One Tiny White Cloud – Meditative Thoughts


What do you see?

Yesterday I was praying.    Many people on my heart.  Many problems and sadnesses etc.  I looked up.   In the sky was one tiny insignificant white cloud.   The background was the clearest blue.    A I sat, wind began to tease at this cloud and it seemed to dance.   At times it changed….It was like a tiny child.   Then a small animal (almost with a gentle lion-like face).     I did not want to move but my camera was not far away.   This was what I captured. What do you see?.   What person or event comes to your mind. Yet it is only a white cloud.

Cherish all your visions; cherish your ideals; cherish the music that stirs in your heart, beauty that forms in your mind, loveliness that drapes your purest thoughts, for out of them will grow all delightful conditions, all HEAVENLY environment.                          James Allen

A meditation hopefully to inspire.     Again a reminder to us all.   This day is our day to LIVE.  Choose wisely HOW.                                               Blessings and love!




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Inspiration, Imagination and Truth

Good Morning!

Today I had no intention of writing a blog. I only blog when I have inspiration, imagination or a passionate life-learned Truth to express.

Today for some reason I found myself overwhelmed by all three.   I am passionate about my writing life – I have a fictitious family in a historically accurate story and sometimes they become so real… real……my heart aches for their journey yet…….it is imagination fuelled by inspiration. ?  It can be a dilemma.


Then of course, Valentine’s Day and much ‘stuff’ airy fluffy in some cases emotionalism.  Then I read the following and thought perhaps I would blog today after all.


A human soul cannot live without loving.  It must have something or someone to love.    It  was created to love.

Catherine of Siena.       (Of course she had a enduring LOVE for GOD)

Having someone who understands you is HOME

Having someone who loves you is BELONGING

Having both is a DIVINE BLESSING

unknown author.

Indeed this is my TRUTH in the now………a blessing from God…….and in the hereafter…..A Free GRACE Gift from God.

How could our days not be blessed.

Journey onward dear ones, one step at a time!

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The power of Love -Do you believe it?

Good Morning!


Love changes everything – The Lloyd Weber song is more about romantic love……But…

wordpressSometimes looking at something that catches our attention can make us think of love.

These beautiful roses climbing over a gate touched a chord in me when I walked past  one holiday.   Beauty and Love can be inter-connected .

But the type of love that goes way beyond intrinsic beauty is the kind of love that we all, as human beings, are capable of.

Divine Love comes from the HIGHEST Source.

It is this LOVE that we can give to others.

 This love is best expressed here:-

Love never gives up.  Love cares more for others than for self.  Love…puts up with anything. Trusts God always, always looks for the best, never looks back, but keeps going to the end.

1 Corinthians 13:4,7      MSG.

This is the kind of LOVE I long to have in my heart not just for myself but for others in my life and for the wider world.     What about you?

If it seems impossible… can still be our GOAL.

Love for others can so transform lives that beauty indeed becomes the natural overflow.

A relaxed and productive week for all!

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A brief mid-week comment


I wonder how many people actually feel they are living Holy lives?   I was feeling a bit stressed when the thought came……. remember some moment of peace and beauty. I found this picture and the memories flooded back.    Hampton Court in England.   An afternoon of incredible softness, memories that will last a lifetime.

This afternoon I found the following quote:-

The serene beauty of a holy life is the most powerful influence in the world next to the power of God.                                         Blaise Pascal


It struck me.    We perhaps all need to be reminded to focus on beauty and then maybe we will be conduits of what we take in to give out to others.

Peace to you in this day!



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GRACE – A Mystery

                Good Morning!

                How much Grace do you walk in today?



Divine Grace – undeserved, unmerited favour.    Have we all in our lives  more blessings than we actually deserve?      Have nations, individuals, groups, people who perpetrate greed and hatred,unkindness and cruelty  have free reign to live like this FOREVER?…………Certainly it would appear many  walk in a favour undeserved BUT ….what we see is with our human understanding.   What we can be in our lives by viewing from a heavenly perspective  shows clearly that there is a GRACE ANOINTING on all who choose to follow the SHEPHERD. (There is a time for others when Grace alone will not hold them.)

Life is certainly not free of problems  for those with clear pathway focus.  Their footsteps will find beauty and lead onwards ever to BETTER.

The smallest diamond is worth more than the largest pebble; the lowest degree of Grace excels the loftiest attainment of nature.       Charles H. Spurgeon

I do not understand the mystery of Grace – only that it meets us right where we are and never leaves us.          Annie Larcott


Appropriate Grace today and by attitudes to others share that Grace with them.

Walk in what you don’t understand but smile a loving smile at the world around you. (even the unresponsive!!)       That’s Grace!









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Interruptions – ‘Plans’ are shaken

Good Morning!

A Meditation for contemplation in this new week.


Have you had your day or week planned then something interrupted?

   Life swirled almost as if ‘out of control’?

           I’ve seen this many times  – an unplanned child – a job loss.- illness – transfers, wars and conflict, death of a spouse and or a child.  Among believers, those  who trust in Christ the Shepherd, many interruptions appear as if God  is asleep or, has abandoned them.   The Bible is full of such stories.  Job is only one graphic example.

