AUSTRALIANS all – Let us rejoice!

I am a patriotic AUSTRALIAN. This is the country of my birth my father was born here but my grandparents came from Italy, England , Scotland. My father fought in the jungles of Papua New Guinea beside soldiers both Australian indigenous, and black jungle warriors from the wilds of inland New Guinea. Together they put their lives on the line to help protect these great south lands. from enemy takeover., I was taught that all humanity are of value and worth.

From all the lands on earth indeed many have come to call Australia home. To all who are Australian Citizens I say welcome. We are ALL AUZZIES together. I respect you and the Nations you come from with all my heart.,


I respect your various cultures and hear your national PRIDE. This Australia Day let’s understand our own culture and be thankful and grateful. RESPECT for our inherited culture is vital.

What is our deeply rooted in our DNA as folks who have made this land our home. It is CHRISTIAN. We have a great heritage and it should be highly respected.

We who are believers accept that our souls have an eternity destination and no earthly nation is our permanent home.

RESPECT Our belief includes all tribes, tongues an peoples.

A PROCLAMATION prophetic and powerful was made on a beach in Vanuatu in 1606 long before the lands were colonized.

Extract from “Discovering Australia’s Christian Heritage” – Col Stringer

Have you ever wondered why Australia was not colonised long before it was? Why didn’t the Muslims colonise this place, after all they were visiting our shores for hundreds of years before the Europeans came? And what about the Hindus? They came and colonised Bali, which is but a few hundred kilometres across the Arafura Sea from Australia’s north coast. Doesn’t it seem strange that this huge, almost vacant continent was left untouched for thousands of years? It’s almost as though this massive continent, situated in the most populated area on earth, was invisible. I believe, again like many of my ancestors, that God has kept this nation for Himself, for such a time as this.

Southland Of The Holy Spirit – An Honour Bestowed On No Other Nation

In the year 1606 Capt. Pedro Fernandez de Quiros gave this continent the name “Australia del Espiritu Santo” or literally “Southland of the Holy Spirit”. In the Bible Hebrew names not only indicate character but also happenings and even the destiny of those granted that name. What does this suggest for the destiny of Australia? No other nation on earth has been blessed with the title “South Land of the Holy Spirit”!

In fact de Quiros’s actual proclamation was as follows: “Let the heavens, the earth, the waters with all their creatures and all those present witness that I, Captain Pedro Fernandez de Quiros… the name of Jesus Christ …… hoist this emblem of the Holy Cross on which His (Jesus Christ’s) person was crucified and whereon He gave His life for the ransom and remedy of all the human race…. on this Day of Pentecost, 14 May 1606….. I, take possession of all this part of the South as far as the pole in the name of Jesus…. Which from now on shall be called the Southern lands of the Holy Ghost

…. and this always and forever ……and to the end that to all natives, in all the said lands, the holy and sacred evangel may be preached zealously and openly.” (Michael de Looper, Fernandez de Quiros, Understanding Our Christian Heritage).

ALL Heaven Declares rhe GLORY OF GOD. Over the skies of these islands the Southern Cross a ontellation reminder to keep looking upward.

The love of field and coppice,
Of green and shaded lanes.
Of ordered woods and gardens
Is running in your veins,
Strong love of grey-blue distance
Brown streams and soft dim skies
I know but cannot share it,
My love is otherwise.

I love a sunburnt country,
A land of sweeping plains,
Of ragged mountain ranges,
Of droughts and flooding rains.
I love her far horizons,
I love her jewel-sea,
Her beauty and her terror –
The wide brown land for me!

A stark white ring-barked forest
All tragic to the moon,
The sapphire-misted mountains,
The hot gold hush of noon.
Green tangle of the brushes,
Where lithe lianas coil,
And orchids deck the tree-tops
And ferns the warm dark soil.

Core of my heart, my country!
Her pitiless blue sky,
When sick at heart, around us,
We see the cattle die –
But then the grey clouds gather,
And we can bless again
The drumming of an army,
The steady, soaking rain.

Core of my heart, my country!
Land of the Rainbow Gold,
For flood and fire and famine,
She pays us back threefold –
Over the thirsty paddocks,
Watch, after many days,
The filmy veil of greenness
That thickens as we gaze.

An opal-hearted country,
A wilful, lavish land –
All you who have not loved her,
You will not understand –
Though earth holds many splendours,
Wherever I may die,
I know to what brown country
My homing thoughts will fly.

Dorothea Mackellar’s Poem expresses better than I can today. A Third generation Australian she lived through much heartache never forgot her Scottish ancestry but found the Core of something deep in OZ I pray the link I found where she is reading her poem downloads properly. I cant find it so I will close and return later.

HAPPY AUSTRALIA DAY to everyone where ever you may be! Keep looking up!


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‘There’s a wildness in the wind tonight as foam-flecked waves come pounding into shore

I wrote the above sentence as the beginning of a poem saved in a journal , many years after this event when  I faced a health crisis’.            

