A memory shared like a prayer.

Good Morning!

F185 Reflections in the Gordon river. - Copy

Memories saved in an image of peace

On the East Coast of Australia there have been a few days of fear and struggle.   Many folks will have changed lives and many will need recovery from distressing memories.

Extreme heat, Hot savage winds which did not have constant direction and bush fires which  broke out in little pockets and spread rapidly.    Here at our home in the hinterland where we are surrounded by bush we received a text message which told us to Evacuate and go to a safe shelter immediately.  It was a genuine safety warning but after careful checking we were able to KNOW although we were in the area which had to be ‘informed’ the danger was in fact many, many, kilometers away. It, the fire danger, eventually travelled southwards at great speed and well-known coastal areas were forced to leave and thousands were rehoused.

I woke up this morning with a heart’s desire to pray or indeed somehow comfort others.

Where I seemed to be led of the Spirit was to return in to my own life to where I KNEW God’s Presence during a difficult time.     The gentle nudge was share  on the blog!

Well, I have tried with this AUDIO.     I was working on it for a blind friend who told me  audios would be a rich blessing.

This if it works is my acknowledgement of God’s Grace and Peace beyond description in a personal crisis.




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Good Morning!


A lion roared and the tribe answered his call

Last week I was blessed by a story I read.  I’m not sure if this was this year or last but I share here with gratitude to God for some of the good news we can share.

The Ethiopian Police were desperately searching for a young girl (abut 12 years old) who had been kidnapped by terrorists.    They had little hope for a good outcome but her village folk were all praying.

When they found the child she was in a clearing surrounded by a pride of lions.   The dominant male was in a position of protection and gave an acknowledgement when the police arrived as if he understood.    He roared and all the others followed him and returned to the jungle.

The child had been beaten but responded well to first aid care.  Her testimony is certainly cause for praise.

The evil men grabbed me and carried me away.    When they threw me on the ground they began to beat me with a stick.   I cried and screamed.

Suddenly, a huge golden lion stood on the edge of the forest.  He roared, and the men attacking me began to tremble.   When he roared a second time and all the rest of his friends burst from the trees, these men  ran away in terror.

The lions did not come near me.  They formed a circle and appeared to be guarding me.   I was not afraid but very peaceful.

May you have a blessed day and rejoice with me that in this world of trouble and hatred and strife there are still stories to share that tell of the Hope of His Coming Kingdom. 


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Good Morning!

            This waking thought shocked me until I gently unpacked it.  I share it here with you so you can gently and lovingly unpack as well, and find what is appropriate in your situation.


Fertilization is the process of applying nutrients to a plant or into a situation.

A plant, an animal, a person, an idea, a project, a prayer.

What could we today apply to ‘improve’ ‘add to’ or ‘make better’ in simplicity to life around?.

A drop of water, a pat, a smile, a bit of focussed time, a phone call. a letter….

Maybe today the Lord will remind us of ONE area in our lives where a tiny sprinkle of ‘fertilization’ will make all the difference.

Perhaps just shining the CHRIST LIGHT into a dark situation will be all that is necessary.

You never can measure what God will do through you…..Keep your relationship right with Him. Then, whatever circumstances you are in, and whoever you meet day by day, He is pouring rivers of living water through you. 

Oswald Chambers.


A thought shared with love today. Let the living water flow through us. a-men.





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Good Morning!

               A thought to ponder.    Two gifts that money cannot buy.  People are forever trying to achieve yet these two Gifts (of the Holy Divine Kind are priceless).Given by God Himself.

tentwined 5

                                                           Entwined – JOY and Peace.


These Gifts of God  when watered and and nurtured by the Holy Spirit should come forth as FRUITS.   (In the life of a Believer)   They are to be shared with others.

When hard times come and life is difficult Joy and Peace are  inner STRENGTHS when a relationship with Jesus Christ is  an actuality.

They are not about ‘feelings’ they are about an INNER DYNAMIC certainty. 

