INCREASE and VICTORY this is often the rallying cry of sporting coaches to encourage both membership and performance.           

  Following the Shepherd through life gives us the same rallying cry as we read HIS word.    HE promised us all an Increase in the KNOWLEDGE of God ……the source of Wisdom and HOPE,  

          As  we live in and through HIM others will  see and know and there will be INCREASE in His Kingdom as we live and  share about HIM.   

           The FAITH ignited in us as we journey onward then teaches us that VICTORY over Fear is our greatest God GIFT. 

             Christ has conquered death by Resurrection after HIS sacrificial death to forgive our sins and the Word teaches us PERFECT LOVE CASTS OUT ALL FEAR   1 John 4:18

              Even societal hassle and scrambling should be handled by Believers without fear but following the gentle Voice of the Spirit as He Leads us ever forward,

          INCREASE AND VICTORY are part of our inheritance as Children of GOD.  



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Listening Heart


denisebalog...Grace filled devotionals.

“Welcome in His Peace,

Softest flowing light.

For in Him there’s no striving,

Only quietness to the listening heart.”

“He will quiet you with His love,

He will rejoice over you with singing.”

Zephaniah 3:17 NKJV

“He’ll calm you with His love

And delight you with His songs.”

Zephaniah 3:17 The Message

Poem by dbalog©2022

Photograph by dbalog©2022

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Hawaii I think??? Uncertain where or who sent it to me. It is in my Waterfalls File.  This image has always given me a desire to escape and sit on the beach. 

Thank you to the one who took the photo.

In every human heart and soul there is an inbuilt longing to escape.  

     There is this enticing concept fuelled by media and advertising that offers better.

     In life we may feel trapped by our circumstances with health, age or responsibilities and lifestyle making this lure even more enticing.     If only…..this or that would change life would be ‘better’.    

        The Promise of a glorious tomorrow….if only…..A new car.    A beach house.     Another vaccine –  Money…..Fame…..etc etc.

         Solutions will never be found permanently by  man-made efforts.

       Jesus said John 16:33 ‘In this world you will have troubles but I have overcome the world.   I told you this so that in ME you will have PEACE.

    In HIM ALONE.    Your hand in His Hand believers KNOW His Presence is with us.

     Also we can rejoice in the O.T. exhortation of the Prophet Isaiah.     Isaiah.40v31     Those who wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength… They shall mount up with wings like eagles.   They shall run and not be weary.    They shall walk and not faint. 

    Wait on the LORD.…….Fulfilled in Christ.      In His Presence wait ….. be still in perfect PEACE. 

      Physical escape from location or circumstances here on earth will only ever be temporary but a ‘heart-change’ and travelling with Jesus brings escape above.    Life from A Heavenly Perspective.

SEAGULLS soaring

           Have a brilliant God Day in the midst of it ALL.    

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A Narrow Way but Abundant Life

A Sunday Morning Praise Reflection

John 10:10   The thief did not come except to steal, kill and destroy. I have come that they may have life and have it MORE ABUNDANTLY.  

    John 8:1`2 I am the Light of the world .  He who follows ME shall not walk in darkness but have the light of life’.       

The Way is narrow and we must choose and make decisions if we will follow JESUS and the Word.   Listen to the Voice of the HOLY Spirit, or let the conflicting voices of society beguile and lead us on a different W I D E R pathway.

His Light of HOPE each new day leads us ever onwards and upwards on HIS WAY.  HE  ALONE is KING ABOVE ALL KINGS….above ALL PRINCIPALITIES AND POWERS.          

                                    HE ALONE IS THE KING OF GLORY!

                                       HE IS the LIGHT OF THE WORLD.   

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Circumstances ARE but GOD Is

                                       GOD IS……..


Every Life will travel a path of seeking and learning.

The first step is knowing GOD is……….

     Then questioning………Who is HE?        Being honest and knowing that every person is a sinner short of the HOLINESS of a DIVINE BEING . 

             We, every human soul needs a SAVIOUR.    

