Good Morning!

              A thought to meditate upon on this Sunday.


                   Living water flowed from the rock that was smitten with Moses’ rod.

When John the Baptist was baptising in the River Jordan and saw Jesus he cried  ‘Behold the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world.

Thank God that we can be refreshed always by the living water flowing freely from relationship with Jesus and from the life we have in and with Him.

WATER will  always refresh and symbolise ‘new life’ and the ‘risen’ life


Only the ‘smitten’ ROCK of Christ………only His Blood can SAVE the human souls.

Nothing, but the BLOOD.  Nothing but the BLOOD.


                                                  JESUS CHRIST, SAVIOUR LORD, COMING KING


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city weather thunderstorm electricity

SURPRISED by revisiting this book. on

Saturday 20th July, 2019.   Today I came across the free e-book card and I went to my Calibre e-book selections and for a few minutes read through the Ashes Book.   I found it still sparked interest in my own life and spirit and I believe God quickened in my heart the desire to not let this story (sink into forgetfulness while I am still alive).  I googled Beyond the Ashes and was both surprised and pleased to know that next to my name was a website link.  Click on that and it came to this place.

This then is my joy.   I will return here and keep it ALIVE.    Hopefully I can generate some interest so others may want to view as well.

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Venus Fly Trap                                                                 Image of a Venus Fly-trap

Beautiful, beguiling, enticing, to insects, with a gentle honey smell.

Once touched the trap closes.  This is permanent! 

Fly traps in our personal lives can be the drawing enticements of wealth, personal fame, appearance or body beautiful image and sexual allure.

    However, we can choose a better way.

       A personal relationship with Jesus Christ as Saviour, Lord, King and a ‘friend’  changes every focus.

He is the ROCK – foundation of faith and Hope.  Matt.7:24,25 assures of the foundation of this faith.

WISDOM.   Proverbs 24, 13,14  Psm 19: v.11 proclaims that fear (respect)  of God is sweeter than honey in the honeycomb.   WORD.

There is honey in the ROCK.  He, Christ draws us always to this ROCK. there we have FULLNESS OF LIFE ………..PERSONAL  RELATIONSHIP 

Walking with Him, Talking to Him we have honey in abundance and life in all its richness and also:-

We have FREEDOM…….ABSOLUTE FREEDOM……No longer bound we can  soar with Him in heavenly places.

There is no TRAP to kill us because we have a destination and a purpose to keep walking in THE WAY.

Blessings to you as you ponder the truth for you of this FREEDOM in CHRIST.

God’s richest blessings and peace in this day.
















































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SUNFLOWER – Thoughts and Inspiration


I love sunflowers!    In all the horticultural family they have their own colour, confidence and a unique beauty.

When planted in the right soil and with sufficient water they will thrive almost anywhere.

Young flowers due to a process called ‘heliotropin’ can turn their heads to face the direction of the sun from dawn to sunset.

Adult plants position their faces towards the East to have as much sunlight as necessary for bees to pollinate.

I read this story last week and share it for your interest.

  A family were travelling down a country road when the small child in the back called out ‘Daddy, Daddy! all the flowers in that field are looking at me.  They keep looking at me. ‘

His father stopped the car and looked at the flowers.    Indeed at least a hundred small sunflowers had heads turned, looking in their direction.    Dad had to explain they were turning towards the sun which was behind as they stood on the roadway. The setting sun was sinking behind the western horizon.

The Father’s comment was……….

My Mother taught me when I was little that to have a wonderful life the secret was to be ‘rooted’ anchored in the good soil of  Word, Repentance, Forgiveness, and then all the days of your life keep your eyes on the SON of God and follow HIM. 

Yes, I love sunflowers but I also gain inspiration from their growth cycle.

            Blessings! and Peace!


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Inspiration, Creativity and LOVE

   Good Morning!

        sam-the-schoolboy.jpg                     Introducing Sam the School boy Bear.  His story can be found on

The Bear Collection and scroll to find Sam.


Many times the creative gifts God inspires, are overwhelmed by the spiritual and necessary gifts he gives to proclaim the Gospel.    Music, Art, Cooking, Hospitality, Love and Kindness are expressed in various ways.  I believe God is at work gently spreading His Love abroad in many, many, ways, not always seen or comprehended.

May God Bless you as you share His Love to others in whatever way he has given YOU this day.

I found this quote …..Our Lord does not care so much for the IMPORTANCE of our works as for the LOVE with which they are done.   The souce of the quote I believe was Teresa of Avila. 