2 Cor. 8:2 gives a great thought-provoking reading about a group of people who in the midst of afflictions, and poverty SHOWED evidence among them of an ABUNDANCE OF JOY.

                     JOY TO THE WORLD! 

           At the birth of Jesus Christ.    Why?  Into the world was  born the Saviour of the eternal souls of all of mankind.

JOY and PEACE indeed are the sacred Gifts we can look forward to at Christmas Time.   (not to be given but to be REMINDED ABOUT).

You will hear again the statement PEACE TO THE WORLD.  (There is only bloodshed and chaos, media and voices will say).   Who has  PEACE?.

Only the ones who have accepted  the GIFT.


In Him alone is found entwined PEACE and JOY.

Dear Ones,

Know what you have this day and freely share with others as the fruits rise in your lives as remembrance of the Christmas Gift is refreshed in celebrations.

P E A C E                       and               J OY           to you.

(Know what you have been given!)

Penned with Divine LOVE in my heart.

Every Blessing!








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The Touch of a Friend’s Hand

Good Morning!

hand touch

The trail bikes collided on the remote country road and two teenage friends were seriously injured.

When Tony finally woke from an induced coma, he later said  ‘The touch of my friend Jake’s hand when I woke up, settled my fears and helped in my recovery.  Knowing he was alive made all the  difference in my fight to live..

We can only remember and imagine the INCREDIBLE comfort experienced by the Apostle John.     In the Book of Revelations Rev. 1. 16,17,18.

John by the time of this event would have  been a very, very old man.

     John’s Vison on Patmos overwhelmed him.   

   1.16.  His Countenance was as the sun shines in His Strength (Glory)

When I saw Him, I fell at His Feet as one dead.

He laid His Right Hand upon me and said.    Fear not, I am the first and the last.  The beginning and the end.

      18.   I am He Who lives and was dead.

Behold!  I am alive for evermore.     a-men. 


Nothing in life for John would ever be the SAME.

In our relationship with Christ…..Reach out today, touch Him let Him spiritually TOUCH you.

Then, in your family, community, and wherever you walk.    Be prepared as God leads to gently touch another.  None of us can ever know how much the value of TOUCH is when the source is not from our own humanity.

       Touch the world with His Love and His Risen HOPE  today.!

                                Peace! Love!






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Why did the flaming sword move?

Good Morning!


In the Bible story of the expulsion from the Garden of Eden of Adam and Eve,           I found myself asking a question, I had never noticed before.    In recent times I have returned  to reading  the Bible as a WHOLE not simply reading the bits and pieces I  understood and lived life by,  following the Shepherd.

In Genesis 3:24 N.K.J.    It records God drove out the man and He placed at the east of the Garden of Eden, Cherubims and a flaming sword which turned every way to keep the way of the Tree of Life.  

I suddenly had a question …”Why did the sword have to keep turning?   Why could it not just stay static and blaze brilliantly?.     I found two helpful Bible Commentary explanations.

(1)     God’s Mercy ensures that fallen humanity would not return to the Tree of Life in their ‘Separated from God’s Presence’ lost state.’  Otherwise they would  gain a life for eternity but it would be an eternal life of SEPARATION FROM GOD 

(2)    Another commentary statement says.      The sword represents the Glory of God which sweeps even today (not a static place) around the Presence of God.

Such indeed is the Plan and Purpose of the Redemption story.   Only the people  saved by the shed Blood of Christ at the Cross are covered by His Mantle of Mercy and Grace and now can come freely into  His Presence calling…..’Abba my Father’. They can walk because of the Sacrificial death of the Lamb of God………through the Glory into His Throne Room.

I hope you will be encouraged and blessed as I was from this thought on this mid-week day.

Peace!   and Love!  to all.




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AMBITION ………. A quiet Life

Good Morning!

tquietness 1

From our early days we have been encouraged to ‘have ambition’. Asked What do you want to be?

Striving and accomplishments  have often fuelled our lives.

