A gentle God Blessing

Char-lee appeared to read the memorial plaque
I approve.

A little white dog brings God’s Peace and Joy into the moment. I believe Alison with HIM Above also smiled.

Peace and enduring HOPE to you ALL!

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B E H O L D!

We knew the staghorn was blooming again.     The shock of seeing it as we drove in after walking our little dog in the forestry, with sunlight and shadows dancing across the hillside caused me to think of the Biblical Word   BEHOLD!.    

      In the Bible when this word was used in the original text for me it always meant more than just look or pay attention.  It has a Divine or gobsmacked (modern Divinely important. terminology) quality about it. 

    This word behold was only used eight times in the King James Version/New King James Study Bible but every Time has a quality of much more than attention seeking or  look at this.    

         The scriptures are:     Ecc.11:7        Truly the light is sweet, and it is pleasant for the eyes to behold the sun,      

 (know that the sun is God’s Holy indication the night is over and the new day begun.) This has profound implication in our lives where storms and heartaches can be a normal road we follow.  ‘But after the darkness the sun always rises again). 

The verb behold means ‘to see or observe someone or something of remarkable or an impressive nature.  The synonyms somehow to me do not reflect in a Biblical concept The Glory of God in the ordinary.   

The eight times the word behold is used in scripture ecc:11:7, Song of Sol:1:15, Is: 7:14, Isa:40:9 ,

John 1:36 John 17:24, John 19:5,  1:John 3:1

My favourites John 1 36 Behold the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world.  I believe John the Baptist was Gobsmacked when he saw his cousin walking towards him    Suddenly, he had a revelation.

             Look! Somehow does not express the shock of the moment.

1 John 3;1 has the same shocked overtones of reality.   Behold, what manner of love the Father has bestowed on us that we should be called children of God,   Therefore the world does not know us, because it  did not know Him.  

     Be Blessed in this day and meditate on what you can BEHOLD or marvel in your life that takes your breath away not just grabs your attention.


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A spiritual Reminder

I remembered . I May have shared before but a reminder brought me to prayer.
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God’s Personal Gift – A royal Telephone


   Have you ever tried to quickly solve a problem by using a Telephone in our 2022 world?

Even if you wait until you finally get a human voice, they are often so busy or distracted the ‘connection’   is fraught with tensions.

            Thank God for His Royal Telephone.      A LINK as a Child of God ‘born again’ into His Kingdom.

There our ‘abba Father’ is available anytime day or night.     

                                     Our Father in Heaven KNOWS us instantly.                                     He accepts me like ‘a little child’ into His Presence.

                           I don’t need big educated  words or a long list.       He knows my heart. He KNOWS my need, all my faults, all my sins.

            Prayer makes Him always  intimately available.

This was THE REASON He suffered and died so I could ‘freely’ now come into the

  Throne Room.      

                                     AMAZING GRACE  

      I read this week of the prayer journey of a mother whose only son was murdered. 

Furious anger and the desire for revenge for this senseless crime against their innocent child robbed both parents of any quality or desire for life.

    As committed Christians, God became now a distant and unreachable reality.   Personal peace evaporated into a black pit.

      One morning, Sue remembered her life when sitting quietly, saying nothing, and listening to the birds had been a daily joy.  Then she would pray.

       This morning anger burned like a fire. Sitting still seemed impossible.

        A remembered scripture came to mind…. BE STILL AND KNOW I AM GOD!

        She sat down. 

        ‘Pick up the phone of prayer and just say , ‘Hello!’’

        The day the parents sat together and with the rolling anger still surging through their bodies, but sitting saying ‘hello’ and allowing heaviness of their souls  soar with the word towards heaven , it was then  a supernatural PEACE returned to their lives.

         This PEACE was beyond anything they had known before.  A deep abiding Peace that assured them that Jesus Christ is LORD! 

          He would use their surrendered lives and testimony to help many other grieving parents learn the value of PRAYER.

                        THANK GOD FOR THE GREAT GIFT OF THE Telephone to Glory.

             We as His redeemed Children have instant access.


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Restoring a connection. An abundant Christ-LIFE

If Christ truly is the pivot on which our whole life is anchored then all aspects of this life must be balanced and connections maintained,      

        Yesterday I learnt a valuable life lesson.   It enforced what I have always believed passionately and that is Jesus Christ came to this Earth to show us the right PATH to walk LIFE in His Salvation, But He also came to give us an Abundant LIFE this side of eternity.  

          We are given the responsibility of keeping it balanced.    

                  We took the little dog for her regular clipping.    We returned to collect a dancing little terrier now free from the heavy coat of winter,

                 While we waited I asked Dave to drop me off for an hour or so at the Library.  