Last year, my planned day and week was stopped absolutely when I was on a trolley being transferred to theatre,

‘This is ridiculous!’  I said in an arrow prayer in my mind. ‘Unfair and why?’   I had no history of heart trouble yet a ‘pacemaker’ was to be fitted.  ‘You have an occasional skipped beat – it can be dangerous’ .  This was the diagnosis. My out there prayers quietly continued…….’I’ve had enough operations!   This is so unfair!  I had a busy week planned.   Lots to do’    HUH?

 No answer came but I knew ‘SURRENDER’ was my only choice.   Faith was shaky but I discovered God was UNSHAKEABLE..  ‘Ok, I can’t stand.   I can’t pray.    I can’t even think clearly.  Ok.  over to YOU.  – everything’

The events in theatre and from people around I will not record here.   It was not about me… was all about HIM……but WOW!   I learnt a lesson. Life will continue to be full of interruptions.  Some of them more catastrophic than others.  Lives do change forever. Many situation are more like Job than mine on that day BUT this is now my certainty.  The world around you will change.  Life will change.

My God revealed in Christ is UNCHANGEABLE.

Something to think about.


C.S. Lewis

Have a great week!.  Love extravagantly!

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  Good Morning!

A mid-week Thought to ponder


Today, like every day in our lives we will need to make choices.   Let’s take a few minutes to think about wheel tracks.      Will we choose to go today down the familiar of our own wheel tracks?.    Do we have the humility to accept advice from someone with greater experience than ourselves and choose to follow a path they have known to be tried and true?  Or , today will we choose to blaze a new and different way of travelling?  Either way the choice is ours to make.   Accepting consequences is VITAL.   There is no guarantee that dangers are not present on whichever path we take.

Is there one Rule that should be unbreakable?

I believe LOVE should determine our choices.   Love for others and respect and love for ourselves.


love is the divine vitality that everywhere produces and will restore life.    To each and every one of us, it gives the power of working miracles if we will.

Lydia Maria Child



What ever and wherever you may journey this day…….Be courageous in your choices!  Live with dignity.    Shine your LIght!      live well!


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A Thought to ponder in this new week.


Picture courtesy of weather warning e-mail Inc.

I post this thought tonight because I not only grieve at continuing unease and strife around our world but marvel at the resilience of others when terrible troubles come.

I am not afraid of storms, for I am learning how to sail my own ship.

Louisa May Alcott

I was interested in this comment and discovered others, particularly writers had penned:

I am not afraid of approaching storms because I have built my own boat.

Unknown who penned the words.

BUT again the focus seemed to me to be on SELF RESILIENCE.

Then I read:-

Of myself I can do nothing but I have chosen to surrender my Life into the keeping of the ONE who calmed the sea.

I have invited HIM to be the Captain of my life.

Therefore there is no  storm in this life of which I am afraid.

Attributed to Oswald Chambers

Thoughts to ponder in the week ahead. In what areas are we self-sufficient?   In what areas are we ‘in control’?    Who indeed captains our ship when really bad storms invade our lives?

After every storm comes the incredible CALM.

May Peace and Grace be with on your life journey this week.


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Viewing life with a heavenly mindset.

A mid-week contemplation.


Life is what we are alive to.   It is not length nor is it breadth.   Be alive to…..goodness, kindness, purity, love, history, poetry, music, flowers, stars, God and eternal HOPE.

Maltbie D. Babcock.

Perhaps you know who Maltbie was.   For me it was the day I took the photograph above from the window of an aeroplane, I KNEW that with the increasing violence and unrest in this world – I could change what I could…..make a difference where I was called of the Lord to do so BUT: my space of life had to be LIVED in an atmosphere somehow ‘above’ the clouds.    Return to the reality every day but know my own space ABOVE it all.   My God is a PERSONAL GOD.

Hope the rest of this week flows well for you.    Do your 100% in what you are trying to achieve but remember……nurture you own soul. Nothing else has eternal possibilities


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Fountain/waterfall Does JOY bubble forth from your life?

Good Morning!

A new week begins.     I met today with a group of people.  They spoke about the richness and fullness of their lives.   They had Faith, and abundant Hope to carry them forth into this fractured world…..but stoically rigid they faced a new week. .They would indeed be mighty warriors facing whatever lay before them.

Coming home the question above was in my heart and spirit.


This is my prayer as I pen this.  May you find inside, you have an absolutely unquenchable bubble of JOY.  It may be latent………It has nothing at all to do with Happiness.   But certainly for those who are Christian Believers it must be there .  This is the bubble/spring gush of His Presence within.    It is the certainty you are LOVED. Like fresh water the reality bubbles and Joy – more than Peace and Hope rises.   (I know from personal experience the bubble comes into reality in sometimes very difficult and sad circumstances.)

A challenge for myself and you as well.    Will you allow this fountain or waterfall to bubble up and bring to others this week …more than Love and Hope but Joy in LIVING?

Have a Brilliant week!



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