I send a prayer for Love, Joy Peace and Laughter your way in the name of Jesus Christ our Saviour and Lord!.


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                  Stand outside this evening.    Look at the stars.  (and the moon if it is visible)

    KNOW and ACCEPT in this moment that you are special and loved by the One who created them.

Roms5: 5-10.

Overwhelming indeed is this Love of  God for His redeemed children.        Abba our Father.

A thought.  Blessings in abundance to you.

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Good Morning!

Golden Pearl

Last night I dreamt about a huge golden pearl.

This morning I did some research because of my curiosity about the golden colour.   I wondered if a speck of gold inserted into an oyster shell would make this occur.  My mind was occupied also with the biblical concept of Jesus Christ being the Pearl of greatest price.   This was always illustrated by a pristine WHITE pearl.  (my natural question in the night was…..If the Glory of God was on the pearl the same as on Christ would the pearl be golden?)

I discovered some interesting information.   Yes, it is true that artificially golden pearls can be produced by man.     BUT………

Did you know?  the article I found read.     Golden South Sea Islands pearls are rarer than the metal gold.   They are exceptionally valuable.    The Gold-Lipped Oyster is only found in the South Seas and their growth time spans from 20 to 24 months.  

This confirmed to me that often God’s Hidden Gems are in the most difficult to access places.

This is my prayer today for His Hidden Church.

The Glorious and often overlooked people of God who live in the most remote  places on this earth yet, they are God’s emerging Bride for Christ. 

Peace!   Grace! and Love! for All His People everywhere and a special prayer for His Holy Ones in the South Sea Islands.    a-men.




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Focussed but not Seeing.

Wildflowers Australia.                                                            Australian Wildflowers

I was reminded this morning of a truth in all our lives.    We can be concentrating on our journey and can let our focus be on the road we walk on, and not even notice the beauty around.

Sometimes we can be so concentrating on the WAY to walk in a Christian Life that we do not look at the absolute BEAUTY of Christ and WHO He is who walks with us.

Imagine if we walked through the wildflowers and never took our eyes off the rocks and stones beneath our feet, we could miss the beauty of the flowers and not see the change in the hill before us. as the sun sank behind it.

Be careful where you walk, yes indeed.   BUT look up and be amazed by the heavens and what is ABOVE.

Just at thought!          Blessings and Peace to you.




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675 Birthday cake at Alison's house, 22 June 2019 - Copy (2)Good Morning!

 Our grand-daughter made me a Birthday Cake.  It was delicious and obviously made with ‘love’.  It was appreciated very much.  Memories of the time will be treasured always.


     Before the outbreak of the French Revolution the French Queen Marie Antionette is famously quoted as saying to starving peasants ….If the children have no bread……then let them eat cake.    (she had NO comprehension of the suffering of the people).

In a strange reversal in a ‘spiritual’ sense our 2019 world hungers for success being acknowledged. noticed and believing that only CAKE.….the Good Life….the materialistic glitter and glamour are the MOST IMPORTANT THINGS TO LIVE FOR.

Jesus who came to die for all suffering humanity and give those who will an eternal future …..

said:   I AM…THE BREAD OF LIFE.    Follow ME!   John 10:v10 I have come that they may have LIFE in all its FULLNESS. 

It’s a FREE choice.   Either follow HIM and choose the BREAD OF LIFE and live by His Standards and still have cake and all of life’s higher blessings and treasures or just have CAKE  without the BREAD of LIFE who came to save our souls for ETERNITY.

        Bread and Cake WOW!    or just…..CAKE.

A thought for today.   Blessings! Peace! and Love!



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A flippant brushing way of events in life both the PAINFUL,  and the TRIUMPHANT is not the way to positive forward living.

Water flowing under the bridge will continue to whisper in the night, and the ripples will disturb the day.

Whispers in the night…’So much has been ‘lost’. So much so many people g o n e!.

Ripples in the day.    Oh……..was…..’better’ back there. when I was younger …back there when… was and I was……..

SURRENDER.   Let God use ALL THINGS FROM THE PAST…and ALL THINGS in the NOW. Allow HIM to make and mould them into His Image for His Purposes.

It will take.

Confession of sins.


Release to the Saviour of ALL aspects of our Life NOW.


Move forward with GRATITUDE for where we have been in life and living.

and Pick up GREAT JOY in the Hope of where we will still journey.

Today, let’s stand on this bridge of Christ-Life farewelling with love the past and embracing with Joy the Grace of His Presence with us on our future on-going journey!


May we all live in the fullness of it this day and this week.

In Jesus Name and for His Sake.




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