When THE PRINCE of PEACE speaks the very elements are gentled.  

     I love the Gospel Song.   Troubled waters.

         It sometimes takes a mountain or facing troubled seas.  It sometimes takes a desert valley to get a hold of me. 

       BUT.  HIS LOVE is so much STRONGER than whatever troubles me.  I take His Hand and journey onwards.

           TRUST HIM and Believe!

                     This is my TRUTH.      

                     Peace is our legacy…….   

Thank You Saviour Lord.   I worship YOU!

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KISS. A DIVINE LOVE…law. Keep it Simple Saint

Follow Me 9nto ETERNITY

Prayer -A conversation between a Redeemed Child with Father. in their native language or in their Kingdom Language.

The Simple Message. Jesus Christ came to Earth as SAVIOUR of all human souls.


My dying friend to all the assembled family and praying friends. “Don’t worry about me. ‘I’m GOING HOME!

The Bushman in the paddock dying to his son. “Don’t grieve for me, my child. My best Mate in Heaven will come to take me home.’

Paramedic to dying woman ‘Are you OK?’. “Yes she replied.’I KNOW HIM.’ Are you ok?. \

In that Emergency Room two nurses and a doctor confessed their sins and accepted the simple message her husband shared with them. JESUS SAVES!

Blessings and love to you all as we continue to STAND and walk with HIM on this narrow WAY of THE CROSS.

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Alfred Lord Tennyson, POET. wrote,,,,, More things are wrought by prayer than this world dreams of.

Psalm 116:1-2

I love the Lord because He hears my prayers and answers them. Because He bends down and listens. I will pray as long as I breathe!

Talk to Father like a little child.


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IDENTITY – More Than just Any Old Cheese

mature cheddar

The gentle elderly lady sat in her arm-chair, facing the street.   

  The old man smiled as he passed. ‘Pamela’’ he called out ‘You are looking well.   You’re maturing and aging like a fine piece of cheddar cheese.’

    Her response to the senior dairy farmer blessed me.  ‘Thank you,’ she responded. ‘God’s Spirit is in my heart and Jesus leads me onwards like a little child .  

       Life is full and there is the fragrance of Him in all my living,’  

        Pamela would have the curiosity of a little child of God if I asked her this question. 

           ‘ Why did this little teddy fall off the shelf?’ 

  Perhaps the ones who walk the earth as God’s Beloved, still as little children,  would like to know. (I will tell you later)

    Blessings and Love to all on this Sunday.  

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R E J O I C E!




Rejoice in the Lord, Always and again I say Rejoice!

   Phils 4:4  

Are you feeling a bit sad, depressed, lonely, aged, swamped by grief or loss?

      Find something beautiful to focus upon. Remember HIS promise of fullness and abundance of life.    

   In the Lord who SAVED our souls is a vastness of beauty and JOY.   

  In HIM…..Remember ALL HE is and has done.   


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  Pentecost is so much more than about an historical event. Or, the birthday of a church. The dove is a symbol only.

 The coming to earth of the 3rd Person of the Trinity heralded the joyful response to Christ’s Promise ‘It is to your advantage that I go to be with My Father,,,,,,Then the Holy Spirit can come to be with you. FOREVER.  I will send Him.      John  16;7 

 Christ now is  IN all who accept the Saviour and His Promise to never leave us.     

WHY a trinitarian GOD,    three Persons ONE HOLY RIGHTEOUS GOD.?   Because HE IS LORD GOD OF ALL.     The Heavens above.      On the earth seen as redeeming SAVIOUR so human souls can have an eternity.   Follow ME,       and in the entirety of the spirit/ghost/demon world,  we cannot see,  HE is seen as LORD GOD ALMIGHTY.  

         God the HOLY Spirit’s purpose is to give empowerment to Christ’s followers, so with courage they can face the world.  HE IS Wisdom and points always to Christ and the written TRUTH IN the word.    

         The old statement I Have heard in the past is so true in 2022.    

          ALL SPIRIT and no or limited WORD folks blow up.

          ALL WORD and no SPIRIT folks dry up.    Academic and Knowledge about GOD BUT….


              WORD and SPIRIT…..  we Grow up into the People of God we are meant to be.   

                 LIFE IN ALL ITS FULLNESS.        

                      Thank YOU, Lord ; Father, Son and Spirit                                                              


    Happy Pentecost Remembrance Sunday!

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As a ‘born-again’ Child of a living God I have access in Him to great spiritual authority.

Relationship and in it I KNOW  that CALVARY has given me  access to SPIRITUAL AUTHORITY.      Help  help me never to forget  that ‘as a little child I can have access and approach His Throne of Grace.   

He is my ‘Abba, Father” but to be held always in deepest reverence.   For of such is THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN

grateful thanks to unknown source for this image. Blessings!
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Unchanging God of Presence and Grace

             A Challenge –  

              Seek the Lord and His strength, seek His presence continually.

         Remember the wonderful works He has done, His miracles  1 Chron 16:11-12

Circumstances, politically and even our lives may experience re defining but only God the Holy Spirit will bring change in us.

Constant change the cry of those who do not know the UNCHANGING CONSTANCY of our God continue to demand CHANGE which they will strive to bring about themselves.

Trust today in the only CONSTANT ONE who came to save our souls,

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It’s pouring rain AGAIN! The little dog prefers to stay in bed! I feel the same.

The world scene is bleak and friends and many aspects of life are undrr constant CHANGE and rearrangement. Some days I feel OLD irrelevant and unmotivated.

I chose to get up. David has made a cuppa and now I write a Wednesday Blog.

I will begin a list today. A GRATITUDE LIST.

On it I will begin to record the Blessings beyond counting that have been and still are in my life.

The List Heading is GRATITUDE for Blessings.

The first 1 I have recorded is a thanksgiving to God for His Son’s sacrifice.

1. Thank You Lord that because of Him I’ve been BORN AGAIN . This earth is not my final home!


My Spirit soars free!

Because HE LIVES, I live too1

Do you have a LIST today.?

Blessings and Love!

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a MEMORY and gratitude

50 years ago we welcomed our daughter

We thank GOD for her time with us and are grateful that the Presence of GOD with us then is with us today. Our memories of her life will be eternally treasured.

to Alison’s Memory LOVE `
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