Good Morning!

     At this beginning of another 2017 week, we all need to walk onwards knowing who we are and what our purposes in our circumstances may be.

THIS IS MINE! - Copy (2)

I found the image above when I was researching about covenants.   The dictionary definition of Divine Covenant…. this agreement is between the Divine and mortals sealed with a ‘sign’ and is meant to be eternal unless one party breaks the oath of ALLEGIANCE.

The Rainbow is such a covenant.    It is more than about no more rain upon the earth ie in Genesis –    It is a God sign.

God is Love.    He loves all people. (even the ones who choose not to be in a Covenant relationship with the Saviour.)   Christ said….‘Follow Me’.    Salvation is a covenant sealed in blood.

A Covenant relationship is therefore conditional upon a two-way commitment. (in the case of Holy Matrimony (when a man and a woman vow to have a covenant relationship with each other and with God only then is it a covenantal relationship in its fullest sense).     God must be the highest LOVE or there is no covenant.    Love the Lord your God with all your heart mind and soul and ‘others’ as yourself.

Think on this……I may not be right….but it has always seemed to me that the rainbow stretching across the sky from extremity to extremity  is like an embrace.   It represents to me with all its colours – like the colours of life – DIVINE LOVE – GRACE AND LOVE.            Without Grace on this earth or the Hand of God embracing the world………is that the end?  Is that when HIS KINGDOM WILL COME?

Just a thought!


Let’s all journey this week.        Our Goal Loving HIM……….Loving the world around us.                                          Let the  ones fighting and striving to exercise their ‘free’ will enjoy this life………Covenant people live now and live in the Hope of ETERNITY as well.

Peace and Grace to you!.


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Mid-week thought

Good Morning, dear blogging friends.


This picture is not a morning picture.  It is, in fact late afternoon, when storm clouds suddenly rolled in.    I took the photo and hurried back to the car.   We desperately need the rain.   This Spring all life is struggling because no Spring rain has fallen and we are having the heat of Summer very early.   It did not rain (sadly)…The sun came out again and the evening and night were very warm.

Seasons change,    In this life there is  incredible WONDER.   Moments of deep reflections.  My husband is facing (unknown as yet) health concerns.   Folks are telling me I need to be more ‘OUT THERE’ in promoting my life, books etc.

Today’s note on a date pad made me pause and be INCREDIBLY THANKFUL.


                                            Mary Gardiner Brainard

        Travel well and look for the SURPRISING!      

                                                                                     If anyone wants to know more about me;

http://www.fayeroots.com  shares some ‘stuff’.

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A Prayer for the week ahead.

Stop Look Listen

STOP –  For even a few minutes this week……..Breathe in…….. truly………. breathe in Life and Peace.

LOOK: – Actually look for something – even if your life is frantic and very busy.  Look for unexpected beauty

LISTEN:    Hear a still small whisper, the swoosh of  a windswept street or field. Amid so much clamour of human noise…….really listen!

I woke with something profoundly deep in my heart and spirIt.

This then is my prayer for all who read this blog or simply drop by.

Live a Blessed week with the potential and possibility of welcome surprises! 


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Choices and Consequences

Good Morning!

       A Mid-week thought to ponder.

cHOICESWhen Governments make bad decisions – we can blame the Government – providing of course we did not with freedom of choice vote for them.  We cannot take personal responsibility. Even leaders of churches and important secular Government agencies have suffered severe consequences by not being aware that every choice does have consequences.

When you are given ‘free-will’ then you absolutely need to CHOOSE wisely. Prayerfully, of course, but KNOW that in FREE-WILL you are then totally responsible for the consequences, be it for your family, your community or even your whole nation. It is a TRUTH and history has shown this clearly that every ‘free-will’ choice comes with consequences.   Some of these consequences will resonate for years, and years, to come. Free-will decisions in the past have led to the fall of empires. Exercise your ‘free-will’ if called upon to do so…..but…..exercise it not for  a quick fix for the here and now but choose well in the light of what is meaningful for the future and of value into eternity.

Think! Choose wisely! and let the LOVE you share be DIVINE in both exercise and contagion.


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Good Morning!

    Around our world there is much sorrow this weekend. The circumstances are many and varied.  Be it flood, drought, earthquake, tsunami, fire, typhoon, violence in streets or indeed human suffering and need in any shape or form, I found it hard to write a blog today.

After the rain

This then is written as a prayer.   The darkest hour is always followed by  sunrise.

There is ALWAYS sunshine after rain.     Weeping comes in the night-times of human experiences but there is a high promise……..HOLD ON! – JOY WILL COME IN THE MORNING.   May this indeed be for you.    a-men.

For ALL who follow the Shepherd, He would say  personally.   ‘HOLD ON , MY CHILDREN – My JOY, My PEACE WILL COME IN THE MORNING.



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Finding your own perspective …….