       A song I heard today clarified what I was intending to write on this Wednesday Blog.     The words are

         ‘A man of no wrong took my rightful place  At Calvary……the cross in the middle should have been me. ‘

Circumstances in life happen.      If we were not responsible and we cannot change them,  that is when faith  must become our unshakable anchor.     

     Circumstances  ARE but our Saviour God is……….

       All things in HIM are possible.  

      I BELIEVE!  

        Beloved, Passionate for Him and in His Strength and Grace, let us move onwards into 2022. 

          Armed with the sword of the Spirit……….. WORD OF GOD!     

                               YOU ARE DIVINELY LOVED.

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      John 1: 1              In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God.   

         New Year 2022.        

       My Prayer is that I will on this first Sunday of this new year begin to greet each new day with a GOOD MORNING! To the new day and give thanks for LIFE but also look up and Herald the morning with thanksgiving to the ONE who came to save our souls.             

  Heavenly Father,

Help us ALL to live abundant lives in You and for You with confession.  Confidence  and GRATITUTE and THANKSGIVIBG.

                                                     Welcome 2022 with HIM..

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A face turns to the new day with HOPE

The monsoon rain is hammering against our windows and the old year has gone. A soggy departure!

Potplants on our sheltered verandah thrive. The face of one hibiscus is vibrant and alive.


With and in Divine Grace one day at a time let’s vow to LIVE an ABUNDANT Christ-Life.


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Birth of Christ………Now a NEW COVENANT


   OLD COVENANT…………..Do or Die! 

   NEW COVENANT ……Confess!, Repent! Forgiveness! In Christ GRACE UNLIMITED – Only Believe.  

This year with Christmas Day falling on a Saturday,  the Sunday readings many folks follow shocked by the difference seen by the Birth of the Promised Messiah/SAVIOUR. and OLD COVENANT living under the LAW.  

        2 Chron 24- 17-20……….filled with the Spirit Zechariah tries to turn the people to God’s Holy Law and dispense with idol worship….Why do you transgress the Commandments of the Lord?

They seize him and stone him to death.   As he dies he says “The Lord look on this and repay.’       

                                                DESTRUCTION FOLLOWED!   

                  OLD COVENANT L A W!  

                                     A CHILD IS BORN!    

Acts 7.         Stephen filled with the Spirit tries to tell the TRUTH about Messiah’s coming and His SALVATION for ALL,

         He is seized and stoned to death……..He looks up…He sees Jesus.    He says “Lord, do not charge them with this sin.’  

         The Pharisee Saul’s whole life will be drastically changed!      He saw and understood a new Covenant of Grace will change all old works laws.

       The NEW COVENANT………….In Christ ALONE…….FORGIVENESS and freedom.     

           The Child’s birthday heralded            THE NEW COVENANT.       

                Christ’s Blood shed at Calvary NEW WAY FORWARD.     HIS Resurrection sealed the Holy Promise of eternity in Him.  

                  NOW no longer must we work to be good enough .  We LOVE, we confess, we repent we accept forgiveness.    The Holy Spirit indwelling is working on our behalf to sanctify us.     

                                                               This is the great Gift of Christmas.

                                          He was BORN.     In Him We believe.

                                           He are…… in calendar years at the end    of the 2021st year of Grace.  

Now, we await the coming of Christ again and His KINGDOM AGE.   

             Walk today in the FULLNESS OF GRACE.

                                                      You are loved! 

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MEMORIES, Questions, Beauty and LOVE.


This Sunday reflection is simply a THANK YOU to a HOLY FATHER who allows us to remember His Birthday so long ago in an insignificant far away town , with JOY.

With a touch of beauty, or a piece of watermelon to refresh after a steamy day, For a little dog’s surprise when lights on a tree were turned on.

Again, it is a profound reminder that for all who have accepted HIS LOVE……HIS PRESENCE IS WITH US ….In Memories, In reflections, In touches of tinsel, In everything and everywhere HIS PRESENCE IS WITH US.

We now thank God for Christmas remembrances and for the path ahead where He will travel with us.

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Gratitude, Remembrance, THANKSGIVING


The ONE pure LIGHT of LOVE, JOY, PEACE HOPE and ABUNDANT LIFE was born into our world.

One everlasting and inextinguishable HOLY LIGHT.


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