AFTER A STORM – supernatural CALM



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Family, Faith, Forgiveness. LOVE

Alison’s Legacy resounded through her Memorial Service.

Heaven Stirs.

Our daughter planned her own Memorial Service, She chose her own scriptures, and music. Her father was asked to read Psalm 23. The music was contemporary but with powerful messages through the words. I will run to You. Oceans. Ashes. is there beauty in Ashes? Absolutely!

The Pastor in his address tied it all powerfully together.

Alison had written her own EULOGY and asked a carer to read it. Thankfulness for her life. The expression of the POWER of LOVE to those who loved her and forgiveness and Love to cover ALL human frailties etc but an assurance to all her contempories of her personal faith in the ONE who came.

I believe in Alison’s Service we all came away challenged. We will continue to pray for our loved ones and ask Him to continue His ongoing Changes in us, May Confession and Forgiveness always be our discipline as we continue our grieving process.

Beauty and Holiness out of her Ashes.

He gave breath….He took her breath away.

Thanks be to God.

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I liked this. Life goes on. Soft shoe shuffle.

Awesome Fur Babies


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A huge wave

Like a mighty ocean wave Grief swamped me. Two  Words  ‘Never Again!   ‘Never Again’ pounded in the sea.   I cried for what is gone and never will be again.

   I grieved for the loss of our beloved daughter.  The sorrow was intense yet I knew, somehow I knew, I had to ride the wave to shore. 

I landed on the sand.           

Look up!       


        WITH ME…      Two words blew on the wind.

           I was left alone on the sand.     ‘Now, the Voice in my spirit said, ‘Stand’      ‘Walk on I am with you.

      I now walk along this beach of my life and though I grieve….I  know the wave of my grieving will always carry me back to shore and keep me looking up where He sees from on  high where she is with Him, yet lives with me through His Spirit  down here.  

           Thank You Lord!    

This was a dream I had last night and I woke up crying because the wave was heartbreakingly real. The rest of the dream unfolded and today Peace was God’s Gift.

Tomorrow is Alison’s Funeral Service.

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For the gift of our loved daughter’s life.

Alison BURNS nee ROOTS born 23rd May 1972. Departed this life 21st July,2021

Proud Dad 1972

WIith us 2020
Burns Family 2020

Her smile brought sunshine into life……… BIRTHDAY celebration May 2021

          Departed this earthly life 21st July 2021.   

          Her life is forever changed. 

  (In His Arms REST).

             Our lives on our ongoing journey in this life must be continually changed by the ONE Higher than us all.     

            We will hold the Hand of our Shepherd Lord.

Through the Grief and the Storm Precious Saviour Lead us on. 

In surrender.



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God’s Breath – Sacred PEACE


Our daughters Pallative Care journey to Eternity continues.

Prayer valued. God is hearing.

Her decision not to be sustained or encouraged to life by artificial means.. (Not even with food) is being honoured. She is continuing to breathe regularly and once more has had a ‘peaceful Night’ .

Our prayer is she be allowed to journey on ‘peacefully’. It is God Who breathed life into her body at conception. He will take it away in His Will and His Timing.

Father, May Your Holy PEACE swamp our daughter and fill the room. the lives of all visitors, carers,, and the hospital.

In Jesus’ Name. A-men.

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  1. Abide with me, fast falls the eventide,

The darkness deepens, Lord with me abide.

 When other helpers fail and comforts flee,

 Help of the helpless, O abide with me.

Hold Thou Thy cross before my closing eyes,

 Shine through the gloom and point me to the skies

 Heaven’s morning breaks and

 Earth’s vain sorrows flee,

 In life, in death, O Lord abide with me.

  • In life in death – abide with me.
  •   Henry Francis Lyle –

A Prayer and sung at a small Group Meeting as our loved Daughter lives her final hours in Palliative Care. a-men

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Living Above – not in or ‘in spite of’ circumstances.

    A gentle thought.

          When our spirit/soul is rested in Christ and full; of PEACE and JOY, outward  clamour and circumstances become of little importance. 

Live peacefully in this mid week day!

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     From ages past mankind from all tribes and tongues and spiritual persuasions searched the sky for answers.   Their spirits yearned for contact with the unseen Divine.  

  It took His coming to us, living among us and a blood-soaked cross to bring this answer.   If, we accept Him, repent of our human sinfulness then………….

Col 1:26.. becomes our reality and Pentecost and the Spirit of Wisdom our reason for wanting the world to know HIM.

The mystery which has been hidden from ages and from generations now is made manifest in HIS Saints – all who believe in Him. 

    God makes known what the riches of the Glory of this mystery is.    CHRIST IN YOU, The Hope of Glory.   ( Ie…..Future eternity….RESURRECTION)   

                    PERSONAL RELATIONSHIP.  

             We are His Children………He is our Father in Heaven, ABBA my Father.   

             Mankind has wanted to EDUCATE, Categorize, Box us in form us again into Rules and strict ten Commandment legalistic structures.  But , 

 God the Holy Spirit sets us free

To LOVE Him, Love the world around us.  To nurture and care, to fellowship with all Believers,

  Pentecost and the WISDOM of the Spirit in us, makes the Word come alive. 

Wisdom keeps us coming to the Father in Heaven always as little children. 

He will Guide and teach us FOREVER,

That is the Mystery REVEALED.  

We are BELOVED in and under a NEW COVENANT of GRACE and Divine LOVE

Blessings to ALL!

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I was prayerfully remembering departed friends and thinking of our own daughter’s final journey. I googled God’s Eternity. This came up.

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