Good Morning! –

A simple meditative thought to all dear ones out there.

Ten years ago my husband took me on a once-in-a -life-time  holiday to England. We went to Hampton Court.  This is a famous place with an incredible palace. It has a rich history and stone edifices and wondrous sites with stories of kings and princes and intrigue.   Cameras were flashing and people were everywhere.  It was a beautiful, memorable day with rush and excitement and rich memories to be storied.    My perspective was suddenly shifted.  I took a picture.

196 swan at Hampton Court - Copy

                     BE STILL  AND KNOW THAT I AM GOD!

    This unexpected moment changed my day.      This image this year is now the cover for the PEACE MEDITATION  Book recently published.

To everyone reading this today my challenge to you is………….No matter what is pushing you along or directing your life circumstances……..look for your own perspective……. Perhaps in chaos or ordered confusion you too may find a sudden unexpected moment of lasting beauty.

Live the rest of this week with a heart for all who may be suffering and a determination to direct others to what is meaningful or beautiful.















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SEEKING JOY – A Challenge

Good Morning! or Good Evening!  All.

This is the first week of Spring in 2017 or Fall ( Autumn) depending where you live. I woke today with the strong impression this week would be brimmed full of incredible possibilities.   Seeking ‘Joy’ is my personal challenge and I share the challenge with you.   Don’t look for it in ‘Happiness’.   Being content or happy is not the sort of of ‘Joy’ I will seek.

puppy smiles.

Often this joy will come unexpectedly like an….. impossible to believe….. moment in the middle of circumstances far from happy.   The smile on the face of an ill or dying person as a fleeting ‘good bye’   Under a rock the first glimpse of a tiny flower.   A true bubble of ‘joy’ cannot be compared to any other moment or moments in human experience.  It can come from nature, animals, friends, in the middle of a traffic jam.   This week let our hearts be attuned to ‘seeking’ for a moment of joy perhaps by actively making something beautiful out of something ugly or rejected, or simply living life and letting JOY surprise us by its unexpected beauty.    I know the truth of the statement in  Neh:8 v10 The JOY OF THE LORD is my STRENGTH.    I also know that in His Presence is FULLNESS of JOY.

As we journey this week let’s have open eyes to seek joy in the unexpected, and open hearts  to embrace it and know when it is present in whatever way it surprises.

LIVE LOVE! Journey well!


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Feeling unimportant?

Good Morning!

                                                           A gentle mid-week thought.

bLACK SWANS ON on Darling River N.S.W.

We all have the ability to mould one another’s dreams.   We all hold each other’s fragile hopes in our hands.      We all have the ability to touch others’ hearts.

Journey on with LOVE.

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A Sunday Sharing – and a question

Good Morning!

          The main purpose of this blogging site was, is and I hope into the future an opportunity to say ‘Good Morning’ and to share hopefully the beauty, Grace, Hope and Peace (in the midst of REAL LIFE struggles) of our journey on the Highway of Life.

UPWARD STAIRCASE              It’s often not easy but sometimes we have to take the first step because of circumstances and then keep working, often ploughing on Trusting and Hoping but sometimes unsure of the outcome.

The other day I turned over a calendar page and read the following.  I have no idea who DANIEL H. BURNHAM  was or is but he wrote:=

In your life make no LITTLE plans; they have no magic to stir people’s blood and probably themselves will not be realized.   Make BIG plans; aim high in Hope and work. 

I believe I had a God-Given Vision of what I was to leave behind as a ‘faith’ legacy.   I am not a salesperson but one who desires to ‘give, bless and nurture’.   This is very hard as a writer as everyone’s perspective is that you should be MAKING MONEY and successful.  (neither of those goals was ever in my agenda……That’s how it still is.)

What happens next?        Through many ups and down in life I have written. Stories of fiction people in REAL LIFE SITUATIONS became normal to me.   I wrote and prayed.

Please check out the following :     http://www.legacyoflimga.com

I would value comments on the site or communication on the blog.   Please know this is written not about promoting but rather a query.    How can I be a nurturer, a comforter, and be focussed always on ‘others’?     I have no resources to promote. I have no heart desire.    I would like to have books in hand to ‘give to folk who need a touch of Love.    What I have been given is what I have.     The inspiration has been life-affirming.    Please pray and please advise.

My prayer for each one on this Sunday is that as the world becomes increasingly violent and stressful.    May we  ALL bless and encourage as we are able.


byond own limits. - Copy                                             Beyond our own abilities only SURRENDER.



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Good Morning!

Someone made the following statement.   I have not been able to find who….but in the journey of my own life it is a TRUTH.

40 Looking down from Icart Pt

Faith (following the Great Shepherd) sees the invisible, FEELS the intangible, and achieves the impossible. 

Ponder this as your week rolls on. May Beauty and Love rise above life’s circumstances.

                                                                      BE A LIGHT TO OTHERS!

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