I was blessed when I read what St. Paul wrote to the Thessalians. 1 Thess 4- 9-12.

He was encouraging them that now they were followers of Jesus Christ and had ‘surrendered‘ their lives  into His Keeping v.11 make it your ambition to lead a quiet life.    (some bible versions say……study so that you lead a quiet life.

Does this mean a life without care?………absolutely NOT.    It means that outgoing love for ‘others’ is given from this place.

It is the place where certainty of God’s Grace leads us (not just when we are old and gray) but it should be the ultimate HEART PLACE for every Christian Believer.

The battle over the forces of EVIL were all defeated at the CROSS.   Now we should stand absolutely from the Quiet Life of God’s Presence with Us.

STAND and  BE………….. EVERYTHING that Christ has given us and LIVE ABUNDANTLY.


                            Peace in abundance to you this day.    Choose to switch out the strident clamour of the fallen world and live His Kingdom Life.

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Tribute – Gratitude – Joy

Gratitude for 49years.

Together we give THANKS for our life journey.

49 years Married.      God was in 1970 and is with us on THE WAY.          Today 17th October, 2019 I pay tribute to my mate, David and express gratitude to the Lord who died to set our spirits FREE and gives us the Strength to still journey onwards.

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HELP – A different comment.

Good Morning!

     In gentle and various ways help aids have been incorporated into our lifestyle.   The latest was a surround aid on the toilet.   It is an aid to help with standing rather than  reliance on the wall or the seat to help me (particularly) unravel my rather long legs.

Evacare Toilet Safety Rail, model EVA0056

It looks and feels a bit like being in a throne chair.   There are even facilities for storing of magazines.        Thankfully I do not spend much time here.   I have not stopped yet long enough to read anything.

When our youngest grandchildren came for a visit it was the remark from the four year old which made me think..   He said, ‘Gran I love this toilet. Now, I can hang on and I’m not afraid of falling in’.    This highlighted to me the value of help and aids that are cross generational.     From my lofty older position it is hard to remember when toilets indeed were scary places when maybe they were waiting to draw you in and down.

It’s often the little insignificant moments in life which bring to us  memory.

Today is a new day  and I’ll leave this thought from Oswald Chambers.

  You do not know what you are going to do: the only thing you know is that God knows what He is doing……It is this attitude that keeps you in perpetual wonder ……you do not know what God is going to do next.  

Blessings and Love!




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Good Morning!

waterfall-thac-dray-nur-buon-me-thuot-daklak-68147 - Copy (2)

As I have given unto you so must you give to others’.   This  refrain seemed to reverberate during a dream I had last night.

I have often struggled with the certainty of knowing that what I have belongs to God and yet sowing and reaping are such an intrinsic part of the Kingdom.   For me I believe this has been clarified in my life as I see the years ticking past.   Out of the abundance of what God has given me, I will as I am able ‘freely’ GIVE.   The greatest ABUNDANCE in my life is surely not monetary but is overflowing in spirituality and creativity.   Therefore I will simply give via websites and safe places of sharing through the writing Gift which is from HIM as He inspires and opens the way.

The sowing aspect of life is all about Listening to the Lord and sowing out of my lack (usually financially) with joy and as an act of WORSHIP.

His answer to me seems to be in this way.  Give as I have given unto you, and I will bless.   Give out of your ABUNDANCE.

Sow abundantly as I lead and guide you out of your lack and I will  increase.

My thought for today then is What do you, we, all of us have in ABUNDANCE.     Is it LOVE, JOY. PEACE?.   Family, laughter?.  Stories of hills and valleys.?

What smile could we share with another because we have smiles to share this day?

The possibilities of what we have in abundance are many times endless.   KNOWING CHRIST  and having God as our Abba Father we do have so much to give freely to others.

Please come to safe website if you desire to learn more of the richness of what He has given me in creativity and faith.




All websites are secure and protected.   Each one now expresses a small part of my wonder and joy in the Christ-Life.

Blessings and Peace to you each one.



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