Good Morning!

2018 - The road ahead.......

2018 began for me personally with the certainty that for a period, life would be different.

Tomorrow I begin five weeks of radiation.   Five days per week. Five weeks in all.  That is 25 treatments. That’s the truth ‘stuff’ of the next section of my private highway.   For seven years I have travelled free of all worries re breast cancer – every test and scan  has been negative. Then, a bit like a bolt from the blue a few days before Christmas, an unexpected discovery – a malignant tumour hidden under previous scar tissue.   Ok.   Results in the circumstances very good.   Low grade…non invasive…..lymph nodes negative – all clear.   Operation has fixed the problem and radiation now necessary to mop up any stray cells.   Gratitude for life and Grace is powerfully real in my heart and mind.    I consider myself fortunate I am NOT in a battle for my life.  Others are, and it is for them I want to focus my mind. The future now is a bit more uncertain, for me. Others want me to focus a bit more on what might/might not happen further down the road.

Who among us has any CERTAINTY of future?    Every day should be seen as a unique and valuable Gift.      I’m more grateful than I can say that I KNOW, I absolutely KNOW that I do not travel alone.   My LORD is with me.   He is my ROCK,  my  ANCHOR, My HOPE.  He is my CONSTANT friend and companion.   Tomorrow begins a new and different journey.    I value prayers,   I value the ones who wanted to know what had ‘happened’.    Thank you to all my dear blogging friends.   On Wednesday, hopefully, the Lord’s Prayer meditation.    The Ephesians Armour is a great prayer but I close now with what I’m praying will be in my heart and spirit as I journey 2 hours each way for the treatments.

This, was found engraved on the breastplate armour of St. Patrick centuries ago.

tBreastplate of St. Patrick 2 .jpg                                               Christ above me, Christ beside me,

Christ within me – ever guiding,

Christ behind me, Christ before,

  Christ my LOVE, – my LIFE –  my LORD.

Grace and Peace on your journeys   TRAVEL WELL!


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roaring lion                                                            Lion of Judah -A Christ Name

  Thy Kingdom come , Thy will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven

The Lord’s Prayer – Mid week reflections No.3.

                                                      Let us pray:

My Father in Heaven, May Your Kingdom come.    If I take up my cross to follow you then may your Kingdom be built in me…lesson by lesson …..stone by stone?  All the hills and all the valleys.   Through joy and suffering, strife peace.   Kingdom Authority is from you alone.  You are my Saviour, My Lord and My King. Reign in all aspects of my life, I pray.

May your Kingdom be built in the lives of  those I love, in my Church, in my community, and in my country.  In all the countries

(note: at this point in praying the Lord’s Prayer as a disciplined daily relationship prayer let the Spirit lead and guide……..This prayer for God’s Will in the lives of ALL People – all tribes, all colours and all nations is a KINGDOM PRAYER).  I have found in the silence of the prayer journey I have even found myself praying for folk not known personally but as a part of where I spiritually travel.

May your Kingdom and your will be done on Earth as it is in heaven.         On this Earth many don’t even know the POWER of GOD’s Grace and DIVINE LOVE.            This is why He wants His Kingdom to be built in our lives as an example of His Divine KINGDOM still to come.   We must be the Divine Light of HOPE TO OTHERS.


kingdom come

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Is a Rose still a Rose when its beauty has faded?

F90 Rose at Woolmer's Estate.

                                             Something to think about as we journey onwards in 2018.

If something of beauty is  absorbed into our memory and can remain  poignantly clear does  that object, that person, that person’s action or an event ever fade or will it always be in vivid colour and impact our lives.

This is the importance of forgiveness.   We must not hold on forever to clear memories and events from the past that will impact our futures negatively.    We must carry into the future only the clear and beautiful images which never fade of what is positive and beautiful.   The Smile of a child (not the gross behaviour or the subsequent, perhaps lack of love, they show to family.).       We must carefully filter the disturbing images that modern media constantly bombards our minds with.    Being informed does not mean being steamrolled with all the endless recalls of past incidents.       Our own lives must have filters to surrender to God the mistakes and the bad and ,,,,,,, create wonderful storage folders to keep the positive and beautiful.   I believe this is why Jesus came and for believers He is the Divine filter.      Through Him and To Him must be all the Valleys and Hills of life…….. released, sanctified and allowed to be become memories always of Hope and eternal value.

