Hope and Divine Comfort

Good Morning!

The image I had saved portrayed a real event.

However, I am unable to reproduce it here but the shadowy pixal above may also evoke feelings of Comfort and Hope

A man stood beside the sea overwhelmed by grief and pain. He lifted his hands. ‘HELP!’ he cried.

His wife and child had died suddenly.

The sun moved across the clouds and an image Shadow of the Cross appeared beside him. It brought Comfort and assurance of LOVE,


We can spiritually imagine that we too live our lives under the Shadow of the Cross,

If we KNOW we have been saved by the blood of the Lamb of God then this spiritual Shadow is indicative of a COVENTAL PROMISE.


Keep looking Higher, beloved. Many folk indeed have recorded actually seeing a Shadow of the Cross. Maybe you will too!

Life is a precious journey of constant discovery.


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Gratitude Ignites the Heart


Welcome NEW WEEK!

Forgetting all the things I do not have but surging forward with a heart of gratitude for all the beautiful and life-affirming things I do have in this NEW DAY.

I watch the sun and feel the breeze and say………

T H A N K Y O U!

Beloved Saviour Lord, Who gave me this Gift of Life!

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Missing Photo….What is this one?

In 2001 after the 9/11 terrorist attacks, I walked along a forestry trail and prayed.

My heart was grieving, my spirit searching for God’s answer to share with young ones i was visiting in a class-room situation.

The shredding wind tossed cloud above and before me formed a clear 5 in the sky. T took a picture.

This picture was an illustration for GOD’S NUMBER for Grace over the world. His GRACE above all things.

Years have flown by and all our technologies have rapidly changed. I know I saved the image but where? On Saturday I searched all the hidden and old files on our very Old pre-internet computer. More than 4500 files but no cloud 5.

later in the day the above image was one which came up on a more recent file. This had a title WHOOSH!

Here it is what do you see in THIS ONE.?

I turned over my date pad and a comment from centuries ago caught my attention.

We do not need to search for heaven, over here or over there, in order to find our Eternal Father. In fact we do not need to speak out loud for though we speak in the smallest whisper.

HE is close enough to hear us. Teresa of Avila.

Something to ponder. What do you see?

Have a Blessed DAY!

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He has provided for us THE WAY for a Heavenly Home.

Thank God for All the loving Fathers who work and live to provide a loving earthly home for their families.


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Mid-week thoughts.

Without any thought of a Divine G0d being the creative influence on all things, I could then be totally free to say

I prefer yellow ones – I will chase all the other ones away

When we have an understanding of a creative God who is so BIG , His creativity defies our human brain’s ability to reason through all our questions……… It is then we can look at the whole world as His Glorious Masterpiece. We can rejoice!

Socitial fightings and constant moves for change and improvement will maybe improve the human status on this side of His DIVINE CANVAS.


If human beings are made in the Image of the Divine,- the highest expression of HIMSELF then this DIvine Creator must be, in His Divinity, ALL aspects of humanity. He must be male/female ,all skin tones comprising all human types in His Master PLAN.

What colour we are and what sex, what feeble or fighting fit aspect of mortality we live is but what we live and play out on the visible stage of life.


The Lord God ALMIGHTY!

The BIG PLAN is His DOMINION over all things. Heavenly, Earthly and in the spirit world. That’s how big the creative influence of our ONE GOD -Father….SON and Holy SPIRIT IS.

it will take a lifetime to fully understand a part of how big indeed He really is.

Thank God for the beautiful butterflies, trees, sky, and for all of humanity in diversity and complexity.

Butterflies in multi colours have become A SYMBOL of death, rebirth and the soaring HOPE of future flight. They appear after floods, fires and disasters. Miraculously at times butterflies have appeared when all life after an earthquake apparently has gone, Some where a chrysalis survives.

God’s overwhelming LOVE revealed at the sacrifice on the cross is and was indicative of His Plan of HOPE For All humanity.

Black, yellow,red, white, coffee coloured, tall,pigmy sized, fat, thin,paralized, mentally challenged, hopelessly confused by brain injury,,,,,,,,Etc Not one life is more important than another in HIM. All lives matter!


Butterflies will die – their life span will end ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, But for all of humanity Accept HIM AND his Sacrifice and this earth is NOT YOUR FINAL HOME.

Stop stressing! FLY LIKE A BEAUTIFUL BUTTERFLY. Focus on your destination and…………

LIVE LIVE LIVE in your present with soaring


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DIVINE GRACE – An Umbrella Dream

Good Morning!

I share my dream with you for comfort and reflection.

In the dream I was safe from all the swirling elements. Sheltered .under the umbrella of Divine Grace

I am with you in you and for YOU. i will never leave you or forsake YOU. Stay under the shelter of my GRACE.!

I wanted to confirm what I could learn spiritually by this dream. I also had a question. LoRD will you one day close this umbrella?

I know we all need to repent, seek and accept forgiveness; We need to exercise this aspect in LOVE to all around ;

I journeyed by researching articles and Biblical SCRIPTURES on DISPENSATION of DIVINE GRACE. I found it fascinating!.

