For the gift of our loved daughter’s life.

Alison BURNS nee ROOTS born 23rd May 1972. Departed this life 21st July,2021

Proud Dad 1972

WIith us 2020
Burns Family 2020

Her smile brought sunshine into life……… BIRTHDAY celebration May 2021

          Departed this earthly life 21st July 2021.   

          Her life is forever changed. 

  (In His Arms REST).

             Our lives on our ongoing journey in this life must be continually changed by the ONE Higher than us all.     

            We will hold the Hand of our Shepherd Lord.

Through the Grief and the Storm Precious Saviour Lead us on. 

In surrender.



About Faye

I m a wife, mother and grandmother. I have always enjoyed writing even from an early age. My book Beyond the Ashes has been written as a labour of love. All the characters are real to me and their story needed to be told. As a Christian my desire is to write General Fiction stories about real people but Hope and a desire for 'better' will always be part of the journey. I have had several short stories published over the years and moderate success in writing competitions. I realized as I was thinking today (30/01/15) that perhaps I should add here that I have had life experiences of many valley times but also many mountain top experiences. I can understand and be beside anyone who finds their life in tatters because I have 'been' there. Of course as I have got older as well there have been the added sorrows of losing not only older family members but also one by one finding the dearest of friends and the ones of greatest support and care also dying. On the site of rich mountains has been my certainty of the value of marriage and how grateful I am that after loss and sadness I made a happy and long-lasting marriage commitment. The one who was my best friend back then is still my best friend 45 years later. Beyond the Ashes touches upon the POWER of LOVE when folk can forget about their own personal 'feelings' and reach out in LOVE to a desperate and broken person.
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11 Responses to DEO GRACIAS!

  1. judyjourneys says:

    Faye, my sympathy to you and all who loved your daughter.


  2. Nancy Miitze says:

    Feel the LOVING ARMS which at this moment are holding you all in HIS EMBRACE. HE knows that you are grieving, and HE HAS BOTH OF YOU, AND YOUR FAMILY, safe in HIS GRIP.


  3. Melva kajewski Aglow sunshine coast says:

    To say goodbye to our loved one is the hardest thing I believe we are asked to do. Knowing in that movement of departure they are embraced by their wonderful Lord and Saviour is the comfort that eases the load of their passing just a little.
    Dear David and Faye please accept my sincerest condolences for your great loss.
    Much love to you both and your precious families, sending hugs and prayers at this time. Love Melva


  4. Alan Kearns says:

    My sincere condolences and prayers Faye, for you and your family on the passing of your dear daughter.


  5. vincenza63 says:

    Faye, praise the Lord for your faith!


  6. capost2k says:

    God is the author of life, and we will live forever if we trust in Him. Small comfort for the current pain of missing your daughter, but my prayer for you is that The God of All Comfort will touch your heart by His Holy Spirit, and help you through a time only He and you can understand. ❤️&🙏, c.a.


  7. My deepest condolences, Faye. “And God will wipe away every tear from their eyes; there shall be no more death, nor sorrow, nor crying. There shall be no more pain, for the former things have passed away” (Rev. 21: 4). ❤ ❤ ❤


  8. Gaylene Scherer says:

    Dearest Faye & David
    Your beautiful faith & trust in your Saviour, your courage & composure so evident today, so inspirational as you farewelled your darling Alison today with your family. The comfort of the Holy Spirit & His strength to help you gently minister to family & friends touched our hearts. “For I, the Lord your God, hold your right hand; I, Who say to you, Fear not, I will help you!” Is 41:13
    You are in our hearts and prayers.
    Love, Kev and Gaylene


  9. RobbyeFaye says:

    Faye, I am so sorry. Lots of prayer and hugs for you, your family and the Burns family.

    Psalm 71:20a and 21, 20 Thou, which hast shewed me great and sore troubles, …21 Thou shalt increase my greatness, and comfort me on every side.


  10. Dawn Marie says:

    My dearest cyber-friend, Faye. My heart is grieved by your loss, yet rejoices for your daughter in heaven. Please rest assured of my prayers for you and your entire family as you muddle through the grave loss you have suffered. May you be tender to yourself in mind, body and spirit during this sorrowful time.


  11. Faye says:

    Thank you. Your love and prayers are valued.


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