17th October, 2018

114 (b) David & Faye Roots

David and Faye 

Married 48 years.










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Soaring Skywards – A Prayer

Across the world again this morning so much aftermath of weather violence, heartache.  Now,  hardwork ahead for recovery.   Across the sea hurricanes and violent storms.    In my own backyard an unexpected violent weather event which has decimated farmland and left ‘ordinary’ folk for hundreds of miles confused and reeling.  Most people even the very elderly have never known the like.

What should I write?   What can I do?   Other than the practical when I see the need.   But…………………….

My heart and my spirit yearns for a quieter, calmer. place and my prayers for ALL soar upwards.


Comfort, Lord God.   All who are weak with sorrow and loss. May supernatural Strength flow on the lives of all the helpers and restorers. May the HOPE that

                   After the Storms the Sun will again shine……………… rise in spirits.

                                             I ask and believe for Peace .

                                                             In Jesus’ Name.





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FORTRESS                    Jeremiah the Old Testament Prophet suffered much as he tried to turn

the people from their drifting ways and turn them back to God.

In sorrow he wrote:

Jeremiah: 16:19-23 Lord, you are my Strength and Fortress.  My refuge in  

                    the days of trouble.

Martin Luther centuries later, took comfort from these words as in his life he

suffered, loneliness, depression and personal illness.   Then plague came to

his town and suffering everywhere intensified.  He began to pray”

Lord, You are my Strength and Fortress.  My Refuge in all these days of trouble.   a-men.  

From his pen poured the mighty hymn …A MIGHTY FORTRESS IS OUR GOD .

A mighty fortress is our God,

                                           a Bulwark never failing. 

                     Our Helper mid the flood of mortal ills prevailing. 


This is the STAND and the faith that all Christians should be taking in our current world situation.

God is UNCHANGING.   He eternally is the ROCK which will not break or bend to societies secular standards.         a-men.


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Good Morning!

         A few Sunday thoughts for us to ponder.

PEARL         Beneath the grimy, gritty and grim, Inside the oyster, a PEARL within.

Often the polluted, filthy, cloak of human greed, noise and selfish sin and strife,

Hides the SACRED hidden CORE TRUTH of CHRIST the Great IAM.

He is the Saviour hidden PEARL treasure to TRIUMPHANT LIFE.

            CHRIST WITHIN – the Hope of Glory.

       The mystery which has been  hidden from ages and from generations but now has been revealed to His Saints.

To them God revealed to make known what are the riches of the glory of the mystery among the Gentiles which is CHRIST IN YOU, THE HOPE OF GLORY. 

COLS 2:26 AND 27.

Thank YOU. Lord! You are the PEARL OF eternal VALUE.


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Lamentations and Psalms

suffering and hope lametations        Good Morning!

         A few thoughts to ponder.

         There was much suffering reported in the media today.   With the earthquake and tsunami so close to our continent the needs of the folks and the children particularly grieved my heart.

I know prayer is a powerful discipline but I then reflected about the folks in early bible days.

They saw so much sorrow and need, grief and human vileness.  Certainly, they prayed.   I wondered what the difference was between Lamentations and Psalms.    Every Psalm contains some note of PRAISE to God.   People who lamented often had to write of this in dirge-like sorrow expressed, yet continue to live and work and proclaim it (ie Jeremiah).    For us…..the Hope we have in Christ rises more GLORIOUS than the needs which ground us to reality.

Yet, how wonderful it is when even in LAMATATIONS when blackness and often seeming hopelessness prevails………….Still, still the glorious HOPE for a new beginning rises.


My prayer, my Hope (in Christ) for all who may read this is that they too, will rise up like the SUN.

Embrace this day with all its possibilities even if you write, draw or speak out only a brief proclamation of  HOPE.

Blessing and Grace to you!

Joy of Salvation


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Good Morning!

                                                                    A Prayerful Thought.






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Good Morning!

photograph of a concrete structure

There is an archway labelled DEATH at the end of this Highway of life.

                 We all must see it and face it.    For EVERYONE will pass on through.

Jesus gave His Life as a sacrifice,  and said,

                   Fear not!   Come Follow ME!

                  God’s Grace has turned the Archway from an ‘ending’ to a new ‘beginning’.

The Archway says ‘DEATH’ but the message of the Cross is ‘LIFE”

The archway glows with the PROMISE and HOPE of Eternity.

This now is an  Archway of ENTRANCE. (no longer an exit)

With life ahead unseen, but VIBRANT and  brand NEW.

Thank God!






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CREATIVITY – When God’s Gift – brings Hope

Good Morning!


Einstein once wrote ……..Creativity is high intelligence at play.

I believe that creativity when it has a source higher than the human concept of play brings  Hope, Comfort and Healing.     No matter how limited we may feel our creativity is… we can still make ‘better’ that which is broken and sow seeds of beauty for ashes in ALL of life’s circumstances.      Writing, painting, photography, gardening, singing, music that impacts the soul,  ……..Whatever LIFTS and does not pull down.   Whatever restores, cleanses and ‘makes better’.    That is creativity.

This Sunday let’s  all offer up a prayer of thankfulness for our life and the lives of those we love and let our desire arise also , to give , touch or ‘connect’ with another person in a way that speaks of Beauty, Hope and  One who is higher than this life and all its ‘unrest’.


animal beautiful biology bloom

PEACE –    ABSOLUTE PEACE – be with you.


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Good Morning!

tflowing river        There is a River which flows from the Throne of God.

                                                         This River is called L I F E.

When I was young, a man who had returned from years of being a captive after the tragedies of World War II told me……………

.………This river is full of many things, sadness, loss, pain, griefs, disappointments and ‘stuff’ we do not want to encounter.  YET….. We must go on……..we must  live life to its FULLEST.       Many faiths, wash, worship. or make an IDOL of rivers.        However, this River of Life (spiritually)  we ALL  LIVE in. 

In the book of John….7, 37, 38 and 39 it is written.

On the last day of the great feast (prior to the crucifixion)…Jesus stood and cried out.

‘If anyone is thirsty let him come to Me and drink. He who believes in ME as the scripture has said, out of his heart will flow rivers of living water.   He spoke concerning the Holy Spirit whom those believing in Him were to receive when Jesus was ‘glorified’.

                                                            God the Holy Spirit….came.   THANK GOD! THANK GOD!

                          HE is the LIVING LIFE FLOW OF GOD today in our broken and grieving world.

It is a CHOICE!

Do we drink continuously from Him as we LIVE in this river?   

Does living water flow out of our hearts as we care, love, and simply LIVE WITH AND FOR HIM…….today?

From people  who have chosen to live in this River……… PRAYER comes!

May all the broken hearted, suffering and struggling people find PEACE.  May they live onwards with Hope and Purpose.







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Rising with gratitude – A Prayer


belief bible book business

Today, I woke up with a tremendous sense of ‘well-being’ and gratitude.   It is a beautiful golden Spring morning and it is also a Sunday here.   My first prayer for the day was ‘Thank you Lord, for Your Peace, Your Grace and Your Presence in this day.’

My second thought and this prayer I will also write here.

Father across this world others are not waking up to a day of Peace and awareness of Your Presence.     For those who are suffering the aftermath of savage storms or ravages of fire and disaster and many who are grieving for lost ones because of this or other tragedies, my heart turns towards them.

May Your Healing Hands and Heart through the care of folk who come to help be evident.  

Lord, in Jesus Name, Pour healing Grace upon the situations and give Strength and unbelievable Ability to all who administer HOPE as well as COMFORT.


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