Be yourself,,,,,,,,, but SHINE a Light into the world around you.    Make a difference in someone else’s day.


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Hallowed be Thy Name

Mid-week Meditation on the Lord’s Prayer No. 2.

Let us Pray,

My Father in Heaven,

Hallowed be Thy Name.

Hallowed: Holy, revered, held apart with Awe  and breathless wonder.

There are many references for the Name of God.  For this prayer….Psm. 18.

Rock, Fortress, Deliverer, Horn of Salvation , Stronghold.

Hebrew Names… El Shaddai….The All Sufficient God. Often rendered as God Almighty.

El Yeshyati – The God of my Salvation (Isa. 12:2)

Immanuel – God with us (Isa 7:14)

IMMANUEL – revealed as the incarnate Son of God, child of Mary, (Matthew 1:23)

This  is God IN us, through us, to a needing world.

As part now of the wonder of the Lord’s Prayer given as a guide to us.

I pray:

My Father in Heaven,

Sacred, Holy, revered is Your Name.   You are Rock, Fortress, Deliver, 

All sufficient, God Almighty, Saviour of my soul.

In the Name of Christ Immanuel.   a-men.

byond own limits. - Copy

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Good Morning!

 A gentle Sunday…….Something to think about.20171210_172253

Every day it is possible to look for something beautiful as we travel.   But, circumstances and life often mean it is the impacting and stunning beauty of the world around that brings a jolt of Hope.    The beauty of a sunrise, a Moon a Golden Day when the whole world shines.  What about the days when all is grey both in reality of life and in outside circumstances?            How wonderful it is when we see then,  something unexpected – easily overlooked, but still beautiful in its own right!

After forest clearing, bulldozing and levelling ready for more pine planting,  unexpectedly a tiny pocket of small wildflowers have burst through.   Only a few struggling to survive.   Around them destruction but this small place has the ability to ‘shock’ just like a massive more dramatic display.

Made me think again of life and faith.         Many, many, days of memories and great beauty……then the times when perhaps we struggle BUT…………..these are the GRACE days when we simply are meant to settle.    As believers we KNOW we never journey alone.

Thought for the days ahead………. Look for beauty…….accept where you are at. Beauty and GRACE together.   Let your Light  clearly shine for others.

REMEMBER……..A smile is worth a thousand word pictures.

puppy smiles.



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Good Morning!

ballooning at sunrise, Bundall Qld.

  OUR FATHER IN HEAVEN……..My Father in Heaven……. Adopted by Him and loved.

On the first day of January I was fortunate to hear a wonderful prayer guidance teaching about the Lord’s Prayer.   I had heard some before but it seemed to be emphasising that in 2018 we must realize that Christ’s death on the Cross and His Resurrection mean that we NOW have full access to the Father in the status of His Children. Therefore praying the Lord’s Prayer (on a daily basis …..should provide us with ALL we need to STAND in midst of the turmoils in which we live.).   Most of us have accepted this prayer as a rote prayer…..we all know it.    We can recite it probably in our sleep or under water BUT……….The 7 steps (God’s perfect number) to the Lord’s Prayer can make it a  daily discipline of tremendous enrichment and ‘connection’ with the Divine.

Step One.…… Knowing where He is and where you are in relationship.    My Father, who is in heaven…..not here on the earth, among all the ‘stuff’.    But, in a Holy Place.   I have access to talk to YOU there because of blood shed for me at Calvary. .Abba, My Father……with gratitude of heart because I am your Child.   With certainty that Heaven is open to hear me……I come……..I…..Come!

Personally , I need to be reminded and refreshed by the seven steps so Mid-week for seven weeks this will be my something to think about spot.

Blessings and Grace to you each one on your individual journey.

4 Soaring bird at Tin Can Bay, 21 June 2009

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Good Morning!

It is not only Sunday but incredibly the last day in 2017.     I wonder what are your most vivid memories.   Some events in 2017 have shocked me.   Some surprised me.   A few inspired me and a few ,in more recent weeks have had an impact in a very personal sense.


TOMORROW WE WILL OPEN THE 2018 DOOR1st January 2018…………………………………………….. When you open this new door…..Are there some things you perhaps should leave behind?    Mistakes, failures, etc etc……It is time before you even open the door to this new year to make a quality decision to Leave behind absolutely everything that is unnecessary for the ongoing benefit of the new days and months ahead. 

