Good Morning!

photograph of a concrete structure

There is an archway labelled DEATH at the end of this Highway of life.

                 We all must see it and face it.    For EVERYONE will pass on through.

Jesus gave His Life as a sacrifice,  and said,

                   Fear not!   Come Follow ME!

                  God’s Grace has turned the Archway from an ‘ending’ to a new ‘beginning’.

The Archway says ‘DEATH’ but the message of the Cross is ‘LIFE”

The archway glows with the PROMISE and HOPE of Eternity.

This now is an  Archway of ENTRANCE. (no longer an exit)

With life ahead unseen, but VIBRANT and  brand NEW.

Thank God!






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CREATIVITY – When God’s Gift – brings Hope

Good Morning!


Einstein once wrote ……..Creativity is high intelligence at play.

I believe that creativity when it has a source higher than the human concept of play brings  Hope, Comfort and Healing.     No matter how limited we may feel our creativity is… we can still make ‘better’ that which is broken and sow seeds of beauty for ashes in ALL of life’s circumstances.      Writing, painting, photography, gardening, singing, music that impacts the soul,  ……..Whatever LIFTS and does not pull down.   Whatever restores, cleanses and ‘makes better’.    That is creativity.

This Sunday let’s  all offer up a prayer of thankfulness for our life and the lives of those we love and let our desire arise also , to give , touch or ‘connect’ with another person in a way that speaks of Beauty, Hope and  One who is higher than this life and all its ‘unrest’.


animal beautiful biology bloom

PEACE –    ABSOLUTE PEACE – be with you.


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Good Morning!

tflowing river        There is a River which flows from the Throne of God.

                                                         This River is called L I F E.

When I was young, a man who had returned from years of being a captive after the tragedies of World War II told me……………

.………This river is full of many things, sadness, loss, pain, griefs, disappointments and ‘stuff’ we do not want to encounter.  YET….. We must go on……..we must  live life to its FULLEST.       Many faiths, wash, worship. or make an IDOL of rivers.        However, this River of Life (spiritually)  we ALL  LIVE in. 

In the book of John….7, 37, 38 and 39 it is written.

On the last day of the great feast (prior to the crucifixion)…Jesus stood and cried out.

‘If anyone is thirsty let him come to Me and drink. He who believes in ME as the scripture has said, out of his heart will flow rivers of living water.   He spoke concerning the Holy Spirit whom those believing in Him were to receive when Jesus was ‘glorified’.

                                                            God the Holy Spirit….came.   THANK GOD! THANK GOD!

                          HE is the LIVING LIFE FLOW OF GOD today in our broken and grieving world.

It is a CHOICE!

Do we drink continuously from Him as we LIVE in this river?   

Does living water flow out of our hearts as we care, love, and simply LIVE WITH AND FOR HIM…….today?

From people  who have chosen to live in this River……… PRAYER comes!

May all the broken hearted, suffering and struggling people find PEACE.  May they live onwards with Hope and Purpose.







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Rising with gratitude – A Prayer


belief bible book business

Today, I woke up with a tremendous sense of ‘well-being’ and gratitude.   It is a beautiful golden Spring morning and it is also a Sunday here.   My first prayer for the day was ‘Thank you Lord, for Your Peace, Your Grace and Your Presence in this day.’

My second thought and this prayer I will also write here.

Father across this world others are not waking up to a day of Peace and awareness of Your Presence.     For those who are suffering the aftermath of savage storms or ravages of fire and disaster and many who are grieving for lost ones because of this or other tragedies, my heart turns towards them.

May Your Healing Hands and Heart through the care of folk who come to help be evident.  

Lord, in Jesus Name, Pour healing Grace upon the situations and give Strength and unbelievable Ability to all who administer HOPE as well as COMFORT.


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VISION – Dreams and child-like faith

    Good Morning!

  A few mid-week thoughts that have impacted my day.


Vision in life is very important.   Dreams and being as a ‘little child’ as we live our lives is also important.   It all seemed to settle with me when I thought if He is indeed our ultimate Vision, then all else should fall into place.

The prophet Habakkuk recorded:

Chapter 2. v2.  The vision is yet for an appointed time,  In the end it will speak and it will not lie.   Though it tarries wait for it because it will not tarry. 

This vision which incorporates others ie Daniel, Isaiah. is confirmed and clarified in the New Testament in Hebs.10:37 and 38 and 2 Peter 3:9.

This is a KINGDOM VISION.     This is end of days ultimate pre-determined Purpose of our Great God.

We can passionately hold this KINGDOM VISION in our hearts but journeying daily let the beauty and wonder of life, with child-like enthusiasm be our JOY.  We can be child-like in creativity in all aspects of life.

The Anchor in ALL THINGS must be our Lord and Saviour who sacrificed His Life to set us ‘free’ from sin and evil.

True freedom then means as children we can still, in wide-eyed wonder dream and skip through life hoping and expecting for ‘better’ in the midst of obvious strife.

