Thanksgiving – prayer. God’s Gift of His Peace.

                                                            An Image only but an expression of beauty and life

                               Heavenly Father,

                                        Thank You that on this 2nd Sunday of Advent as we journey onwards towards the remembrance of Christ’s Birthday, we express gratitude for the Gift of Peace which came with this Birth.  Not PEACE as worldly thinking understands, but ‘inner’ PEACE even in the worst of human suffering. 

                                       This PEACE is beyond all-natural understanding.        Christ HIMSELF is The Prince of PEACE.   Only in a relationship with HIM can this Gift ever be fully opened and experienced.  

                                                                                             Thank You for the remembrance of the Saviour’s Birth and this Gift of PEACE.  


                                                                                              Hope and Peace candles are now lit.   Twin lights now can pierce the ache in the darkness of human longings.     

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LEATHER-BOUND Shafts of Gold

Surprised by its elegance and beauty,

This Memoir book of my life looks stunning in its case and position on the shelf. The outside looks grand and only I know the heart is about GOD and GOD IS LOVE! One insignificant human life changed by God’s Love.

I’m grateful and it has brought me to my knees as I reflect again that Christmas 2022 reminds us of the birth of the ONE who is DIVINE LOVE . In insignificant human form His Life, Death and resurrection changed and continues to change the world.


WORD OF GOD…….will live forever like He is eternal.

My simple book is about thanksgiving for one, still being perfected – ever being changed life.

My book though it looks beautiful in its leather covering, will remain only a record of one life.

When Christ returns the whole world will see that THE BOOK from Genesis to Revelations is an story.


Thank You. A-men.

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A journey towards remembrance of Messiah’s Birth


Today we remember again the Promised Coming of the Saviour and look forward to Remembering His Birth.

I pray for you today that we all may rejoice in our journey towards Christmas with today’s reminder of HOPE (more than a wish) but A Holy PROMISE inspiring our souls.

In JESUS’ Name a-men.

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A mid-week Prayer for KINDNESS

Today I lift my hands towards the sky and offer up a PRAYER.

Beloved Saviour, the ONE who is Divine LOVE and absolute HOLINESS

I ask in your Holy Name that the Spirit will blow this day across the face of the earth with the WIND of KINDNESS.

I ask any others to pray as well if God leads.

In every situation where disagreements, anger, and compromise or political correctness abound may our responses even when our heart grieves and we see the Holy WORD denigrated or shredded.






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My blog this morning did not copy or go as is usual. I am trying again with a simple Message of reminder of how much you are valued and LOVED by Him on High. REJOICE!

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                                                                                       J have always loved the parable story of Jesus as the Good Shepherd who seeks out the lost one and brings this one safely home.   Matt:18:11-14  
                                                                                       I hoped as a child the 99 who were safe at home,  welcomed joyfully the return of this disobedient and rebellious one.     
                                                                          Angels in heaven rejoice at the salvation of one lost sinner who repents.  Luke  15;10 recorded this as Jesus’s Words at the end of the parable of the woman and her lost coin. 
                                                                           This reassured me and the teaching on my life’s journey confirmed to me                                                                                       that it is the Will of GOD that ALL should be saved – EVERY TRIBE, TONGUE and CULTURE ON THE earth.   
                                                                        There are none special or chosen not even HIS own People – the Jews.      
                                                                     All have free choice to hear the Voice of this Shepherd.     FOLLOW ONLY ME! And, to repent and Come!  
                                                                                                              What is our responsibility this Christmas. 2022?

                                                 With Joy Let us celebrate the birth of our SAVIOUR and tell of His wonder and Grace in our own lives.     

                                              Let’ s also share the reason not just for a SEASON but the whole story of why He Came and why we have HOPE to live day by day in this selfish broken world smiling, LOVING, and praising HIM. 

SHINE BELOVED ACROSS THE WORLD FOR HIM. Guard against Deception. With Word and His Holy Spirit’s Wisdom.

Good Morning! Journey onwards!

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Every person who KNOWS they are related to God and He is their Abba Father also knows this life is not all there is.  It is like an unfinished symphony and after this life, the music will be completed with HIM in eternity.   

Now is our only time to be beacons of Christ Light in this world. Let us share images of beauty, love and Light,.

Not our little dog but this picture was sent to me.

Sometimes a moment captured brings joy to others.

Live in Joy Today.

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LOVE in its fullest essence.


     Nothing can compare to the beauty and greatness of the soul in which our King dwells in His full majesty.

       Teresa of Avila    1515-1582

From the pen of folks from the distant past spring gems which cause us to think.      Because the purpose of REDEMPTION spans all people and all times.

         The Voice of God in our age still cries

…..BECAUSE I AM.   Unchangeable!       Ever DIVINE LOVE.     

  Have we truly surrendered to HIM to enable His work of sanctification in us to be completed? 

REPENTENCE! on going. 


                         Thank You! My Precious Saviour.  My Abba Father,

Help us to truly love You nd let Your Holy Light shine through us to a broken and deceived world.

In Your Holy Name ….A-men.

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RESTRAINED but never defeated

Monarch butterfly (danaus plexippus) inside chrysalis cocoon, seconds before emerging

      Thie seemingly trapped cocoon image of an emerging butterfly is a powerful reminder of our HOPE found in the ONE who came to save our souls.  One day……in His Will, we too will escape from our earthly restraints and fly away.

a meditation from a past lesson in life learned
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The bougainvillea stands tall again and is happily resting

on support.  

              It is obvious that the remaining flowers are paler but still beautiful   Maybe it will produce vibrant red ones again later.

             Spring winds and rain buffet it but it is full of vibrant life because the foundation and root system are firmly anchored.     

               Isn’t this a valuable lesson for us ALL.

If we KNOW we are Children of an awesome God life will still buffet us and His pruning of what may be too heavy for us to carry (Health issues and aging often determine this).   We too have to LEARN TO LEAN.

             Let support keep us from falling over. Swallow pride listen to His Voice.   Release what has gone.     Live triumphantly in the now with HIM, In HIM and for Him. 

              We may externally be paler or less vibrant than before but let His LIGHT shine more vibrantly so unlike the bush our transformation will make what was before appear insignificant in the beauty ahead. .  

                 Our Hope is ever skywards.

                   Rooted in the Word this ancient psalm inspired me as I look forward to our Sunday Worship Time on this chilly cloudy late spring morning.

                   Psm 84 The joy of dwelling with God.

       For a day in Your courts is better than a thousand.

      I would rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my God!

      Than dwell in the tents of wickedness.

      For the Lord God is a sun and shield,

      The Lord will give Grace and Glory,

      No good thing will He withhold,

      For those who walk uprightly.   

Thank God we have our SAVIOUR who shows us and leads us ever in His Way.  A-men

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