I am Not Ashamed. I confess Him as my friend

Good Morning!

           A thought to ponder.

Before I knew Him as a best friend.

I journeyed spiritually often feeling alone.

It was the realization that God really loved me and that Jesus came to bridge the gap between a God up ‘there’ and humanity HERE a new day dawned (spiritually).

He is my Saviour (His shed blood makes me worthy) now His Holy Spirit living within, points me always to the CROSS for ongoing forgiveness and Jesus is not only simply the ONE I follow but the DEAR FRIEND Who walks with me, talks with me and is beside me in every dark and lonely experience in this earthly life.

Though the fallen world may laugh and scoff yet still………I will not be ASHAMED.

This Jesus! This Divine Holy One! by Grace alone is also

MY BEST FRIEND     (spiritually and in ALL THINGS)


                                               live!    Love Abundantly! Rejoice!



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Letting go – Letting God


Forty years ago I was faced with this SURRENDER decision when my baby was very ill.

Medical opinion was strongly against me having a third child because my first two were delivered by caesarian-section.   I had a very rare occurrence where the placenta was slightly to the side and haemorrhage was a risk factor for mother and child.

In my heart and in our lives we felt there was meant to be another child to complete our family.

The coming of our second son made our family now completed with our daughter, and two sons.  We were filled with gratitude and joy.

When this baby a year later, took  ill and his fever could not be controlled and he was sent to hospital we were advised that he may not survive the night.

Forever, I’ll remember my tussle with the Lord on the verandah of that old Queenslander home all those years ago.

This is not fair Lord. Why did you give him to us if you are going to take him away again?’

Many people were praying with us for ‘healing’.   My battle appeared to be spiritual.

‘All things life are meant  to be held loosely.’

I’m not sure if that was the Lord speaking or my own jolting thought but I struggled because I truly believed that I held all material things ‘loosely’.   But this was my baby.    Was he not God’s Gift to us?

Then something happened I looked up into the starry sky and this is how I felt the Spirit led me to pray.

‘Father thank you for all three of our children.   Thank you for the baby who was, and is, a longed for and appreciated addition. We have prayed for his healing but I hold even him loosely and say …….’.I let him go and Let You determine  his future and your perfect plan for his life’.       Then I cried.


I lay back on the bed and heard God speak.   ‘This child will not die. You will bring him home tomorrow. ‘

Against all the medical predictions and indeed all the ones who wanted to keep him in for further tests etc.   The next day I brought him home.

Stunned doctors and nurses.   Stunned everyone.   Happy baby and a mother who had learned a valuable lesson and I now pass it on to you.

Hold on to EVERYTHING on this Earth LIGHTLY.   Loosely and lovingly.

This Earth is not our final home …

LET GO!       LET GOD BE GOD!    

Seek after Him Diligently.   Be connected to Him.


The fragility of life around us in 2019 shows even more clearly how lightly we must hold externals and nurture and strengthen that which last ETERNALLY.


Blessings!    Love!   and Peace! to you on your journey of life.


LIVE ABUNDANTLY…………so is the reason for being Kingdom children.









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Roms. 2:2.

 Be not be conformed to this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind,

 So you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God.

We live IN this world.    We are not OF it.

Because of Jesus Christ…..We KNOW……….We KNOW.


Love!      Rejoice      LIVE!      Follow the Shepherd and be constantly CHANGED.

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Hydro-electric power generates light. What you BELIEVE generates LIFE AND LIGHT

Hydro-electric power source

This was the thought on a date pad.

                                                Something for us all to think on today.

It made me think about what we really believe.

FAITH  makes all things Possible.   HOPE makes all things bright. LOVE makes                      all things easy.

When you believe in a God who is so BIG He came to earth as  A human revealed as Christ to die for the sins and souls of all humanity.   If you believe that  JESUS CHRIST IS SAVIOUR and is/was the sacrificial LAMB of God.    John the Baptist said ‘ Behold the LAMB OF GOD  who takes away the sins of the WORLD.’ If you believe that Jesus’ death and resurrection cut and sealed a NEW COVENANT at Calvary.


If you believe that your HOPE is in the One who is with you in the darkest night on your life’s journey and proclaims that ‘Joy comes with the morning’

Then, HOPE makes all things bright.


If you believe that your God has and is pouring DIVINE LOVE on you and on your life , if you repent and live life by His instructions.  ‘FOLLOW ME’.    Then that LOVE on and in you will enable us all to LOVE others around us.   Not easy in our own strength.

But in the Hydro-electric Power of HIS DIVINE LOVE . Loving others will be easier.

Then, LOVE make all things easier.

Blessings! A hope and a Prayer for all who are suffering severe weather trials at this time.   In Him.  A-men.




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The unexpected BLOG FOCUS.

Good Morning! or Good Afternoon!


Today is the first of September.   It is the first day of  SPRING here in Australia.  It is also Father’s Day and then I discovered it is now also The Australian National Wattle Day remembrance.

We went to church to celebrate the 150th anniversary of a Gympie Church.  I believed the title of my blog today would be  Celebrating AND ROUND AND ROUND.

A  dog trapped in her circumstances did not know she was FREE when she went to a farm.   She still just went round and round in the same size of the circle which had been her former reality.

Today then I will simply say ‘Blessings, Love and Peace’ to you all.   Happy Father’s Day and thanksgiving to God for all the FATHERS who have, and are playing their significant role in the lives of the next generation.

Personally, I thank God that Jesus Christ came and sacrificed HIS LIFE on the Cross so we could live in FREEDOM spiritually.   ‘Born Again’ into a new and vital heavenly KINGDOM.

Let’s never limit all the possibilities in life won by Christ by going round and round and let the past , or the restraints of former life both good and bad keep you going in circles.