If you know, like me, you may have some new and difficult days ahead… the New Year gives us all time to take a deep breath.        Give thanks for what has gone and with confidence walk through the open door.

Perhaps we can make a decision to find each day something……just one thing…of beauty this  new year.   Maybe just the leaf of a tree or someone’s smile or……possibilities are endless.   It would be fun to make a note of what we actually ‘see’ and be amazed at year’s end.

Whatever your journey……whatever your hope and dreams.

HAPPY 2018……………When you open the door if you are following the Shepherd, His Presence will ever be your COMFORT and GUIDE.

What we need is not New Light   (the LIGHT HAS COME) but new sight. Not new paths, but new strength to walk in the old ones; not new duties but new wisdom from on HIGH to fulfill those that are plain before us.

         Blessings and Peace to you!

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LIFE – An unusual seven day journey

Good Morning All!

     Hope you found time during the busyness of this Christmas remembrance to simply LOVE.

From my last Wednesday blog – only seven days – on reflection it has been an extraordinary rollercoaster of different experiences and events.

Chips checks out the butterfly.Chips checks out the butterfly stone.    The stone is labelled Hope. Don’t think he’s interested in the tree.

last Wednesday, I had an unexpected operation because of a positive breast cancer test. (7 years ago we all thought this had been sorted, forever).

Today one week after op, I will return to hospital to have dressings etc removed and receive results.    Hope is high in my heart for good results.   It has been a wonderful week in spite of  some personal ‘under par’ adjustments.   Thanks and gratitude for wonderful family support and also the joy absolute in holding and seeing the grandchildren and their Christmas Happiness.

This Highway of Life is indeed a wonderful journey.   It has valleys and twists and perhaps rollercoaster curves BUT…….LOVE is stronger than absolutely everything and that in essence is the REASON for the coming of Christ.  His Presence in me is the  Reason why I celebrate the coming of DIVINE LOVE in the Person of Jesus. Indeed it was a Happy Christmas!

Have a wonderful week leading now to New Year’s Eve and let your capacity to love be ignited as you  journey onwards.

Ralph Waldo Emerson once wrote.         What lies behind us and what lies before us are  tiny matters compared to what lies within us.

LIVE! love! REJOICE!      SAM_2427

Summer colours of Christmas in Oz.

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CHRISTMAS EVE 2017 – Remembering the coming of THE LIGHT

Good Morning!

divine-love-christmas-remembered                  THE LIGHT which came – we remember – DIVINE LOVE – sent to pierce the darkness of all human experiences.    HAPPY CHRISTMAS!   May you find Holy Peace and moments of ‘stillness’ in the midst of all the (celebrations!!)

Personally, from Wednesday to today in 2017 has been quite a journey.  It was a bit jolting, unexpected, and although I had awareness of incredible PEACE through it all … I come now to this place.  (Future is indeed in HIS HANDS).

The New Year stretches untouched before all of us ……….still many days of this 2017 to be lived.       May the Christmas break and time of reflection energise and equip you to  truly appreciate the possibilities that lie ahead.

THANK YOU SINCERELY, for prayers, understanding and love during this past week.   Messages of ‘connection’ were all valued beyond my ability to adequately express. 

HEART ON FIRElet DIVINE LOVE penetrate your remembrances and indeed have a HAPPY and BLESSED CHRISTMAS.      Peace! and Grace! to all.

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Good Morning!

This mid-week blog is connection and not about Christmas time.


Today, unexpectedly I am facing surgery. (again). Possibly two days and nights in hospital.

Test results last week had clear not good indications and need even now…pre Christmas… attention.   I’m not happy about this…..It is in fact a real ‘bummer’

BUT……..  I woke today with the song………“I’m gonna take the  Hand of the Man who stilled the water, I’m gonna take the Hand of the Man who calmed the sea.  I’m gonna take the Hand of the Carpenter of Galilee! ‘

Thank you Lord!

I hope this day has wonderful possibilities for folks reading this blog and for others who may have a day not quite to their liking I join in prayer  that God will indeed undergird the journeys of us all!.

Christmas is coming!     Remembrance of the coming of THE LIGHT  which pierces all darkness is still ahead.

                                   HAVE A GREAT DAY! 

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