The Golf Tournament is now underway.

1 Taken 14-07-18                                                      14th July.
Granddaughter Amara celebrates beginning  her adventure. 26 nations are represented in this Junior Golf competition.   The 13 year expresses Joy.   Golf Tournament first series is in Las Vegas . 15-19 July, 2018.

We continue to pray for formed friendships, that there will be joy in competition with safety and shared kindness, generosity, and love. May these Junior Ambassadors enjoy competition but display grace and care one for the other.

Blessings to  all.

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The bouquet of birthday flowers was drooping after the long journey home.

Placed in a large vase of clean water,  near the window, they rested overnight.

In the morning, they were totally restored. Three lilies had also unexpectedly flowered.

Life is like this.  Often latent potential brings the greatest blessings.


This is not conditional upon age, circumstances, intentions or design.  Our God is the God of the impossible.       Give Him the freedom to make of you the very best you ever can be. Love Him with all your heart, life, soul and strength.

Blessings in abundance and Grace and Peace to you. 

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For,  thirty years I have walked in the nearby forest.   A pine forest but with unique trails and pockets of shady peace. In years past I had the companionship of children and dogs.  it was simple but I loved the place. This year, they harvested ALL the trees.   Acre after acre was levelled and the shock of adapting to the different circumstances often caused my heart to grieve for ‘what was past’.

Then, I saw hidden at the top of a gully a small patch of colour. It was a bit of a struggle, but I scrambled up the bank. I lifted up a piece of bark and there it was.    Bursting forth in brilliant colour – the triumphant gold of Australian bush colour was this hidden gem.

Like HOPE it impacted my day!

Once again, I have been powerfully reminded that in all the circumstances of our lives,  Jesus came to point the Way always to the Promise of Hope for ‘better‘.

Blessings and Love.


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OOPS! Wrong Choice!


autumn bridge daylight fall

Carefully navigating through life. 

Last night I accidently tried to clean my teeth with SAVLON. (Savlon is a helpful very clingy cream for cuts, burns etc).   It certainly does not clean teeth.   The tube feels like toothpaste, It looks like toothpaste on the toothbrush but……it surely does not ‘taste’ like toothpaste.   My mouth was left with a decidedly yukky taste and feel. Of course we laughed.

There are many things in life that look good, make us ‘feel’ good but certainly do not have eternal or intrinsic worth.

Love, Joy, Peace, Hope, Rest, Prosperity with quality of life………..All of these have a Divine Source.    All can be counterfeited and made to appear acceptable.

Choose carefully and wisely.     Only then can we ever have a life that is ABUNDANT.

Jesus said…..I have come that they may have LIFE.    ABUNDANTLY. John 10:10b

Thank you, Lord on this new day.      A-men. Powerful twins.

Contentment in the comforting things in life.

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cascade cliff clouds dawn


Sometimes our lives are complicated and appear far from ‘simple’.     Then folks want to encourage us with profound and beautiful words.

God’s love is meteoric, his loyalty astronomic, His Purpose titanic, his verdicts oceanic.   Yet in His largeless nothing gets lost.   Psm.36:3-6 MSG

Mary Magdalene made a profound yet simple statement.   ‘Jesus is ALIVE!’.

Today, I will cling to a simple TRUTH in my own life and heart.    Because He is ALIVE I too LIVE, and because of His atoning death at Calvary, I also LIVE ABUNDANTLY. (not perhaps financially….but surely spiritually).


Today, may we all…. find something beautiful and live simply, profoundly and abundantly.

Blessings and Peace.




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adult aged baby care

Sometimes we need to suppress our pride and admit we need help

I had to learn this lesson this past week. An unexpected health glitch occurred in a public park and I spent a few hours in hospital assessing the situation.

We who are believers, know that when we are weak we are strong in Him. However, we must learn the life lesson that Seasons and Times change and where we may have the personality that wants us to assume the strong independent stance, there may come a time when we honestly need to admit…… ‘yes, indeed I would value your helping hands and I will give Thanks to God for your kindness and your aid. ‘

To all the helping hands, in both prayer and guidance, may you continue to KNOW your value in our world.

Peace! Blessings! Grace!

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diffeent position               From a spiritual vantage point above problems, they and all life crippling circumstances, appear smaller.  King David long ago knew this.  From a vantage point above advancing armies – though they were obviously still there, he saw how insignificant they were beside the greatness of His God. 

God shall set me up upon a rock (in new covenant language this is now THE ROCK – Christ) .  And now shall my head be lifted up above mine enemies round about me. 

Psm 27:5-6

Children of God…….’all stuff’ has been defeated at the Cross.   We can face life NOW with HOPE…always for ‘better’.

Peace and Grace!

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COME – …….. REST…. But GROW


abendstimmung afterglow backlit beach

Matthew 11:28 Come to Me and find REST for your souls. Come as a small child Pixabay on

As long as we live we continue to learn and grow.   Some of us are still learning to use a phone for more than just ‘talking to someone’.  (they have even replaced computers in many lives)…..   As far as faith is concerned we must continue to COME to the Heavenly Father as a little child…….(for of such is the Kingdom of Heaven) but we are also told to GROW.

2  Peter 3:18 GROW in the Grace and Knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

The prophet Isaiah recorded 11.6……A little child shall lead them…….An age to come when wild animals will be gentled.

Today, my heart is surging with the two dynamics of our lives.       We are told we are to continue to LEARN… keep mentally alert to cope with modern life.

but…….in the KINGDOM OF GOD……we are to ever come to Father as a little child……but never stay static but to ever GROW, GROW, GROW………to let all the ravages of time and life be lived to the fullest but in the midst of it all to be changed, constantly changed to be more and more like HIM.

All of this is beyond comprehension, so that is the TRUTH behind the child-like relationship.     Maybe we will get to know lots of ‘stuff’  while still breathing…

but.   and this is perhaps our greatest JOY.   As long as we live we can continue……as a little child to find we can never, with all our striving, ever truly KNOW Him.      Relationship makes this such an exciting journey……day by day as a child simply trusting and letting Him lead and guide.

Why is this sometimes hard?     Perhaps its because we’ve become programmed for performance and we are to REST, TRUST, GROW. 

Blessings  and Peace to you.


bird flying

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One Lord. (2)

You are the One, the only One,

                                                     Whose Spirit in me soars,

You’re the Christ – the Saviour Lord,

The Rock, the Hope, the Anchor for my


The One who WAS and IS and lives for 





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Scripture Prayer

flight landscape nature sky

                                                                            A PRAYER                                                                                                          

The steadfast love of the LORD never ceases, His mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning.

Great is Your faithfulness!

Lamentations 3:22-23


May this flow over your life this day and during the week ahead.


A-men and A-men!


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