A Response to Psalm 145


I will extol You, my God, O King

And I swill bless Your Name forever and ever.

Great is the Lord and greatly to be praised.

His greatness is unsearchable.  

    I lifted my hands and worshipped HIM.    I thanked Him for All He is so clearly extolled in Psalm 145.

         I praise Him and pray that just a touch of His Beauty and Grace may go as beauty in someone’s darkness through the very simple cards I made today. 

         Live for Him this day and know a smile and kindness in simplicity can also show the Light of His Presence in you. 

       BE A LIGHT IN THE DARKNESS somewhere, somehow as He leads You onwards. 

    Blessings and PEACE.  

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Although, I chose Jesus Christ to be the CAPTAIN of my soul on my journey of life and I Know He is the WORD in essence and fulfillment, I was reminded in the night He does not let anyone journey even with HIM without ensuring they have a copy of the NAVIGATION BOOK of LIFE.

From Genesis to Revelations it reveals not just the victories and defeats of others but propels us onwards in the certainty that God is divinely in control of all who are journeying on this sea of life.

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A Midweek Thought


I chose this picture of a cheery red craft. Joy and Hope colours.

I will call my boat RELATIONSHIP because my life is not about RELIGION it is all about choosing to follow Jesus. I now spiritually place Him as Caption of my life and soul. He said. FOLLOW ME,,,,I am the Way.

I trust Him to know where we are going.

I will not need oars where effort will by my strength will be needed to move us forward. The motor and the Power are Fuelled by His GRACE. He has won my victory at Calvary.

The rudder is God’s Holy Spirit Who keeps us stable in even the most tumultuous seas and trials. He also speaks of sins, repentence, confession and forgiveness.

Now my life does not need to be beached like the picture but a constantly moving forward life of endless possibilities.



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A thank You God for Remembrance of God the Holy Spirit

Today we remember His coming. THANK GOD1 Far more than about POWER for service but for ever The One Who reminds us always of the sacrifice of the Cross and lives with and in us to ever be the reminder that JESUS CHRIST IS LORD!

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With my hand in the Hand of my SAVIOUR and His Hand upholding mine

Unable now to ride a bike but certainly powering forward.    One step at a time!

PRAISE God!        THANK You!

May you all have a wonderful beginning to this new week. You are LOVED as you travel in His Way.

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Life is different. I am well protected and fully vaccinated so medication is helping and with rest and a quiet life things will get better.

Our God does not change and we KNOW His Presence and His Peace with us and in us.

Thanks and Praise are our in our daily must do’s. THE HEALING WATERS from the Throne of Grace are still flowing.

Thanks be to HIM!


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Often in life I have felt like a bowling ball was aimed at me…..health issues, grief and deaths or loss. Often I have been like a knocked out pin but could get up and STAND.

This past week has reminded me of a curve-ball the time when issues assail from all around,. Destabilization and uncertainty. Thank GOD He is ever stable and with us.

 The beginning of the week was fine, Dave and I with Char-Lee had a delightful day out with fish and chips overlooking the sea.

       We checked out a retirement village I surprised myself by being quite impressed by the place.    We knew it was time to make plans for our more senior years.

      I grieved at possible life changes and the need to sell this property that for 40 years has been our home and retreat.    We prayed for God’s Will in it all and I know I returned that evening more at PEACE in my heart. 

        Wednesday night Dave became unwell and looked white and ill.

            Thursday arrived.   This day for months had been ‘a longed for day.   Our loved granddaughter-  our late daughter Alison’s child – travelled from Tasmania for a brief few hours with us.  

        I sent her a text advising of her grandfather’s far from usual cheery self.

        As a nurse in training at University with practical units of experience of elderly people she insisted the visit was to go ahead.

         It   was an ABSOLUTE JOY to welcome her, and Char-Lee was ecstatic.

        Our grand-daughter    was concerned about her Pop and agreed with me he needed to seek medical  assistance,

       We enjoyed a lovely time together playing board games.   From the pinnacle of joy a curve ball of life suddenly hit me.

       Brief but dramatic I passed out.                  

       Apparently, Amara caught me and she and David assisted me to my armchair.   Everything settled quickly and the Ambulance Officers who came in response to Amara’s call checked us both out and determined that both of us were to be taken to hospital.  

      A normal day changed dramatically.   We had woken to golden sunshine and before long were together in a subdued hospital Emergency Room.    RAT test had been taken in the Ambulance and this was the next shock.  Dave tested positive to Covid.

     My test came back negative,  


     For me I was strapped to all the usual heart monitoring gismos and because  of our fully vaccinated  status with helpful tablets David was sent home and I waved goodbye and lay back fully restrained and monitored carefully for many hours.

    A decision had been made that I was to be  transferred by ambulance to my heart specialist’s hospital for a full checkup and for my pacemaker to be also c hecked.

       I was looked after very well in a warm room with  a comfortable bed, was told to rest and  wait for the ambulance. 

    I tried to sleep but at 11.30pm a doctor arrived and told me I had been discharged and was to go home by taxi immediately.

  A mid-afternoon 2nd RAT test showed I was a/symptomatic and could not go to the facility on the Coast.

     A taxi took me home and in the first minutes of Friday morning I was home in my own bed.

     No one had told me of the second test results.

      I felt like life was surrounded by a huge curve ball that   surrounded and kept trying  to knock us over.

           To GOD tonight I affirm that You  O Lord are ever with us and in us.

                          THANK YOU AND PRAISE YOU!

IT IS well1 IT IS well with our souls1 Now it is rest water and care of our mortal bodies.


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A blessed Reminder

Lasr night I remembered with clarity an incident when a south sea Island man prayed with me. His eyes focussed heavenwards and his hands lifted in worship as he said


He explained to me his prayer meant GOD BLESS YOU but powerfully expressed much more.

It was asking of the ALMIGHTY that HE would pour out a blessing more than he as a mortal man asking could comprehend or understand. May the ALMIGHTY One who rules eternity be the blesser of your life.

Travelling with my Saviour through the hills and valleys of life I can truly affirm the truth contained in this prayer.


This is my prayer on this mid-week morning for all out there, that as you focus forward, you will know journeying with HIM,, living with Word and worship, you too will experience HIS bounteous BLESSINGS. a-men.

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A tribute to all who nuture and LOVE on this Australian Celebration of MOTHER’s DAY.

Thank God today as we remember all in the past and now and all in the future who care, love, nurture others with the heart attitude of a MOTHER. HAPPY MOTHERS’ DAY! May beauty in this day arise and be your greatest gift. God BLESS you!

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He sees my heart

We may long to blend in with the folks around us and we may think we succeed. But our Saviour knows us by our hearts not our externals.

That is why the song “Change my Heart O God. Make it more like YOU.’ resonates with holy truth.

Be free this day to run with the Wind of Vision or Hope and Know He Knows you by your heart.

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