Keep focus on the Beloved let the only tether be DIVINE LOVE so we love Him and Love our neighbours everywhere.

Thank God His LOVE is for all every tribe, tongue, language and persuasion.   The CROSS and His spilt blood still SAVES. 

We are TOTALLY FREE to soar. Keep  our hearts pure and our eyes ever focussed on things above.    A-MEN.

  Thank you Lord for the wattle and ALL THE BEAUTY OF YOUR CREATION.


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A Quiet Reflective Moment

Good Morning!

Woolen Station Lake at Murchison Wa Filmed in December - Copy

Photo : Lake Murchinson W.A.                        Sent to me by a friend  last year.

The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands.  Day after day they pour forth speech; night after night they display knowledge.

Psm. 19: 1-2

Maybe today is the day God is saying specifically to many busy and stressed people.

  SIT!        LOOK UP!  

What can you see in the sky above you?

We all will see something different but what stirs your heart and reminds you of LOVE.?

What in the heavens reminds you of GOD?

Blessings!   Love and Peace!      

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Parental Desperation – a little Lamb.

Good Morning!

                        Thoughts to ponder, a Prayer,  and a true story to share.


     ‘Mummy, please stop! A little lamb is too close to the traffic.’

The mother parked her car safely off the highway and could then clearly see the desperate scene.

A very young lamb had escaped through the wire fence, several meters away from the busy road.   He was happily nuzzling and grazing edging ever closer to calamity.   The frantic ewe was bleating, pounding at the fence.  Other sheep joined in a desperate appeal.

The young one, oblivious, edged closer and closer to death.

Knowing that any unexpected movement would alarm the little creature, the woman and child stood very still.

Suddenly, a man appeared from behind and slightly above, the animal and grabbed her.    He carried her safely and placed her over the fence and back beside her desperate mother.  He then stood guard, until the farmer could be contacted.

This story was a  reminder to me of all the families and parents who see their young ones, mindlessly drifting into trouble, in our dangerous 2019 world.

My prayer today is for them for Strength and Hope.


           For all parents, grandparents and friends who continue to intercede and pray for the return of prodigals,   I join them in this prayer of Hope.   Like the little lamb we pray that they (the prodigals) too will be protected,  and that someone will rescue them and return them safely HOME.

        Jesus said,    I AM THE WAY.   

     May indeed His Plan for fullness of Life be real in our lives,  as we see and pray  with Hope in Him that all the lost sheep,  dear to YOUR HEART also will come HOME.


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Joy of, and for, LIFE dispels SHADOWS

Good Morning!

An update on Char-lee and a Thought to Ponder

28 Time for my morning walk, 20 May 2019 - Copy

  Last night I was encouraged and inspired by a young woman who spoke in an interview  about Life struggling with M.S. 

She smiled into the camera and said ‘I have no idea of how bad the symptoms will become as I get older but I am very content with the NOW.  ‘   She is only in her 30’s yet lives in a ‘retirement home’.   I am cared for.   Each day is a DAY OF LIFE.  Her attitude spoke to my heart of the JOY OF LIFE.   Rejoicing in the absolute JOY OF LIFE itself.

This is in essence the story of Char-lee,  although the situation is not life determining like the story of human MS .above.

The little terrier had but a glitche – We have all witnessed dramatic improvements in the past few days.   The vet. the nurses and anyone who has been connected with her have said the same.

She has the absolute JOY OF LIFE in every fibre of her being.

The blood test showed traces of meningitis, bacterial not hereditary.  and her very excitable personality caused a lot of her shaking.   It was a worrying few days but gradually we are seeing  a return to normal which is  frenetic but full of JOY OF LIFE.

We will try to keep her well exercised and also provide many times of closeness and love.  Gradually we believe she will be off all medication.

There is an important lesson to all who are reading.   Each day LIFE and Joy but time of stillness, prayer and love.   This  is an important lesson for each one.

We continue to thank God for all His undergirding Grace and covering in ALL CIRCUMSTANCES.

Peace and Love to you on this journey of LIFE. !

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A thought for the week.

  shadows and light 2

         This week in our life has been an unusual mixture of shadows and Light.

The unexpected and unexplained illness of our little dog Char-Lee has ….(we’re still waiting for results of blood tests_)  brought shadows of uncertainty into our routine.    We have seen improvement in recent days but still the shadow remains.

It was when I began to research the idea of shadows and Light, that I discovered some wonderful TRUTHS that really do apply to ALL of LIFE. (confirmed in the Bible),

It is only when there are shadows that pure radiant Light can be reflected. Shown in true brilliance.

It is only when we too walk, live or experience shadows that if we STAND on the ROCK. (Jesus) who never moves we then can focus upwards, to look for the LIGHT which never is extinguished no matter how dark the shadow of uncertainty.

This quote which is not from the Bible but from someone who was searching for  an answer touched my heart and as I walked I truly saw His World more clearly and vibrantly

   I came to a realization that this is my Father’s world; He will always SHINE in all that is fair.

In the rustling grass I hear Him Pass;

He speaks to me EVERYWHERE.   

Maltbie D. Babcock.

Today, my heart resonates with a prayer for all walking this road of uncertainty in our modern life,

May each One truly KNOW the ROCK SOLID foundation of what their life is built upon

and shadows and valleys are all part of a potentially Glorious purpose if we look always for the LIGHT. 

Blessings and Peace!


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This is not an ordinary blog.

Good Morning!


I was asked a question about Freddy one of my bear stories on the website http://www.golden-rains.com

I was asked why I do not promote stories like this more widely.   Truth to tell I’m not sure how to do this but it was suggested I try by posting this way and sending to Facebook and Laura would then share the picture and the link with the child who wanted the story.

Blessings and I do hope this does flow as I was told it would.

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