Grace Dispensation began with the Law of Moses. (a type of the what would be the future) WORKS!

Do this and LIve by these rules. Praise GOD! He cared and LOVED to provide to His People A way of GRace through rules and DOING.

The whole Old Testament resounds with a Promise. One day SOMEONE will Come.

Titus 2:11 THE GRACE of God has appeared that offers salvation to ALL people.

Jesus Christ has done (on the Cross) HIS Salvation………ALL that is necessary. Eps.2;8,9.

John Recorded John 1:17 Grace and Truth came through the LAMB of GOD – Jesus Christ.

The Grace years – From the CROSS to the CROWN……… GRACE YEARS – umbrella in my dream a spiritual type. There has been much written about these Grace Years. Are these the years of the Church? The still NOW. 2020?

Will the coming of the KING close the Time of THE GRACE YEARS and herald in the KINGDOM age?

A good thought to ponder.

Thank God we are not meant to Know these answers. Our responsibility is to LIVE now letting HIM transform and change us to become His!

Under the covering of this SPIRITUAL DIVINE GRACE UMBRELA – go forth this week with JOY!

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Achievable Goals

Dancing on the clouds is certainly not an achievable goal in your natural day.

Good Morning!

I’m thinking about the importance of having your own goal for every day.

Your goal and my goal will be different. I believe God wants us to rise each and every morning with gratitude, for a new beginning, and choose a simple and an achievable goal.

Most days my personal goals are not important in the eyes of anyone else but life affirming on my own journey.

Last week my goal was very simple, I have a huge beaded picture with thousands of beads. I determined to place just 10 in their correct position. It was not the only thing I did that day but that one clear goal achieved something that improved the big picture. (I actually completed an entire section.)

let’s all goal something today. I know where I have to go and what I have to do but one goal I will take on my way is the little image of someone dancing on the clouds.

Today, I have things I have to do. One goal I am taking with me is the mental image of the person dancing on the clouds. Perhaps, Just perhaps this simple thing may help my smile for someone else be a little BRIGHTER. Just perhaps!

Have a great day. May you find an achievable goal and LIVE ABUNDANTLY.


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The Journey five years later.

Thank you for sharing and writing this. I have not like you experienced the pain of loss in this way. Your story testifies of HIM. I have a third child who was born after two caesars. I had been told it was too ‘dangerous’ to have this No3, God blessed us with a second son . He was born Fit and healthy and we thanked God for His Grace. Kev was not quite 2 when he had a febile convulsion after getting measles and Glandular fever together from older siblings. “He will probably not survive the night’ the doctors said. I stood peering out to heaven appealing and praying earnestly for my child’s life. I learned a great lesson that night. I was forced to ‘surrender’ my son into His Hands totally whether He lived or died. I battled in prayer and peace only came when the place in my heart came that I absolutely trusted Him even if we had to walk through the searing pain of loss, The rest of the story is in HIS realm and I won’t share here but I slept I KNEW I had learned a deep spiritual lesson. Kevin came home the next day and forever I give thanks but KNOW absolutely HE IS LORD! Appreciate you beautiful sharing.


Its been a while and the pain is no more.

I see so much of you in your siblings.

When you left, my hands felt lighter and heart empty.

With little hope to hold onto.

The doctors reports suggested i would never experience the joy of motherhood again.

But i had a promise. A promise that God gave me as you breathed your last breath in my arms.

J is almost four now.. He fills in your space like a pro. He leads like a first.

God promised me a son and he delivered. Exactly the time He foretold.

He said to me,he is a God of all seasons and i have testified of that.

When J was conceived i was told the risks of developing the same heart issues like you were higher , i was also told never to dare conceiving again. I hadn’t even recovered from the…

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Philippians 2;16 Holding fast the Word of life, I rejoice in the Day of Christ that I may run the race and not rejoice in vain.

Are you saved? Salvation REJOICE!

Are you covered by the blood of HIS Sacrifice? Redeemed REJOICE!

Are you being led by His Holy Spirit – Sanctification REJOICE!

If you say yes! then let us all go forth today with HIM and REJOICE in the FULLNESS of our CHRIST-LIFE.


Set our spirit’s FREE Lord that we may worship YOU. Let us SOAR with YOU!


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i experienced since my last blog the truth of the song,,This is the air I BREATHE

I believe in the days we are living our prayer life must evolve and change.

On the gentle wind yesterday faces and people came to mind. They were not on any pre-planned list. God the Holy Spirit brought their faces to mind. He knew their needs I simply stood and knew He was breathing His Grace over ALL Circumstances.

This morning I awoke to the reminder that if we LOVE HIM we will not be afraid to let HIM also breathe on and through us the blazing Breath of His DIVINE LOVE.

This refining FIRE of blazing LOVE will burn away the dross and reform us into HIS Image. How long will this take?

I don’t know about you but I believe the rest of my human life. For now I will stand or sit and BREATHE in the fullness of the LIFE He has given me.

BREATHE! BREATHE! Let Divine Love wash us all so we may be the Blazing Lights for HIM in this broken world.

Blessings in abundance!

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