The Surrender of REST

depth of REST

Rest, the deep, deep,  God Place. Surrender to HIM before even SITTING up to begin a new day.

Rest in the Lord, wait patiently for HIM. Psm 37:7

Take my yoke upon you and learn from Me.   You will find rest for your souls. Matt.11:29

Last week I heard a wonderful sermon.   It was on what Calvary has made possible for those who believe.   REST, SIT, STAND, WALK then LIVE.    The progression has truly inspired me.   Today, I know I did not sit up in bed until I had affirmed by faith, I was surrendered into the  deepest depths of God and thanked HIM for His Rest.

Blessings and Peace to you!     Learning and growing.  This is our God Life! a-men.



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Good Morning!

New Wolvi Sign

After many years of conservation concerns as expansion, deforestation, and greed for tourist dollars raised concern that our native koalas were being forced into extinction,   this sign only 100 metres from our front entrance, has filled our hearts with JOY.   Thank God for this sign of HOPE.

As all the early hype and commercialism of approaching Christmas festivities is swamping our airwaves I am determined to look for the SIGNS of HOPE in the midst of it all.

Signs of LOVE, CARE for one another and family gatherings that are more than about FOOD and PRESENTS and glitter.

Signs of HOPE and FAITH are often hidden under the trappings of  a date on  a calendar set aside to remember a BIRTHDAY.

We who believe and LOVE HIM remember with great thankfulness that we have already received the  CHRISTMAS GIFT.



Jesus said: ‘I have come as the LIGHT in this WORLD.  Whoever abides in ME shall not walk in darkness but live in the LIGHT.  JOHN 12:46

Let us all focus our attention on looking for the signs of HOPE and LIGHT as we walk these next few weeks before the Season of Remembrance of His first coming.

Let’s be overwhelmed by His Love, Joy, Peace, and Fullness of Life and we gently prepare what is necessary.

Blessings! and Peace! to all.     a-men.



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Good Morning!  A Thought.

                The transforming and liberating POWER of FORGIVENESS transforms lives!3

  Memories and memorials can be held in sacred trust but only FORGIVENESS has the power to heal our hearts so that the pursuit for JUSTICE and REDEMPTION and  personal RIGHTS is not allowed to be dominant with violence and anger gaining access to twist our souls.

Forgiveness      May the Gift of PEACE be your soul nurturing comfort in this day.

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Good Morning!

tFAN 2        Worshipping the Lord in Unity of the Spirit.

      A few short years ago I had the unique privilege of being part of a Kingdom Christian Conference in Vanuatu (one of the Islands of the South Pacific).   I had the special opportunity of actually staying with the women and children in one of the huts.   Forever, I will remember the early morning worship which rose from all the huts and little children with faces alight with the morning sunshine worshipped their Saviour Lord by dancing around the complex.

I was reminded again yesterday when discussion was on the news about New Caledonia (one of the South Pacific Islands).   French has always been the main language of this island.(after colonisation).

Together as one when these (first nation Island people) sang it was a unique blend of different cultures and language.   (To me then the Gift of Tongues for born-again in Christ believers) made absolute sense.  The languages were scrambled at Babel in the Old. Testament.

Jesus Christ through His Spirit came to reconcile the whole world.   (Language also will be joined in Him.  His unique language spoken to Him and for Him). (When all around you folk are singing, in island languages, English, French, Portuguese singing in God’s language made absolute sense.    Worship was AWESOME and WONDERFUL.

One small girl had a fan (similar to the one above).   I heard her say ‘for Jesus’. That child is a fan of Jesus Christ.   She knows him at six as Saviour Lord.    Her fan is used from her heart, as a surrender worship offering,  of all things, unto Him.

A thought to ponder.  Blessings and Grace!

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Good Morning!

     Something to think about.   Many are touched in various ways by illness, death of a loved one, or other events.   Deception is everywhere only God touches in often gentle ways that draw us or hint to us of eternity.

light 2 - Copy
Just a breath – only a touch.

Today, very early, it was not even 4am,  I reluctantly (because of need), got out of bed.  Through the window facing east I glimpsed the first touch from the rising sun.  Leaves and tree trunks through the intense darkness, were flecked by fingers of soft light in some places with a gentle pink colour.

I thought of Elijah who was pursued by evil and darkness (1Kings:19 5-8) …Deception made him believe his only hope was death.   Then an angel touched him.     (twice). This was God’s answer to his hopeless seeming need.

1. Touched ‘Arise and eat’.    Food

He went back to sleep.

2. Angel touched him again.   ‘eat and drink……now…go.’.

Matt. 8:3  Jesus put out His Hand and touched the leper.  ‘I am willing. Be Cleansed.’.   The leper was cleansed.

Particularly in these times when society is trying to infringe on all things beautiful and holy.  Ephesians 5:8 rings true.   Walk as children of Light.

You were once darkness but are now light in the Lord.    Walk as Children of LIGHT!.  (Keep eyes upwards and not even venture into the beguiling ways of intriguing darkness.). 


Peace!    Prayers! and Love!





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A soaring thought for us to ponder today.

        When the soul has laid down its faults and failures at the feet of God and seeks forgiveness at the Cross and is redeemed by the blood of the Lamb, then,  that soul (though the body is anchored for mortal life to the earth) feels as though it now has wings.

                                                                        Eugenie De Guerin

SOUL HAS WINGS.        Such is the FREEDOM and POWER of GRACE

The prophet Isaiah wrote.       Isa. 41: 31

Those who wait on the Lord,

Shall renew their strength.

They shall mount up with wings like eagles.

They shall run and not be weary,

They shall walk and not faint.

                                Thank You, Lord.

What a truly awesome God is ours.

Blessing!  Peace! and Love to you and yours.





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Once a month a small group meets in a small room at a Community Centre.

We are part of Aglow International and represent various Christian denominations(One Saviour – one LORD).   We are ONE in the Spirit of our Saviour.     The October Meeting was cancelled.   A severe hail storm and a tornaedo swirled through the community.  Many are still  restoring broken windows and dealing with insurance claims etc.     A new meeting date has been convened.   This will be tomorrow. (Praise God still October.

Who will come?   Maybe only one or two but….

connection          Just like our relationship with God.   CONNECTION  is a vital and necessary part of

our lives.      PRAYER unites.

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Learning from the past. Sorrowing with the grieving. Yet, aiming for the highest in our own lives. HOW?

F199 Reflections in Gordon River.

Be a REFLECTION of the One who died for you and lives in you by His Spirit.

A smile, A Kind gesture, a Caring attitude and Forgiveness and Peace to all.  Healing Grace.

Yes,  HIGH aspirations .    Possible?    yes.   Complete? No.   But what a Life Goal.



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17th October, 2018

114 (b) David & Faye Roots

David and Faye 

Married 48 years.










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Soaring Skywards – A Prayer

Across the world again this morning so much aftermath of weather violence, heartache.  Now,  hardwork ahead for recovery.   Across the sea hurricanes and violent storms.    In my own backyard an unexpected violent weather event which has decimated farmland and left ‘ordinary’ folk for hundreds of miles confused and reeling.  Most people even the very elderly have never known the like.

What should I write?   What can I do?   Other than the practical when I see the need.   But…………………….

My heart and my spirit yearns for a quieter, calmer. place and my prayers for ALL soar upwards.


Comfort, Lord God.   All who are weak with sorrow and loss. May supernatural Strength flow on the lives of all the helpers and restorers. May the HOPE that

                   After the Storms the Sun will again shine……………… rise in spirits.

                                             I ask and believe for Peace .

                                                             In Jesus’ Name.





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