         However, on this long-ago night from my vantage point on a high veranda looking across the Bay, my terrified child’s eyes could see a wild stormy sea and heavy menacing black clouds.   I was frightened and my heart was heavy with anxiety.   

          Dad had warned my half-sister not to go sailing.  He was uneasy about wind gusts and the movement of the sea.     

                                                It was a day of brilliant sunshine.  

         As a defiant 18-year-old she tossed her head. Her long golden brown curls swished across her shoulders,

        ‘You are not my real Dad, a fisherman and not a sailor.   My friends are going, so I’m going too. ‘  

                  At 5pm the wind changed suddenly and dramatically.  

        The small flotilla of white sailing vessels disappeared as they rounded the headland.

       Tempestuous rolling waves swept into the Bay, and black storm clouds crowded the skyline and completely obliterated the sailors from view.

       It began to rain!

       A Coast Guard rescue launch was immediately dispatched.

       Seven young lives – my sisters among them- were saved by prompt action, on that long ago night, but raw grief would accompany these teens throughout the years because of the loss of two dear friends.   

        Three of the sailing craft made it back to shore but wreckage of others were found on a  nearby island a few days later. 


       My sister learnt that night a valuable lesson about listening to the wise counsel from her elders.    

        The dawning of the new day with the brilliant Summer promise of normality and HOPE  had an impact upon me . I thank God that as I came to KNOW and Love Him and journey with Jesus through my life and the years, life itself showed me a pattern.

Calm and Tempest

If WORD, WORSHIP and His Presence with us becomes a normal part of our journey through life, then whether it be the calm of peaceful days and golden dreams of Promise,  or the grief torn storms and tempests of life’s unexpected bowling balls of rolling seas, we can KNOW…… because The Saviour has rescued our souls, we can anticipate that a new and glorious day will dawn when all the storms are past.       


       The Promise fulfilled in Christ but prophetically written in Isaiah 41;v10 becomes our TRUTH.  

       Do not fear, for I am with you. Do not be dismayed for I am Your God! 

   Thank YOU.               

Heavenly Father. A-MEN.

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A long-ago event triggered a memory that in 2022 suddenly has a spiritual kick to the tale. 

  In the 1950’s my father became a passionate breeder of Rhode Island Red poultry.   We had a secure fowl house and several hens that were good egg producers.  Through the years we had several clutches of chickens and from one brood was born. BIG RED.       

         This magnificent cockerel [NOT the one in the Sourced non copyrighted picture but similar. ), RED’S red-gold feathers shone in sunlight like the plumage of a God.      

         He was beautiful and became the Champion of Champions at a local show and then won Grand Champion at the Brisbane Exhibition.    The State accreditation was valued highly by my Dad and gained him recognition as a poultry breeder.   

           He really wasn’t.   It was a hobby, and he loved the hens and roosters and taught my brother and I early lessons in animal and bird care with kindness and nurture.    I later had my own bantam rooster and hen.     

       During most of my early years baby chickens and tiny hens and roosters figured as pets and my responsibility.  

         I was frightened of BIG Red.  He did not like me collecting the eggs, I told Mum so she took over the egg collecting, One day she came out with blood streaks on her legs.    

          She told Dad Red had chased her out.  

           Dad became the egg gatherer.    ‘As long as he is a good protector of his territory, he is doing a good job.   He has to KNOW I am the Boss of the whole backyard.’

            One day Red flew out a gap heavy rain had made in the fowl house roof.    He strutted proudly across the yard.    My two year-old brother skipped past waving his hands and whooping like an Indian. 

           I was outside watching my dad working on a mechanical problem under his truck. He was in the street.     I was on the footpath.    My screaming baby brother came hurtling out the front gate with a huge rooster chasing him, Red was screeching , flapping his wings and straining to  peck at John’s moving chubby legs.   

          My dad’s instinct was to stop the chase.   He threw a spanner from under the truck

        Instead   of frightening the bird, it hit him and he dropped down….dead.      

           This was a sad demise of a Grand Champion and I know we all grieved.    Red was more than just a rooster, he was a loved member of our extended family. 

            I remember Dad’s comment to us all later.  

           ‘The story of RED is about what can happen when folks or animals defy or escape from safety restraints and /or guidelines.  Consequences unexpected will occur.’  

           This hit me as a graphic life lesson reminder when I read a message about people ignoring Biblical Guidelines for life and choosing their OWN WAY.  


                               A thought to ponder.   


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INCREASE and VICTORY this is often the rallying cry of sporting coaches to encourage both membership and performance.           

  Following the Shepherd through life gives us the same rallying cry as we read HIS word.    HE promised us all an Increase in the KNOWLEDGE of God ……the source of Wisdom and HOPE,  

          As  we live in and through HIM others will  see and know and there will be INCREASE in His Kingdom as we live and  share about HIM.   

           The FAITH ignited in us as we journey onward then teaches us that VICTORY over Fear is our greatest God GIFT. 

