It’s pouring rain AGAIN! The little dog prefers to stay in bed! I feel the same.

The world scene is bleak and friends and many aspects of life are undrr constant CHANGE and rearrangement. Some days I feel OLD irrelevant and unmotivated.

I chose to get up. David has made a cuppa and now I write a Wednesday Blog.

I will begin a list today. A GRATITUDE LIST.

On it I will begin to record the Blessings beyond counting that have been and still are in my life.

The List Heading is GRATITUDE for Blessings.

The first 1 I have recorded is a thanksgiving to God for His Son’s sacrifice.

1. Thank You Lord that because of Him I’ve been BORN AGAIN . This earth is not my final home!


My Spirit soars free!

Because HE LIVES, I live too1

Do you have a LIST today.?

Blessings and Love!

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a MEMORY and gratitude

50 years ago we welcomed our daughter

We thank GOD for her time with us and are grateful that the Presence of GOD with us then is with us today. Our memories of her life will be eternally treasured.

to Alison’s Memory LOVE `
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FOCUS your Eyes on BEAUTY

What is teddy looking at? (Picture Mothers’s Day Gifts)

Psm 29:2 Give unto the Lord the glory due His Name. Worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness.

                                                       What we focus on matters! 

   May our eyes ever seek in our natural world for His Divine beauty, and in our daily lives in pictures 

or creative endeavours for beauty, purity and holiness.    A-men

           These pictures came to me from Pinterest.        It turned my thoughts and focus to His Beauty and His Salvation ‘freedom’ for all our souls.       

      Have a blessed day.

LOVE AND BEAUTY Rise today! A-men
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Salt was once the most precious commodity in Roman history.   Even soldiers were paid with salt.   That brought about the statement he/she is not worth his/her salt.  A worthless person.

            Jesus said we are salt of the earth. We, each one of His redeemed children are PRECIOUS in His sight.

   Are we salty enough in this modern age.?   

  Are we trusting Him to lead and guide us by His Holy Spirit and the Word .   Our ministry should  BE………… a preserver , protector, reviver, healer and an enhancer so others may be encouraged by our daily lifestyle and be encouraged by what  we freely emanate.

   May BEAUTY, LOVE, PEACE and JOY be our response to life and trials.   Particularly when aging and facing loss and death.   


  Our truth and FAITH in YOU should be a blazing  beacon  light, shining through the darkness of storms and unrest.

    Help us Holy Father in Jesus Name. 


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Genesis 10 8-17        Noahic COVENANT

14 The waters shall never again become a flood to destroy all flesh.

17. He declared to Noah.    This is the sign I have established between ME and all flesh upon the earth.

       Do you believe it?       I do.

      In 2011 I saw God do amazing things during a whole state massive flood event.     I also saw a beautiful rainbow over drowned paddocks and grieving people.   I saw God’s people rise up to worship and praise Him in the ‘midst of it all’. 

      The church appears in recent years to have lost its SALT, the powerful divine preservative that separated Christ’s followers from the rest of society. 

        The years have accelerated and in 2022 my state in its southern corner has had THREE massive flood events.   One even during the dry season.

        Has God broken His Covenant with us?

         Absolutely NOT!

         But, is it perhaps time to say sorry to Him for where we have not allowed the SALT preservative to preserve what belongs to HIM,

         Our God is the same today, yesterday and He will be tomorrow. His WORD does not change.

          Father, I’m sorry if You too grieve that Your Covenant sign has not been used to worship You but for other human ideologies.

            Jesus Christ came to save ALL human souls and He will continue to shake, submerge, and scramble human plans until His Lordship is established and Salvation for ALL SOULS fulfills Kingdom Purposes. 

           Help us to WORSHIP You and You ALONE in this day.

           You are COMING BACK!

           1 Thess1 16-18   



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Constantly Listening

Hope this is a blessing for you.

Devotional Treasures

Geese Image by WordPress

Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer.

Romans 12:12 (ESV)

In my youth when I went on birdwatching expeditions one of my favourite locations was RSPB Vane Farm on the shores of Loch Leven near Kinross. First I climbed the hillside woodland searching for all the wee passerines flitting from branch to branch, then turned towards the Loch and the hides to search through the hundreds of ducks, waders and geese. The mournful call of hundreds of geese on the wind is a soothing sound to me, reminding me of the awesome beauty and music in His Creation.

Geese are special to me, they also remind me of my spiritual retreat to Holy Island where I saw and heard thousands of geese on the coastal estuaries. It was there that my love for Creation and geese in particular found its reason in Celtic…

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A thought to ponder.

Psalm 102:9 For He satisfies the longing soul and fills the hungry soul with goodness.

Have you ever looked upwards and known a longing that is often so profound it is like a longing for the world beyond this one. A longing as like an alien for HOME.?

I’m glad that the Psalms portray many aspects of this longing. I believe that if we continue to focus upwards instead of absorbing this world’s beguiling influences and determine to LOVE we will have many times when beauty of life overwhelms our senses.

LOVE the Lord your God with all your heart soul mind and spirit and love your neighbour as you love yourself. Powerful ways to know LOVE and beauty in this life.

Worship Him and have a great day!

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A floral Tribute to all Mothers And Nurtures of the young and helpless

Happy Mother’s Day!

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   On Australian country roads the dangers posed by our non-aggressive wildlife are immense.  Kangaroos have no traffic sense. 

    If one decides to cross the road or out of curiosity wanders too close to traffic the outcome for both animal and motorist can be very sad. 

 Caution, Respect and Love help us in rural areas to live in comfortable harmony.

    In all aspects of our daily lives, we too need to be alert for unexpected dangers but also to never stop looking  for Beauty and Hope.     

        Jesus has promised us fullness of life and as His beloved redeemed Children, Peace, LOVE and transformed lives. These in HIM are ours. .

           May we too live in harmony with all around us, within the framework of the safety Guidelines of His HOLY WORD through all our age changes and circumstances. 


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HE’S MY LORD MY GOD -A prayer of Adoration.

The website is

I have kept it freely available and security maintained. It is mainly prose, poetry and reflective prayers.

I visited again and found my self gently encouraged and blessed. God never changes and life around may change drastically but the intrinsic beauty of the CHRIST’-LIFE should never alter.

I have chosen to renew Silverfire and I invite anyone interested to visit there. The opening Video of me simply and naturally tells the why of this place. I hope you will journey and thoughts on website’s value in this current world are valued.

HE IS MY LORD and MY GOD in 2022 as He was in the 80’s and the 90’s. Blessings to you ALL.

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