LOVING OURSELVES BECAUSE OF HIM and loving OTHERS (all others) because it is His Will.

People of Prayer, People of Love, People of child-like wonder in all things and seeing possibilities for ‘better’ in all things.    WOW!


Because HE, CHRIST, is our

V I S I O NmY vISONA-men.

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Good Morning!

alberta amazing attraction banff

Photo by James Wheeler on

A few thoughts to contemplate.

If human spirits long for their eyes to always appreciate beauty – wherever it may be found….in nature….or felt by externals like gentle wind through our hair.   If beauty in music, art, photography, writing, or kindness or even courage in sorrow and loss, evokes a rising up of LOVE. (not self-focussed but outward-looking), something happens internally. .

Then, if God is in our lives WORSHIP arises in its purest form.   A wonderful transformation occurs in our thinking.  A passionate desire to be pleasing and ‘born again’ into the image of the Creator starts to stir.   None of this could progress further  without acceptance of the ONE who sacrificed His Life for us.

Acceptance, following Jesus……… love, WORSHIP, Thanksgiving for all things. Dying to self-interest etc.    All now on a wonderful journey.

This is the WAY.       The Highway of Holiness.

Frail imperfect human beings we all are  BUT……(we have)………A Saviour – A Journey.          C.S Lewis in Mere Christianity expressed some of these thoughts but Paul in Philippians 4 v8 expressed it best:

Finally, brethren, whatever things are true, whatever things are noble, holy, whatever things are just, whatever things are lovely, whatever things are of good report.  If there is any virtue and if there is anything praise worthy.  Meditate on these things.

             What your focus is on can determine your life journey.      Focus on BEAUTY and LOVE  first.

Peace and Blessings!

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Good Morning!

I2018 (10) Cropped 9

I did not get very far but at least I tried.   The getting on and off was the hardest part.

Then it was just a question of effort.  Challenges are the ‘stuff’ of LIFE.

Peace and Blessings in this day.


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A thought to ponder

CHASM                              In 2018 the chasm between the Kingdom of LIGHT – God’s Realm

And the Kingdom of Darkness seems to be becoming ever wider.   If you compare the ABSOLUTE HOLINESS of God with the secular, ever rising carnality of this world the chasm seems un-crossable.   Once the Church stood as a gleaming, golden hope filled beacon to draw the secular into the Holy.    This is why I believe there is such a ‘shakeup’ so that only holiness must be seen in the lives of all who would Shepherd God’s People and point them to ‘eternity’.     Thank God that the Way is still clear…….it is now becoming more defined.   Jesus Christ came and died so that His sacrificial death (like a bridge between one Kingdom and another) is the sure pathway to Home.    Now, the TRUTH becomes clearer..    Only those who are ‘born-again’ can enter the Kingdom of Heaven (Jesus’s Words to Nicodemus)”Unless a man is born-again he cannot enter the Kingdom of God.’

Only the ones who come to the Cross in repentance and utter commitment…… loving the Lord with their whole heart, mind and body.   Those who are, ‘covered by the blood of the Covenantal Sacrificial Lamb at Calvary’.  No jumping over with time consuming programs and how to handbooks. These are often helpful but lead not where really.  It seems that we must choose to walk over via the Cross.    Jesus said. “I am the Way’.     (It explains to me why scriptural references….  Luke 18:8 Jesus said ‘When I return will I find much faith upon the Earth?’ suddenly ring true.       The Bride to meet the Bridegroom must be……….ABSOLUTELY HOLY WITHOUT SPOT OR WRINKLE………..

I don’t know about you but I would never make it.        That’s why Only the Cross and His Sacrifice can make the transition possible.

Utter surrender to Him and His finished Work at the Cross and ongoing repentance and close communication. Our God is a RELATIONAL GOD.

All other endeavours will be of no benefit.   It’s not by our ‘works’ though we will do these out of love but only by our FAITH and what Christ has done for us.

What think you?

                                              For this coming week be the Blazing LIGHT…not just a glimmer.

Blessings to each one.


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23a Happiness                                        Char-lee loves feeling the wind in her fur.

Today I open up my arms in prayer for us all.

                                           Wind of God, My Lord My Saviour,

                                           Blessed Trinity of Love Divine,

Blow this day, your healing, Holy Grace upon us,

Spirit, blow us ever nearer to Your Presence ,

Quicken every heart and mind.

Not a selfish inward longing


Help us to LOVE as You would LOVE.

Each person in this day our circumstances  find.




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The daisy was glad to stand out in the sunshine.   It felt very grateful and when the sun went down it folded its leaves and went to sleep, and dreamed all night about the sun.                         Hans Christian Anderson.

This gentle quote reminded me of the Serenity Prayer.    Accept the things you cannot change, passionately change the things you can and have the Wisdom in God to know the difference. 

May CONTENTMENT and SERENTITY be Gifts that impact your lives in the week ahead.


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