             Christ has conquered death by Resurrection after HIS sacrificial death to forgive our sins and the Word teaches us PERFECT LOVE CASTS OUT ALL FEAR   1 John 4:18

              Even societal hassle and scrambling should be handled by Believers without fear but following the gentle Voice of the Spirit as He Leads us ever forward,

          INCREASE AND VICTORY are part of our inheritance as Children of GOD.  



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Listening Heart


denisebalog...Grace filled devotionals.

“Welcome in His Peace,

Softest flowing light.

For in Him there’s no striving,

Only quietness to the listening heart.”

“He will quiet you with His love,

He will rejoice over you with singing.”

Zephaniah 3:17 NKJV

“He’ll calm you with His love

And delight you with His songs.”

Zephaniah 3:17 The Message

Poem by dbalog©2022

Photograph by dbalog©2022

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Hawaii I think??? Uncertain where or who sent it to me. It is in my Waterfalls File.  This image has always given me a desire to escape and sit on the beach. 

Thank you to the one who took the photo.

In every human heart and soul there is an inbuilt longing to escape.  

     There is this enticing concept fuelled by media and advertising that offers better.

     In life we may feel trapped by our circumstances with health, age or responsibilities and lifestyle making this lure even more enticing.     If only…..this or that would change life would be ‘better’.    

        The Promise of a glorious tomorrow….if only…..A new car.    A beach house.     Another vaccine –  Money…..Fame…..etc etc.

         Solutions will never be found permanently by  man-made efforts.

       Jesus said John 16:33 ‘In this world you will have troubles but I have overcome the world.   I told you this so that in ME you will have PEACE.

    In HIM ALONE.    Your hand in His Hand believers KNOW His Presence is with us.

     Also we can rejoice in the O.T. exhortation of the Prophet Isaiah.     Isaiah.40v31     Those who wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength… They shall mount up with wings like eagles.   They shall run and not be weary.    They shall walk and not faint. 

    Wait on the LORD.…….Fulfilled in Christ.      In His Presence wait ….. be still in perfect PEACE. 

      Physical escape from location or circumstances here on earth will only ever be temporary but a ‘heart-change’ and travelling with Jesus brings escape above.    Life from A Heavenly Perspective.

SEAGULLS soaring

           Have a brilliant God Day in the midst of it ALL.    

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A Narrow Way but Abundant Life

A Sunday Morning Praise Reflection

John 10:10   The thief did not come except to steal, kill and destroy. I have come that they may have life and have it MORE ABUNDANTLY.  

    John 8:1`2 I am the Light of the world .  He who follows ME shall not walk in darkness but have the light of life’.       

The Way is narrow and we must choose and make decisions if we will follow JESUS and the Word.   Listen to the Voice of the HOLY Spirit, or let the conflicting voices of society beguile and lead us on a different W I D E R pathway.

His Light of HOPE each new day leads us ever onwards and upwards on HIS WAY.  HE  ALONE is KING ABOVE ALL KINGS….above ALL PRINCIPALITIES AND POWERS.          

                                    HE ALONE IS THE KING OF GLORY!

                                       HE IS the LIGHT OF THE WORLD.   

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Circumstances ARE but GOD Is

                                       GOD IS……..


Every Life will travel a path of seeking and learning.

The first step is knowing GOD is……….

     Then questioning………Who is HE?        Being honest and knowing that every person is a sinner short of the HOLINESS of a DIVINE BEING . 

             We, every human soul needs a SAVIOUR.    

       A song I heard today clarified what I was intending to write on this Wednesday Blog.     The words are

         ‘A man of no wrong took my rightful place  At Calvary……the cross in the middle should have been me. ‘

Circumstances in life happen.      If we were not responsible and we cannot change them,  that is when faith  must become our unshakable anchor.     

     Circumstances  ARE but our Saviour God is……….

       All things in HIM are possible.  

      I BELIEVE!  

        Beloved, Passionate for Him and in His Strength and Grace, let us move onwards into 2022. 

          Armed with the sword of the Spirit……….. WORD OF GOD!     

                               YOU ARE DIVINELY LOVED.

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      John 1: 1              In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God.   

         New Year 2022.        

       My Prayer is that I will on this first Sunday of this new year begin to greet each new day with a GOOD MORNING! To the new day and give thanks for LIFE but also look up and Herald the morning with thanksgiving to the ONE who came to save our souls.             

  Heavenly Father,

Help us ALL to live abundant lives in You and for You with confession.  Confidence  and GRATITUTE and THANKSGIVIBG.

                                                     Welcome 2022 with HIM..

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A face turns to the new day with HOPE

The monsoon rain is hammering against our windows and the old year has gone. A soggy departure!

Potplants on our sheltered verandah thrive. The face of one hibiscus is vibrant and alive.


With and in Divine Grace one day at a time let’s vow to LIVE an ABUNDANT Christ-Life.


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