                  I took time to sit in silence,  imbibe the rich smell of books ,connect with new staff and speak with the more senior staff  still there.    I renewed my library card.  I was shocked to discover it had been two years since I had been there.       Covid, personal life concerns and so much on-line ‘stuff’

                 As a writer I was delighted they still remembered me and welcomed me.   I connected with a side of my life as a person that needed the understanding and encouragement they provided.    

                   Once again I am inspired to seek to ensure there is a balanced life where the mental, spiritual, social physical  and emotional are all being given their balanced place in each day.   

All ‘connections’ are essential.  

                     HE  IS LORD OF it all.

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If Grace and Salvation were not free, what would have happened to me?

I did not inherit wealth, fame or fortune. I was born in relative obscurity in a place not known by many,

I will not have a funeral where thousands will mourn and there will be a magnificant and glorious human send off but my prayer today is that the respected and loved Queen Elizabeth 11 will have taken up her heavenly position NOW as a child of GOD.

ALL who accept God;’s free Gift , accept Christ’s sacrifice on the cross and then follow Jesus into His Eternal Kingdom.will also inherit. this status,

Only God knows His own. They will be covered (dressed in the right Bride clothes) covered by the blood of the Lamb.

Some wealthy folk have spent $millions to be frozen at death and then ‘defrosted’ at some future . time. Others have pre-bought tickets on a space ship to be ‘taken away’ if the Earth becomes impossible to survive in.

This is why Christ came to earth in such humility .

The WORD God spoke was lived out in Jesus the Word in flesh so even the little children can know Him and the poorest in personal possessions will have an Eternal Inheritance more wonderful than all this world’s TREASURES.

Simply accept the Gift, ….. follow the Word…….. Read the written WORD through the understanding only God the Holy Spirit can give.

Then, surrender.

Allow TRANSFORMATION with confession and His Forgiveness be your chosen lifestyle.

There is nothing you can DO to earn it. No amount of money can BUY It..

YOU ARE A CHILD of GOD! You have inherited rights to a Heavenly Kingdom and it is ALL FREE.



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 Inner Transformation will take the whole of our earthly life no matter how long we live.      

      Char-Lee our pure white Maltese/shzu  terrier jumped into a muddy hole.    Loving hands lifted her out, but she looked now like a black scruff ball of fluff.   

        Again, loving hands washed, trimmed and restored her outward appearance to what she ‘looked’ like before.   But inside she remains a little curious dog.       Loving discipline will modify her behaviour, but nothing will transform her inherent doggy nature.

         We who were created by God in His Image have a different road to travel.  LOVE REACHED DOWN and took us our of this world’s societal mire and by acceptance of His Plan for our lives, now have a wonderful opportunity to live triumphantly in and through whatever circumstances may arise.   

       We have the responsibility to care for our outward in every way.     The physical body by health care actions and behaviour etc, our minds by stimulation in whatever way most satisfies but never leads us away from what is pure and of good report in His Eyes.  

                       Jesus came as God’s Representative to die as a substitute human so all who accept Him and follow Him are ‘saved’ for eternity.      

                       But this is where the real journey of a human ‘born again’ into  God’s Kingdom really begins.      

                    There is nothing we can DO.    No program we can learn to make it happen

                        God the Holy Spirit came to the Earth to dwell forever until redemption and judgment Day comes for all humankind.    

                          He now begins the INNER TRANSFORMATION of all who live with Him, into the image of the Divine.   He transforms minds, develops a hunger for the written WORD and a heart passion to tell others about the wonder of life for all stages of life for those who have faith and will believe in the SAVIOUR.                                                                                   


        Have a beautiful day today.     

         Live it and like me know without ongoing repentance and loving forgiveness transformation of my human nature will never be completed.

   I often think I will be repenting even as I journey HOME with my best Heavenly friend.   

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Made a mistake. DID NOT mean it.

I misquoted a scripture. It should have been 1 Cors. 2;Verses 9 and 10. Thank God for revelations in every way through God the Holy Spirit. Hope your day is going WELL.

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God’s Grand Limitless Imagination

Spills into everything

It had been a rather gloomy start to Spring this year with lingering cold, lots of showers and overcast days. Then I saw spilling over on the old gate a cascade of what appeared to be white stars .

Such a wonderful assurance to me of the constant beauty and Hope we ever have when we follow the Saviour. (Keep looking for what is life-affirming)

Thank You Blessed Lord.


1 Cors 7-2:9

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Another Unexpected Audio Posting

ANOTHER bout of early morning older age struggle and another Audio Reminder.
open again if you need a prod in your day Blessings!
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