

They will soar on wings like eagles

Isa 40:31

4 Soaring bird at Tin Can Bay, 21 June 2009

At the beginning of a new week a couple of things for us to think about.     Are you bombarded at times by all the often ‘awful’ stuff in the world around us?  As human beings we are not simply flesh and blood and bones, we are also spirit. (some like to call it soul) I have come to believe through my life journey that there is a subtle difference.   If we are made in the image of God (God is Spirit) then we too have an inbuilt spiritual essence.    Learning to soar is simply taking the time to breathe in and out, to find a space of absolute solitude, looking always  for beauty but in prayer (for those who believe) it is possible to focus indeed on the ‘things which are above’ and not the things of the earth. Living from a heavenly perspective makes the things of the earth seem so sadly futile.

We must LIVE on this earth.  Be a LIGHT in darkness BUT do our main living’ within and our focus above.  This applies so much when someone we love is suffering……… our source of Comfort must come from a higher place than our own abilities.  We must learn to SOAR. Our Bible is our handbook but the Presence of Christ within is our Guide/companion always.

                                                       When the human soul has laid down its faults

                                                       at the feet of God – ie at the FOOT OF THE CROSS.

                                                        It feels as though it indeed has wings. 

Eugenie De Guerin

This week take a little time to soar………….. Be free from the earthly shackles so you can more effectively be the COMFORT AND SUPPORT for others in His Name.

Blessings and Grace!



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Scanned photo 5


On Wednesday 18th I posted a short mid-week post about celebrating the 47th anniversary  of my wedding to David. (October 17th). On the morning of that day I had discovered the picture above in an old book.   It evoked such memories, ie of my childhood, my Mum and Dad and even my own children I used it in my post to simply express gratitude for the good memories of the past and to say how important I believed it was for each one of us to sow beauty and gather lovely memories to store in our minds for future ‘recall’.

The Picture above is precious as the moment when I burst through the trees and saw the ocean in front of me was both a shock…….I thought I had further to walk. It had quite an impact.  It was like a GASP.  ‘Oh Wow!   I was probably not very old but the picture took me back to the smell of the sea and the trees and I felt the sunshine.

On the blog I  quoted someone called   DEMOPHILUS who wrote……….

The greatest treasures are the memories which you carry in your heart. 

I published this blog and went on with my day and week.

Today It was G O N E………… It was not visible in usual place.   If you saw it please let me know.             It’s quite amusing really that the blog called MEMORIES disappeared and for four days has been no more than a memory……….somewhere out there in cyber space.   Here I go again.   Greetings to ALL.   Hope your week ahead has some great impacting moments.   Now once again I’ll Publish.

Blessings to all.



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Good Morning!

    A prayerful refrain that can be picked up and prayed over homes, families, communities and even nations.  Entirely as your own spirit/heart prayer-life leads you.


WIND OF GOD                                                                   WIND OF GOD,




                                              WIND OF GOD 2

By your Holy Spirit……..BLOW! BLOW! BLOW!

May this breath be felt by lives to move them, ever draw and move them to the CROSS.

Where there the Saviour they will find.


BLOW! BLOW! WIND OF GOD……into the suffering lost and dying…….breathe HOPE

   Around the world let’s pick up the refrain.

         WIND OF GOD……                                        BLOW!  BLOW!  BLOW !

In the Name of Jesus Christ the Lord.








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