Good Morning!

day's end. after a cold day of no sun.

Oswald Chambers wrote… We are made to reach out beyond our grasp.

Let us know, let us press on to know the Lord; his appearing is as sure as the dawn, he will come to us like the showers, like the spring rains that water the earth.   Hosea 6:3 

After the coldest May day since 1922 in the area where we live, the sun did not show its face.  The wind-chill was also very penetrating. Under heavy clouds, we shivered.

It was dramatic, when we saw as the day drew  to its end,  the hidden sun slipped behind the western hills. A burst of light suddenly transformed the pitch darkness of approaching night.    It was if the sun blazed a triumphant retreat.    ‘No cloud will hold me back.’

This inspired me to think that when life encroaches upon us and robs us of our fullness of life, it is then we must expand our vision to extend our Hope. Although ‘hidden’ for a time the LIGHT of God’s Love will always break through.  We must hold the Saviour’s Hand in and through it ALL.

You are loved!


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Keepers of THE LIGHT

   Good Morning!


           Generations of seafaring men have been blessed,  and know their salvation and safety has been because of lighthouses strategically positioned to send forth light. This light  illuminated the dark and dangerous places and helped them safely reach the harbour.

Folks who spend their lives making sure the lighthouse light keeps shining, are remembered fondly as ‘keepers of the light‘.

In 2020, we who know  Christ as both Glorious Saviour and Lord and have Him as our personal friend,  have this special commission to be KEEPERS OF THE LIGHT.     Now, we must keep it brightly shining in times of darkness and need.   Just by living passionately for Him, loving, reaching out  by phone calls letters or gently telling of Him…may we be, in our days, the ones who keep this LIGHT BLAZING.

As keepers of THE LIGHT (Jesus) may we ever stand for Him and shine so all may avoid the rocks of living, and safely reach the Harbour of eternity.

In Jesus’ Name.    A-men.












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Praise the Lord!

                                  JOY !   JOY!  JOY!

             Surprises in unusual ways.

Praise the Lord!

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God’s post-salvation Gift to all believers.


           Two nights ago I had a vivid dream where I was struggling to complete what I thought was an important ASSIGNMENT.

I seemed to be with a group of people with notebooks, walking along the ancient streets of Jerusalem, (at least in my heart that what where I thought I was).   We had been consigned to collect historical evidence about the life and death of Jesus Christ.

We had been told not to use traditional information or even refer to the Bible to compile our notes.   Find evidence!

I remember feeling extraordinarily sad.    The events so long ago – what can I find to PROVE anything.

Then, I felt a gentle Hand on my shoulder.   He touched me!


Sunlight flooded our bedroom and His Presence was real.

Joy swamped over my heart and my life.

I will never leave you or forsake you. I will be with you until the end of days. ‘

No one can Prove His Presence.  

It is like FAITH itself.       It the very essence of God unseen, Who came in Christ to show us THE WAY. 





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Good Morning!

A mid-week thought.

On Christ the solid rock we stand.

On Christ alone we must STAND.

All other ground is but  sinking sand.


Peace and Blessings!

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The Tree of Life – my God Life in Him.

Good Morning.

           No computer for five days – a bit disconnected – socially – but we are never disconnected spiritually.

OIPLife is a tree.

A tree is a beautiful image of growth and Life. If I think for a moment of my life as if it were a tree, these are my reflections.

My growth and focus is ever UPWARD.   My branches and all that my branches have grown or been nurtured to produce is OUTWARDS.   To others.

The world is constantly able to ‘batter’ my branches.   They can be shaken by storms and tempests and ravaged by disease and even cut off…..BUT…………

The roots of the tree are anchored deep in God.   Fertilised by the Saviour’s Blood. (at the Cross of Calvary).     The water of God the Holy Spirit constantly bubbles and flows.

This is the Abundant Life Christ died to bring us ALL.

May we all REJOICE in what we have and LIVE like the trunk of a tree which can be shaken but whose roots will not be moved.

You are dearly Loved.       REJOICE this day.!




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Good Morning!

          I heard the words in the night.   I did not even know what they meant.eugenie-scott STEP UP TO THE PLATE.

   My research today inspired me.    It comes from a North American expression which means to take action in response to an opportunity or a ‘crisis’. 

The first image that came up was of the sky.

steo up toio the plate.

              Then I discovered it is often used for a whole lot of sporting, and ‘other’ goals and dreams.

God is calling us ALL TO GO HIGHER in Him, during this current crisis.   It is our unique opportunity to really ‘CONNECT’

Beloved,   Let us all cease our own goal seekings, and agendas, and truly seek the Christ who died for us in a deeper and more significant way.




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Who are we becoming?


                                        A free Gift. Eternal Life poured out for us at the Cross.


Illustration only. Not destined to be ETERNAL.

NOW!  2020    BEING and DOING.     Coronavirus.        We are in isolation with no distractions to  BEING.

Who is He calling us to BE?  Is our transformation eternal.?

AMEN.  It is promised to be so. in the WORD

Who we are becoming is more important that what we have or are accomplishing.

Being transformed into the image of Jesus.     It takes a lifetime of ongoing sanctification.

Today is a new and Glorious Day.

Live, Love. REJOICE. 



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233 Reflections in the Gordon river.

Ancient valued God Gifts of Restoration and Healing.

Let’s use them NOW if we can.


Reach out and TOUCH.


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2nd comment.


Medical TWO

He is only a little Teddy Bear.   I thank God he has a story.   He was able to comfort and be close to a little boy having a major operation.

All the bears in THE BEAR COLLECTION have stories.    Now is the right time for any interested grandparents, parents, carers or folks who desire to be part of an outreach of LOVE to members of their communities to know that on a website called:=


There is a link called THE BEAR COLLECTION.         All the pictures, fiction stories,   are also comforting adventures of these MAGIC BEARS.   They  are for ‘free’ downloading. Please print them out.     Stream the ones you personally select to children, grand children or whoever.  Most of the stories can be appreciated even by adults.

IT’S TIME I BELIEVE.        Let us LOVE ABUNDANTLY and Live abundantly and share in whatever way we can to beautify and stimulate our world.

Blessings and Love.    check out Bill the Burglar, Louis the Lumber Jack and others.  They all have to make decisions or be defined forever by their costumes.



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